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The Island Has Returned!

By Stu on April 27, 2018 | Comments

Hi Penguins,


I bet you weren’t expecting a blog post like this ever again… SURPRISE! As you all know, Club Penguin Rewritten and its services are now back online, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions regarding it.

I’m here to answer questions that are highly asked on our Twitter page, if you have any other questions, you may ask down below in the comments.


Why did Club Penguin Rewritten shut down in the first place?
Originally, we closed the doors to Club Penguin Rewritten due to the stressful environment, as teenagers, it can be difficult for us to maintain such a huge game filled with new users every day. The funding was also tough on a game like this, this wasn’t something we took donations from freely, we had no paid advertisements involved with our game, the community ran it. 

So, what made you bring it back?
The community. We realized that after Club Penguin Rewritten shut down, many penguins turned to us to figure out where they could go, what server they could go to, and we didn’t know ourselves other than the official game being Club Penguin Island from Disney. However, with enough supporters from the community and funding, we managed to bring the game back to reach our audience once more and to give an exciting adventure for all to explore again.


How are we able to log into our old accounts?
A game as large as Club Penguin Rewritten requires backups, different kinds, during the time of closure, we had no sense in our mind that we wanted to re-open as that wasn’t an option we were planning on taking, however, as time went on and more supporters came rolling through, we decided to look into Club Penguin Rewritten after a month of closure and recovered an encrypted backup that was locally stored so nobody could access it.


Do you plan on shutting down again?
We don’t plan on re-opening to just shut down within a short span, we know how much Club Penguin Rewritten means to many online, it’s not just a game to some, it’s a place to meet new friends and even then, friendship can grow outside of a little island. We will try our hardest to keep Club Penguin Rewritten running for as long as possible.


What happened to the website?
Don’t panic! We introduced a few sneak peeks about this new website on our Twitter pages, and with the relaunch, the new website is here for release too! 
Here’s some of what’s on the new design: 

  • Community Page
  • New blog design
  • Dedicated help page

And more!


Currently, we have a lot of cool stuff going on around the island such as the Earth Day Party, which is lasting for one day only, and some awesome catalogs for you to look into! There’s also a sweet welcoming back from Aunt Arctic in the Club Penguin Times.


If you have any questions, please feel free to share them down below.


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


sami April 27, 2018

yay im so glad its back

Repon12 April 27, 2018

Me too

Panther111 April 27, 2018

First of all, beyond a doubt, this is the greatest thing to happen in the CP Community. I am beyond happy to be able to still be a player here. That being said, some of the stamps that I earned before the shutdown, are not in my stampbook. I would love it, if this was fixed. Thank you all so much!!

DEADVSGamingYT April 27, 2018

I have a question the pengur site you told us to go to it was coming soon because it had a big update did you know it was getting updated or no?

Stu April 27, 2018

Pengur is still getting updated as much as Club Penguin Rewritten is.
It’s best to keep check on their twitters for future updates regarding Project Coral!

Odin1 April 27, 2018


Rubix December 29, 2018

Hi Stu Your epic ————— Rubix

Tyler459 April 27, 2018

Im so happy now!!!!

Maor April 27, 2018

amazing news

Halopona April 27, 2018

Thank you so much for bringing this amazing game back! Your hard work does not go unnoticed!

Halopona April 27, 2018

Thank you so much for bringing this game back! The new page revamp looks amazing and is so fun to navigate around! The future is looking bright for this game!

Flippy April 28, 2018

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Azchetaco April 27, 2018

no comments lol

Azchetaco April 27, 2018

comments don’t work

Flippy April 28, 2018

Hey there!

I think they’re working.

Seas April 27, 2018


OtakuSon April 27, 2018


ThatBoiPlayz April 27, 2018

Hi CPR Team,
While I was in CPR the stadium was glitched and was unstable. Could you fix this?

Flippy April 28, 2018

Hey there!

The development team has fixed this issue.

Federflink April 27, 2018

Amazing to see CPR’s return 🙂

ethanrocks38 April 27, 2018

I agree!

DomiDsLP April 28, 2018

It really is 🙂

awake April 27, 2018

This is really neat!

bob the cow April 28, 2018

ya CPR is back we almost have 2 million players

heromaster36 April 28, 2018

ya CPR is back we almost have 2 million players

snowmansa April 27, 2018

it won’t let me log on.

Mitch Butler April 27, 2018

wait WHAT?!?!?!

Weegeepie April 27, 2018


Ant Penguine April 27, 2018

Thanks a ton my lads and gals over at Rewritten for bringing my favorite game, therefore my favorite community back.

AtomShot April 27, 2018

I am so excited! Thanks for bringing the game back!

Pixeled April 27, 2018

Oh my hecckity fricc this is amazing

mamy15 April 27, 2018


PuffleDan April 27, 2018

Welcome back CPR !

Boshi4WR April 27, 2018

Yeah I can get back to my cart surfer grind xD

Flippy April 28, 2018

Haha, is Cart Surfer your favourite mini game?

Kain April 27, 2018

Frozen Takeover when? :weary:

PlayStation9 April 28, 2018

possibly scorn battle for may
possibly marvel superhero takeover for june

DomiDsLP April 27, 2018

We’re going to a big future on Club Penguin Rewritten!

TruckBird April 27, 2018

Is there a Discord I can join?

Mike da Peng April 27, 2018

Jut a question : Does the team of CPR owns the CP from the DS or Disney owns the DS version

Stu April 27, 2018

Disney does!

Mitch Butler April 27, 2018

club penguin re-written is a C.P.P.S. (club penguin private server), which means not owned by disney

Earth 18 April 27, 2018

Thank you so much for bringing the game back up!

Flippy April 28, 2018

Thank you so much for being such an amazing supportive player!

Flipper9038 April 27, 2018

Thank you so much for bringing the game back! Also, I have a suggestion. Maybe you could add igloo likes into the game which could have a leader board for most likes in one week. I would love to see that in game!

Lataus April 27, 2018

It’s good to be back!

Geladu April 27, 2018

Did that hat like beta hat that we got by tiping iceberg got removed?

Thorn April 27, 2018

Hey Geladu,
Yes, we removed the beta hat from all accounts.

bertsut April 27, 2018



Jason One April 27, 2018

I’m So Happy you guys came back you do not want to know hoe much i missed this game!

Jason One April 27, 2018


redor2 April 27, 2018

Thanks for re-opening the game,it means a lot for us as a community <3

Nina April 27, 2018

Yeet, its back!

Mitch Butler April 27, 2018

medieval party planned for may? marvel superhero takeover planned for june?

pen123456789 April 27, 2018

i cant log in

Stu April 27, 2018

Hi there, are you still experiencing issues?

pen123456789 April 27, 2018


movinmumble April 27, 2018

im so happy its back!!! thank you so much

pen123456789 April 27, 2018


Stu April 27, 2018

Could you please try using a different browser, also try clearing your cache and getting back to us?

pen123456789 April 27, 2018


pen123456789 April 27, 2018


Yehaw April 27, 2018


Tony April 27, 2018

So happy it is back! :DDDD

PenguinToast April 27, 2018

Thanks so much for bringing it back! One thing that you guys need to fix: if you click the Play Now button using Opera, it just redirects you to the home page. Please fix this! Thanks!

Creeper3497 April 28, 2018

I’m very happy about the return of this awesome CPPS. Hope i’ll make more fond memories here. Have fun, guys! 🙂

Panther111 April 28, 2018

i commented earlier about the stamp glitch. All is well now, thank you CPR Staff!!!

JustJerry April 28, 2018

ayy nice I can finally get back from where I left. 🙂

PumpkinPi714 April 28, 2018

Hi Guys.
I am a dedicated user who has played this game since December. I was devastated when you guys closed (no, I took it pretty hard), and the whole community was too. I just have one question….

Pengur when?
Lol. My real question is what is in store for the future of the game?

Bravew April 28, 2018


chicken joe April 28, 2018

hi i really like this but i have a few suggestions
1.more like the 2017 cp like more mini games ruffles etc etc
2. more events like the one where you fight the dragon
3.transfer original cp account to this one
4. the hockey arena
thanks in advance

Flippy April 28, 2018

Thank you for your suggestions!

him jim slim him April 28, 2018

hi i really like this but i have a few suggestions
1.more like the 2017 cp like more mini games ruffles etc etc
2. more events like the one where you fight the dragon
3.transfer original cp account to this one
4. the hockey arena
thanks in advance

Watermelon April 28, 2018

i’m so glad that its back <3

Blue Dust April 28, 2018

AW YEAH! The adventure will continue! Feels good to be back on this crazy and awesome island!

Mr.DoharvaCPR April 28, 2018

I am glad this is back 🙂
-Mr. Doharva CPR

CozyFinch April 28, 2018

Wooo!!!! waddle on lads

also in the next update I swear you lot better add STUS BASEBALL FIELD

k thanks lads

Nerox9 April 28, 2018

Does Club Penguin Rewritten have Discord server?

Yehaw 2 April 28, 2018

Lol, it looks like EVERYONE moved here from the other CPPS XD

DaGod1337 April 28, 2018

Nice. I was playing Club Penguin XXXXXX to remember Rewritten, but I am playing Rewritten now.

DaGod1337 April 28, 2018


Nopyk April 28, 2018

when will the frozen party start???

ScienceFox April 28, 2018

The Frozen Party will start in 04/31.

Yehaw from Earth 3 April 28, 2018

Isnt Pengur coming too? Or you quit Pengur?

Stu April 28, 2018

Pengur is still coming!

cris457 April 28, 2018

Thank you very much!!!! I miss this game, I miss my account, stamps, clothes and my friends! 🙂

Parlydogs April 28, 2018

Horray! CPR is back, can’t wait what the future will bring us! 😊

AleCP April 28, 2018

hey cp rewritten i have four bugs
1. when i try to buy rustic tunic and shirt it shows up pink canvas shoe
2. when i try to buy the blue berry it show up blue checkered shoe
3. the third page of furniture catalog is broken
4. hidden lake and ice rink is broken
can you fix this? thank you

Teacup April 28, 2018

I tried to buy the Painted Dog costume, which is 50 coins. The game told me that I didn’t have enough coins, yet I have 99 coins. Can you fix this?

pen123456789 April 29, 2018

it cost 400

NotreDame April 28, 2018

Why can’t I comment

FireSanti April 28, 2018

What happened to GREY PUFFLE

Splinter25 April 28, 2018

Can you please unmute my account? It is muted since December 🙂

TippedSoup April 28, 2018

Welcome back guys! I’m glad to see that that the CPR community is back together.

Stu April 29, 2018

We’re happy too, here’s to the future!

Phaser April 28, 2018

I was sad when i found out club penguin rewritten was closing because after the closure of the original club penguin this was my #1 place to go if i wanted to play club penguin. I am so happy that this game came back because it’s very unlikely for a game like this to come back after it’s closed

Stu April 29, 2018

Thank you, we appreciate it the love and support, we truly do.

Phaser April 28, 2018

I’m Happy it’s back

Stu April 29, 2018

We appreciate it, can’t wait to see you on the island!

700y April 29, 2018

It’s a cool website

Stu April 29, 2018


tarpi April 29, 2018

it’s awesome to see the return of CPR! welcome back!

GetsBanned April 29, 2018

This is great but a bunch of lag lmao

Theplushman April 29, 2018

Im SO happy that CPR is back!

Anaguana April 29, 2018

This is just too much cool ! (En français: c’est juste trop génial !!!)

Neonkid321 April 29, 2018

Are u guyz the maker of toontown rewritten?

real frozen April 29, 2018

am very happy i did not have to make a new account so i think that was very cool to not completely wipe the game

Gogoss13 April 29, 2018

this is the best thing that could have happend

Newcowboy April 29, 2018

Hey! I have a idea! I was wondering if you can add custom places on the map or more minigames! it would be exciting if you could!


Ryry36.0 April 30, 2018

I’m so glad that this amazing game has come back! I can’t believe that this is run by teens! I thought that there was a highly trained adult. Not highly trained teens. I just want you to keep doing what you’re doing and I want this go to last a little more than one year. 😉 (This is my penguin name)

Twisk148 October 1, 2018

Bye, as an old CP user I can say that I was really let down due the closing of the original CP. Even on penguin chat the eldest server was fun to be on. But losing all my stats like all the pins, and backgrounds from awesome events with years of memories dating back to 2010. Loving the return tho!

minimoneymm January 2, 2019


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