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Reviewed by You: Coins for Change

By Skyver on December 14, 2018

Hi Penguins,


Well, its Friday, so let’s get right to it. Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all how you were preparing for the upcoming Holiday season around the island. We’ve now picked out two of your responses, the first one coming from the penguin Mcparrot, who said:


“Christmas is the best time of year for all my aquatic flightless birds… (except for Jet Pack guy – he’s the only exception) The perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, is by putting on our Tree costumes. Don’t forget to boogey on the dance floor! Man I love Christmas, and the parties too! 🙂”


The holidays is a season known all around the island as a popular one, that’s something we can all agree for sure! We love your enthusiasm towards the season, especially gathering penguins to dress in tree costumes to let everyone know that the season is coming. The other response we’ve chosen comes from the penguin EllyCraftsYT, who said:


“I am preparing for the holidays by spending time with close friends and family, and decorating my igloo! I think it’s very important to remember the holidays are about giving, and spending time with those you love most. I can’t wait for Christmas this year!” 


Family and close friends comes as a real important aspect in the holidays, whether its a whole community, friends or relatives. There’s someone for everyone. But what they have in common is that they all like to have a good time and to make new memories, ones to remember.


Thanks Mcparrot and EllycraftsYT! Both of you will have 5,000 coins added to your accounts soon.


Now if you scroll down below, you’ll find this week’s question. Good luck!



Coins for Change is closer than you think – Well, it’s arriving today! As every penguin prepares to donate with their coins to help out, we want to know how you are playing your part. Our question for you this week is: How many coins are you planning on donating to help out for Coins for Change?


Leave your responses in the comments below, and you may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


santi1345 December 21, 2018

i always love to doante for CFC! its one of my favorite things to ddo in christmas party!

Good Snore December 20, 2018

How do you play this game on Android

Thorn December 20, 2018

We don’t currently have an app or a mobile version that you can play but we’ve heard of some penguins using an app called “Puffin” to play CPR on the go!
But please note it isn’t made by the CPRewritten team and does contain advertisements.

ViviCandy December 19, 2018

Im planning on donating a thousand for each option! I already donated 500 coins for each, and have almost enough to donate the other 1500 πŸ™‚

Tsiy2 December 19, 2018

I am trying to donate as much as possible to Coins for change but my goal is to donate a million coins.

voldemort10 December 19, 2018

If i win the 5000 coins ill buy some igloo items and donate the rest of them.

GirlFlash December 18, 2018

Coins for Change is such a great event that is held on the island. However, we shouldn’t look at donating as the amount of coins you give, but the amount of love. For me, I try to give as many coins as possible to this amazing cause while also sharing the joy and love I have around this season.

Trevchris007 December 17, 2018

This is the best mini-event yet. Treasure Hunt is a blast, and the tweaks made to it bring an added dynamic to the game. Sensei has visited several times to accommodate people in various time zones. The Advent calendar is fun, Rockhopper’s items ROCK, the catalogs are festive, and CFC rules.

Little007 December 17, 2018

Coins for change is a nice event on the island to help the people who are poor. I will donate all my spare coins I earnt. I divide my coins into each category when I donate.

Supersonic6 December 17, 2018

Honestly, as much as i can!

video camera December 17, 2018

in my opinion i think that coins for change is really cool

Marcpixel December 17, 2018

Hey uh I know this doesnt have to do with the review but I got banned because I misspelled a word, i was reffreing to a penguin called Chit and I accidentally changed the C by an S, when im writing this, Sensei is visiting on the server I was in, and I will not be able to see the visit. Thanks.

Lataus December 17, 2018

I’ve unbanned you, but please be careful next time.

yirtuji December 17, 2018

I plan on donating anything I earn from Cart Surfing or treasure hunting, as those can produce the most for the people who need it the most

Ismael Pio J December 17, 2018

The Holidays is not only the gifts, or how much coins you give to the Coins for Change. The Christmas exist, because is one of the times where you can be with your family, your friends, and other people you know. This is the only time where you can enjoy with everyone who you love. Waddle on!

haley1044 December 17, 2018

I may not be on the game alot, but I hope to donate alot. I’ll be playing one of my favorite games, ice fishing, to support. I will try to donate to all the charities, but the Environemnt is my favorite!

Mwle December 17, 2018

As many as I can! I’ve been playing hardcore Cart Surfer as much as I can to get more coins! It certainly has become easier after earning all the stamps! The more coins donated the better, to be honest

Or1cor1o December 16, 2018

You cannot simply donate too many coins, so I am going to donate as many coins as possible for each… what do you call them? Charities? Anyway, I hope for each category I can donate at least 5000 coins! Waddle on!

Splosh Jnr December 16, 2018

As much as I need to donate to get the pin.

Icespire12 December 16, 2018

I will just donate as much as I can. I will probably spend a whole day in the mines collecting coins for the donations.

derpymangoes December 16, 2018

I am planning to grind for coins this holiday season, and then donate ALL the coins I earn to Coins for Change! I want my donation to mean something special to me, and I think working toward a big donation will help me achieve this.

redcookie December 16, 2018

I am planning on every day when I log in, I will dig in the mine and donate 1 or 2 thousand coins. Well hats my plan anyway😊

AquaMizu December 16, 2018

I’m planning on donating whatever I can at an even amount whenever I can! So say if I get 1500 coins, I will donate 500 to each cause, I plan on doing this until the end of the event. I may not have many coins but when I can I am ready to give them away for these wonderful causes πŸ™‚

zTexas December 16, 2018

What happens with the coins in CFC (Coins for Change)? Does it go anywhere?

objectshow December 16, 2018

i plan i making the best year yet donating most of my coins to coins for change but that does not mean i will have a lot but still for the children and the environment and health

GeeNotorious December 16, 2018

i plan on donating as much as i can!! im super good at puffle roundup so ill be making a lot! hopefully i get to 100,000

Emma9017 December 16, 2018

I’m planning to donate 1k coins for each category so 3k in total! I’ve already donated 500 to the Medical Care one and 100 for the Building Homes one, but I’m not counting those for my 3k goal.

Perapin December 15, 2018

Keep in mind everyone it doesn’t matter how many coins you donate overall, it’s how much you donate to the cause that’s most important to you! Every little contribution helps!

Ultimate Cow December 15, 2018

I’ve donated as much as I could and I’m very happy I did.

RedElectric3 December 15, 2018

I plan on donating as many coins as I can possibly get. I’d love to help people around the world. I finally feel like I can help people in need!

PlayStation9 December 15, 2018

yes, the christmas party starts december 20, but what about the new year, 2019? earth day party? marvel super hero takeover? winter fiesta return?

Superivy4 December 15, 2018

Since i’m Jewish I dont spend money on any catalogs except Rockhoppers rare items at this time of year, So any money I have besides a hundred a day for puffles will go to coins for change.

AleCP December 15, 2018

i will donate someone

File Access December 15, 2018

Coins for change is a really good event, it’s always worth contributing!

Arso Nist December 15, 2018

Im going to donate all I have! I mean, I dont have a lot of coins right now…. but I guess the coin mine is always open!

RXQ0713 December 15, 2018

I’ll donate just enough to change the world

pinky279 December 15, 2018


Blacklegion December 15, 2018

I am going to donate as many coins as possible. I love donating for Coins For Change and I believe that even the smallest donation helps people out. I do not usually spend my coins, but I will donate all I have (around 40 000 coins ) to Coins for Change

dotiscotti December 15, 2018

even though i have so little coins i will stay on budget to make sure to donate!

ChrisCPI December 15, 2018

What I wish would have been available as furniture:
“Donation Tube”
If you are not familiar with this item, search the Club Penguin Wiki for the item. The item would be perfect in my igloo, so it would be nice if you could add it in any way.

ChrisCPI December 15, 2018

I donated over 10,000 coins!

Im poor now

PenguinDude December 16, 2018

Any good ways to earn coins quickly?

Black Cream December 15, 2018

I plan on donating as much as I can! It’s always a wonderful way to kick off the Holidays by participating and donating to help out a charity in need. Every little bit helps no matter what.

pinky279 December 15, 2018


Igloo22222 December 15, 2018

I had about 40,000 coins from saving up for a long time, and I donated 10,000 to each charity. I’m planning on getting even more coins, so I can donate more! I love how festive and kind everyone is around this season, and i’m trying to play my part. Happy holidays!

snow wolf December 15, 2018

i’m going to donate coins as fast as i make them to all causes

hamilwolf87 December 15, 2018

cpr ur the best

8JKN4 December 15, 2018

As many coins as possible. Donating coins for the CFC is my favorite part of the Holiday Parties, and I’ve always saved up a lot of coins to donate when the event arrives. This year will be no different! I got about 20.000 coins, and I’ll get more if I need to!

Peanut Llama December 15, 2018

I’m going to go on a low populated server and just farm mining, so that I can help Coins for Change! I’ve always loved to help Coins for Change, so I’m excited to donate as much as I can! Coins for Change is such a good opportunity to save a life! πŸ™‚

Shockwavez December 15, 2018


0CROWNED December 15, 2018

I’m not sure I barely have any coins so I’ll have to earn more to donate.

Paxkiddo December 15, 2018

I will give about 50,000 coins because I really do want to make a difference and help people who aren’t as fortunate. I think Coins for Change is a great time of year as it teaches people the spirit of giving. I hope this year’s Coins for Change is as great as last year’s!

ConcernedPenguin December 15, 2018

You can’t have every single update delayed by days. Just put a later date in the newspaper if it takes you more time than you thought to implement the update. It’s a disappointment every time–Fire Card Jitsu was over a week late! The Christmas party starts right before Christmas,so delays hurt!

Lexi23336 December 15, 2018

I always love donating every coin I could get once Coins for Change comes around! I’d play though all the minigames just to donate the coins I earned from them!

Sir Puffles December 14, 2018

I personally don’t know how many coins I will donate. Any amount of coins donated matters, so even if you donate 100 coins, those will still go toward changing lives forever. So, we should try to donate as much as we can, and we will make a huge difference all around the globe.

Matihood1 December 14, 2018

Well, I’ve managed to get plenty of coins by playing Dance Contest purely for fun (I absolutely love that minigame) so I’m probably going to donate 50-100 thousand coins, depending on my mood xD

Izumi December 14, 2018

I am really thinking of giving all my coins, since I know that I can regain they easily, and by giving all my coins I’ll be actually helping someone. Christmas is all about giving love to the ones that need it.

ImKiriyuu December 14, 2018

I’ll donate until I’m broke. Then I’ll play aqua grabber until I’m tired of it, and donate more after that. Oh, but, first. I have to decorate my igloo first. I need to be in the spirit to want to donate!

Happy Holidays

Love, Kiri

ClubGuin December 14, 2018

I will donate all of my coins get some more donate that and repeat

Omar258 December 14, 2018

Haha I’m only donating if there are the “Coins For Change” stamps! Lol jk, I’ll be donating the maximum you can donate!
I got 100,000 coins, so why not donate the maximum! πŸ˜€

DannyShell December 14, 2018

I’m gonna grind a ton of coins, and donate all of them to Coins for Change! I’m gonna make a huge difference to anyone I can! It’s gonna be hard, but it’s gonna be awesome!

RNachos December 14, 2018

I think Coins for a Change is the best way for aquatic pals like me to share Christmas cheer! This is honestly one of my favorite Christmas Activities on Club Penguin, and I’ve been saving up since before Halloween to donate as much as I can! Currently, I have 9000 coins saved up for this.

Rain1998 December 14, 2018

I can’t find a straight answer on whether this even has any real life affect, aside from inspiring people to donate real money to real causes. Although that itself is a great thing, I’ll donate 10k to start if its something bigger and I may try to do as much as I can.

cprjeffyisboss December 14, 2018

I have been gathering alot of coins so im planning on donating half of it. At the moment i have 22k coins so im gonna donate it

Berry girl13 December 14, 2018

Honestly, coins for change is such a great tradition since it’s just a classic. It’s really thoughtful. Even if you don’t contribute that much, every dollar can literally save a life. I have been saving up and earning for the past few weeks and have a total of 103 469 from playing games and such!

Phoeniks December 14, 2018

As a child, i always gave half of my coins.I didn’t really understand what this was about, but i felt happy thinking to myself that i did something good. It’s only a few years ago that I finally understood the meaning of it and since then i (will) continue offering half of my coins or even more!

HamilDog December 14, 2018

I’m planning to doante all my money until the whole thing is full then donate even more money!!!!


Yavuztalimci December 16, 2018

Are you seriously going to do it, Hamil, my lad?

HamilDog December 16, 2018

Yes.. I am… Dab

HarrisonFw1 December 14, 2018

I am planning to donate around 10,000 coins for change because I have so many of them and it would be nice to do so,and unofficial get the stamp if they add it.Also it tradition for me to donate 10,000 coins every Holiday party.I joined Club Penguin in 2011 and ever since then I have donated 10,000!

stripedfly December 14, 2018

I’m going to donate as much as I can. The Christmas season is all about giving for us penguins, and I know that each and every coin will make a difference.

PlatypusL0rd December 14, 2018

I will give as much as I can earn in the time it is around. I think Coins For Change is such an amazing time for CPR as it highlights the Christmas giving spirit and I really look forward to it.

Hated December 14, 2018

I have around 40k coins prepared for this upcoming event. Last years was a blast and I can’t wait for this year’s to start.

Spk1 December 14, 2018

I will donate around 16,000 Coins or Many as a possible can because as big a difference as I possible can. Even though Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. It’s important to remember that some people aren’t as fortunate as others. And Coins For change Change is to help people

Molly Art December 14, 2018

wow congrates for EllyCraft! i hope she see this comment πŸ˜€

EllyCraftsYT December 15, 2018

I did see this comment. πŸ™‚

Silonana December 14, 2018

As much as I can! I try to do the most I can to help people out, I’ll be definitely farming coins this month to help out! I can get coins quick with Ice fishing since I have the x2 coins. I wish everyone best at luck on completing their donation goals!

Emmy Kay December 14, 2018

I think Coins for change is a great opportunity for club penguin to share kindness! It shows younger kids what it means to give to others. It allows them to show kindness by giving them something valuable to them and to give it others. I can’t wait to share coins with other penguins in need!

marnold13 December 14, 2018

I don’t have an exact number, but definitely want to donate a few thousand to each charity offered. I’m very anxious for this update so I can make a donation, as well as with all of the other penguins.

Berry December 14, 2018

I was in the mine playing cart surfer for the past month knowing coins for change is coming soon! Well iI earned 100 000 and some more to donate!

Sniped December 14, 2018

As much as it lets me!

Garnet1200 December 14, 2018

I’m definitely planning on donating whatever the maximum option is, and probably more after that. I have plenty of coins stocked up and don’t mind donating a good chunk, especially since it’ll go towards charity.

KaiIsADoof December 15, 2018

That’s awesome Garnet! I plan on doing the same thing! All for a good cause πŸ™‚

brody December 14, 2018

when will it update????????????

Adamb201627 December 14, 2018

whens update

Ryan December 14, 2018

My answer might sound interesting but number of coins do not really define our generosity. I am personally going to give 10000 coins, but every single coin donated change a life. So I consider someone who gives 100 coins as generous as someone who gives 100,000! Number doesn’t matter in my opinion.

cprjeffyisboss December 14, 2018

you’re really generous

Superivy4 December 15, 2018

I hope your reply gets posted next week!

pals09 December 14, 2018

i’m planning to donate around 30,000 or so! and maybe even more later on!

patee1 December 14, 2018

for me , i’ll donate whatever coins that don’t go into the cost of decorating my iggy with trees and lights.

video camera December 17, 2018

me too!