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Reviewed by You: Medieval Adventures

By stu on May 25, 2018

Hi penguins,


It’s Friday, so it’s time for a new Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you who you are dressing up as for the Medieval Party. Now, two penguins have been chosen. The first penguin chosen, Fajardo, said:


“I am very nostalgic about these outfits of the new Penguin Style, it give me shivers of excitement to celebrate my first Club Penguin Rewritten Medieval Party, wow! And my answer to the second question?! It’s easy: none of them! I’ll be something like “viking-roman-medieval-pirate-warrior”, gwahaha!”


I think that’s a very interesting and unique costume you have there. I like it! Being creative is always great. The other chosen penguin, Purple_Alien, said:


“I wanted to be a warrior and a princess, so I decided to be a Forest Maiden! She is fierce, but still has a kind heart for nature. My hair is in two long braids in the front. I’m also wearing a majestic blue cape that protects myself from thorns and bushes.”


I really like your style! A warrior + princess is a pretty cool combo to pull off. I mean, you can’t always leave it to the knights to do everything, right? Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for all your submissions. 5,000 coins will soon be awards to the winner’s accounts soon.


If you scroll down, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



This week, we’d like to know what adventures you’ve had in the Kingdom of Club Penguin Rewritten. Battling fierce dragons, hanging out with wizards in the Mushroom Kingdom, teaming up with heroes to fight Scorn, or maybe even pretending to be a royal jester in the Dance Lounge? Let us know! Two penguins who are selected will win 5,000 coins each.


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team



ORBY15 May 30, 2018

My adventures have taken me far and wide across the Island. From completing puzzling challenges and slaying The Hydra in the underground dungeons, to gearing up and ascending Mount Misery to defeat the evil King Scorn, I can certainly say I have had quite the journey! 🙂

Butterguin May 28, 2018

Well I’m quite new here so my friend helped me with some island secrets. I finished the quests and defeated Scorn, which I am very proud of since my computer is quite bad and kept lagging. I gained loads of coins and gave my igloo a makeover. Overall I’ve had a lot of fun! Thanks so much CPR xx

PlayStation9 – the PSP champ May 28, 2018

i always roleplay as a gladiator, always fighting dragons for the future of the kingdom.

DannyShell May 28, 2018

It was of course, Ye Knight’s quests (and princesses too!)! I loved slaying the hydras and completing the CRAZY puzzles! I will really miss this party. I am really excited for the music jam and more EPF Operations!

Gumsum chan May 28, 2018

It was fun in meival party. i went to find three magical items to enter in scorn’s place and i defeated him and played all three quest . but the thing was this medival party i really enjoy and i rome around the island for to see any new rooms and my friends and me have done lot of fun .
Thankyou CPR

Jessicaxo15 May 28, 2018

I did ye knights quest and I have defeated scorn 5 times!!!!! i got loads of coins and I really like the sky kingdom,
It is epic!

jay754 May 27, 2018

i had quite a few adventures i defeated scron and restored peach to club penguin also to my surprise there where the quest to defeat the red yellow and blue dragon i also trained with a few knights and even became friends with them i had way more adventures that i just cant put in one comment.

LoneWolf1256 May 27, 2018

My Greatest Adventure was fighting the Triple Robot Hydras in Ye Knights Quest 3. Sure, its cliche, but when I (and the many amazing penguins around me) finally beat it, it was so exciting. I had to deal with a lot of troubles. The Icy Blue Hydra, The Electric Yellow Hydra, and The lag, oh the lag!

Sammy1446 May 27, 2018

I completed every quest and defeat scorn and explored every decorated room and party room.

Tasdharan282 May 27, 2018

I climbed Ski Hill with my bare hands and then defeated Scorn with my staff and shield. Then, I went to the Pizza Parlour to eat pizza and celebrate the defeat of Scorn.

Fajardo May 26, 2018

Yay, shiny and golden coins for me, really thank you!

Well, I have a lot of adventures you know: defeat dragons, get puzzles in dangerous place solved, defeat tree-headed dragons and collect piles of gold for free! Maybe because you never know when you will get piles of gold for free again, right?

Robert May 26, 2018

I Killed a Dragon and collected the 3 special macguffins

The King of the Sky Kingdom May 26, 2018

I, after defeating Scorn in an epic victory, entered the Sky Kingdom and I took my place as the ruler of the skies! I wield the Skyward Staff and control the weather as I rightfully should!

RockyPlaysCP May 26, 2018

The adventures I had were the best so far! I took the challenging quests down the caves with determination and defeated Scorn the Dragon King from the whole island! With upon seeing a new palace up in the clouds I try to protect it with all I might, because who knows if the stones could be stolen?

little007 May 26, 2018

I saved the CPR kingdom from scorns wings. Defeated the hydra dragons with the help of other brave knights. The most important thing i saved was pineapple on pizza getting on the pizza parlour menu. I also saved CPR from the hydra dragons last year.

Bertandernie May 26, 2018

I was a warrior who fought hard to defeat scorn. Afterwards I went to the Plaza to announce that Scorn had been defeated… But that he will return!

that gurl who loves fluffy dinos May 26, 2018

welllll..i liked to batlle the three robot dragons i really loved it because there were tons of people and we were batteling all together as a team! and i loved that! and when we defeated them, everybody was happy! we all like “screamed” stuff like “ALMOST ALMOST” and “YELLOW IS PREPARING” and such

Torres126 May 26, 2018

My greatest adventure of the Medieval Party is helping Scorn our Dragon King become ruler of our island! He’s a really nice dragon, I’ve even heard he’s the one who that beautiful mountain and all the mysterious green dust, and even shares his fire with other penguins!

CoveCampfire May 26, 2018

I successfully defeated Scorn and the other dragons and had the best medieval experience. I was then declared as the Princess and was protected by a Royal Knight. I lived in the Cloud Kingdom enjoying the enthusiastic parade of the Royal Knights, celebrating their victory!

Blue Dust May 26, 2018

I had quite a adventure! i was at the wizard tower making magic and and a self-proclaimed knight called Erdan came to me to ask for my help to defeat the unspeakable evil that is Scorn and turn him into a true knight! i helped him find three magical items and we defeated the dragon king together!

XRaymondTraX May 26, 2018

I battling fierce Dragons like the Hydra and fight Scorn.

Firesanti May 26, 2018

I have a weird adventure, first, ive encountered some sad gnomes, then, ive said to all: “why all are sad?” one gnome stand up and he said:

“BECAUSE SCORN IS A BAD DRAGON!” i said “why?” and they said “BECAUSE HES BAD AND THAT!” then, i killed Scorn with a staff and all the gnomes ended happy. end

Firesanti May 27, 2018

Thats what i call a crazy, but nice adventure

Broday May 26, 2018

There are many things to do at the Medieval Party! This year I have tried to battle out Scorn in the Medieval Party for the first time! This is one of the adventures that I actually didn’t got bored with… The Scorn Adventure is WAY different than any other Ye Knight Quests and it is my favorite

Sp1nnyb01 May 25, 2018

Aye, I’ve been cursed to be a dragon by a mysterious wizard. I’ve been cruising n’ flying around the kingdom, stealing a bit of gold, and ye cant forget battling!

Firehero101 May 25, 2018

This week I possessed a hydra!!!! I am finally a wizard, I hope hagrid is proud! When I was a hydra I made weird roaring sounds and hissed at penguins … lol

btw the medieval party is probably my second favorite party next to the Halloween party.

DenisCat May 25, 2018

I was in the cave, battling thy red dragon!
He spit fire, he wiggled ye tail!
Then, he put ye arms out! And ye next day, I came back
I realized i had been fight an animatronic. ._.

PumpkinPi714 May 25, 2018

Today, I just barley defeated the dragon king! Also, i have been telling people to get off my throne, since i’m the duchess. Its such an awesome party!!!

Zhenya808 May 25, 2018

The adventures I’ve been through were intense,but pretty amazing.Me and my wizard penguin friends helped others to get into Scorn’s lair.Afterwards,we all battled him and fortunately,we won!To sum up my Medieval Party experience:It was FULL of crazy adventures,quests and adreline!

MsNeRdY May 25, 2018

I have saved the kingdom by defeating the scorn. With my fearless knight buddies I defeated hydras. I was once a normal princess but then I became a fearless knight. I battled various dragons. I even got the chance to sled race in the dragon’s lair! I finally helped penguins in danger by the dragon.

dillan172 May 25, 2018

I killed all the hydras, killed scorn and took his title as king of all dragons. As king I will try to make peace between dragons, other magical creatures and penguins. also I helped Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and toad to defeat bowser

sim145 May 25, 2018

This dragon has been traveling the Kingdom seeking other dragons to defeat in battle so that I may claim their treasure as my own. Even the mighty dragon king Scorn fell before me! But I am not a cruel or greedy dragon. Rather than hoarding my treasure, I shall share it with the entire kingdom!

Ghosty May 25, 2018

honestly i really love fighting the hydras. i fought them last year and ill fight them again. i have the hydra heads in my current igloo. might as well call me the hydra slayer lol.

DenisCat May 28, 2018

What are Hydras?

Zenner522 May 25, 2018

Everyone is talking about defeating the hydras, or Scorn, but I’m the one who keeps reviving them so you can fight them. How did you think it was possible to fight them multiple times? Magic?

DomiDsLP May 25, 2018

At first, I searched the island for ye three magical items and with these I climbed the Mountain of Misery and defeated Scorn, the Dragon King.
With access to the Sky Kingdom, I went to the three Ye Knights Quests, defeated dragons and got myself some new armor for me penguin. It was and is fun.

Zenner522 May 25, 2018

Everyone is talking about slaying Scorn, meanwhile I’m the one reviving him so you can keep slaying him.

Halopona May 25, 2018

The Kingdom of Club Penguin Rewritten has been full of adventures for myself already! Exploring mystical woods, to creating magical potions! Eating meals fit for a king or queen, to battling the fiercest dragons; it has all been such a blast already and I can’t wait for more amazing experiences!

pals09 May 25, 2018

the adventures iv’e had have been great, iv’e been a dragon part good part evil got lots of dragonfruit in the dance lounge, battled scorn lots of times, and me and friend even pretend we are in a different realm that were trying to save! the adventures you can have are limitless

8JKN4 May 25, 2018

I went around the island in search for Ye Olde Three Magical Quest Items that Scorn’s afraid might defeat him, and used them to fulfill that fear of his. I have gone and completed Ye Olde Three Knight’s Quests to get the Black Knight Armor.
I might hop over to the Mushroom Kingdom too to meet Mario.

8JKN4 May 27, 2018

I had more great adventures yesterday. Me and my friend met to kill Scorn for once and for all, and beat the Knight’s Quests again.
After the hard journey of acquiring Scorn’s weaknesses, we fought him until he was for sure defeated, so we could…retrieve the Infinity Stones? Huh?

lifeofcar May 29, 2018

very good

Matty1000 May 25, 2018

I have saved the Kingdom of CPR from Scorn, the Dragon King. I have also slayed hydras.