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Fact Friday #1

By stu on September 1, 2017

Hi Penguins,


I thought it would be great fun to start a new blog series going, one that’ll connect all the community to some awesome facts about our beloved island, believe it or not, we’ve created some amazing history here on Club Penguin Rewritten–as this is the first post of many, let’s start it with a fact that digs right back to the creation of Club Penguin Rewritten.




During the release of Club Penguin Rewritten, we released a limited hour item for all penguins to grab and that item is now known as the Beta Hat – it was SO limited that only 428 penguins managed to grab the hat for themselves, now that’s very short for the amount of penguins we have on the island. The hat was obtainable by a box located at The Town, this was available for all, and was removed once testing finished; Unfortunately this item will never return and this is why rarity comes in hand with this item. Have you seen a penguin wearing this item before? If you have, feel free to leave a comment your sightings, and a suggestion for the next Fact Friday!


Waddle on,


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