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Snow Saturday #2

By stu on January 17, 2018

Hi Penguins,


We have just released our first ever Winter Fiesta party on the island, and you penguins are LOVING it! Recently, we’ve been looking at more community feedback on different platforms, and we’ve noticed that a lot of you penguins would love some meet-ups happening with the penguins who keep the island safe – the Staff Team behind Club Penguin Rewritten!


So, what better way to celebrate this Winter Fiesta party?! I’m happy to invite you penguins to our second Snow Saturday.


The details to this meet-up are:


Saturday, January 20

• Time: 12:00pm PST

• Room: Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, etc. (We will be in different rooms.)

• Server: Marshmallow


How do I know who’s part of the Staff Team?

That’s a pretty easy one, please take the picture below as advise to see who’s part of our Staff Team and who is not.


Left Image: This penguin has the Moderator pin, this penguin is a Moderator.

Right Image: This penguin has no Moderator pin, this penguin is not a Moderator.





We can’t wait to see you there, there’s a lot of fun activities planned for this meet-up so it’s definitely not one to miss out on, this is a Community meet-up after all, so make sure to invite all your penguin pals!


Waddle on,

— Club Penguin Rewritten Team

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