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Christmas Cheer is HERE!

By Stu on December 21, 2018

Hi Penguins,


Our Christmas party has arrived! We can’t wait to hear what you think about the decorations, Rockhopper, and any other surprises you come across. Everyone is already helping out around the island with our Coins For Change event, collecting community goals with it!



I’m sure you penguins are all familiar with our Christmas Parties and how our Coins For Change event works, especially if you were playing during our last Christmas Party in 2017. Due to our fast growth since then, I’ll be hopefully answering all questions you may have for Coins For Change.






What is Coins For Change?

Each year we celebrate the holidays by making a big difference in the world. Many penguins get together by collecting coins and donating them to three choices, this year, we’re giving away rewards with each goal we all make.


What are our choices?

You all have three choices to choose from if you waddle on over to a Coins For Change booth which are all located within different rooms on the island.




You also have multiple choices of coins you can give out to the three choices:


• 100

• 500

• 1,000

• 5,000

• 10,000


What happens after Coins For Change?

This is where the difference happens. After Coins For Change, we will be donating money ourselves to three charity choices that will be decided on our Coins For Change blog post nearer to the time of it ending. The blog post will be going more into detail on the final coin results that you all have donated, and also the charities we’ve chosen, with the amount we’ll be donating to those three charities.


The team wishes you all happy holidays, and we hope this party brings you all festive vibes ahead, we can’t wait to show you all what’ll be heading your way in 2019!


Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Invander December 23, 2018

I wonder what could the cheapest prize be.. πŸ€”

Steil December 23, 2018

I’m so grateful for you guys. You’re doing an awesome job giving to charity. It means a lot for not just me, but those who are getting the benefits of the money. I love you guys!

Stu December 24, 2018

A big thank you from us to you, we love you too!

Invander December 22, 2018

Hello Club Penguin Rewritten,

I’m just wondering when you’re going to fix stamp bugs, and the Big Brow catalog secret since it has been going around for a few days, since when I click on it, It does not pop up, Take all your time replying!



BolinCPR December 22, 2018

This party is my favorate! Having to donate my coins is to how I show that I care so much not just in this community but to the world!
Merry Christmas to all!

Omar258 December 21, 2018

I have a question on some stamps. Will there be any Coins For Change stamps added during the party? Also, can the Snack Shack stamp be fixed please? If the team is busy I understand; you don’t have to worry about it. But if the team has time to fix them, then… yay more stamps!!! Thank you!!!!!! πŸ˜€

Superivy4 December 21, 2018

Can u donate to world wild life fund?

ImBored December 21, 2018

Hey Club Penguin Rewritten Team!

May I ask, how do you get the shirts that have each of the charities pictures on them? I really want one, so please reply! Thanks! Have a merry Christmas!

derpymangoes December 21, 2018

It’s nice how the CPR team doesn’t just give back during the holiday season, but throughout the whole year. That’s why they had the Make a Wish podcast a few months back.

Stu December 21, 2018

We always love giving back!

cutearoll400 December 21, 2018

YAY finally coins for change is now having a ceremony! Dance party!

Iboypenguin December 21, 2018

Anyone wanna come to my mining party at 3 pm PST on server beanie?

8JKN4 December 21, 2018

YES! I love the Holiday Party and the Coins for Change. Really excited about it, got a lot of coins today for the CFC!

Stav December 21, 2018

Woww! Happy holiday everyone!
(Im in the picture)

pinky279 December 21, 2018

BEAST when i was POTW i was famous and congrats to people in the room and your famous people in the room too!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭WE MISSED ROCKHOPPER!!!!!

TomTheMouse December 21, 2018

A question that isn’t related to the Coins for Change , and I am sorry about that :
Do you have any idea why my items, rewards, stamps etc. dissapeard? Like I made a new account. This one couldn’t fit in the original question, so that’s why I’m asking another one.

Stu December 21, 2018

It’s best to check your inventory once more if you feel like an item is lost, like most times in these situations, it’s normally just hard to find.

Lunax December 21, 2018

Lol cool

Pal02 December 21, 2018

Sounds great but I don’t see the purpose of donating in-game.

Stu December 21, 2018

Donations serve a purpose in-game as the most charity donated to will be getting the most money sent to them.

Cpr1234 December 21, 2018

This was great fun! This is the first time i’ve appeared in a blog post too πŸ™‚

TomTheMouse December 21, 2018

How does the Coins for Change work? I assume the charity really is a thing, but who’s money are you giving away? Or am I not seeing something here ?

Stu December 21, 2018

Hi Tom,

We have ads placed on our play page for things like this, we will be using the money we get from our ads and will be donating that money to three charities.

Mr.Volcanus December 21, 2018

is it possible you can tell the names of the charities you will be donating too?

Stu December 21, 2018

More news about the charities will be posted on our next blog post about this.

PlatypusL0rd December 21, 2018

Looking forward to seeing how much we end up donating. Its always a fun time to play!

Peanut Llama December 21, 2018

I’m so glad CPRewritten is making a change to the world!

Jerlocks December 21, 2018


Jigs December 21, 2018

Haha yeah

Storent December 21, 2018

How do you convert in-game coins to real money?

D3STROYER69 December 22, 2018

Call your bank

Dillan172 December 21, 2018

Will we see more mascots again soon like aunt artic and jpg?

GVfan1504 December 21, 2018

This is so cool!! I never thought this was possible

Release December 21, 2018

What else do you have to offer from this event?

austn December 21, 2018

Super exciting!!! Let’s all make sure to donate as much as possible πŸ™‚ Waddle on!

Beast December 21, 2018


Blue Dust December 21, 2018

Hi famous, I’m da-
No. i cannot finish that sentence.

patee1 December 22, 2018


im sorry , i just had to do it

Stu December 22, 2018