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Fact Friday #9

By stu on November 24, 2017

Hi Penguins,


I’m proud to FINALLY announce another Fact Friday! As you can tell, we’ve not exactly had the chance of being able to make any posts recently, but we managed to gain control of the blog back from Herbert P. Bear, thank you all so much for helping us save the island – couldn’t have done it without ya’.

This Fact Friday is all about us saving the island, and the past of the evil ‘genius’ known as Herbert P. Bear. This wasn’t actually the first time Herbert attempted to damage the EPF as a whole, he started his plan around Battle of The Doom, but again, it didn’t go according to plan with the help of many agents around the island.


And now we’re left with another story, another fact, for you all to spread around the island. This is the day we showed Herbert to never mess with our island and that it is ours. Now tell all your friends, let them know you completed the biggest mission ever, penguin style.


Waddle on,

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