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What’s Going On? + QnA! #4

By Stu on September 2, 2018

Hi Penguins,


It’s the Summer, and that means a lot of activities are going around on the island of Club Penguin Rewritten, let’s get right into what’s been going lately…



We always take pride in our content and are constantly working on new features to add. Over the past month, we’ve gathered up some amazing content for you all to enjoy, even taking in ideas straight from the community.

If you ever have any suggestions, please feel free to share via our Social Media pages.


We’ve released THREE new catalogs for our Penguin Games party and it’s packed with a bunch of goodies, and some fan favourites for you all to purchase. Your igloos, and penguin are ready to be decorated like never before with fresh and some classic items.




We’ve gone super quiet with the mascots recently because we’d like to keep it as a surprise but there’ll be some familiar, and old faces returning for our Penguin Games event that I’m sure you’ll enjoy to see.


101 Days of Fun

Our long lasting Summer event is coming to an end soon, but there’s still a lot of things you can do around the island to give you penguins some extra coins, best of all, it’s absolutely free! You’re just doing some activities, get your friends involved and earn those coins!

NOTE: An in-game staff member must see you doing these activities for the coin rewards.


Penguin Games

We’re working around the clock to bring you this amazing party we’ve been working hard on (we go into detail about the delays down below), a lot of custom features within this party and a LOT of favourite items coming back, and some new classic items returning with it.


You’ll be able to do the following:


• Collect an exclusive item only available once completed sport related tasks.

• Choose YOUR team during the party, will you be Team Red or Team Blue? Pick wisely, because you’ll only be able to pick once.

• Compete against the team with our Sled Racing scoreboard available for everyone at the Ski Hill.


Unfortunately, I can’t give you a full list of things to do at this party, but there’s a lot of awesome things to keep everyone productive on the island, and we can’t wait to see you all on the island playing something we’ve dedicated a lot of time to making.


You should follow our Twitter page to know when an update is live, and keeping our tweet notifications on.



FUN FACT: Click on the plates for a tasty animation!




Online safety is important, and we’re working around that to make it more important.

Not logged in after a while?

If you’ve not logged into your Club Penguin Rewritten account after a while then you’ll be asked to verify if it’s really you that owns the account you’re trying to sign into. Don’t worry, this is just a new update that we’ll be looking into and improving as days go on.


NOTE: Our emails will always end in @cprewritten.net – Any email claiming to be us without our official domain being in the email is a phishing email and should be reported as such.





Two-Factor Authentication

That’s right, we’re working on bringing Two-Factor Authentication to Club Penguin Rewritten. I’m sure you all have a few questions about this so I’m here to answer at least a few of those common questions we might get.


What is it exactly?

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your Club Penguin Rewritten account to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account.


Would I have to give extra information?

Not at all, you won’t ever need to use your phone number for this to work. We’ll be using official security apps such as Google Authenticator for this to work.


How does it work?

First, you’ll be signing into your account like normal and then you’ll be granted with a small prompt asking you for your security code, this is a completely unique code for only you and your account, this code will be waiting for you on your Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. More information on how you can set this up for your account will be available on a new blog post once we start bringing it out for production, this will also be available as an option for when you register an account.


You’re almost making it sound convincing…

Did I mention you’ll be getting a reward for doing this? We’ll be giving out a cool padlock pin for your penguin once you do it!



We hear you penguins loud and clear, your voices are more powerful than you think.

We know a lot of penguins have been wondering as to why a lot of our updates can be delayed. I’m here to hopefully put some light on what’s been going on in the development side of things from the team that brings you the content. A lot of our updates we’ve been bringing them out as fast as possible, and that’s been the case for a few months now, however, as Summer is coming to a close, studying can take over what we count as a hobby which is Club Penguin Rewritten.


This isn’t to say it’ll always be like this, we’re working on adjusting our schedules outside of Club Penguin Rewritten to put a lot of the content first and we’ll be improving it as best as we can, our first step on improving this will be us focusing on the next party as our Penguin Games event is going on around the island, I’m sure a lot of you can guess what the party is as it’s an annual party and a fan favourite, a lot of cotton candy will be shared that’s for sure.


We hope you understand, and we hope that you believe in us on bringing you penguins the best content as possible with the best time possible to come with it. Our number one priority is always how the party looks and feels, with very little bugs that come out with production on the servers you all play on.



The future is a magical place and very unpredictable, we try to make it more predictable with fun twists and turns for your excitement.

New Blog Post Series

We’ll be introducing a new blog post series starting this Wednesday, the blog series will be named ‘Featured Fashions’ and is actually very simple, three random penguins will be picked at random on the island wearing the most craziest but stylish outfits each week. Those picked, will be rewarded with 1,000 coins to their penguin.


Some Site Improvements

Our last What’s Going On? post had a sneak peek of our website improvement on some of our pages, we’re just letting you know those updates are still being worked on and is now in the last few final stages of completion and ready for production. Keep in mind that we have a LOT going on with our updates, and we’re a relatively small team compared to most.




Spooky Season Ahead!

We know that a lot of you penguins are excited for our second September party that is an Annual party (after Penguin Games), but why not think ahead into something more spooky?




And don’t worry, that iconic music you heard at the Gift Shop last year, that’s going to be returning for you all to enjoy.


Unfortunately, I’m unable to give you all a full list of what’s to come to the island, but a LOT is happening behind the scenes and it’s truly exciting, I can’t wait to share with you our sneak peeks, for now it’s best to keep up-to-date with our social media pages and our What’s New blog!



Ever wanted a question of yours asked by our Development team? Now it’s time to ask away!

Share your questions down in the comments section below! Unsure if we’ve replied? A staff member’s reply has a different shade of blue than a regular community member, check it out:


You can ask as much as you want, your question could be anything but please make sure that it is appropriate for it to be approved.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


lol January 2, 2019

hi so two questions
1. why dont you have the puffle hotel
2. why cant i report for duty

kiki December 9, 2018

how do you confirm it is really you?

penguiyyyy October 18, 2018

more igloo room!!!!

angsty19 October 18, 2018

please bring back the double story igloo or multiple igloos!! i need more room for all my shenanigans

Bradly345 October 9, 2018

Yeah, those puffles really annoy me as well. I was hoping the glitch would have been fixed a while ago.

Lily(Majestic23) September 21, 2018

The information here is A-1. Thanks for the updates! stu, what’s your favorite party to edit, what’s your favorite item (in any catalogue — you pick!) and what’s your favorite party room (room that changes during different events)? Just a little curious! Thanks hagrid, stu, Thorn, & many more!

Etay September 15, 2018

When the EPF and PSA rebuild will finish? bc its at rebuild like 9/10 months

Fan44 September 15, 2018

the lights for the marathon aren’t working again. 🙁 can you fix it?

bishum September 15, 2018

ohhh a sneak peek for another halloween party.

Datslo September 7, 2018

Hey, I am wondering if it is OK to summit the same joke, riddle or poem several times if it does not get picked, or if I should only summit my new ones. The penguin games are great btw!

yoyoo7 September 7, 2018

Will the EPF be secret someday? Everyone is an agent, the test needs to be secret like the other agency.

Stu September 10, 2018

That would be cool to add onto!

Rubykitbox23 September 7, 2018


XMeganx September 7, 2018

I know many ask about the glitches of the puffles but, could you make an option to release the puffles? My cousin got in my account and bought lots of puffles I don’t really want at all. Thanks!

Datslo September 7, 2018

Yea I agree with you man. Those puffles can ruin even the best looking igloo

XMeganx September 13, 2018

I know! I think there should be an option to let them free if you don’t want them to ruin the igloos.

Lilllyzzz October 2, 2018

I really want them gone as well!!!

HamilDog September 6, 2018

Yay! You have watched the video! Anyway, Nice unibrow Stu also the green color really bring out the brow. Also one party idea is a new operation. Likeeeeee Herbert makeing a secret puffle causeing mischife around the island. PH and every EPF/PSA agent there.

HamilDog September 7, 2018

IK great party idea. But Stu if this comment I posted could not be posted to the public JIC you do decide to do it take it down so the public wont know there will be an operation. Also another operation idea mascots being mind controled by Herbert. Thanks, HamilDog

kassadilla99 September 5, 2018

Can you PLEASE add in the puffle hotel or the fire ice and water dojos. I have no idea if you are working on this already or if it is even possible but if you can that would be great! Thank you!

Eve1214 September 5, 2018

Where is the amulet in the martial artworks catalog?

shopkinmini3 September 5, 2018

this is problay the best update you have made 😀 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy also can u add the september catlog pls thanks i love your gameeee 😀 😀 make more partys in the future pls!!!!

shopkinmini3 September 5, 2018

this is problay the best update you have made

shopkinmini3 September 5, 2018

cool this is cool

Carosene September 5, 2018

Would the scarves and hoodies come back soon? Also, thank you guys for informing us about the delays, and keep up the effort! We appreciate all that you do for CPR – keeping it updated and making it fun!

nocti 4 September 4, 2018

When i try to play the extreme sled race at the mountain top it doesn’t works please fix it.

Carosene September 5, 2018

I had the same issue as well! You just have to clear your cache in your browser, and it should work.

IamPureTrash September 4, 2018

You have an awesome unibrow! (But seriously, thank you for your dedication in this game! I’m really excited for future updates!)

me…again September 3, 2018

thank you…. just thank you for everything 🙂

Heart Saga September 3, 2018

Hey I just had a simple question for the CPR Team:
Would other roles such as “Junior Moderator” or “Trusted Penguin” ideas you would like to add in the future?

Allen3201 September 3, 2018

Hey, I have two questions for you.
1. Can you get the Snack Shack stamp?
2. Why doesn’t the Great Snow Race work?
Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply..

Datslo September 7, 2018

Hey, you cant get the snack shack stamp atm but they are probably trying to fix it. I dont know about the great snow race, but it works for me. Try it again and it might work 🙂

Wisteriaa September 3, 2018

Thank you for going out of your way to inform us of cool new updates and (of course) working hard making them! It doesn’t deserve to go unnoticed and you are all so selfless and caring for making Club Penguin Rewritten a safe and exciting gaming experience for everyone.

Bbg28 September 3, 2018

When I was at the Tallest Mountain, I tried to receive the Snack Shack stamp by using a food emote behind the snack stand. I never received the stamp, so I was wondering if this was a bug or the stamp is broken?

Datslo September 7, 2018

No one can get the stamp atm so you are not the only one, but I think they are working on it so its just to wait for now 🙂

Bird September 3, 2018

Hey, a small thing I noticed with the penguin games, the marathon challenges lights seem to be broken on the dock. Not sure if this was a momentary glitch or a larger problem, but I was thinking it was probably best to let you guys know.

potato777 September 3, 2018

hey stu the forest is not very happy place i mean there isnt anything fun there can u add a mini game like Feed_A_Puffle its good game or a Small item shop and there u can sell item furniture or cloth and each month new cloth or two weeks do anything but it should be fun in forest

Waddle On September 3, 2018

Hi, I was wondering if we’ll be getting the old EPF missions back? I know they used to be available on the CP page without logon, and I can’t seem to find them anywhere else. If they are still available do you think you could tell me where? Thanks!

Thorn September 4, 2018

You can play the PSA missions by going to the PSA headquarters and clicking on the “Top Secret” icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Waddle On September 8, 2018

Thanks, I’m sorry I guess I just never realized.

Thorn September 9, 2018

Have Fun!

Thorn September 3, 2018


STARPOWERB September 3, 2018

there is a bug the great sled race does not work same with the lights on pengiun games

WinterSoup90/Blue September 3, 2018

Why is there an invisible barrier that doesn’t allow me to go to the other room?

Datslo September 7, 2018

Its just really hard to get in but it should work. Try to go even lower then what you do now. I could not get in myself but when I went tried going in from a lower point it worked. 🙂

potato777 September 3, 2018

why i cant go to herbert secret room

DomiDsLP September 3, 2018

I hope a lot. I like foiling his plans. 🙂

Caveria September 3, 2018

We will have new games in future?

progamer1234 September 3, 2018

and what do you think Herbert is planning now?

Stu September 3, 2018

Hopefully not a lot, LOL!

progamer1234 September 3, 2018


Stu September 3, 2018


jonrad September 3, 2018

So excited for the party! Seems like a lot of effort was put into it! 🙂

Ava September 3, 2018

I have a request/question. In the original CP you were not allowed to wear clothing with things such as guitars or cameras and use them. Is there a way you guys could look into making that happen? I know some might want to dance with a guitar but maybe add an action emote so one could do either?

Thorn September 4, 2018

That’s a cool idea! It would require remaking every single piece of clothing, which is a little too time consuming and difficult for such a small team at the moment.

HamilDog September 3, 2018

Just saying sorry that i’m commenting a lot. But Stu did you see Topi The Corgis new video? It’s so adorable!!!!!!!! It tells you his favorite things and his meals!

Stu September 3, 2018

Of course 🙂

Agentpman1 September 3, 2018

I can’t open my Pickle jar. Any suggestions?

Stu September 3, 2018

Warm water and muscle.

Static September 3, 2018

This idea is kinda crazy, but I think it would be so cool if you could do like a (limited) code scavenger hunt during different parties. For example, you could have letters/words (in secret agent code) hidden randomly on items in a party and people who manage to solve the puzzle can get the code.

Stu September 3, 2018

That’s really cool, I love it! I’ve passed it on.

Vinetra2 September 3, 2018

Will igloo save ever be added to Club Penguin Rewritten?

Stu September 3, 2018

We plan on improving igloo editing in the future.

Poptartosus September 3, 2018

Hey Stu! I have to ask you a very unimportant and unrelated question.

What’s your favorite anime?

Stu September 3, 2018

I don’t watch any of that haha

Kiko76 September 3, 2018

Halloween Party from 2012?

Stu September 3, 2018

Maybe a lil’ mix ‘n’ spice.

DespicableMe September 3, 2018

The future of CPR is very bright and I’m really looking forward to the new stuff coming! Much luv

and cant wait beyond 2018
Waddle On and Keep Up the Great Behind – The – Scenes Job CPR
Love your Work

HamilDog theres more to this comment September 2, 2018

Thanks Stu! And I will enjoy club penguin! I’ve enjoyed it for so long! I was here for last years hallowen party! But this game is so fun that when our dog had to get put down because he had a ruptured disk in his spine that paralized all the way up his back I was sad 🙁 but I was playing this game

Zappo September 2, 2018

Will you be adding TV’s to the Coffee Shop and Pizza Parlor?

Stu September 3, 2018


Stu September 2, 2018


Halopona September 2, 2018

Will the Sled Racing Leaderboard be a permanent addition or will it just be sticking around during the Penguin Games?

Stu September 2, 2018

It’ll be permanent 🙂

Stu September 2, 2018

Thank youu!!!

papipop September 2, 2018

Thank you guys so much for all that you do for the community! It’s greatly appreciated and I look forward to all the fun things you have planned for the island in the future! But one important question stu, team blue or team red?

Stu September 2, 2018

I’m currently Team Blue!!

MsNeRdY September 2, 2018

i forgot the question i was also going to ask lol

Stev September 2, 2018

will there be the sport shop? i saw it in the newspaper

Stu September 2, 2018

Unfortunately that was a mistake from our end, sorry about that!

Pewngwn September 2, 2018

super excited for the parties 😀

Stu September 2, 2018


AndrewDoesStuff September 2, 2018

Oh Nice to see Garwald’s Manor as a sneek peek for halloween. Hey Stu any word on some Game Day! items such as the GO Team Backgrounds,facepaint,medals

Stu September 2, 2018

You will be receiving the face paints, and the backgrounds, and maybe a medal? 😉

RonaldoG214 September 2, 2018

Super excited for everything coming up, thank you guys so much for everything. Amazing work by the way!

Stu September 2, 2018

Thank you for the support!

oh oof September 2, 2018

This is goood

Machnie September 2, 2018

What is the preferable way of informing you about any possible bugs? I don’t know if you need that kind of support, but if so, I’d be so glad to help by letting you know! Anyway, thanks for all of the hard work done so far! Keep it up!

Aurorum September 2, 2018

wow! thanks for all you do, i’m very excited!

pugs5 September 2, 2018

hows stu.jr? Is he helping out with the party?

Stu September 2, 2018

He’s very busy too, he’s met some new friends!

Jamydodger88 September 2, 2018

Thank you so much for bringing my favourite game back Club Penguin Rewritten.

1) Will you bring in any new colour puffles for the future?
2) Are you making any new custom parties?
3) Can you bring back the under water party and the sports party?

Stu September 2, 2018

1) That would be a cool addition, hopefully soon!
2) We’ve always wanted to create our very own custom party, so hopefully!
2) Thank you for your suggestions!

progamer1234 September 2, 2018


Stu September 2, 2018


WInterSoup90 September 2, 2018

1-Will some old furniture items return like the stove an the coffee couch?
2-I had an old account that i can’t remember its password or the email associated with it (nor its password) i think it was called “Blue” .However, I am not sure

Stu September 2, 2018

1) Yeah, all items will make a return!
2) Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound too good! Could you contact our support team over at [email protected] and they will take a look at it for you?

RoboticScar22 September 2, 2018

Hey! I’m so happy you guys are putting so much effort into this and wanted to thank you for doing it all. Is there a way to have different rooms for our igloos? so penguins can have multiple rooms to decorate and show off. Is there a way to up the coin we earn for games?

Stu September 2, 2018

That’s not an option currently, but I love the suggestion!

RoboticScar September 2, 2018

Hey! I’m so happy you guys are putting so much effort into this and wanted to thank you for doing it all. Is there a way to have different rooms for our igloos? so penguins can have multiple rooms to decorate and show off. Is there a way to up the coin we earn for games?

Serpior 625 September 2, 2018

Also, I’m going to be on Team Green

Stu September 2, 2018

Wow, your very own colour, that’s awesome!

Ya Boi Guzma September 2, 2018

Can we expect the update to drop today or in a few days?

Stu September 2, 2018

Yes, we’re aiming for today!

Flipper9038 September 2, 2018

All of this looks so exciting and I have a suggestion. Igloo likes! I enjoyed them so much on old CP. When my friends made a cool new igloo I would like it and they would like mine it was so fun so PLEASE bring it back. Thanks for developing this incredible game!

Stu September 2, 2018

YESSS!! Igloo likes, gotcha, noted.

Serpior 625 September 2, 2018

If Cpr1234 sees this, I want to let him know that I said happy birthday 🙂

Stu September 2, 2018

Hopefully he sees this!

Pimp September 2, 2018

Is the Fire Dojo coming?

Stu September 2, 2018

We’re working on bringing out Card-Jitsu Fire for you all, when? That’s the surprise… 😉

Masonrod1 September 2, 2018

Do you ever plan to add new Mascots into the game?

Stu September 2, 2018

Yeah, we’re looking for new ways to improve our mascots.

King111 September 2, 2018

Hey I like how did you og other team member making new party some off the party I was not play on cp + 1 thing can you og team make new party every year like cp did waddle on cp rewaration + sorry bad English me

Stu September 2, 2018

Yeah, we’re always making new parties for people to explore and have fun with!

christien September 2, 2018

what if you could actualy eat food and not have to roleplay? (i know this is gonna be too much work so its just an question)

Stu September 2, 2018

That’s an awesome suggestion, one that we’d like to see more of, because we enjoy the role play aspect of Club Penguin Rewritten!

Nandovshiki September 2, 2018

Will we have more redesigned rooms like Pizza Parlor? Awesome blog post, Stu! Can’t wait to see what CPR future holds for the community!

Stu September 2, 2018

That would be SO cool, hopefully! What other rooms would you like to be decorated?

Dani58 September 2, 2018

Do you have any timeframe for the release of penguin games

Stu September 2, 2018

We’re aiming for today!

Halopona September 2, 2018

Awesome post, really excited for the new content and updates to come! Really glad you are bringing in 2FA to Rewritten, and the fact that there is a reward for setting it up to help increase the security of more users is wonderful. Thank you team!

Stu September 2, 2018

Thanks Halo!

YoboiTaco September 2, 2018

Hey guys! Thanks for the update! Wanna know something that will be really cool? Some of the items from gameday! Just like Smash said, the Go Team backrounds! And I would like another igloo contest please! One more that would be cool are Go Team flags. They’re hand items that are red,blue,greenyellow

Stu September 2, 2018

Awesome suggestions!

Clubby8911 September 2, 2018

Can you bring back the Admiral’s hat?

Stu September 2, 2018

Fo’ sure

Iboypenguin September 2, 2018

The scarfs should come back next catalog and will the penthouse igloo return? PS thank you for making cpr and please dont stress yourself trying to get the update as fast as you can take your time i dont want anything about cpr affecting your real life

Stu September 2, 2018

Of course! And we appreciate your kind words, thanks again!

Skyline September 2, 2018

Thank you Club Penguin Rewritten for the keeping golden age of Club Penguin alive and for the great updates you bring to the CPR servers! Though I am curious will Rory show up anytime soon?

Stu September 2, 2018

My beak is shut on that one!

0CROWNED September 2, 2018

Will the yellow fish costume come out any time soon? Also here is a joke I’m going to submit to newspaper: What did the artist say when they walked into the pizza parlor? Wow this is a pizza art!

Stu September 2, 2018

All items make a return, so don’t worry about that, that’s a good one! Good luck with getting picked, I’m sure Aunt Arctic will love it. 🙂

Aleksio567 September 2, 2018

I think a lot of people will agree that the second September party is The Fair…..
Remember those ticket glitches? Some games didn’t give any tickets, some gave thousands of them….. will those things be fixed?

Stu September 2, 2018

Yes, we’re also looking to improve the fair in terms of content, but yes, we’re putting our main focus on eliminating those pesky bugs before release. We were new at the time with all of this, but we’re much more experienced now.

nanopenguin3 September 2, 2018

I can’t think of any questions now other than when will the penguin games be coming but…. You guys are the best people ever! U guys are doing your best in bringing updates every week (I still wonder how u guys even do it with other stuff u guys have to do in your lives). Keep up the good work! 🙂

Stu September 2, 2018

Thank you, Nano!

Towerofyikk September 2, 2018

Is it intentional that some pins (Milk & Cookies, Herbert Security, CFC ’17, Scorn Crown, Shipwreck Beacon) are not displayed in the stamp book, or is this a glitch? Other pins that were also not hidden in a room like those ones (Tombstone, Recycle, Circus Tent, etc) are displayed in the stamp book.

Stu September 2, 2018

Some of those should show in the stamp book, and I’ve gone ahead and passed them on.

Pooshma September 2, 2018

Thanks for the blog post! I had sent an e-mail to the support e-mail address, and I wondered if that was still the best way to get help. I know you guys have been super busy, but I just wanted to make sure that was still the best way to address an issue. Thanks for all the hard work!!

IM SO PURE September 2, 2018

You have an awesome unibrow!

Stu September 2, 2018

Sank you!

Aleksio567 September 2, 2018

Two questions about Puffle Launch:
1: Will we be able to select any of our puffles, instead of just red?
2. I collected all the parts for the Puffle Cannon, but I haven’t got it. Is that a bug?

Stu September 2, 2018

Unfortunately, I don’t believe we have plans currently for Puffle Launch, other than fixing some bugs, the Puffle Cannon one was on purpose.

Water20 September 2, 2018

I’m really excited for the upcoming spooky party! I never got to play this party in the original version, so I’m very excited!!

Babycrier September 2, 2018

When will a couple of furniture will be hidden in the catalog? There were a few hidden ones.

Stu September 2, 2018

Hopefully in the next catalog!

HamilDog September 2, 2018

Hello! Keep up the work I have ideas on some party’s. I’m willing to help with party’s. If your willing you can see my username is Hamildog so need party ideas you know my username! 🙂

Stu September 2, 2018

Thanks for the heads up, enjoy playing Club Penguin Rewritten!

dillan172 September 2, 2018

Whose the best admin?

Stu September 2, 2018


CoveCampfire September 2, 2018

I kinda have a few questions.
Is there a chance of saving igloo in different slots like in the original game?Like having two or three different saved igloos?
And, Puffle escape?
I was also wondering if we could save music in DJ3K.
Thanks a lot for your dedication and hard work! 😀

Stu September 2, 2018

1) We’re looking to improve igloo editing in general, so hopefully in the near future.
2) Pufflescape, I haven’t looked into it fully but I know it’s been heavily requested.
3) That would be interesting, thank you for the suggestion and kind words!

Jpattonnnn September 2, 2018

Will the face paint items of each team colour be available during the penguin games? Also guys keep up the great work and remember that we dont mind update delays if it involves your education or other personal things. Take your time!

Stu September 2, 2018

Colours for red and blue, yes. Thank you for your kind words!

Cpr1234 September 2, 2018

it’s my birthday today stu

Stu September 2, 2018


HamilDog September 2, 2018

Nice, I can’t wait for the penguin games! Also if you guys need some ideas on some new party’s I’ll be glad to help! You can see my nickname which is HamilDog so if you need party ideas I’ll be glad to lend a hand!

Stu September 2, 2018

Thank you!

Aleksio567 September 2, 2018

I have two questions about Puffle Launch:
1. Will we ever be able to pick our other puffles than just red, like in the original CP?
2. I collected all the parts for the Puffle Cannon, but it doesn’t show up in my furniture list. Could you fix it?

Stu September 2, 2018

1) We’d like to see that, hopefully!
2) Thank you for the heads up on this.

Pinpin516 September 2, 2018

Whoms’t’ve is this “IM SO PURE” guy?

Cooll mon September 2, 2018

if we enable 2fa o cpr will we have to aprove it us when we comment on blog post’s

Stu September 2, 2018

This won’t be the case, because you don’t have to input any passwords.

Cpr1234 September 2, 2018

it’s my birthday today

Thorn September 2, 2018

Happy Birthday!

Hey Penguin3 September 2, 2018


Bubbles September 2, 2018

Hello. I was wondering, instead of announcing a party before it is finished, why not just work on the party till completion and then announcing it? I feel like y’all would get less backlash from doing that, unless you guys have an explanation for why you aren’t able to do that. Have a nice day (-:

Stu September 2, 2018

Thanks for your concern, we speak about this in our delay part of the blog post pretty fully.

Infi-Nerdy September 2, 2018

That sounds amazing! Thanks for your dedication!

Stu September 2, 2018

Thanks for your support!

Luke4131 September 2, 2018

Pls have mountaineer pls have mountaineer pls have mountaineer
Can’t wait for any of the three parties mentioned, especially the halloween one.

Stu September 2, 2018

Thanks for the love and support! 😉

Cooll mon September 2, 2018

will there be a 101 days of fun pin once the 101 days of fun ends like in the original cp

Stu September 2, 2018

We should have one, yes.

Shyguy September 2, 2018

What was your greatest accomplishment on CPR as of Now?

Stu September 2, 2018

Favourite accomplishment would have to be just doing a lot of business decisions that came along with Club Penguin Rewritten. It’s given us a lot of experience with running something as big as this, and it’s brought a lot of fun times too. It’s helped a lot with working as a team, and getting things done together. I couldn’t ask for a better team.

BuddyCrafted September 2, 2018

Any new mini games or randomly specific stamps coming?

Stu September 2, 2018

Yes, we’re working on a lot!

Smash September 2, 2018

Will the ‘Go Team Red/Blue/Yellow/Green’ backgrounds from Game Day on the Wii be available during the Penguin Games party?

Stu September 2, 2018


Broday September 2, 2018

Can’t wait to see all the new stuff in the future!

Stu September 2, 2018

I can’t wait for you to see them, Broday!

Pinguu54 October 13, 2018

Dear stu, I have recently asked to be a mod and you said no.So i am asking to be a junior mod What do you say?

123mario12 September 2, 2018

I Would like to see next year a 10th Anniv of Spanish CP 😀

Yized September 2, 2018

I rate this content 11/10

Bravo September 2, 2018

Will you ever show behind the scenes pictures? Stuff like coding and testing a party or a new feature? Thanks 😀

Stu September 2, 2018

Yeah, it would be actually really cool, haha. Maybe an educational blog post series, would be very fun!

Roko Abc September 4, 2018

The town lights for the marathon are not working. How can i make it light up?

Piedaisy September 5, 2018

Make sure to stop at ALL lights.

Ant Penguine September 2, 2018

Thanks for updating us on the situation lads!

Pineapple September 2, 2018


poseidon15 September 2, 2018

The future of CPR is very bright and I’m really looking forward to the new stuff coming! Much luv