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It’s that time again – Friday! Which means it’s time for a new Reviewed by You today. Last week, we asked you what adventures you’ve had during the Medieval Party so far. Two penguins have now been selected. The first chosen penguin, Blue Dust, said:


“I had quite a adventure! i was at the wizard tower making magic and and a self-proclaimed knight called Erdan came to me to ask for my help to defeat the unspeakable evil that is Scorn and turn him into a true knight! i helped him find three magical items and we defeated the dragon king together!”


That’s a very interesting story, and I’m glad to hear you helped out with taking down Scorn! I had enough of his darkness shrouding around the island. The second penguin, Halopona, said:


“The Kingdom of Club Penguin Rewritten has been full of adventures for myself already! Exploring mystical woods, to creating magical potions! Eating meals fit for a king or queen, to battling the fiercest dragons; it has all been such a blast already and I can’t wait for more amazing experiences!”


Sounds like quite an epic adventure you had there, I hope you had fun. I’m sure more experiences are right around the corner! Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for all the submissions! The chosen penguins will receive 5,000 coins shortly.


Now, if you scroll down, you will see this week’s question. Good luck!



This week, as the this year’s Medieval Party will soon be coming to an end next Wednesday, so we’d like to know what you thought of it. Maybe you enjoyed taking down Scorn, or tackling the tough challenges of Ye Knight’s Quests? Or maybe you created an amazing Medieval igloo for all penguins to enjoy? We want to know! Don’t forget, two penguins will be featured in next week’s post, and the chosen penguins will WIN 5,000 coins each!


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Nina June 4, 2018

The Medieval Party is such a classic. And you guys pulled it off so well! I thoroughly enjoyed the size of this party (so many rooms were decorated on the island & you kept us busy with the battles and quests!) Scorn’s battle was truly something and it felt so good to finally defeat him!

Licorice5 June 4, 2018

It was a lot of fun when Gary came on! Once, we went through the Ye Knight’s Quests. Another time, a tree talked to us, and we went searching for Morivs. The battle with Scorn was intense, and I got a lot of coins and a cool pin from it! The quests were fun, and the party had a lot of things to do.

DannyShell June 4, 2018

I absolutely LOVED ye knight’s quests and looking at all the swag Catalogs!

Gladpenguin June 4, 2018

I loved the Medeval Party,i had fun battling scorn,battling the Hydra,and being a dragon and helping the hydra in Ye Knight’s Quest 3.i hope scorn returns next year

XRaymondTraX June 4, 2018

I did take down Scorn by spamming all the pebbles on the bubble sometimes. I did all the Ye Knight’s Quests.
I didn’t make a Medieval Igloo for penguins to enjoy.

FatMcQuacks June 3, 2018

I loved the Medieval Party! I thought the quests were fun and just tough enough to be enjoyable to complete. I liked the hidden rooms, clothing, and free items around different parts of the island. I especially liked the change in appearance of the beach & lighthouse – it was so pretty!

Cutpuke June 3, 2018

I wonder what the _party24_* and _party25_* where it is,BUT I ENJOY ALL ROLEPLAYS AND EVERYTHING IN THE MEDIEVAL PARTY!

Ladybugson June 3, 2018

I loved the fact that you guys had two different quests to do! Another great part of the party was that we got TONS of free items! I made a lot of cool medieval looks with them.I also loved making potions!

IM SO PURE June 3, 2018

my favorite part on the party is EVERYTHING! yes everything! mostly scorn, the sky kingdom, the quest is also very fun! even the quest 3 is hard, but thanks to people to helping me and everyone too! we all fight dragons (and hydras) together, and save the kingdom! good work guys and gals!

Deepred June 3, 2018

I enjoyed meeting gary as we waddled around the knight quests beat every single one!

Broday June 3, 2018

I think that the Medieval Party DEFINITELY took a big, major improvement compared to last year. A lot of rooms were re-designed compared to last year in which it makes it more modern and lively! Attempting to battle with Scorn is one of the best things to do at the Medieval Party is my favorite!

Static June 3, 2018

This medieval party was definitely one of my favorites! Each room offered its own unique experience when spending time with my friends, and I was able to make a great castle themed igloo. This party also has some of the BEST music ever!!!! Can’t wait to see what you have planned next CPR! 😀

Static June 3, 2018

This medieval party was definitely one of my favorites! Each room offered its own unique experience when spending time with my friends, and I was able to make a great castle themed igloo. This party also has some of the BEST music ever!!!! Can’t wait to see what you have planned next CPR! 🙂

jtrohman June 3, 2018

Overall, I really LOVED the Medieval party, especially this version with taking down Scorn and going to different themed places in each of the rooms. It was my favorite party so far, especially since the nostalgia hit from when I first took down Scorn. You guys do SUCH a good job with the parties!

Billy1505 June 3, 2018

I remember wishing I could battle Scorn and enjoy the medieval armor I’ve always wanted to wear back in Club Penguin. It came true about 5 years later. Every room is well-made and made me felt like I was really in the Middle Ages, what’s more, it reminded me so much of CP. Thanks, CPR!

Torres126 June 3, 2018

I really enjoyed being able to roleplay across the island, from creating magical potions in the Lighthouse to swooping down as a dragon from the highest point of the Town, then acting as a King in the Dance Lounge; it’s all been a really fun experience!

Scooter June 3, 2018

I liked meeting Gary. I got a special background. Sadly, he left shortly after I got the background. I almost didn’t meet him because the room which he was in was full, but thankfully I met him in the town where he left. I’m grateful for all the effort the CPR team put into decorating the rooms.

Zenner522 June 2, 2018

It was GREAT! The decorations were amazing, some of the rooms shocking me at how great they are, especially the Sky Kingdom, which is my new favorite room. The items, which there were a lot of, were great. The quests are just as good as last year. The Scorn battle was the most fun I’ve had on CPR!

Firesanti June 2, 2018

What i enjoyed of Medieval party was the quests ,defeating Scorn,seeing noble knights trying to defeat scorn,making more friends,but the most important part of this party is…Enjoy it, because this party is one of my favorites, along with the christmas one and blackout one.

Licorice5 June 2, 2018

My favorite part was when Gary came online! We went through the Ye Knight’s Quests and got a new background.

Sappho! June 2, 2018

Teaming up with buddies to go through the Ye Knight’s Quest was a blast. I also loved how the island was so nicely decorated, there were so many different rooms to explore. I can’t wait to see what the next medieval party brings!

Flipper9038 June 2, 2018

I really enjoyed battling scorn during the medieval party and saving Club Penguin Rewritten. The Sky Kingdom looks so beautiful and the staff looks awesome! Thanks for a great medieval party CPR! 🙂

Little007 June 2, 2018

The medieval party was a blast! I liked how one half of the island was Scorn’s territory and the other half was rooms from the medieval party from last year! The Scorn fight was fun to play and i ended up playing it lots of times. I found this a great improvement from last year.

Sparklmagyq June 2, 2018

This brings back some major memories for me, especially those quests! Fighting Scorn was a very first for me as in previous parties, I couldn’t do it all because, membership required 🙁 but now I can do every single quest! 🙂

Brunotto June 2, 2018

This was my 2nd time having it, and I think it’s better than the one before because of the huge dragon dude. Also, remember on Club Penguin they had this dinosaur party, it was so fun! Might I suggest you guys having it? It was definitely in my top 5 favorite parties.

Blue Dust June 2, 2018

What i really enjoyed was the rooms. Almost every room was decorated and they all looked sweet! specially the wizard tower! you could gather a bunch of friends and make awesome medieval stories!
And no, i’m not taking off the wizard hat even when the party is over.

Grekkie June 2, 2018

I actually had a very good time during this years Medieval party. There’s so much adventures. For example, the Ye Knight’s Quest and the quest to defeating Scorn. I enjoyed the Ye Knight’s Quest mostly because the adventures are quite challenging and it test my brain to solve riddles and puzzles.

Eduardodlrc June 2, 2018

Fight against a dragon using rocks, exploding magical bubbles, killing dragons that spit Fire, Rays, Ice Resolving Labyrinths, Experimenting in new halls, Disfrasing yourself with your own knight or princess costume knowing new celebrities and friends … something better than this ? Well, no!

Lovebacon56 June 2, 2018

The Medieval party was one that I will never forget! I enjoyed defeating Scorn with the mightiest of heroes, enjoying a delicious feast with the Queens and Kings of our Island, exploring the unknown with the most curious of travelers, and over-all spending quality time with my penguin pals!

Lovebacon56 June 2, 2018

The medieval party was one that I will never forget! I enjoyed heroically defeating Scorn with the mightiest knights, enjoying a delicious feast with the Queens and Kings of our Island, exploring magical lands with the most curious travelers, and over-all spending quality time with my penguin pals!

DenisCat June 1, 2018

I really enjoyed the quests. They were challenging, and it would take someone skilled, unlike me, to complete the quests. Luckily, I was able to finish all three quests in five days. maybe my mind wasn’t made for puzzles. ._.

BananaMoose June 1, 2018

This party was fantastic! I loved going on quests, fighting scorn, and decorating my igloo. All the rooms were decorated nicely and the new clothing items looked splendid! I had a really good time in this party and I can’t wait for the more parties to come!

Lexi23336 June 1, 2018

It was fun defeating the dragons, and saving the island! Also, I had a very good time being a dragon myself! I really loved this party! Thanks CPR! 🐲

8JKN4 June 1, 2018

I loved the Medieval Party quite a lot. As someone who actually joined the game in last year’s Medieval Party, the nostalgia kind of hit me a bit. Doing Ye Knight’s Quests again was pretty fun. Taking down Scorn was amazing as well. The decoration was awesome, the Rewritten Archives event too…

Babycrier June 1, 2018

Making a Kingdom for the medieval party is really an experience for all penguin and igloo makers, Kingdoms are really popular to the igloo community! I enjoyably love making Kingdoms, you can be a royal or outlaw or king or queen anything! It’s really nostalgic and amusing to see.

Halopona June 1, 2018

Thank you so much for including my comment! I will use those 5000 coins with pride! 🙂

Grekkie June 2, 2018

Congrats Man! You deserve it.

Kellyman7 June 1, 2018

I loved how this party brought out a surprising passion on a lot of people, a lot of penguins would embrace medeivial time and have a good time! I met a lot of cool people in the party!

Wynian June 1, 2018

First and foremost, I’d like to say that I really enjoyed this party a lot. Very nostalgic to me. I really like all the cool rooms and activities that are introduced in this party. What would be cool would be possibly a bit more custom content? (I always find that stuff cool). Thanks CPR!

Nandovshiki June 1, 2018

Amazing post, Lataus, i loved to read it! Congrats to Halo and to Blue Dust and goodluck for everyone!! 😀

Halopona June 1, 2018

Thank you, Nando! 🙂

Blue Dust June 2, 2018

Thank you! hope you had great adventures just like me and Erdan!

Nandovshiki June 1, 2018

In my opinion the medieval party was amazing and i had much fun with the community and with the missions! The Scorn fight was really intense and funny! The rooms were so well decorated and it give a special bright to the party, the music was aswell amazing and the special newspaper was wonderful! 😀

Garnet1200 June 1, 2018

I had a great time during the Medieval Party! It was fun being able to battle Scorn for the first time, dress as a dragon knight and seeing other dragons and knights all around, and explore so many rooms that I never saw before and others that I remember from years ago.

pals09 June 1, 2018

i enjoyed the quests! the puzzles are hard and everything, my favorite was the hydra battle.

Talls2882 June 1, 2018

I LOVE the Scorn battle! Shooting rocks, hitting bubbles, slaying a dragon, what’s better?! Also, I enjoyed the Ye Knight’s Quests! My favorite was probably the third because of the Hydra. The rooms are awesome and I like to hang out at the Sky Kingdom. Overall, the party is AWESOME!

Roko Abc June 2, 2018

I enjoyed taking down Scorn because it felt like i was in a movie which a so epic and i also enjoyed Ye Knights’ Quest because you can get free stuff and i liked all the rooms because they are very stylish!