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Reviewed by You: Light the Lighthouse

By Lataus on November 16, 2018

Hi Penguins,


There’s a new Reviewed by You headed your way! Last week, we asked you all what ninja belt you were on, and how were you going to train for the next one. We’ve now selected out two responses, the first coming from the penguin Coolpengu041, who said:


“I’m not on a belt, I’m on the ninja mask! Some epic Card Jitsu battles that I have had are, well, the battle withe Sensei, and battles with Black belts that almost beat me, but I win by not using the card element that I could win with to trick them and THEN use the winning card!”


Sounds like quite the epic battle, a one-on-one Card Jitsu battle with Sensei. It seems like you’re quite the skilled ninja to be able to take on other ninjas on the same level as you too, so well done! The other response comes from the penguin Jjtaycay, who said:


“Currently I am on the Orange belt. Now that sensei has something special cooking up in the “Ninja only” area, I feel inspired to card battle a bunch to climb the ranks! All week I will be working hard to earn my black belt and become a ninja!”


We wish you good luck in completing your quest in becoming a ninja. If you keep at it, you will get there! Whatever is soon to be apon us, there is no better time to be ready than now.


Thanks Coolpengu041 and Jjtaycay! Both of you will have 5,000 coins added to your accounts soon.


Now if you scroll down below, you’ll find this week’s question. Good luck!



Around the island lately, The Club Penguin Times has been gathering funds together to build a new Beacon for the Lighthouse. There’s supposedly a reward for donating coins, too! This week, our question for you is: What are some of your favorite moments and memories at the Beacon?


Leave your responses in the comments below, and you may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Table673 November 23, 2018

Mine was when random people went to the lighthouse (Including me) and started playing instruments. Then after a while we realized we all were from Canada so we named ourselves The Maple Leafs. I’m still friends with half of the band members so Yay!

Bulbaadam2 November 22, 2018

Mine was when I played Club Penguin at the age of 4 and I thought that red light was a fireball. I even made my house a medical center and Kept it for a whole year! Then I realized “Wait, its not a fireball”! I think we can conclude that that red glow… is… A RED GLOW!!! Also Green Puffles.

Serpior 625 November 22, 2018

I remember the moths and the lamp.

CherrySakura November 21, 2018

My favorite memory of the Lighthouse was when I played music with the Rainbow band (all the penguins playing instruments were a different color). I also like to hear other up-and-coming singers belt out their fave songs there too.

MegXO November 20, 2018

My favorite moment at the beacon has to be when I got the Ace Pilot stamp. I had tried for over two weeks and I was so close to giving up… But then I got it! Some penguins were looking at me really weird for running around in excitement, but it was worth it!

OldPenguin November 19, 2018

My Favorite memory of the lighthouse is boarding Captain Rockhoppers ship and setting sail for Shipwreck Island! What a place it was and what a joy it would be to revisit the Beacon!

graywolf723 November 19, 2018

This memory is very old and not officially CPRewritten, but back a long time ago when I was but a wee lad, in 2012, in the original club penguin, the time Rockhopper brought us aboard his ship and set sail for Shipwreck Island, and put in place the beacon, forever visible through the telescope.

Krongus509 November 19, 2018

Well thats a hard one… I always love when the migrator is docked and Rockhopper comes to visit the island! Also it is always a lot of fun when a lot of penguins are in the lighthouse playing instruments and having a great time!

Rsnail Jr. November 19, 2018

Seeing the Migrator thru the telescope!

realnoch November 19, 2018

I’ve only joined 10 days ago but all I really do at the beacon is just gaze of and thinking of the good times before club penguin closed. I lost everything I’ve done and I just feel so sad that club penguin island is gonna close. I just hope that you guys can also rewrite club penguin island

Blissribbon November 19, 2018

My favorite part is to check the weather and checking it again from the binoculars from the cove (I wish to join the Weather Forecast if there is any!) Also, one funny moment was dressing up as a moth and having my huge lamp broken and going to the Ski Lodge for the light! Lit, isn’t it?

kinkinkitten November 19, 2018

My favorite memory of the lighthouse is when I got the Full Band stamp, I got there just in time as the other penguins were about to leave and then I joined in.

Bacterium November 19, 2018

Once me and my pal had a huge snowball fight up there, we had the room close to full! It was amazing!

Marcpixel November 19, 2018

My favorite moment at the Beacon could be when I first played Jetpack Adventure, the game was AWESOME! and I had lots of fun playing it for some time that day.
I also love it when I check the telescope and see the Migrator approaching slowly to the island!
The Beacon is a great place to visit!

stripedfly November 19, 2018

My favorite memory of the lighthouse is how many penguins gather there to play and hear the band play. The place holds so many memories, and I know it will hold many more.

nana57 November 19, 2018

This is very hard, but I think I made my choice. I think my favorite moment is when you first see the Migrator in telescope. I love to see how it comes closer and farther. Everyday I go there and see when I can spot him again. That is my favorite part. Waddle on!

Aragorn35 November 19, 2018

hmmm my favorite time at the lighthouse is when some penguins and i made a band we helped everyone get stamps and i even made some friends 😀

Pingo7555 November 19, 2018

My favourite moment of the lighthouse is when I watched a horror movie during a Halloween Party with my friends!

Djpinkstar November 19, 2018

Thats a hard one! But I have to say My favorite memory Is When After me And a Few other Penguins tiped the ice berg then we had a dance party At the Light house to celebrate!

ExitingMINER November 19, 2018

My favourite moments are when I was just toooooooooooooooooo excited for Rockhopper to come on the Migrator and during Operation: Blackout when it was just too dark to see.

Colin103 November 19, 2018

I have to admit my favourite memory of the lighthouse is during Halloween where the Night of the Living Sled plays- its such a classic and I enjoy sharing the movie and eating popcorn with my friends!

Giggles12365 November 19, 2018

I love the lighthouse in general but I especially enjoy every time we can work as a team to get a full band together. The first time I was so happy to get the stamp and now I join in to help others and have a good time!

Greeny247 November 19, 2018

My most memorable moments in the Beacon would definitely be every Halloween. The Night of the Living Sled 3 would be always playing inside there. I would just sit on a chair and watch it OVER and OVER again, while obviously eating the free popcorn!
(Night of the Living Sled 3 is my favorite)

Snowy1211 November 19, 2018

I hang with my best friend, Surfpenguin when the Halloween update was on. We talked about stuff and pretended to be lifegaurds. That made me get to know my best friend more.

Kellyman7 November 19, 2018

It’s hard for me to choose! I have made a lot of memories at the Lighthouse, and they are all special memories. I remember me and some friends started an all red band, and called it the Mac Plusses.. another time is when for 101 days of fun, we all had to pretend that the island was flooding!

pogologogo November 19, 2018

my favorite memory of the beacon is looking for rockhoppers ship at special events, almost beating jetpack jetpack adventure, and band practice.

Gac64 November 19, 2018

My favorite memory at the beacon was seeing the Migrator for the first time since I was a kid! When I saw the Migrator, I was so nostalgic for 2007 when I was a kid and I realized that this game I loved had pirates! It was one of the moments I realized I loved this game as much as the original CP!

BBQ chicken November 18, 2018

My favorite memory at the Beacon was when me and my yellow puffle build sand castles together (of course my puffle laughed at mine, and enjoyed watching the band play in the lighthouse, the worlds greatest bands play at the lighthouse!

Foodlover♡ November 18, 2018

My favorite memory at the beach was the time my Yellow Puffle Tutan and I built a sandcastle (of course my puffle laughed at mine) then enjoyed watching a band play together in the lighthouse

Arckee November 18, 2018

I remember me and a group of friends going around the island and old newspaper in the boiler room trying to attempt to find the reason why there was a red light in the telescope, of course i know now its a red jewel but i still get nostalgic whenever i visit the beacon.

octaviowl243 November 18, 2018

lol this thanksgiving I’m thankful for all the people at cprewitten and all the hard work they do ❤️

Thorn November 19, 2018


octaviowl243 November 18, 2018

I remember when I was a little kid playing club penguin after my brother had gotten off and my favorite place to go was the lighthouse and play jetpack mania. Although it’s not my favorite game anymore I still really enjoy it and the lighthouse and have gladly donated for the beacon to be fixed.

Snowflake730 November 18, 2018

My favorite memory of the lighthouse is when me and my Club Penguin friends went up there and just danced and hung out. It was a lot of fun.

Piccasso November 18, 2018

I remember when then first time I started playing the first stop for me was the light house so I went to the top and through the telescope and I saw Rockhopper’s ship that was my favorite memory.

JollyNicguy November 18, 2018

I love the lighthouse because it guides Rockhopper to the island

Squishy924 November 18, 2018

I went there to see Night of The Living Sled 3. It was an amazing movie.

greeny870 November 18, 2018

when i joined club penguin i donate all my coins for coins for change.i save up so much coins that i got to 100,000.i remember saving up for the donating community.Also i donate all my coins at the beach which is the light house.

Lazi November 18, 2018

Simple, the time we had over 20 people as a band!

RatchetCP November 18, 2018

One of my favourite moments at the beacon was looking through the binoculars and seeing Rockhopper arrive in the migrator

Derourkl November 18, 2018

My favourite thing to do at the beacon is to talk with my friends and have fun!

cubicl November 18, 2018

While the beacon isn’t one of the most memorable places there is on the island it was always really fun to mess with the lightswitch when i was very little.
The amount of pure excitement came whenever I peered into the telescope and saw Rockhopper though, approaching the island about to dock.

Tsiy2 November 18, 2018

My favorite memory of the lighthouse was when we were all waiting for the fall carnival to be released. It was so fun talking and interacting with everyone and I’ve defiantly made great friends during that time.

TubaTerry November 18, 2018

I love the beacon! There’s just something about being able to see so far out at sea. There could be anything out there that we just don’t know about yet. I always try and get my bandmates to play up there with me but they don’t appreciate the beauty. – Terry

Majestic23 November 18, 2018

During the medieval party, I sat with my best friend, irem. We talked about a lot of things that mattered to me and I remember dressing in silly costumes and almost tumbling off my chair laughing (IN REAL LIFE!!!). The beacon is really a beacon of light in darkness — on CPR and in my life.

cerealbox November 18, 2018

I was playing a game of tag with some other penguins and everyone had been tagged except for me. I got chased to the beach, then ran into the lighthouse, only to be chased up the stairs and cornered at the Beacon! We spent way too long running in circles around the light bulb as they chased after me

Splosh Jnr November 18, 2018

Firstly, the trumpet isn’t in the instrument catalogue at the moment.
Secondly, to get the ‘Play it Loud!’ stamp you have to have a trumpet player.
Thirdly, I have a trumpet.
My favourite times in the lighthouse have been when there is a band trying to earn the stamp so I can swoop in and help.

TronicEnder November 18, 2018

My most earliest memory at the Lighthouse was when I discovered that when I hover my mouse onto the bucket and shovel, it creates a sandcastle XP

sam2045 November 18, 2018

My favorite memories of the beacon were looking out through the telescope and see if Rockhopper’s boat was coming, and when it got closer and closer until it finally came.

RonaldoG214 November 18, 2018

Very good question! When club penguin was still open I remember gathering with my friends at the beacon and playing the instruments. I remember that time where the lighthouse was a mini clinic at one point and I remember being with my friends playing doctor.

derpymangoes November 18, 2018

My favorite moment at the Beacon was actually right after the release of the Halloween Party catalog. Everyone dressed up as moths using the mummy suit, night vision goggles, wings, and antenna. Then, all the moths participated in a mass moth gathering at the Beacon! It was so awesome to see!

BananaMoose November 18, 2018

My favourite memory has got to be looking through the telescope and seeing the migrator making it’s way to club penguin, it always excites me and gets me thinking of what he could be bringing.

Gaby November 17, 2018

My favorite memory of the lighthouse is when I got to watch and play with a full band! there is always people there having fun and chatting i love it!

Pica89 November 17, 2018

My favorite moment at the beacon was looking through the telescope when rockhopper comes around or to see something coming from the distance or even just seeing the red glow from the other beacon on rockhopper island.

SirTopHat November 17, 2018

Probably one of my most treasured moments in the Beacon would be trying to get the “Play it Loud” stamp. We had racked up a good amount of penguins to play each instrument in the catalog, but we didn’t realize we needed a trumpet! We went down to the Town to find one, but we eventually found one!

objectshow November 17, 2018

my best memories with the beacon are the ones that are having fun in general the best part is unnameable cause there just so many.

Greenux November 17, 2018

Lighthouse was sometimes empty, but one penguin came, other penguins came too like a community. We always played as a band besides the fact that we don’t know each other. It was fun to have a lunch in the beacon or just hang out there. I have many great memories for Lighthouse and beacon.

TrixelSpix November 17, 2018

My favourite memory was when me and some other penguins were playing a zombie chase game, some people were hiding up at the beacon. It was so much fun!

ERAN098 November 17, 2018

MY faouvrite moment at the beacon was when i began playing jet pack joyride and found out that if i finish at the plaza then i wil be there so i would always go to the beacon if iwantede to get to the plaza

BBqxSCOOBY November 17, 2018

My favorite memory of the CPR Lighthouse was when I saw that my friend was online. I went to his profile to see where he was and he was at the lighthouse. I went to the map and went to the lighthouse. When I got there my friend was dancing with his Puffle! We enjoyed the jetpack game together.

RyanjcCPR November 17, 2018

My favorite memory is the tubas dancing in their and spamming the fart lol.

Kitkatser07 November 17, 2018

I met my old best friends from five years ago at the beacon. It was the best day of my life!

Hamlizaaa November 17, 2018

Good question! My best memory from the beacon is watching “Night of The Living Sled” on Halloween! It was so entertaining!

papakapa3 November 17, 2018

holiday party 2018

MrBernke November 17, 2018

It has to be the PSA missions! Sneaking around the Beacons and then launching myself off it with a jetpack to catch Herbert the Bear is one of my fondest memories of Club Penguin!

StoneLord November 17, 2018

My favorite memories were when trying to figure out what the red dot in the telescope was, which i think is Rockhopper’s island, and when I noticed there was a light switch! What a pleasant little Easter egg that was! Being able to turn off the beacon. Beautiful!

Carosene November 17, 2018

I don’t spend a lot of time at the Beacon, but occasionally several friends and I would hang out there. Once, a friend of mine started trying to clean the mess with a mop and proceeded to dress as Rory making plans to fix it. It was pretty funny watching him.

cheetahpengu November 17, 2018

I remember looking out the telescope all the time to see if rockhopper was returning but all I saw was the beacon.

LoneWolf1256 November 17, 2018

My Favorite Memory of the beacon is when a bunch of penguins dressed as moths (Including Latus) were all dancing at the beacon like like lunatics. The best part was when Latus was the only one left.

Pengu Pengu! November 17, 2018

My favorite memory is when me and my buds synced up with our instruments and started playing. I was the drummer. It was amazing!

IcePengu123 November 17, 2018

My favorite moment at the lighthouse was when all my buds were playing their instruments on the stage. I joined in as the drummer and it was amazing! We synced up so perfectly!

Superivy4 November 17, 2018

My favorite memory is when me and some moths met up at the beacan and then went around the island yelling light and rallying with the pizza boys. And then of course just being a moth, at the beacon.

GirlFlash November 17, 2018

I remember the first day that I started club penguin rewritten, my new penguin friend took me to the Lighthouse. We climbed the top of the stairs to the Beacon, and there were dozens of other penguins that formed a band! It was so cool to see everyone having fun together.

Thanos November 17, 2018

The lighthouse was a big house for the Coins for Change where many versions over the years have existed, had been donating since i was four! I didnt know it was a good cause until i was a bit older like now and im certainly grateful! And now i still donated to this year’s fundraiser! XDDDDD

TheTruMiner November 17, 2018

First. was when the tuba gang came in the lighthouse and was covering most of it, since I was new I didn’t understand it. I laughed so hard!
Second, When I created a band for the first time. At the time i didnt even know that you could even use the lighthouse as a band. It was fun

yoshipengi1 November 17, 2018

My favorite memory from the lighthouse was when I was with the stamp herd. We had just got the Night Club stamps and we headed to the Lighthouse to create a MASSIVE band. We couldn’t even all fit on the stage!

Graciestar13 November 17, 2018

My favourite memory of the light house has to be when it first opened! It was so exciting to us penguins, as we had been spotting it on the map for a while! We all got special tshirts for raising coins for the grand opening. There was a huge party, with a penguin band playing! So much fun!

Release November 17, 2018

Ah! I remember when I ran towards the Lighthouse doing a race to see how much money I could get on CPR on Jetpack adventure, fun times. The funny thing is that I won the race with my friends. I earnt around 10,000 coins altogether with all of those games combined! I love CPR, they made history!

HarrisonFw1 November 17, 2018

My favourite moment was when me and loads of other penguins were gathered at the beach waiting for Rockhopper to arrive and waiting for the game to update so we all could go and enjoy the Adventure Party.It got pretty crazy when we counted down for the update!

Paxkiddo November 17, 2018

My favorite memory I had at the Lighthouse is when I gathered penguins to make a band and we were all colored blue!

Peanut Llama November 17, 2018

My favorite time at the Beacon was when me and 3 of my friends saw who could beat Jetpack Adventure the fastest! I didn’t win, but I had a lot of fun! 😀

Katiea101 November 17, 2018

My favorite moment is playing Jet Pack, (even though I am not great at it). I enjoyed trying it again and again to get the stamps. I remember another favorite moment of mine was looking through the telescope and watching the one penguin fly past and seeing the red dot in the distance.

Garnet1200 November 17, 2018

My favorite memory is going to the beacon and seeing all of the moths swarm the giant light bulb. Although there were many moths swarming around the island looking for anything or anyone with a light, the beacon was a major, and rather fascinating gathering point for these bugs.

mepisdoe2735 November 17, 2018

My favorite memory at the Beacon was when my friend and I had a huge roleplay where there was a portal behind the beacon that zombies came from. It was fun and apparently all herberts fault :p

OriginalXsgh November 17, 2018

One my favorite memories at the beacon was when everyone was waiting patiently for rockhopper to arrive and the adventure party to start! It was really fun because everyone was just talking a having a good time while waiting for the adventure party to start.

P2496552 November 17, 2018

I think my favorite memory from the lighthouse is when my friends and I all played instruments on the stage. We were practically begging anyone who came in the building if they could play a trumpet or trombone- just so one of us could get the stamp the rest already had!

RulerX November 17, 2018

One memory of the beacon I always had was checking to see whether or not the Migrator was coming to be docked. It always hyped me up to see if Rockhopper was coming to either bring us on an adventure or even just come to celebrate the holidays with us!

GamerBoy617 November 17, 2018

My favorite beacon memory was when someone trolled everyone by telling them that there was a secret room and bringing them to the beacon

Prince Blake November 17, 2018

Oh the lighthouse! One time me and a group of friends were trying to find a person that vanished at the lighthouse! When we found here, she was in the Pizza Parlor trying to not be found by wearing a new outfit! Good times…

SamHooves November 17, 2018

My favorite memories of the Beacon have been watching the telescope, and waiting for Rockhopper to come!

Jarizard223 November 17, 2018

Love to play music and hangout with my puffle Axel and friends.

STARPOWERB November 17, 2018

my favourite memories at the Lighthouse is looking in the telescope and sometimes Captin Rockhopper might be approaching the island second is watching night of the living sled 3 with friends and buying popcorn with it

bellatrix123 November 18, 2018

i agree

superblue121 November 17, 2018

To be honest, my favorite part of the Lighthouse was when I would look through the telescope to see if Rockhopper would come,

Coolpengu041 November 17, 2018

My favorite memory at the beacon was, well i have two! The first was seeing Rockhopper come for the Island Adventure Party, this was also my first time seeing Rockhopper! My second memory is also related to the Island Adventure Party, this being seeing the red beacon being gone!

Naturn3 November 17, 2018

Well this wasn’t necessarily the Beacon, but it was the Lighthouse. There were 2 times. The first time is when I got the band stamp. I felt happy and couldn’t have done it without the other penguins! The other time was with the band called the Blues. We were all light blue and we played together!

AlphaLauren November 17, 2018

The Beacon is one of my favorite places! Like the time when you could look at the telescope to see if rockhopper will come or not.
also, you could play jet pack adventure fun and easy! Plus, you could make a band and perform!! The beacon gives me lots of fun

NAMEMISSING November 16, 2018

mine might be when a bunch of people started to play music in the lighthouse but they didn’t have a drummer luckily that was the only instrument i had (mostly because it was cheap)

wetdog15 November 16, 2018

My favorite memory at the Beacon is when I first realized there was a lightswitch. I thought I was clever and turned it on and off in an “S-O-S” pattern to try and get Rockhopper to come to the island! (Alas, younger me’s logic never worked on things like that, haha.)

Gadence November 17, 2018


Hey Penguin3 November 16, 2018

The lighthouse is a fun place! I love to go and just play in bands with friends or random people, but my favorite memory is when there was a HUGE fashion contest there during the 101 Days of Fun. But the best part? I had started it! (Dizzle925 really helped me with it, shoutout to her <3)

P49284 – Pillow November 16, 2018

My favorite memory at the beacon has to be staying up late to be one of the first penguins on the island to experience the 2018 Fair! The beacon and the beach was full of penguins all waiting for the Fair to begin! Because of this I gained a lot of new friends as we all waited!

IdiAminIsBig November 16, 2018

I have to agree with Mr.Volcanus. Getting a full band, whether you have the stamp or not, is very satisfying. When I first got the stamp for a full band it was only because of the help I got from other penguins, so I’ll always associate the lighthouse with the great people I’ve met there.

Perapin November 16, 2018

My favorite memory is looking into the telescope and seeing Rockhopper arriving in his Migrator decked out for Christmas!

JollyNiceguy November 18, 2018

Yea that is cool isnt it?

Mr.Volcanus November 16, 2018

My favorite memory from the beacon has to be flying of the lighthouse in my jetpack with my green puffle! Such an amazing feeling to fly off and see the heights of the island! It even helped me get over my afraidness of heights!

Mr.Volcanus November 16, 2018

Oh hard question! I love the lighthouse in general, but i Think my favourite thing is to just play instruments with my friends! Its such a Nice place and I Will gladlynt donate money for it to get repaired!

ericrocks223 November 17, 2018

My favorite memory at the beacon is the first time I beat level 1 on Jetpack Adventure