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How To Distinguish Moderators In-Game

By stu on September 8, 2017

Hi Penguins,


This is going to be a serious topic, more serious than normal–I know, crazy, right? We’ve noticed a lot of penguins trying to impersonate staff members in-game to gain benefits or to put a bad reputation on others, this post will clear up what a Moderator is and what Moderators actually do on the island.

Here is a list of questions and answers that’ll hopefully help you in the future if you ever come across someone impersonating in-game moderators.


Q: How do I identify a Moderator?

A: Moderators have a special badge that is only given to them, they will wear this in hopes you easily identify them from a huge crowd, here is what their player card will look like compared to a regular penguin. Left being the Moderator, right being regular.




Q: I’ve seen a penguin impersonate a Moderator, what do I do?

A: You can report them via their player card and our in-game Moderation team will take a look at it and determine whether action is needed or not.


Q: What do Moderators actually do?

A: Moderators make sure that the island is safe from rule breakers, they will go into each room and keep watch on what is happening, if you see anything bad going on, then a Moderator would’ve most likely seen it–however, our community is huge and Moderators need every help they can get so if you see a member of the community breaking a certain rule, then please report them so we get alerted.


Q: Okay–how do I become a Moderator?

A: We get this question a LOT, and as much as we’d love to invite everyone to become a Moderator, because, hey… Less rule breakers the better, right? Unfortunately it’s quite difficult to choose the perfect penguin for the job, so we take a CLOSE look at those helping out on the island, bringing in successful reports, helping others on the island, and giving tours to newcomers, being friendly is the way to go and it shows it! If you happen to do these things, then you have a good chance at it as we take in notes when it comes to players helping others out!


Q: Is my Child safe on Club Penguin Rewritten?

A: Absolutely, we hold a fantastic community filled with young, talented, and amazing players all around the globe who help other users, not only that, we also offer Safe Chat servers which allows your child to click on certain phrases that are available to all–if you wish, you can contact our support team ([email protected]) or reach our Twitter (@CPRewritten) and we’ll be sure to help you with any other questions regarding your Child’s safety on our island.


Q: How do I get in contact with your Support staff?

A: You may get in contact with us about your account, or any other safety questions by reaching our support email — [email protected], please take note that we reach huge emails every single day so your ticket may take a while to get an answer, but it will get read so please be patient.


Q: Do you offer Safety videos of some sort?

A: We try our best to reach our audiences on multiple platforms of social media, our Safety videos generally reach our YouTube audience on our YouTube page, you can see our recent Safety video by checking out the video below.



You can see our previous post about this by clicking here.


Waddle on,


Nathan Skyes January 2, 2019

Hi, I was kicked out of the server Blizzard for no actual reason. Can you please tell me why this happened if I haven’t broken any rules?

107 August 16, 2018

hi cpr i have a question about moderators , I have been approached by several penguins saying they have been sent by a moderator.
because this has been happening everyday I was just wondering if you can confirm? thanks

Thorn August 16, 2018

Our staff will never send someone on their behalf other than another staff member. Please remember that CPRewritten staff will NEVER ask for personal information and if you believe someone may be impersonating a staff member please report them using the in-game button.