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Busy Penguins, Busy Days!

By stu on August 16, 2017

Hi Penguins,


As you know, we recently pushed out an update to release Card-Jitsu to the public to use, however, playing the game currently you will experience a few bugs here and there and we’re currently fixing a list of them and we hope to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Due to the outage of the servers, and other similar situations with the bugs and the long wait for the release of our beloved mini-game, we have given everyone an awesome starter pack with better cards for you all to grab and use towards your road to defeating Sensei for the Black Belt.



Now, this is where YOU penguins come in, we need as much bug reports as possible so we can hopefully fix them within the next update or so. If you have a bug report, then feel free to contact our support team ([email protected]) or reply down in the comments below, and I’ll make sure it gets seen! In addition of the bug reports, we have given the chance for users to grab an exclusive item with the item code ‘CARDJITSU’ for the release of our new mini-game.


Thanks for being awesome!

Waddle on,


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