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Featured Fashions #2

By Stu on September 13, 2018

Hi Penguins,


Welcome to another fashion showdown with this weeks Featured Fashions!

Congratulations to the first featured penguins in our first ever blog post on this series, you all dressed amazing, now it’s time to congratulate some new ones!



First up we have MysteryCoco, showing his dragon form with a top hat and some very Rookie-like sunglasses, I love the look overall and I’m enjoying the top tier clothing to go with it!




Another big congratulations goes to Onadon, who is showing that you need a map for every occasion with a pirate themed outfit in September, what’s a little September action without a few pirates lying around from our past Adventure Party, right? I’m loving the look, it’s a fine look indeed matey!




Our last celebration goes to Reminmo, I’m sure we can all agree that this is the most relatable outfit there is. I’m enjoying the relax vibe you have going on, and just looking at your wardrobe currently is making me sleepy in comfort, it’s perfect for the colder weather coming up, and I love that it fits in with the team you’ve chosen!


Speaking of teams, congratulations to the Blue team for having the most points for the Penguin Games event! They came in first with an insane 389,630 points, the Red team came behind that with a large 221,765 points!


Which outfit did you like? Personally, I think all of the outfits look incredible, and a big congratulates to those that managed to make it on the first of many Featured Fashions, you’ve grabbed yourself 5,000 coins each!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten


Majestic23 September 19, 2018

The people selected for this new feature are soo well-deserving of their prizes! So many penguins (like me, I’m afraid) are scared of doing such stylish, colorful, unique & upbeat outfits because it simply isn’t “cool”, but these penguins have rocked it perfectly! #spreadunicornglitter #shine! 😀

Jelly September 15, 2018

Everyone Is Just Crowding The Gift Shop FOR A CATALOG And TBH I Played At Seven And IT WAS FULL

Aurorum September 14, 2018

those outfits look amazing, especially the red team one!

moonpotato99 September 14, 2018

When is the new catalog coming??

Stu September 14, 2018

Aiming for today 🙂

ben6257 September 14, 2018

when is the new catalog coming?

Stu September 14, 2018

We’re aiming for today.

marisa September 14, 2018

will it be up by tonight at 10:00 pm?

Bawk September 14, 2018


AlphaLauren September 14, 2018

Have Fun What You Have!

Hume September 14, 2018

Congrats on being featured y’all! 😉 Great styles!

Kellyman7 September 13, 2018


DDDiamond September 13, 2018


Nikolaj35 September 13, 2018


Greeny870 September 13, 2018

Congots everybody have fun with the coins:)

Jozochloe September 13, 2018

How do you get chosen for a featured fashion? 😮 Congrats all! my penguin isn’t much of a fashionista at the moment – can’t wait for the new clothing catalogue though!

Stu September 13, 2018

You just have to keep waddling around different rooms, our Moderators are always on the island!