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Updates, and an apology.

By stu on September 26, 2017

Hi Penguins,


As you may or may not have known, our Fair was expected to be live almost a week ago, due to issues with our last server and source, we had no choice but to delay the fair to a later date–this lead to false hope and promises on newer dates for the release of said party, which we are truly sorry for. Basically, you look at Club Penguin Rewritten and you think it’s just a normal game along with a fun and energetic community that fills it up with such a pleasant atmosphere–and that is true, but there’s also certain things that go on behind the scenes that you won’t notice and today I will be clearing all this up for you.


Why was the fair delayed?

So, the fair was ready. We had everything planned and sorted out, unfortunately something happened with the server we were on and it just couldn’t handle us anymore and our users, basically, we were too big for our server to handle, we changed servers and then we thought we’d release our source (more on that later), with our source it became an even bigger problem as that was our priority to finish so The Fair was given a later date due to this reason.


Will this happen again in the future?

Definitely not, we’ll be making sure this never happens. This only happened due to our server issues and then us releasing our new source as it was ready to be published as a performance test, such as you saw with our Improvement Project sessions. As such, we have put in place practices to make sure this never happens, we are currently working on our new party already and the party after that, we will make sure never to release a date on the Twitter if we can’t keep up with the date that has been posted, we are truly sorry about this, again.


What is this new source?

Here’s the exciting news! During the course of 3 months or so, we have been working on a brand new source for Club Penguin Rewritten, think of the source as the main purpose and structure for Club Penguin Rewritten – without the source, there’s nothing but an empty room with no penguins or functions.



Auroris, our new source, will bring exciting new things to the island such as new mini-games, and much more! We were very limited with our old source and we wanted a change, our Developer known as Hagrid has worked hard on bringing Auroris to light for us all, now that it is finally on the island, we’re now calling all those who participated in our CPRIP tests for Auroris to join us on the original island and figure out more bugs and report them to us, as always, we try our best to polish everything before release and whenever a bug is found we try our best to always squish them no matter how small or large they turn out to be.


Where has Find Four, Mancala, and Card-Jitsu gone?

Our old source had those mini-games working and due to us switching to our newer source, it has lead to us not having these mini-games put into it, but don’t worry! We are working hard on implementing these mini-games into our new source. Card-Jitsu has been completed and is expecting a release on Auroris VERY soon, don’t worry, nothing will be changed and your progress is still the same, let’s say good-bye to our good friend Undefined!


Other updates that were pushed out during Auroris’ release include:


• Brown puffle now shows as the correct puffle on your player card (thanks community!)

• PSA phone was moved to player card like before

• Puffle stats should be much better with Auroris

• A postcard is now given to congratulate those who pass the PSA test

• New pins now show on stamp book

• EPF item duplication bug is now fixed


We have a lot more in store for you penguins so stick around! There’s been a lot of exciting things behind the scenes that I can’t wait to tell you about, there will be awesome new features in-game, new parties, and some cool pages on the website too such as a community page which will bring up-to-date wallpapers and much more that will involve YOU into the community.


We appreciate the patience within the community – we have such an amazing community, and we understand that your needs need to be met along the way with us. We are listening to you penguins, and we will make sure that your voice is heard. We thank all those that had the patience with us as we sorted everything out and bug fixed everything, and to those Club Penguin Rewritten staff members who worked day and night for hours and hours on Auroris and other projects. This is only the beginning for Auroris and Club Penguin Rewritten, the future will bring much more content and amazing features that you will all enjoy, we’re sure of it!


Thanks for being awesome!


Waddle on,


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