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What’s Coming Up in August!

By Stu on August 16, 2018

Hi Penguins,


Bringing you the latest sneak peeks for the month, it’s What’s Coming Up! August is going to be a very sporty month here on Club Penguin Rewritten, and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned ahead. We can however, share a small glimpse!


Take a look and see for yourself:



Hmm… What could these mean? We’d love to hear what your predictions are! Feel free to leave a comment below.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Senor Shawn September 8, 2018

element ninjass pleaseeee

PlayStation9 August 28, 2018

2019 PARTY IDEAS 1.0
january: winter fiesta february: anniversary party + fashion show 2012 march: puffle party 2012 april: april fools party 2012 + earth day party 2012 may: medieval party 2013 june: marvel super hero takeover 2012

StarlineZone August 23, 2018

I’m excited, no matter the theme! Though, a snow race or a Card Jitsu thing would be a nice change of pace.

Leo16688 August 22, 2018

I hope it’s the three card jitsu dojos but maybe I’m wrong but I am pretty sure that first one is card jitsu fire

Cheetos8474 August 20, 2018

Card-Jitsu Fire, Mountain Expedition 2018, but the third one, I’m stumped.

bishum August 19, 2018

the first photo is possibly for card jitsu fire and the others are maybe for another mountain expedition or the great snow race

Derourkl August 18, 2018

What is this? Ooh… This will make one good squid adventure!

Jerno August 18, 2018

The second one is mountain expedition, i dont know the other two

RyanjcCPR August 17, 2018

A party where we have to climb a mountain for some reason? The yellow one looks like the sun and the others look like the mountain.

rolver August 17, 2018

I am just going to only say great snow race

the good penguin August 17, 2018

hey fellow penguins i don’t know what they are but i am hoping the first one is carjitsu fire 🙂 waddle on!!!

PS9 August 17, 2018


the good penguin August 17, 2018

well i am guessing the first card means FIRE DOJO WHICH ALSO MEANS FIRE NINJA

YoboiTaco August 17, 2018

The Mountain Expedition?

Hunter August 17, 2018

CJ Fire, The Great Snow Race, and Penguin Games 😀

DonkeyGamer August 17, 2018

I’m thinking maybe expedition?

I have no clue!

Wetdog15 August 17, 2018

Hmmm… Like many others in these comments, I assume that it’s Card-Jitsu Fire (I’m stoked for that, if you’ll excuse the bad pun), the mountain expedition, and the Great Snow Race! All of those parties are really cool! Alright, fine, I’m done with the puns now.

Levi967 August 17, 2018

card jitsu fire? i think the first picture the second i think is maybe the great snow race or mountain expedition third i dont knoe

Pewngwn August 17, 2018

Please be card jitsu fire

Spk1 August 17, 2018

What about Penguin Games?

WinterCP August 17, 2018

Card jitsu fire,great snow race and what seems to be a pile of snow.

WinterSoupCP August 17, 2018

Card jitsu fire,great snow race and what seems to be a pile of snow.

Storent August 17, 2018

So the second picture is from the Great Snow Race, and the third one is from the Penguin Games but for the first one, i have no idea…

Alimama2018 August 17, 2018

Third picture…..Herbert is comming…..

Cartwrangler August 17, 2018

CJ:Fire, really wanted this one to happen. Keep up the amazing work CPW team you are the greatest.

Broday August 17, 2018

Very interesting!

Moxie Oswald August 17, 2018

Mountain Expedition?

aulia5ek412 August 18, 2018

definitely Mountain Expedition

Poptartosaurus August 17, 2018

I’m thinking that they’re going to bring back Cardjitsu Fire and, the one I’m excited about, the Great Snow Race, since people are saying are the same thing every time. By the way, I’m LOVING Club Penguin Rewritten!
Nice job, CPR Team!

– Poptartosaurus 🙂

Robertj15 August 17, 2018


Penguinwalle August 17, 2018

Card jitsu fire? and people are thinking about the great snow race? Hmm ill go with these too. Penguinwalle

SamHooves August 17, 2018

Interesting! I hope the Everyday Phoning Facility is repaired soon! I need to use the phone without all the sparks coming out of it.

Guizelda August 17, 2018

Cardjitsu fire

Blueferd August 17, 2018

BRUHHH it’s clearly the 3 dojos. Fire, water, and snow. If so I can’t WAIT to play the snow turn-based game again.

Sboy (Fattie9910) August 17, 2018

I sure hope the Sport shop is returning, it said sporty after all.

AleCP August 16, 2018

maybe card jitsu fire and great sbow race

AleCP August 17, 2018

i mean great snow race

oh oof August 16, 2018

But I think it is just Great Snow Race

Luke4131 August 16, 2018


TruMineYT August 16, 2018

or CJ: Fire, who knows

E Pengo August 16, 2018


oh oof August 16, 2018

I don’t know 🤔

Nanopenguin3 August 16, 2018

Is there going to be 1 or 2 events this month, if there’s 2 …. is it going to be at the same time just like the Adventure party and Rockhoppers quest or 2 separate parties. I bet its the Great snow race… but I don’t really want that party to happen. I wished it was the penguin games from 2008.

Halopona August 16, 2018

Awesome to see some sneak peeks, very intriguing ones too! Cannot wait for this month’s party, my prediction is that it will be The Great Snow Race, and it may have some other cool custom touches as you guys are a lit team. I very much look forward to how this month will pan out!

Dillan172 August 16, 2018

The great mountain expedition cardjitsu fire but idk the third

Loco300 August 16, 2018

So stoked for the next party!

Catdude556 August 16, 2018

Great Snow Race! 🙂

poseidon15 August 16, 2018

The sneak peeks are getting harder and harder. So excited for the next party tho! 😀

Rock23872 August 16, 2018

Card-Jitsu Fire construction and Great Snow Race, I’m calling it

Alexm03 August 16, 2018

Card Jitsu Fire, Great Snow Race, ?