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Sending Holiday Fishes!

By stu on December 24, 2017

Hi Penguins,


Let’s take a moment to appreciate that awesome title pun— it took a while to think of such a pun. Moments up, let’s talk about CHRISTMAS!! The holiday that brings the most cheer out of everyone, and if you’re not celebrating it, don’t worry! We have you covered on our island, literally, there’s a lot of snow on the island currently so take note of that, although us digging out the snow did help a LOT!


The main question is, what can you actually do during the Christmas Party? Good news! I have the answers to that question.


  1. Gather up penguins at the Ice Berg to decorate the tree as much as possible!




  1. Donate to Coins for Change to make a difference, every cause is a good one! 



  1. Have some fun on Santa’s Sled and deliver presents for a FREE item! (Located at the stairs in the NightClub)



Or collect more FREE items at the Forest, every single day from 14th – 25th! 



There’s SO much more to do on Club Penguin Rewritten during the time off, and if you’re not celebrating Christmas, don’t worry! There’s plenty of people from the community that will have a good time no matter what, we’re a community after all! If you’re having a party on the island, feel free to share down in the comments below, it’s also a time to be jolly no matter what, just like any other day! Make sure to spread some cheer around the island and make others feel happy, too.


Waddle On,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team

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