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Reviewed by You: Penguins at Work

By stu on June 8, 2018

Hi penguins,

It’s time for this week’s Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you what you thought of this year’s Medieval Party. Two penguins’ responses have now been chosen to be featured. The first chosen penguin, 8JKN4 said:


“I loved the Medieval Party quite a lot. As someone who actually joined the game in last year’s Medieval Party, the nostalgia kind of hit me a bit. Doing Ye Knight’s Quests again was pretty fun. Taking down Scorn was amazing as well. The decoration was awesome, the Rewritten Archives event too…”


Sounds like you had quite a blast. Taking down Scorn was one of my favourite bits as well, and it’s always cool to see community members taking part in community events. The other penguin, Little007 said:


“The medieval party was a blast! I liked how one half of the island was Scorn’s territory and the other half was rooms from the medieval party from last year! The Scorn fight was fun to play and i ended up playing it lots of times. I found this a great improvement from last year.”


Even if Scorn did curse half of the island, the decorations were wonderful and I agree that it is quite nice seeing the previous year decorations returning as well. This year’s Medieval Party was quite a blast, and arguably, one of the best parties we’ve had yet! Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for all the submissions! 5,000 coins will soon be added to the winners’ accounts soon.


Now if you scroll down below, you will see the question for this week. Good luck everyone!




This week, we would like to know what your favorite job is. Yep that’s right, your favorite Penguins at Work job. Don’t forget to tell us why either! Two lucky penguins will be selected next week and the winning penguins will get 5,000 coins added to their accounts.


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team



Stu June 17, 2018

Is There Only One Job You Like Or Two?

Lovebacon56 June 14, 2018

My favorite job is by far making Coffee! After all the hard work catching all those beans, dodging anvils, fish, flower pots, its always so refreshing to finally sit down by the fire, and have a sip of your well-deserved coffee. But I don’t only enjoy making coffee for myself, but others as well!

Kizana June 13, 2018

For me, my favorite job is being a part of a hockey team. Even though it’s not a popular choice, playing hockey is very fun to do. It might not give you coins but the experience is quite amazing despite playing with other penguins; same team or opposite.

Club1Penguin June 12, 2018

My favorite is the Firefighter, and the Pizza Baker

TheEvPatch June 12, 2018

Being part of a band is my favorite, using all the different instruments I have collected over the months I have played (nearly a year now I joined in June last year)
(and can you make it so you can play music at the pizza parlor, it has a stage and a piano just like the lighthouse)

Cheetos8474 June 11, 2018

My favorite job would have to be a Miner. You can get coins to buy stuff from the Gift Shop, & you can talk to other people while you’re working, because they’re also mining for coins, too.

LSOP June 11, 2018

My favorite job is the tour guide. a tour guide helped me get to know Club Penguin waaaaaay back in 2011, and. I know from experience that being given a tour really makes the community of Club Penguin Rewritten feel like the safe, warm community it is. I’ve met so many friends thanks to this job.

Pinguim Mj June 11, 2018

That’s an easy question actually. Everytime I enter the island, the first thing I do is waddle do to the Pizza Parlor and do role-playing. Pizza Chef and Manager are my to favourite jobs and I love the fact that all penguins there get into it! That’s my favourite part of Club Penguin (Rewritten)!

TheEvPatch June 11, 2018

being part of a band is my favorite, playing music with special instruments that are not in the lighthouse catalog
(PS can you make music work in the pizza parlor as well as the lighthouse, it has a stage and piano too)

TheEvPatch June 12, 2018

(also I think the stage could benefit from music being played at it)

mr pgno June 11, 2018

I would like to be a chef in the pizza parlor because this job seems interesting and neat.

Garfield812 June 11, 2018

I think my favorite club penguin job is the pizza job because its simple and i get to make myself pizza on my free time. (:

Perapin June 10, 2018

My favorite “Penguins at Work” job is being a Pizza Chef. It is a great feeling to cook up delicious flavors, present aesthetic dishes, and bring in nice aromas for customers.

Some pizza chefs also bring their own style and personality to the table, with their own signature recipes!

Matty1000 June 10, 2018

My favourite job has to be a worker at the coffee shop! You get the newest paper and you get to have free coffee, who doesn’t like free coffee?
Oh and you get coins too.

Penguinwalle June 10, 2018

My favourite job is well… working at the Coffee shop and Pizza parlor and working as a secret agent. PSA and EPF have missions i must do, the Pizza parlor i make Pizza with the Pizzatron 3000 and the coffee shop serves coffee and you can hangout with other Penguins . Penguinwalle

Static June 10, 2018

It’s a boring day and somewhere on the island an innocent penguin’s eyelids struggle to stay open. If nothing is done they will fall asleep and waste their day! Who or what can save the day? That’s right, coffee! And with quick thinking from a coffee shop employee, nobody has to fear tiredness again

DenisCat June 10, 2018

First, I’m glad you finally have something in the community area and second, whats a job? :3

Flipper612 June 9, 2018

My favorite job is working at the coffee shop! It’s such a warm and cozy shop and while I’m not asking the local penguins what they’d like to drink or eat I can get to know a few as well! I’ve made lots of buddies while chatting on the job! My favorite part of the job is making hot chocolate!

Teart June 9, 2018

My favorite job is a miner! It’s an awesome way to earn coins and get to know other penguins (since nobody has anything better to do than while drilling for coins). I earned about fifteen thousand coins the other day and made five new friends.

TheQueen22 June 9, 2018

My favorite job is tour guide. You get to show penguins around the island and meet penguins from many different places. Its really fun and I luv it :3

michaeljeff2 June 9, 2018

If there’s one thing I like, it’s pizza. So you better believe I love making pizza at the Pizza Parlor! Cheese, shrimp, anchovies, and so many other things! I love making candy pizza too! I especially love serving hungry penguins, including myself. It’s a really great job!

Flipper9038 June 9, 2018

My favourite job on the island would have to be the pizza cook simply because I LOVE pizza! It’s so fun to make the delicious pizzas (especially the candy ones) and earning coins for it too!

Blue Dust June 9, 2018

My favorite job is being an actor at the stage! i don’t see many people doing plays at the stage and that makes me a little sad. It’s fun playing a role in a story and it’s even better if you get a bunch of people that can cooperate and make a good play!

katie609 June 9, 2018

I’d have to go with the one man band, because I like playing music for everyone!

shiver8808 June 9, 2018

My favorite job is helping out at the pet shop! Not only do you get to cuddle and play with the lovable puffles, but it feels good to know you’re helping out the community by making sure each puffle finds a wonderful and perfect home!

Broday June 9, 2018

If I have to pick one, my favorite Penguins at Work job is being a pizza chef. Why? It is because it has the most unique work style out of all occupations given and my favorite food is definitely pizza, so basically I have more idea into making my own pizza and serving to other hungry penguins! 🙂

ItZPxtordz June 11, 2018

My favorite is a Pizza Chef. You make Pizzas!!

Sn2ckerspup June 9, 2018

My favorite job is to work in the coffee shop; be a DJ at the Dance Club and simply be a blogger and help many people every day!
PD: Also be a secret agent and tour guide

RockyPlaysCP June 9, 2018

I personally love working as either a Pizza Chef or a Coffee Server, because both of them allow me to share food and beverages around the community, for free!

8JKN4 June 9, 2018

My favourite Penguins At Work job is probably a ninja, if that can be counted as an actual job. It’s fun to walk in the shadows hidden from sight and use the power of Card-Jitsu, using my abilities to become invisible instantly.

zoggy250 June 9, 2018

pizza job, pizza parlour is so fun

iboypenguin June 9, 2018

My favorite job is telling people to come to a igloo its fun because i get to help penguins meet new friends

gumsum chan June 9, 2018

my favourate job is being a psa agent . as it is helpfull to all and psa agents are trust full helping this island is my duty \job thx.

TheBreadBoi June 9, 2018

My favorite costume has to be the pizza chef costumes for a few reasons. First, its really fun to go down to the pizza parlor and toss some pizzas for some fellow penguins! Along with that, that stylish chef hat goes well with everything (believe me, I know. I tried everything!)

Just Another Penguin June 9, 2018

My favorite jobs have to be mining and roleplaying as a street guitarist in the town. Mining lets you earn money while chatting with others who want to earn lots of money. For the guitarist, some people I asked to what to play for them said it was amusing and the funniest thing they’ve seen.

Dash2000 June 9, 2018

It’s nice being a construction worker. It helps improve the island in so many ways, like building the Everyday Phoning Facility back up or putting together the designs for the new parties. And when it’s not for work, then I can use my trusty jackhammer to dig up coins and try to tip the iceberg.

CoveCampfire June 9, 2018

My favorite work is as a Photographer! Its really cool to capture everyone’s most precious moments. Happy, sad, exciting, horrifying, fearful…and mostly the beauty of Nature! Some are too excited to get their photos clicked and some get irritated. Its really fun!

little007 June 9, 2018

My favourite job is being a coffee person or a pizza waiter! I can’t choose between the jobs as they are both fun to work as. When the EPF is back i want to try and be a agent as i love protecting people from breaking the CPR rules!

BananaMoose June 9, 2018

My favourite job is the pizza parlor chef! Its great fun making pizzas and playing Pizzatron 3000! You even get to meet a lot of new people while working!

Chilling_Ice June 9, 2018

My favourite penguins at work job is pizza chef. I love creating new pizza flavours, such as spicy fish and broccoli. I also enjoy meeting new penguins everyday. The bonus of the job is free pizza!

ninjasteel11 June 9, 2018

My favorite job is taking care of the puffles at the puffle shop and in my igloo. Its because puffles are the fundamental pets of club penguin and are too cute to be true.

DomiDsLP June 9, 2018

My favorite job is the fire fighter, since you don’t only use it for fire fighting, but even for fun! Like putting water in a fountain or spraying some girls with water that need it for drink.

patee1 June 9, 2018

i like the job of not having a job because i can just waddle everywhere

from your friend patee1

Kellyman7 June 9, 2018

Hmm, thats hard! I think i would have to go with “The Mop” I love how it looks and… Well its a mop! What more needs to be said

okayzee June 9, 2018

My favorite Penguins at Work job is the Snow Shoveler! One of the reasons why I love it so much is because I love Winter in general. It actually applies to me in real life because I always help my dad clear out the snow during winter. And plus it’s really useful too because you can mine coins w/ it!

Gunslinger June 9, 2018

I like being a pizza chef. It’s always good to make a nice thick crust pizza with lots of pizza sauce. Plus, it’s got cheesy mozzarella that provides 100% guaranteed satisfaction when you bite into it. Nothing could go wrong.

Pizzarolls June 9, 2018

I personally like the Pizza Chef, because. It’s cool to serve pizza to everyone on the Island (And don’t forget playing Pizzatron 3000 as well). It’s fun serving and delivering pizza’s to penguins. 😀

Roko Abc June 9, 2018

I love working at the Pizza Parlor because it is the best pizza on this island and I get to meet new friends and also see Perapin run the place!

memeproducer June 8, 2018

My favorite job HAS to be giving out ice cream to everyone around town! I mean what can say everyone loves Ice cream! (unless you’re lactose intolerant) But whenever i put on that blue apron it makes me feel happy!

RANKO DANKO June 8, 2018

this isn’t about this subject but could the creators tell me if you will or if you have added the rare puffles

RANKO DANKO June 8, 2018

this isn’t really about this subject, but if any of the people who own club penguin are reading this can you please tell me if you’ve added or if you will add all your rare puffles?

Peidovermei June 8, 2018

Being part of making a moment such as sharing a pizza with friends an special time, brings much joy! Cooking is a way of loving and flavors can bring enjoyable memories; I believe that the Pizza Job is part of a hole CP experience, bringing delicious smells to the Plaza and memories to the Island!

Firesanti June 8, 2018

Well, I like the Pizza job because you can make a gang out of this, Serve pizza to hungry penguins,and because pizza is my favorite food

Licorice5 June 8, 2018

My favorite job was back in October, when we got the ghoul detector suit! It was a very useful job to do around Halloween. I definitely detected some around the haunted house!

Grekkie June 8, 2018

My favourite job would be at the Coffee Shop. Why? It’s because I love making coffee. Making coffee is quite simple. Every time a penguin enters the Coffee Shop, I would immediately serve to him/her even he/she didn’t place an order for a coffee. Plus, I drink coffee mostly everyday!

ScienceFox June 8, 2018

I’d love working as a barista! It feels so great to be in a cozy place like it, you can chat with others all day, while making coffees (with its unique smell) and others drinks to everyone. I don’t know, it feels great!

Yoshi_1111 June 8, 2018

My favorite job by far in CPR is being a Pizza Chef. It’s so fun to serve penguins many different and unique pizzas. It’s one outstanding experience that no penguin should miss.

Cyb3rCh4se June 8, 2018

My Favorite Penguins At Work Job Is “Ye Old Blacksmith” Because I Want To Create And Build The Things I Want To Once I Graduate College, And “Ye Old Blacksmith” Perfectly Matches That! So That’s Why My Favorite Penguins At Work Job Is “Ye Old Blacksmith”

LewisH02 June 8, 2018

My favourite job is the fire fighter, because during Operation: Blackout the Ski Village contained a fire truck and many people would stand across it, putting the fire over the Everyday Phone Facility, the other reason it is my favourite is how you could run around spraying random penguins!

Werebackcp June 8, 2018

I like the pizza job because its cool to see a penguin make pizza and the pizzatron game is just as amazing too!

dillan172 June 8, 2018

my favour job is the coffee worker as you can stay awake on coffee selling hot beverages

Ant Penguine June 8, 2018

I love working at the Pet Shop. There is nothing better than the smell of Puffle O’s and the cuddly joy that Puffles give you. Spotting a Pookie or two is also quite a sight…

Sappho! June 8, 2018

My favorite job would have to be the fire fighter! The outfit is really nice and detailed, and the hose animation is cool. 🙂 I love seeing the fire fighter penguins in the EPF missions as well.

Torres126 June 8, 2018

My favourite job is being an EPF agent: not only does Gary trust you with some really cool gear, you also get to undertake the most incredible and intriguing missions! It’s great to help others, such as the manager of the Pizza Parlor when that little robbery happened! Wait, isn’t that classified?

Lily8763cp June 8, 2018

I’d say the Mining Job. Why? Well, simply put, you can actually get money from doing your job, like a real job.