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Fact Friday #3

By stu on September 15, 2017

Hi Penguins,


Today is another day for a fine fact, and what a fine fact I have a store in for you. This Fact, along side the previous fact, has to do with a pin and a special someone that delivered this pin for all penguins to collect who managed to meet him within a short period of time.


During the time before Music Jam appeared, we had a penguin who was also a DJ, can you guess who? If you guessed DJ Maxx, good job! DJ Maxx was a penguin that wanted to experience the lights again, he wanted to hear the crowd cheer once more, before he made his big appearance where thousands of penguins would show up to collect his background that was personally signed by him – he wanted to give an item that’ll bring a meaning towards something that is coming. During March time, he showed up in many different rooms with the name ‘??????’, players then clicked on his penguin thinking nothing of it–that is until they were able to collect a tombstone pin.



This tombstone pin was collected 438 times! Again, another small amount for something that many of you penguins probably didn’t know about our penguin named DJ Maxx, some say that he was very odd the first time he was waddling around rooms, he wouldn’t speak, he’d show no emotion and he’d just sit there, what are your thoughts on this? Is there a deep meaning behind all of this? Leave your comments below on your thoughts about this Fact Friday, and comment a suggestion for the next one.


Waddle on,


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