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Fact Friday #8

By stu on November 10, 2017

Hi Penguins,


We’re starting the Friday Feeling right with a new Fact Friday–and also starting a more reboot style for it, just kidding, but I do apologize for the lack of these Fact Friday posts, sometimes facts come in big waves– or a train–a fact train.


This fact is all about the EPF & PSA, two combinations of the ultimate group, but this isn’t about who runs what or which does what, this is about a little cool fact that some of you penguins might not know about the training room that is associated to the two groups. Many moons ago, we didn’t actually have a PSA dedicated room that you could directly go to, but we got a lot of requests from the community to add a PSA storyline with EPF.


This is what the training room looked like before our cool little update in the room:



And this is after the update:



It was a very nice edition to the room, and plenty of penguins were excited to see this, we wanted to add a more rich storyline regarding both of the groups, rather than leaving the other one aside and to be forgotten about, because that’s not how we roll here. Also, we hear ya’ about the flipped EPF logo on the PSA door, if you didn’t know about that until now, I am truly sorry for making you look at the PSA door differently now (kinda–muhaha).


Waddle on,


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