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Penguin of The Week #26

By stu on September 12, 2017

Hi Penguins,


It’s time for that special time of day–school! Just kidding, it’s time for Penguin of The Week! This penguin has been helping out a lot around the island and giving new penguins of the community a helping flipper when it is needed, which we appreciate a lot. Not only that, this penguin happens to wear an exclusive hat, 3D glasses, with an MP3 Player… does this ring a bell to you?



Let’s congratulate Sn2ckerspup for winning this weeks Penguin of The Week! You’ve managed to grab yourself a very exclusive hat, and let’s not forget the coins. We appreciate every single one of you within this island of ours, and there will be many other chances for you to get a spotlight on the blog. Keep helping around the island, being active, and being friendly to others for a chance to win a spot.


Waddle on,


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