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Reviewed by You: Music Jam Review

By stu on June 29, 2018

Hi penguins,


Whew, it’s finally the weekend. It’s Friday, so you know what that means – A NEW Reviewed by You! Last week’s post was about your favorite Penguin Band member, and we have now selected two penguins. The first of those penguins being Clubby8911, who said:


“100% My most favorite Penguin Band member is Petey K. He was the first Penguin Band member that I met in March, during the 10k penguins party. Petey K gave me a postcard at that time and I talked to him a lot during the party. I have always seen him as a cool dude.”


That’s awesome, Petey K is a rather chill and a jokester member of the band. I hear he likes to a lot of pranks on G Billy… but you better watch out yourself, for he might have a trick up his flipper! And the other review comes from MsNeRdY, who said:


“I personally think that Franky is the best out of all of the band members. Even though I have never met him before I know he sings very good
and he seems very nice. I love everyone in the band to be honest, but Franky just seemed like the one! He just has that style! LOL 😉”


Singing? I’ve never heard of Franky being able to sing, but he’s a pretty rad guitar player, and he knows how to play a few other instruments as well. Franky may be the newest member to the band, but don’t let that fool you, as he’s very talented. Thank you for all the submissions, and congratulations to both of the winners! 5,000 coins will be awarded to their accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!


This year’s Music Jam has definitely been a blast, and we want to know your favourite moments from it. Let us know in the comments below, and your review may even be featured on the blog next week and you could win 5,000 coins!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Trevchris007 July 5, 2018

When mascots visit, they go full bore. They come often, stay long, and fully interact with their fans (e.g., go for a sled race; chill and order pizza). To the Penguin Band, you’ll never know how much your July 4th appearance meant to me. Your timing was uncanny. Thanks, guys!


Licorice5 July 4, 2018

The Music Jam has been the best party of 2018 so far! The record hunt was creative, the decorations were amazing, and the new Dance Contest stamps were fun to earn. I met a lot of mascots, and I got some cool items. The party stayed fresh and new, and I never got bored of it.

Alexm03 July 3, 2018

The Music Jam bring back since 2017 and i glad everyone is here to jam out.

We even meeting Mascot and others to ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus, you can also buying music stuff and all.

Poppy Noppy July 2, 2018

The music jam was packed full of exciting moments, mascot meetups, tons of activities, and a lot of places to explore!
This has to be my favorite party that the dev team has made so far, and the mash up with the 101 days of fun made it even better!
This music jam was great, and couldn’t be better.

pugs5 July 2, 2018

cool thanks for leting me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Penaylilg July 2, 2018

Being that this is my very first music jam, I very much enjoyed every part of it so far. But if I had to choose, my favorite part was getting to meet the mods. I was so excited to finally meet some of the people behind this game, since I have never done so. I loved everyone, especially Pengswim.

Real King July 2, 2018

My favorite moment was totally when I met DJ Maxx, it was the second time but it was really fun because Maxx is my fav mascot. I also love the mod-meetup because it was just so fun! Chilling with the mods was totally amazing. Almost every moment in Music Jam was amazing, one of my fav parties.

xAlienx July 2, 2018

My favorite moment was seeing my Music Jam fanart in the newspaper! I squealed when I saw it and it definitely completed the Music Jam experience for me!

iboypenguin July 1, 2018

My favorite moment was when i asking a penguin a question instead of the penguin answering Franky and petey k answered the question but one of the nices moments was when all the mods came and gave people postcards

potato777 July 1, 2018

My favorite moment in Music Jam was when i meet DJ MAXX he was my best penguin in the island and very sad that i didn’t meet penguin band (PB) i want to meet them for the last time if i meet the penguin band i well very happy and i well cry for that so i hope to meet penguin band i want to meet GB

Splosh Jnr July 1, 2018

My favourite moments were the ones where I hung out in the dance lounge (recording studio) and asking every penguin who waddled by on their way to the rooftop if they were the one who booked a recording session!

Grekkie July 1, 2018

My favourite moment during the Music Jam is the 101 days of Fun event. I had a blast during the event. I always join my friends and other people to do the event each day. I will never forget these moments. Thank you CPR for making this event. The community is happy that you guys created it.

TruMineYT July 1, 2018

My favorite moment was definetly the mascot meet-ups! I met every mascot except DJ Maxx, but I already had him so I was happy! These are the ones I found: Cadence and the Penguin Band (Franky, G Billy, Petey K, and Stompin Bob). Those were in the order of I met them.

1sarah2 July 1, 2018

The Music Jam has been great! One of my favorite moments would probably be looking for the records. It was a bit challenging but it was overall very fun. I’m having lots of fun playing.

Pumpkinpi714 July 1, 2018

I think that may favorite part of the music jam was when I met people at the mod meet up, and the record hunt! My favorite song that Clip Penguin made was the party starts now! Thanks for letting me dance to the tune!

FireSanti June 30, 2018

My favorite moments are all, the Mod Meetup,The Scavenger Hunt,The Rooms,ALL, this party is one of the best parties that i played, thank you very much for making this party

Harrypopins1 June 30, 2018

No doubt! My favorite moment was to see my FAVORITE BAND! PENGUIN BAND!
My brother and I bought tickets from the money we worked so hard for from Aqua Grabber game,that was hard and worth the money. We even got a picture together, shared our favorite song and got some tips for COOL Music. (:

KingofPengs June 30, 2018

I’d like if next meet up you guys make it more possible to get and talk to the people, or recieve the backrounds because everyone crouds around them.

BananaMoose June 30, 2018

The music jam was a blast! It was great fun dancing and playing instruments. I especially loved the scavenger hunt and I loved when the casa fiesta returned. I can’t wait for the more parties to come!

LoneWolf1256 June 30, 2018

I think it is cool that I get a chance to really use all my instruments. Few rooms like the lighthouse and pizza parlor have a stage to play on, but in the music jam, that’s every room.

Broday June 30, 2018

My favorite memory of the Music Jam 2018 is definitely having fun with the Dance Contest. This is because since stamps were added into that game, I have more sensation and fun with the songs played at Dance Contest. This addition also makes it more appealing and how I can be better at the game.

Aerosmithfan04 June 30, 2018

My favorite part of the Music Jam is hanging out at the rock stage in the stadium because that’s the kind of music I listen to. My igloo has a rock and roll record, neon guitar, and a Penguin Band poster, so having an area fully devoted to the genre I listen to is perfect.

DenisCat June 30, 2018

Been through many musical adventures. Finding Cadence’s Discs and then unlocking the new song. My favorite memory was exactly when i played dance contest. I saw the new song, The Party Starts Now! I was so exited to try it out! And since then, Ive been playing Dance Contest even more. ๐Ÿ™‚

pinky279 June 30, 2018

my favorite thing about music jams was the roof top and the missing disc stuff

TimegirlFTW June 30, 2018

I think my favorite part was finding Cadence’s records, because it tested how much we knew the island and we got an awesome prize at the end! Otherwise, it would be playing Dance Contest and getting the stamps!! I ๐Ÿ˜ the new song!!


Nandovshiki June 30, 2018

In this years Music Jam i had many favourite moments, I loved the awesome decoration, the scavenger hunt, the Dance Contest new musics and stamp, the mascots meetups but from this, what i really loved was to have fun with this amazing community and the cool 101 days of fun envolving Music Jam!

Flipper9038 June 30, 2018

The Music Jam has been a blast! My favourite part has to be the meetup or meeting my favourite mascots like Cadence ๐Ÿ˜ I loved meeting some mode they are great to talk to

.Jimin. June 30, 2018

My favorite moments from the Music Jam would be the scavenger hunt & meeting the band! During the scavenger hunt, Cadence’s records were skillfully hidden & once we all finished, we would help others who have not found the all records. To add on, while I met the band I got their autograph & stamp!

AleCP June 30, 2018

My favorite moment so far meeting mascots. thanks for dj maxx for sign music jam shirt

Jecc121 June 30, 2018

I just canยดt decide! We had fun in all the decorated rooms and in the music maker, we had dance parties, we played instruments, and we even met mods and famous penguins like Cadence and the penguin band!…Hm, you know, thatยดs actually my favorite moment, the meetups! Was so awesome meeting they!

BlizzardMt June 29, 2018

My favorite moment in Music Jam was when all of my friend including me danced around Club penguin. We danced in the light house and at the beacon and at the Night club and the rooftop. WE went everyehere in Club penguin! Including the iceberg!

Pumpkinpi714 June 29, 2018

I really enjoyed the record hunting, and the party starts now was my favorite song when I was little, and I was super happy that you put it into dance competition!

Pumpkinpi714 June 29, 2018

My favorite moment was when I was able to walk into a mod meet up that i had no idea was happening till I got there! I also really enjoyed the record hunting, and the party starts now was my favorite song when I was little, and I was super happy that you put it into dance competition!

Tadman12 June 29, 2018

I don”t think I have one favorite moment, I just love the whole party. Its great to be able to meet the Penguin Band members, Cadence and DJ Maxx. The decorations are great and it’s just a great party overall.

Potato777 June 29, 2018

I want PB and DJ MAXX pls

Garnet1200 June 29, 2018

One of my favorite moments has to be going into the night club late at night and having a dance party where we all listened to the same music and did stuff like the Cha Cha Slide all together. We also played different instruments and were shouting the lyrics to the songs as they played.

Halopona June 29, 2018

I have had so many amazing moments during this years Music Jam! From chilling out at the wonderfully decorated Coffee Shop and Pizza Parlour, to jamming it out on the stages all across the island! From hunting for the lost records, to meeting up with The Penguin Band! Its been such a blast so far!

8JKN4 June 29, 2018

The Music Jam was pretty nice. A scavenger hunt was good (even though some of the discs were maybe just too well-hidden) and those new Dance Contest stamps were a good challenge to obtain, most notably the A ratings in Hard and Expert modes. There’s also brand new items which are always good!

dillan172 June 29, 2018

My favourite moment so far was getting to meet the mods . Thx all of the mods for signing my oil slick guitar. Also thank you lataus for being the first mod to sign it

VsauceLakhma July 1, 2018

wait they did that?