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Online Safety Talk

By stu on July 7, 2017

Hi Penguins,


Today’s topic is about Online Safety and how it is important for every little thing you do online, and not just for our virtual world. The community is amazing, there’s no denying how fantastic our community really is, but you also have a few rule breakers within the game that we try and keep the good penguins away from as best as we can. But, it is not just the Moderators that keep the island safe–there’s also full guidance from a parent or someone you trust.



Here are some fantastic tips for you to stay safe online:


• Be Confident: If you see a rule breaker then we urge you to report that player for our moderation team to see, we’re here for a reason and that is to keep the island safe from rule breakers while making sure you’re having a pleasant experience; this goes for inappropriate language and inappropriate usernames.


• Keep Your Information Private: We also urge you guys to keep your private information to yourselves. This includes things such as your name, phone number, address and even the city you live in. If you happen to come across another player doing this in-game then urgently let a member of staff know about it.


• Password Protect: Your password is yours and only yours, please do not give this information out to anyone but yourself, or a parental figure. We also advise you to have a strong password but while making sure it’s easy to remember.


Waddle On,

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