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Featured Fashions #9

By Stu on November 28, 2018

Hi Penguins,


And at last, it’s the last Wednesday of this month, we’re soon to be heading into the Christmas spirit!



First up we have PixelChix, showing a more winter spirit with their choice of clothing with a twist towards it, have you ever seen someone walk around with fruit on their head? I didn’t think so, they’re wearing that with pride. You do you, PixelChix, make all fruit lovers proud.



And another celebration goes to MarsuBoy with his classy outfit on, he seems to be visiting some sort of party or fancy dress. Definitely wouldn’t be going to a secret location to defeat bad guys, that would be crazy!



Our last celebration goes to bluejayacc2 with the perfect outfit for the cold Season approaching us, they even have their safety gear in check with their helmet, goggles, and also what appears to be snow boots. This outfit is perfect for your Winter needs and if you don’t happen to have the same scarf as this penguin, try mixing it up and use a more recent scarf.


Which outfit did you like? Personally, all of them look amazing and I hope you think so too, leave your thoughts down below, and good luck to the winners for receiving their 5,000 coin reward!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten


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AleCP January 26, 2019

pengur when?

Ren725 November 30, 2018

I LOVE THIS GAME! The fashion looks amazing!

What happened to the Fire update that was supposed to be yesterday?

card game 36 November 30, 2018

jingle bells

rounded November 30, 2018

Nice outfits! Good job with it.

Tsiy2 November 29, 2018

All outfits look fabulous and I love Pixelchix’s fruit hat!

OriginalXsgh November 29, 2018

Great outfits! Congrats!

Supersonic6 November 29, 2018

Cool and awesome outfits!

CherrySakura November 29, 2018

My fave is PixelChix cause that fruit hat never gets old!
On another note, when did you guys start tracking our fashion choices??? xD
Now I’ll have to decide which outfit to wear every day…

Sniped November 29, 2018

Fire fits!

Magyorboss7 November 29, 2018


Pepe penguin November 29, 2018

I am penguin
I love lama and penguin
I am 12 years old

Kalaki November 29, 2018


Gabriel02 November 29, 2018

All of the outfits are amazing! AMAZING!

yeehaw November 29, 2018

love the outfits, but on another note when will the EDF redesign be done?

Oliver1235 November 29, 2018

I must admit, the first one is definitely an eye-catcher (And dare I say, juicy?), as with the other two, I just like the first one particularly =P
Good on all 3 of these penguins!

Picasso November 29, 2018

Great job every one!!! Those outfits are the best, but I think that fruit hat is the BEST also if your hungry just take a bit off your head! Hilarious!

ItzTri November 29, 2018

Hope I can get one soon!

Thinger November 28, 2018

I pretty much liked all the outfits. Such sparking amazation, bro!

Heart Saga November 28, 2018

Very well deserved, congrats

Perapin November 28, 2018

Good job guys!!!!!

Memelord14 November 28, 2018

Great Job you guys look great. You guys all have my support!!!!!


Memelord14 November 28, 2018

Good Job my dudes! You Guys are great and I support you all!!!!!!!


pinky279 November 28, 2018


Chidda November 28, 2018

How do you enter the fashion competition?

Mex9089 November 28, 2018

Well done to those penguins, hope they enjoy 5000 coins! And amazing outfits too!

Mex9089 November 29, 2018

I am penguin
I love lama and penguin
I am 11 years old

jubley1 November 28, 2018


Carosene November 28, 2018

Love the outfits, especially the first one!

Janina2 November 28, 2018

All of the outfits are amazing, goodjob guys!
Sometimes carrying snack can be annoying. Just put it on ur head and it’s fixed!

Stu November 28, 2018

That’s the truth!

objectshow November 29, 2018

lol stu

Rounded November 30, 2018

You’re everywhere!