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Penguin of the Week! #55

By Stu on May 27, 2018

Hi Penguins,


Welcome to the 55th edition of Penguin of the Week! This penguin is an inspiration to others, always making great, passionate art! They are a very hard worker at their craft, always being motivated and a great role model! This fantastically creative penguin is… Sahnibel!



They’ve earned the exclusive shining Green Helmet and 1,000 coins! If you see them around, be sure to congratulate them!


You can see their fantastic art here!



Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


bambino123 June 3, 2018


KatyScene June 2, 2018

OOoooh! Awesome art! QwQ

DomiDsLP June 1, 2018

Congrats to being Penguin of the Week.

JackVictorc May 31, 2018

Congratulations Sahnibel

Caveria May 31, 2018

Next time, the POTW will be… (YOU DECIDE!)

Caveria May 31, 2018

Yea, may be better!! πŸ™‚

Jmkogama May 31, 2018

Great job!,I hope you remember me then this is drowned!

raini rodriguez May 31, 2018

I’d like to nominate milbo and theatrenerd4 as penguins of the week because they are great and literal skinny legends <3

rainirodriguez May 31, 2018

i nominate milbo for penguin of the week because she is as skinny as raini rodriguez and helped me when i got bullied. theaternerd4 is also a literal gas he is amazing thank u <3 stay skinny x

Hockeylia May 29, 2018

Congrats!!! i hope to follow your footsteps! your such a leader!

BananaMoose May 29, 2018


Kellyman7 May 29, 2018

congrats! you earned it!

Iceberg May 29, 2018

How does one become penguin of the week, if so can I nominate one ?

Halopona May 30, 2018

If you look at the previous POTW Blog Post, POTW #54, I believe there is a little section at the end of the blog post explaining how you could go about becoming one!

LazyOctopus May 29, 2018

Wow… that art… is incredible.

Moritz May 28, 2018

Nice game you got there πŸ˜‰

ribiby May 28, 2018

congrats keep up the good work you are a gifted artist

TruMineYT May 28, 2018

Congrats Sahnibel! And cpr, I am not asking for self-promotion but can I be POTW? You can check my igloo our my character if you would like!

Parlydogs May 28, 2018

Congrats on getting POTW Sahn, I really love your art too!

Lovebacon56 May 28, 2018

YAYAYAYA!! Congrats! Very well deserved! You’re art is incredible, very talented !!

CrisCool May 28, 2018


Cutpuke May 28, 2018


MrCooolNEWYORKMan May 28, 2018


yougoodbro A.K.A the cow of CPR well I not sure May 27, 2018

Great job!Im so happy for you! Keep up the great work!

-Alex or yougoodbro01 and the cow of CPR well im not sure

theindiancat May 27, 2018

Congrats on earning POTW!

RockyPlaysCP May 27, 2018

Ahhh Congrats Sahnibel!!

Firesanti May 27, 2018

Congrats Sahnibel, enjoy your viking helmet

PlayStation9 May 29, 2018

cool hat

Firesanti May 30, 2018

Oh,thank you

Halopona May 27, 2018

Congratulations Sahnibel!

Colton77777 May 27, 2018


tobi1822 May 27, 2018


Ciullo1 May 27, 2018


MemeProvider May 27, 2018


TruMineYT May 28, 2018

Hey Meme! Dont let your memes be dreams!