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Reviewed by You: Ice Hockey

By Lataus on November 23, 2018

Hi Penguins,


As the cold season approaches, it’s never to cold to chill out on the island. It’s time for this week’s Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all for your favorite moments and memories at the Beacon. We’ve now selected out two of your responses, the first one coming from the penguin RulerX, who said:


“One memory of the beacon I always had was checking to see whether or not the Migrator was coming to be docked. It always hyped me up to see if Rockhopper was coming to either bring us on an adventure or even just come to celebrate the holidays with us!”


It’s always quite a joy to meet Rockhopper, especially the moment you realise he’s about to visit once you see him at the Beacon Telescope. Whatever he brings to the island is sure something to be excited about just waiting for his arrival, whether its a big adventure or he’s just visiting to come and celebrate. The other penguin we’ve chosen was Kellyman7, who said:


“It’s hard for me to choose! I have made a lot of memories at the Lighthouse, and they are all special memories. I remember me and some friends started an all red band, and called it the Mac Plusses.. another time is when for 101 days of fun, we all had to pretend that the island was flooding!”


Wow! It really sounds like you’ve had quite a few memorable times and stories at the Beacon. We hope that you treasure all those memories, and continue to have fun times on the island.


Thanks RulerX and kellyman7! Both of you will have 5,000 coins added to your accounts soon.


Now if you scroll down below, you’ll find this week’s question. Good luck!



Just yesterday, we said goodbye to the Stadium and welcomed the Ice Rink back to the island again, just in time for the winter season. Not only that, but the new Snow and Sports introduced Yellow Team into ice hockey for the first time!  This week, our question for you is: What is your preferred team color that you usually play or support in ice hockey?


Leave your responses in the comments below, and you may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


EllyCraftsYT November 30, 2018

I support the blue team! I always love to support both teams though! I enjoy playing with the other team members, and having a good time! I also love making new friends! It’s always a great team, despite what team though!

Wizards34 November 28, 2018

Mine would have to be yellow. Yellow is the color of happiness and joy, and it just makes everything in CPR brighter. It is also a creative color, and I am extremely creative in everything I do, whether art or photography. It also just brightens my day, and helps me be unique.

Lucy2205 November 28, 2018

My favorite color to play with would be red. When I was younger, I would always wear the red jersey. It is the same colors for my high school, my sports team, and my state college team. Red also happens to be my favorite color. I was just always drawn to red since old days of original Club Penguin.

male penguin November 26, 2018


Bubblz126 November 26, 2018

I personally love the Yellow team, since they represent creativity like a yellow puffle, and are also the underdogs alongside Green team. Plus, they were my preferred team when I played Club Penguin Game Day for the Wii!

Jerlocks November 26, 2018

I usually choose blue for EVERY team on Club Penguin. Blue is such a cool colour and perfect for ice hockey!

LizaRay November 26, 2018

Back when there were penguin games, I supported the green team. Me and five friends made a group where we made our skin green and wore green and we went a bunch of places. That tradition shall live on, so I support the green team.

Sweet November 26, 2018

I’m not a huge hockey fan but I absolutely love the yellow team. Yellow reminds me of sunshine and warmth despite playing in the cold winter breeze. Yellow is a very happy colour which is how you feel when you get to make new friends at the rink. GO TEAM YELLOW!

WeebiDash November 26, 2018

I love the Blue team not only because of their sense of friendship, but also because of how nice they are and in (the extra secret) mission to fix the clock in the snow fort, I managed to gain an honourary place in blue team by giving them a new target!

WeebiDash November 26, 2018

I personally have always preferred the Blue team, not only because of the obvious reason that it’s the best colour (hahah), but also because I feel that if penguins were to play ice hockey – which they do – then the colour of the sea and ice would be the optimal choice.

OriginalXsgh November 26, 2018

Red team all the way, no particular reason, just have always been loyal to red team!

Ymmas November 26, 2018

If I played I would play for BLUE!

Belly5 November 25, 2018

I have always been a fan of the blue team since the Penguin Games over the summer. I have had a lot of fun memories during that party, like winning the gold medal, so team blue will always be my favorite. GO TEAM BLUE!!

pogologogo November 25, 2018

my favorite team would be the green team, because i feel that the color green symbolizes the community as a whole.

LittestPengu November 25, 2018

I for sure would always support the color blue in Ice Hockey, this is because the St. Louis Blues are in my city! I love the Blues so much and have been to several of their home games. I am a loyal Blues supporter for life, and nothing could make me switch to a different team. GO BLUES!!

issyp November 25, 2018

Thank you so much for bringing this game back! I used to play it ages ago and playing it again now brings back so many good memories. I hope there will be something special for christmas! I really like the red team because me and my friends used to all go on and all play as the red team.

DuhItzSkull November 25, 2018

honestly going in as a ninja is no different from waddling in with a team to support

Bluejae8 November 25, 2018

If I had to choose, I would go with the green team because it reminds me of pine trees, which are my favorite kind of tree!

scr888 November 25, 2018

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scr888 November 25, 2018

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Chris776 November 25, 2018

Uh, hey there. I know this isn’t the best place to put this comment, but could you put in the book codes? I loved them in the original CP and I want it to be here. Thanks πŸ™‚

HurricaneFox November 25, 2018

The team I both root and play for is the Blue team! Nothing more fun than cheering the team on ^v^

TheQueen22 November 25, 2018

I love to wear blue and support the blue team! I like how hard they work and how they work together. It is just so fun watching the blue team while wearing my favorite blue jersey and cheering them on! GO BLUE TEAM!!!!!

objectshow November 25, 2018

I would choose green. The other colors are good but here the reasons I don’t like them as good. Red team is too fixed on winning. Blue team does not show enough focus on wining. Yellow team has too much effort on beating other people. Green though is that wining is not everything but still try’s.

g77 November 25, 2018

what is going to be in the holiday party

derpymangoes November 25, 2018

Although I like all of the teams, I would have to say that my favorite hockey time is Team Blue. I say this because during the Penguin Games, I chose Team Blue and can never turn down the chance to support my team!

ziva26a November 25, 2018

I love all of the colors, but my favorite would have to be Team Blue! I feel like blue fits with the theme and aura of winter as well as with ice hockey itself. The color blue really reminds you of the season and it seems like blue players are in their element.

BlueStar2433 November 25, 2018

I’m team yellow because of this little quiz on what team I should be on (old CP) and it gave me Yellow because I am a creative person(or Penguin ) and that I enjoy the arts (Theatre, Production, Art, Music, etc.). I find it true so I stay true to Team Yellow! πŸ™‚

GirlFlash November 25, 2018

That’s a tough question! If I had to choose a team color to support it would be yellow. Although it’s new to ice hockey, it still deserves some fans! GO YELLOW!

flufery November 25, 2018

My favorite color is blue so, I usually support the blue hockey team. But, now that the yellow hockey team is around I might support them!

Katie101a November 24, 2018

For me it’s got to be Blue. Its my favorite color, and being almost winter, blue fits very well. Also because it is just a very calming and pretty color. And I go with it because that has been my favorite color for years now.

ag108u November 24, 2018

It’s hard to choose but for me it’s the color green, because it has a meaning of the nature and it’s striking

Ghost0603 November 24, 2018

I like all the colors. I like that the color yellow was added because yellow is my favorite color. Yellow also reminds me about summer.

cubicl November 24, 2018

Not too keen on hockey nor its rules but I’d go for red most likely, warm colors are nice!

Thecolten07 November 24, 2018

I love all of the different colors I have a bundle of memories play as all of them on the wii game and they all remind me of the fun i have playi g this game but as a conclusion green would have to be my color of choice

Djpinkstar November 24, 2018

Oh Trick question! But I would have to say Green because its The color of Nature! I feel that It just mixes well together πŸ™‚

iboypenguin November 24, 2018

I prefer blue because one it was my color for the penguin games two blue is AWESOME and three the blue jersey is very popular and part of
many penguins outfits including mine!

Tania2004 November 24, 2018

I love all of the colors when I used to play. I love all of the team colors and I hope that you can keep on adding parts from our childhood to this Amazing game. I wish that you could add the EPF missions back on the game (regular missions)… I really like Red vs Blue. it’s a classic. Thanks!

Splash Jnr November 24, 2018

I usually go with team blue – simply because it’s my favourite colour (plus we won the Penguin Cup 2014!). I also occasionally play for team yellow because during the penguin cup when they revealed the characteristics for each team I matched up with yellow the best!

Nashp November 24, 2018

Through all the time I have played I’ve always supported Blue. It’s my favorite color as well! Thank you for bringing the Ice Rink back! Go Blue!

Nashp November 24, 2018

Through CP and CPR I’ve always been on blue team! It’s my favorite color after all! Thank you for bringing the Ice Rink! Go Blue!!

RulerX November 24, 2018

I feel I should say that Team Red will always be my choice of team. Cause I love how determined most of team red is. Super serious and super cool!

realRoforb November 24, 2018

red team!

Gac64 November 24, 2018

The Red Team!! My favorite color as well as just a lot of fun to watch and play with!!

Tsiy2 November 24, 2018

Since my favorite color is blue I often tend to choose things that are blue. I’ve always thought of blue as a calming color so I always find it nice to wear.

Birdsmoo November 24, 2018

i like blue team

Space472 November 24, 2018

I think that the best team has to be green. I think that mainly because I never see team green players around, so I might have to raise awareness for the team! I also like them because green is my favorite color of the four. Can’t wait to see some awesome team green victory matches!

-Joystick- November 24, 2018

The Greench (Pun intended with The Grinch) is my favourite team! Besides having green equipment, they’re just fabulous on the Ice Rink! Fair play, solidarity within the team, just perfect πŸ˜€

Thinger November 24, 2018

I actually LOVED all the events! They were warming to my heart ever since I logged in! The Red VS Blue event, 101 days of fun… WOW, those were some of the coolest parties ever! Thank you Club Penguin for making this a community of happy learning societies.

Marcpixel November 24, 2018

I usually support yellow, because it looks like it’s golden! I like the colour a lot, it’s so charming!
I’m hoping I can see a bunch of hockey matches this month!

Derourkl November 24, 2018

Yellow has been one of my favorite colors since I was a very young child. It feels calm, but I feel it represents bravery and courage. It feels calm and it is one of the reasons I support Team Yellow. I support Team Yellow and forever will!

Release November 24, 2018

Ah! I remember the days of Club Penguin Rewritten when I entered the ice rink for the first time. I usually play as the blue team because it’s most popular but who knows, maybe I’ll choose a different colour in the future!

CherrySakura November 24, 2018

I like to support the Red Team, because red is one of my favorite colors! πŸ™‚ Also it stands out on the Ice Rink and naturally rivals the Blue Team! Go Red!

Sniped November 24, 2018

I usually support Team Blue, mostly because I have more blue items to match with lol. Also, I’ve always just liked the color blue. That being said, I’m really happy that yellow was added! I might have to switch…

casually November 24, 2018

I’m going against the majority vote and saying red! Red is always a fierce color. Now to find the secret green jersey…

Filmthepengu November 24, 2018

Super excited to play some hockey in the ice rink. Also, team blue all the way!

STARPOWERB November 24, 2018

I love the ice rink I usually go and play hockey with my friends on club penguin and drink hot chocolate. Im exited for the next few months of having the ice rink to play ice hockey with my friends

Paxkiddo November 24, 2018

I like playing and supporting red team! It reminds me of my favorite red puffle I once had. Red is also my favorite color.

RulerX November 23, 2018

Ahhh Thank you for choosing me!

P49284 – Pillow November 23, 2018

My prefered team color is team yellow! Mainly because team blue and red are the two top picks of the bunch, and I think team yellow needs a bit of credit as well! GO TEAM YELLOW!!

MegXO November 23, 2018

I love playing hockey on the yellow team; it’s such a vibrant color and it reminds me of a sunny day, despite playing in the coldest weather!

viper1122 November 23, 2018

i like blue

ImpSkills November 23, 2018

I really like supporting blue team, a while back when the penguin games were here, I was supporting blue team. Blue just reminds me of water ocean etc, and my favorite football team!

IdiAminIsBig November 23, 2018

I always saw people wearing red and blue jerseys, so when I found the secret green jersey I decided to use that and stand out from the crowd. It also helps that green is my favorite color.

HamilDog November 23, 2018

I play more in ice hockey on the blue team… My favorite color is blue too.

Superivy4 November 23, 2018

On both cp, and cpr i like to be the blue team.

dillan172 November 23, 2018

I would play as the green team it’s my favourite colour and represents life and happiness

Pedroxz15 November 23, 2018

I enjoyed reading this, and thanks for bringing the ice rink back

Cpr1234 November 23, 2018

I would play Ice Hockey under the Blue Team as it’s my favourite colour. GO TEAM BLUE

Janina2 November 23, 2018

I like all of them, but green has to be the best. Thank you for bringing the ice rink back!