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Reviewed by You: Festive Favors

By Lataus on December 22, 2018

Hi Penguins,


As we dig into the Holiday season, it’s time for a new Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all how much you were planning on donating to Coins for Change. We’ve now selected out two of your responses, the first response coming from the penguin Garnet1200, who said:


“I’m definitely planning on donating whatever the maximum option is, and probably more after that. I have plenty of coins stocked up and don’t mind donating a good chunk, especially since it’ll go towards charity.”


We’re very proud to hear about your dedicated support to Coins for Change. Feel free to donate as much as you can, it can make a big difference, maybe more than you realise. The other response comes from Silonana, who said:


“As much as I can! I try to do the most I can to help people out, I’ll be definitely farming coins this month to help out! I can get coins quick with Ice fishing since I have the x2 coins. I wish everyone best at luck on completing their donation goals!”


There are many effective ways of obtaining coins on the island, and that means there plenty of ways to obtain coins to donate to Coins for Change. You’ve definitely shown us that. And remember, every coin counts.


Thanks Garnet1200 and Silonana! Both of you will have 5,000 coins added to your accounts soon.


Now if you scroll down below, you’ll find this week’s question. Good luck!



The Holiday season is finally in full swing, as we celebrate around the island, whether you’re donating to Coins for Change, singing carols, delivering presents or just having fun.  That’s why this week, our question for you is: What do you enjoy most about the Holidays?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Ruby January 15, 2019

Think you can put an update about the elite penguin spy missions I sadly forgot what it was called so forgive me if I’m shorting it

Wizards34 December 27, 2018

My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing everyone come together and making memories. I also love it when I can give gifts, because seeing people faces light up when they get something is honestly the best gift I could ever ask for.

popckorn500 December 27, 2018

I really love to decorate my igloo with the most festive trees, lights, and other decorations. Then I can have parties there and spend time with my friends, or go to other penguins’ igloos and have fun there.

Kavoor December 27, 2018

For me, what I enjoy is to sit by the fireplace, spend time with friends & family, visiting orphanages & donating to the less fortunate, enjoying the christmas spirit and doing things what I love to! Even around the Island, I like to dress up in various costumes and make new friends & have fun!

Trevchris007 December 26, 2018

My hunch was right. I predicted if we reached the final goal, you would release the epic CFC stamps. And you did! The Ice Wreath is amazing. I have never seen it or heard of it. Bad year! Thanks to CPR, GREAT DECEMBER.That was a Christmas party for the ages.


local alex December 26, 2018

i enjoy spending time with people i love and just the good spirit everyone has.

mgirl2019 December 25, 2018

I love seeing the holiday decorations! Everyone decks out their igloos and makes them look super festive. Its such a fun time of year!

feverdream December 25, 2018

My favorite thing about the holidays is spending quality time with my family. This is one of the very few times we are all together during the year and the holiday energy is just so special.

LoneWolf1256 December 24, 2018

In my various trips to the island during the holidays, I found that I really enjoyed the spirit. Everyone and everything was happy, people were helpful and always had smiles on their faces. I also enjoyed all the options for festive clothing, like the advent calendar items.

shadowfight December 24, 2018

What I really love about the Holidays, is the fact that everyone comes together for a special moment and no one cares about their differences. It’s a time of bonding when it’s truly all fun with no one getting excluded.

Picasso December 24, 2018

I love giving presents to others, not just getting them! I also love seeing my family I don
t see them often and miss them so much, hope you will have a great holiday Club Penguin!!

derpymangoes December 24, 2018

Every year during Christmastime, I visit my cousins in Dallas, Texas! It’s so awesome hanging out with families/friends during the holiday season, and I definitely wouldn’t think of doing anything without them!

BeaBeaNITW31 December 23, 2018

That’s how I became friends with people. Thx for sharing this comment bro! *web hug*

BeaBeaNITW31 December 23, 2018

I enjoy that I get to go over to my friend’s house, and I get to support her through her hard times.

GamerBoy617 December 23, 2018

The thing I enjoy most about the holidays is the joyful atmosphere and community!

FireSanti December 23, 2018

What i enjoy most of the holidays is share with the family, eat togheter and being united…forever

Black Cream December 23, 2018

What I loved most about the Holidays is the smell of food, especially turkey. Once you smell gingerbread cookies, man you are cooked! I mean you can’t have fun on an empty stomach!

Cartoonist10 December 23, 2018

What i love about the holiday season is that its about family and friends! and we all come together! and have jolly good time!

isamb20 December 23, 2018

Honestly, spending time with my family is my favourite thing to do. My family is very big on helping those in need so during the holidays we pick out what we don’t use anymore, and give it to others. My country is really poor so we always buy fruits and give them around to people who really need it.

pinky279 December 23, 2018


SammyBanana December 23, 2018

what I enjoy most about the holidays, is that i spend time ice skating with family and friends, making the most out of them and living life to its fullest!

Pearl45365 December 23, 2018

My favorite part about the holidays is being able to spend the holidays with family and friends.

pinky279 December 23, 2018

My favorite Christmas traditions are PRESENTS and Santa Claus and baking in CP when everything came out i started doing it with starting with my advent outfit in Christmas party its so much fun and ill be sending out a really cool costume and comet tomorrow and please say what on your Christmas list

PINKY279 December 23, 2018


SirParksALot December 23, 2018

I’ve always loved the holidays on Club Penguin because everyone is so kind and honest, unlike a lot of other online communities. Everything is so festive, including the plays, the different igloos, and the absolutely amazing music. This all combines to make CPR’s Christmas event the best one ever.

May14 December 23, 2018

What I most enjoy about the Christmas holidays is being with family and friends around the Christmas table eating a wonderful roast dinner and spending some quality time with the ones you love. I think this so magical and is something worth cherishing! Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

King Kai December 23, 2018

Hey guys. I hope your Christmas Holidays have been very fun so far 🙂

BeaBeaNITW31 December 23, 2018

Aww, you too! 😀

objectshow December 23, 2018

I loved to be with the pirate himself rockhopper. He has funny and scary story’s he is the best pirate and most funny pirate on the island. I also like coins for change and the goals we have to reach it makes us reach for the stars and never give up. That’s what I think of the holiday festivity.

Yeet My Feet December 23, 2018

What I really like about the holidays is the spirit! Hearing kids singing carols, seeing the Christmas tree being lit up and hanging stockings by the fireplace just makes my heart happy. Personally, I don’t need anything material to enjoy the holiday season: being happy is all that matters to me! ♡

Trevchris007 December 23, 2018

I like waking up, donating, and checking to see if we’ve reached another milestone. Then I visit the iceberg to hear my all-time favorite CP melody, “Snowy Holidays.” I also enjoy sending a Happy Holidays postcard to a stranger. The thing I like MOST about this holiday is having my friend back.

BollyDancer December 23, 2018

I love hearing about all the different holidays that people celebrate! I live in a pretty diverse area and I love to see people putting up their lights for Diwali and then for Christmas. I get to hear so many stories and traditions and they really make you think about the world outside of your own.

BeaBeaNITW31 December 23, 2018

Yass girl I love learning about what my friends celebrate, and sometimes I celebrate it with them! I totally get why that is your fav part!

flufery December 23, 2018

My favorite part about the holidays is getting gifts for my friends and family. It’s exciting to pick out something for someone else and it makes me feel happy when I see them open the gift. Also, just spending time with family and friends is great too.

Kalilili December 23, 2018

I absolutely love Christmas time! My favorite part is having a sleepover with my sister on the night before Christmas. She will drag her comforter from her bed over to my bedroom, and we would stay up all night waiting for Santa! Christmas Day is usually spent getting caught up on lost sleep! ;D

Joey82 2.0 December 23, 2018

Hello, Fellow Penguins! I’m here to say I hope yall have a Happy Merry Christmas!

Trevchris007 December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas to you too, Joey.

Lost Mitten (Shinsoku) December 23, 2018

As funny as it sounds, I enjoy Club Penguin the most around the holidays. Once the Christmas party on Club Penguin rolled out, I was in Christmas spirit. I decorated my igloo with green and red, dressed my penguin as Santa, and listened to the great Christmas music Club Penguin offered.

Trevchris007 December 23, 2018

Well said. Merry Christmas!

pinky279 December 23, 2018


Synthesize December 22, 2018

How do i play???

graydens acc December 22, 2018

During the holidays I love getting together with family members that I don’t normally get to see, the feeling of giving keeps me going.

Angela34 December 22, 2018

My favorite thing about the holiday season is probably having extra time to hang out on CP! I’m always busy, so I love having time to chill out.

Mr Sparky December 22, 2018

I enjoy doing good for others. Always helping people get a stamp where I can, playing Find Four to make friends, paying compliments, opening my igloo for others to see the decorations and sending ‘Happy Holiday’ gift postcards to strangers. It’s the small things, they’re better during the Holidays!

Icespire12 December 22, 2018

The Christmas dinner is always a blast. You get to spend time with your family and eat good food. Christmas eve is very exciting as well as you feel the anticipation for the presents under the tree (or in your stocking) waiting for you

Dogloverbbs1 December 22, 2018

What I enjoy most about the holidays is spending time with family, and playing games online. I also really really enjoy giving gifts to anyone I can! This season is about spending time with family and friends. Not getting gifts, but giving them!

ImpSkills December 22, 2018

What I most enjoy about the holidays, is that we get no school no matter what. Winter break, spring break, summer break etc, but for this holiday I am excited for the snow!

austn December 22, 2018

During the holidays, I enjoy the spirit of giving the most, people and penguins! Whether it be encouraging penguins to donate to Coins for Change or giving the best gifts to my friends that I can, the good feeling of making someone smile is what matters most to me! Happy holidays! 🙂

Emeraldcat12 December 22, 2018

My favorite thing about the holidays is how everyone really changes. You can argue that Christmas has become commercialized, but I still see how people become just a bit more compassionate because of the season. It’s really great to see people being genuinely nice to each other more often! 🙂

GLOBGALAGALAB December 22, 2018

i like trains

lapis13 December 22, 2018

Giving joy to others like helping them earn a stamp or telling them where the pin is I like to give to others especially during the festive season and of course coins for change . Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year !!!

Superivy4 December 22, 2018

The thing I enjoy most about the holidays is the food!

pinky279 December 22, 2018

next up jackyjess he wants over two hundred friends so for Christmas for like last time YouTube Christmas in CP i couldn’t fit it all

pinky279 December 22, 2018

Hey penguins merry Christmas i want to bring Christmas to the CP YouTube to start with lost mitten i know he wants his MITTENS that smells like roses and for the mods give him mittens made out of roses next up clubby8911 he wants his blue pirates hat to be rare again next up is coming anoth comet!

Salsa Snow December 22, 2018

The thing I enjoy most about the holidays is being able to spend time with my family! I only get to see them once a year so it is always a special occasion. The winter weather, the holiday tunes, the gingerbread and eggnog are great benefits as well! Having time off to relax and play CPR is a bonus!

Release December 22, 2018

What I enjoyed most about the holidays is seeing the community have a chance to stick as a team and donate to those who don’t have a community and those who don’t have people around them to help. I like that we’re donating to charity, we’re helping people as a community.

Stav December 22, 2018

In Holidays, I enjoy to see the places Decorated and see another people celebrates the holiday, eat meals of the holidays
and what is most important in the holiday, It’s being with my family, to be thugether and happy with them.

Net Nobody December 22, 2018

May favourite part of the holidays is exploring rooms which I have never seen before with my friends and meeting new friends who haven’t played for a long time!

Splosh Jnr December 22, 2018

I was thinking of not answering because I couldn’t make up my mind, but I’ve finally decided… Everything. There isn’t anything that I don’t enjoy about the holidays!

BolinCPR December 22, 2018

Donating every coins that I have! Also I get to crazily decorate my igloo with a bunch of Christmas decorations. But IRL, I get to go home in the US to be with my family especially my mom that we never see each other for a year because of college! It’s nice to be with someone I miss and love!

PuffyParf December 22, 2018

The one thing I love about the holidays is the break we get from school, working hard for many months and finally receiving a well deserved break is amazing,I also enjoy hanging out with friends and family as they are everything to me, and I’m glad to be able to spend time with them. Happy Holiday!

NoahT(249) December 22, 2018

All the decorations. It really puts you in the Christmas mood.

Silonana December 22, 2018

I love seeing Family! We don’t get to see them often, so when the holidays come it’s always nice to see them. Of course presents is always fun, but seeing loved ones I haven’t seen in awhile always makes me happy! Happy Holidays everyone!

lorelion December 22, 2018

One thing that I LOVE about the holidays is just celebrating the spirit of it. Decorating, dressing up, nearly everything! My family is normally very festive about the holidays so they tend to get into the spirit of it pretty early within the months. My favorites are Halloween and Christmas! Yours?

HamilDog December 22, 2018

I enjoy the hot coco the presents and hanging out by the fireplace telling christmas story’s (or even ghost story’s)

Also on Halloween I love eating candy and on ThanksGiving ( I celebrate that if you don’t that’s fine) I love eating food!

iboypenguin December 22, 2018

I enjoy just hanging out with my penguin family! Its this time of the year where we get together the most!

Steviee December 22, 2018

What I enjoy most about the holidays is giving to the less fortunate. Unfortunately, some people during this time of year do not have the money to get everything on their Christmas list, and it feels amazing to give back to those who are less fortunate than I am.

CloudyMinds December 22, 2018

Spending the most time I can with family and friends as well as give more than receive!

AleCP December 22, 2018

im enjoy all of them

Perapin December 22, 2018

I like to meet people I haven’t seen in a long time during the holidays! The Christmas season is a great time to get together. I already am seeing many friends in the Pizza Parlor!

Peanut Llama December 22, 2018

To me, I enjoy having hot chocolate with my family. It’s a tradition we do every year. Me and my friends used to play the old Club Penguin on winter break, so maybe we’ll play Club Penguin Rewritten during the holidays this year. I’m glad I get to spend my holidays with the loveliest of people!

DomCPR December 22, 2018

What I enjoy most about the holidays is the festive cheer that you have the night before Christmas. The excitement and the feeling that you feel only once a year! Spending time with family, the smell of your christmas tree, crowded by presents. It is the best holiday. Merry Christmas Everyone!