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Reviewed by You: Highlights of the Year

By Lataus on December 29, 2018

Hi Penguins,


It’s the last Friday of the year, so here’s Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all how you were preparing for the holidays. We’ve now selected out two of your responses, the first one coming from the penguin LoneWolf1256, who said:


“In my various trips to the island during the holidays, I found that I really enjoyed the spirit. Everyone and everything was happy, people were helpful and always had smiles on their faces. I also enjoyed all the options for festive clothing, like the advent calendar items.”


The holidays is a wonderful time, where everyone around the is cheerful. The Advent Calendar held many secrets this year, ones that many penguins didn’t expect to see, so we’re glad to hear that you enjoyed collecting them. The other response comes from the penguin May14, who said:


“As funny as it sounds, I enjoy Club Penguin the most around the holidays. Once the Christmas party on Club Penguin rolled out, I was in Christmas spirit. I decorated my igloo with green and red, dressed my penguin as Santa, and listened to the great Christmas music Club Penguin offered.”


It’s always awesome to decorate your igloo, no matter the season. The holidays is no exception, especially with all the wintry and festive vibes all around the island. The more decoration, the better. You can’t go wrong! It’s always fun to visit any igloo.


Thanks LoneWolf1256 and May14! Both of you will have 5,000 coins added to your accounts soon.



Now if you scroll down below, you’ll find this week’s question. Good luck!



There’s only a few more days until the end of 2018, and then we’ll be in 2019! It’s been such a brilliant year with so many great memories, and we’d like you to share them with us. So, this week our question for you is: What are your favourite moments and memories from 2018 overall?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


OmarWott January 4, 2019

Smash bros ultimate is the best of 2018

Pinkowlcat December 31, 2018

Considering that I only joined the island in September this year, I cant give a full overview of the year. But during the time I have been here, I would say its been great with an amazing community. One of my favourite memories would have to be getting first place on the cart surfer leaderboard!

PlayStation9 December 31, 2018

1 of 2018’s best parties was the winter fiesta. i hope its returning! undergoing march’s shutdown was a little rough but cp rewritten made it through the year! i hope 2019 will be BIGGER – superhero party, temple of fruit, etc.

MadBantz04 December 31, 2018

My favourite thing about this year was the Coins For Change program! It was great to see everyone work together to help others, it really reflected the great friendly community on this website!

Sparklmagyq December 31, 2018

I think the best parts of 2018 involved hanging out at Club Penguin Rewritten because it just feels like a home away from home. I may have missed a couple events, but that’s only because, busy busy busy! I bet 2019 will be much better!

Steviee December 31, 2018

My overall favorite memory from 2018 was finding so many great people on this game. Knowing that I have so many online friends makes me excited every single day I log on! Thank you CPR for a wonderful year, and cannot wait to see what the future holds in 2019!

Bluejae8 December 31, 2018

I would say that one of my favorite things about 2018 was discovering Club Penguin Rewritten, and falling in love with Club Penguin all over again!

Penguinnyy December 31, 2018

I loved discovering CPR at the end of 2018! It was such a big part of my childhood and I’m so glad to see it reborn πŸ™‚

Thanks for everything! Waddle on, y’all.

Little12z December 31, 2018

I really liked all the events! We kept partying on all of them, we had a bunch of adventures, and much more! To me, 2018 was so fun!

Scrongus December 31, 2018

2018 has been great and all of this years parties! My favorite one was the anniversary parties! So fesive! I also love how much money we donate to Coins For Change! 2018 was the best! πŸ™‚

pinky279 December 31, 2018

Happy new year and also could i guess for the January party the lodge attic is a clue and Im guessing MOVIE MONTHπŸ˜†πŸ˜†IT WILL BE AWESOME IF ITS THAT LIKE A DIFFERENT MOVIE PLAYS EVERY WEEK “or day to hurry it up” LIKE NIGHT OF THE LIVING SLED 3 PARTS MIXED TOGETHER and please tell me if Im correct!!

Pingu December 31, 2018

2018 was a memorable year. We got Music Jam, 13th Anniversary Party and Holiday Party. The new items on Music Jam were amazing and I finally met the Penguin Band & got to talk to them. I met many old friends on 13th Anniversary party. Holiday Party is an awesome time to chill at the Coffee Shop

TheTPlush December 31, 2018

What is my favorite thing of the year? Everything of course! From the games to the events and the spectacular community this game has, it feels like a blast reflecting on what has happened throughout the year. It feels like we are a family connected in one little island. 2019, you are invited!

dfsgdsg December 31, 2018


pmochi2k01 December 31, 2018

My favorite moments and memories from 2018? I’ve had a lot because I’ve made so many friends on here. Being with and talking to these people have given me many moments of laughter and joy and I couldn’t ask for more. If any of you are reading this, thank you for making this year a little brighter.

Pixelunatic December 31, 2018

I’ve only been on CPR for two months, but I’ve already made so many memories it feels like I was here for all of 2018! I once helped some penguins earn the tree mob, soccer team, and hockey team stamps. Then, we celebrated by playing hockey. We had organized teams, goalies, and even a ref!

Charizard533 December 31, 2018

My favorite memory of 2018 was going hunting candy in the halloween scavenger hunt after getting the halloween scarf.

ricky2019 December 31, 2018


8JKN4 December 31, 2018

I honestly can’t pick favourites. I missed one or two events of the year, too, because I was kind of bored of Club Penguin for some time. But what I did participate in was very good! I liked all the parties we had, and the original things too. Even the Waddle On Party was cool! Not the shutdown tho.

YoyoElPuffle December 31, 2018

The best thing about 2018 was joining Club Penguin Rewritten and having spent so much time with my penguin friends

Pinkowlcat December 31, 2018

Considering I joined Club Penguin Rewritten during late 2018, I cant really give a complete overall overview of the year from my perspective. However during the time I’ve been here it’s been a great time with everyone making this a wonderful community and I look forward to another happy new year!

LoneWolf1256 December 30, 2018

Thank you for choosing me last time, and i think my favorite memory was the Christmas party, which includes treasure hunt, the advent calendar, decorations and coins for change.Seeing the island lit up, along with the festive spirit let 2018 go out with a bang! Here’s to a good 2019!

jsteigerwald December 30, 2018

Favorite highlight of 2018? Well, I’ve always enjoyed the Christmas party, where all penguins come together to celebrate, and it really gets you into the spirit. Not to mention the music that’s played is wonderful. So thank you, CPR, for making this a better year for me. Wishing you the best in 2019

FireSanti December 30, 2018

My favorite moments were the penguin play awards because i meet my first mascot (Aunt Artic),the Waddle On Party because i met so many mascots, the Puffle Party because is so colorful and happy! and the last favorite moment of 2018 was the Chritmas Party because is the most nostalgic party for me

PenguinOpera December 30, 2018

My favourite memory was the fire cardjistu update. It was a really fun update and Sensei visited. I didn’t join the community of club penguin rewritten until the middle of this year. It has been so fun and I’m so glad that the community is nice to everyone. Thanks and happy new year! πŸ™‚

Black Cream December 30, 2018

A favorite memory of mine is when I found out that Club Penguin Rewritten came back despite a quick hiatus. As I am growing older, it becomes harder to watch my childhood games end. It makes me seem like I am not a kid anymore playing on my lab top on a Saturday and eating Oreos while playing CPR.

Nelly2402 December 30, 2018

Ah, 2018! It’s crazy how time flies! This year was truly one of the best highlights in my life. Being part and around this community made my year 10/10. The memories shared in 2018 and all the fantastic events held this year were remarkable! Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us! Woot!

Limey312 December 30, 2018

My favorite part of 2018 was finding CPR. Once I graduated high school, I knew my life was going to be changing fast and soon. It’s hard growing up. But thanks to Club Penguin Rewritten, I can hold onto a little part of my childhood! I love talking to other grads around the island! Happy new year πŸ™‚

daisy1212 December 30, 2018

2018 was such a great year on Club Penguin! I enjoyed it all so much. I think my favorite moment was during the holiday party, when I met Rockhopper! I was trying so hard to meet a mascot, I kept checking all the trackers, all the servers, everything, and then one day I just met him by accident!

Lorelion December 30, 2018

I completely loved the variety of the parties. Becoming knights, pirates, ghosts, ninjas, EVERYTHING! I like how you’re now trying to experiment with the more “higher quality” parties, the medieval and halloween parties looked absolutely stunning. I can’t wait for the parties next year, good luck!

Camaflauger December 30, 2018

My favourite memory from the year is definitely tipping the iceberg over on the anniversary party! Back when CP was up and running I left long before the going away party, and missed it. Not only did I find CPR to relive a corner of the 2007 internet age but also marked the start of something new!

pinky279 December 30, 2018

hey guys mods i do not expect you to submit this realy mme think your should not submit this commet so carry on reading mis a unusual commet i did mine but it didnt show so now me and greeny got banned for no single reason i got banned for 24 hours and greeny870 did 57 hours so we just telling you

Jerv December 30, 2018

2018 has been an extraordinary year for myself, and probably many others who could not have asked for a better year. Though we’ve lost some amazing people such as Stan Lee and Stephen Hawking, they will always be remembered. I loved the Winter Fiesta Party!
Thank you CPR team for another year!

NeekoNeekoNi December 30, 2018

My favorite moment is the moment I walked into CPR! The nostalgia hit me really hard, and this was two days ago. Not to mention that this is a glimpse into the Club Penguin I never saw in 2013 as an OG player. I’m thankful that there is a chance to see all of it again. Thanks to the CPR community!

Waterflame90 December 30, 2018

2018 was the best year because of club penguin rewritten! The waddle on party, Penguin Play Awards, Medieval Party, Music Jam, Adventure Party, Penguin Games, Fall Fair, Halloween Party And Christmas Party was my favorite parties this year. And now it’s time for it’s final minutes for 2018. πŸ™

??? December 30, 2018

It was the best year EVER!! If CPR didn’t come out then it would been the worst year ever. We are counting down the last minutes of 2018

DolphinMoon88 December 30, 2018

Is Club Penguin Island ever coming back? in 2019

Krongus509 December 30, 2018

best part was Halloween 100% with Gary visiting it was great. i LOVED the decorations! great items and rooms too!
and of course the mansion! happy new year!

Perydaplapus December 29, 2018

I loved 2018

Peryf December 29, 2018

I loved 2018

Arso Nist December 29, 2018

I never played the original CP until very late in its life, and I never got to experience its Golden Age, and this year (Including the year prior) has allowed me a glimpse of some of the greatest parts of Club Penguin. I simply cannot wait for more parties, festivals and missions! Bring on 2019!

DomiDsLP December 29, 2018

To be honest, 2018 had a very tough time for me…, but after I’ve met the kind penguin Janina2 on this island randomly, this changed my time on Club Penguin Rewritten completely! For the first time ever, I got to know many kind and friendly penguins better and got into the community itself!

pengui9450 December 29, 2018

2018 was awesome! I had the best year you could imagine. Well, a few things were wrong though, anyways I hope we have a happy new year!

Grigamer639 December 29, 2018

I wil miss the memories in 2018. Great now we have to strt a new yea in 2019. I wonder what will happen. Well I know there is going to be a festive party with people and maracas and other things. And the January clothing catalog will be good! (I hope)

pinkcrayon December 29, 2018

My favorite memory os 2018? Everything was so great! My hands down favourite was the ghost hunting in the haunted mansion for Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday and it was so much fun to get to turn invisible at the end. I also really loved hunting for the candy! It was so much fun!

lilc December 29, 2018


CherrySakura December 29, 2018

My favorite memories from 2018 are playing after a long hiatus and making a lot of new friends! The Halloween Party was my first party in a long time, and I also met Rockhopper for the first time at the Christmas Party! This month I helped people get igloo stamps and had fun visiting everyone! πŸ™‚

Pearl45365 December 29, 2018

One of my favorite memories from 2018 was going to my first Penguin lay Awards, since i never got to go to the penguin play awards on CP, it was a lot of fun and i hope that CPR hosts another one in 2019 because it was so much fun. Happy 2019.

Superivy4 December 29, 2018

My favorite thing about the year was probably puffles, and how mine didnt run away. Mine ran away when i was 6 so now i try really hard to keep my 8 puffles alive.

HamilDog December 29, 2018

2018 was fun in general! The Halloween party was fun for roleplaying…but all the other party’s were still really fun! My favorite party has to be the annaversarie party where we could tip the iceberg…also the hat was very cool πŸ˜› It made me realize hoe great and old this game is!

Derourkl December 29, 2018

My favorite memory from 2018 was finding out Club Penguin Rewritten was coming back. I was so happy! I thought it would never come back. We have come so far from when the game was created. Truly, 2018 was an amazing year and do you know what else is amazing? Club Penguin Rewritten!

pinky279 December 29, 2018

my favorite time of 2018 was all the parties roleplaying so much fun oh and being in club penguin streams like jackyjess lost mitten clubby8911 and seeing Janina2 and Dizzle925 almost like every single day and my friends i will never replace them because they’re so wonderful and perapin my boss too!

Caveria December 29, 2018

2018 was great year on my life! Since CPR’s start on 2017, I started played it and enjoy. Club Penguin was shut down in 2017, one month after open CPR. In 2018 CPR was temporary shut down on March 4, but month later relaunched. Last event on 2018 is seeing fireworks and I can’t wait to 2019 in CPR!

Pingu97803 December 29, 2018


pingu97803 December 29, 2018

i really loved 2018 personally, but my favourite thing had to be each time i thought a mascot was gonna come i would investigate proof. so, goodbye 2018 cmon club penguin rewritten don’t be shy, show us the way of the 2019 groove.

jelly1 December 29, 2018


pingu97803 December 29, 2018

i gotta say, many big things happened on 2018 for club penguin rewritten, but in all honesty, my favourite thing however is a tough choice. it would have to be the big mascot visit in the waddle on party because it was our last and very good chance. but i did it, i survived 2018, hip hip hooray!

CyanWolf8479 December 29, 2018

I loved 2018! It was the first time i have heard of CPR, when i joined the community are so kind and helpful. I enjoyed the parties they were unique and so much fun. I hope 2019 will be even better!

peptrt December 29, 2018

2018, what a year! My favorite thing about this year was joining CPR for the first time and waddling around the different themed pirate rooms during my first party at CPR, the Island Adventure party! I met Rockhopper and made lots of new friends. I cant wait to see 2019 in CPR!

Stav December 29, 2018

My favourite moments and memories from 2018 was “Music Jam”. Because Music is my favorite part of my life and in the party i love listen to music and to dance with my friends and see they happy and see the website is full. I never met the band but I sure one day it happen. Thank you about the amazin

LB Wingman December 29, 2018

The revival of the game for sure. Sooooooooooooo happy when it came back πŸ™‚

Takoyamaa December 29, 2018

2018 was an amazing year and was only enhanced by CPR! I can definitely say my favorite moment was when I told a guy at my school CPR is a thing and he hopped on as quick as ever from nostalgia! It definitely made the Halloween party more enjoyable. Hope to see you guys next year, stay strong!

cutielove4 December 29, 2018

CPR has been epic for giving me access to my favorite childhood game, but nothing has been better than the amazing people I’ve met within this community, one of my favorite memories being this past week where 30 penguins and I helped each other get the extreme party host stamp. A great end to 2018!

derpymangoes December 29, 2018

My favorite CPR memory this year was when CJ Fire was released. Everyone was so excited for the release, and it was so awesome seeing the community work together and have fun at the same time by playing each other and earning new stamps! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019!

iboypenguin December 29, 2018

My favorite thing about the year? I cant chose i loafed everything about this year! Yes we have been through some really tough times but as community we survived it See you all in 2019!

Damo December 29, 2018

2018 was a fantastic year for me. I really enjoyed the waddle on party. It brought the community together to enjoy the final moments. I also enjoyed the medieval party, which was very engaging! I found the penguin games really fun as it got the community involved and made you compete with friends!

ironbunny360 December 29, 2018

One of my favorite memories from 2018 is all the fun events and roleplaying with my friends of course. I would never be able to have this much fun without the amazing CPR team! I can’t wait to see what fun we’ll have in 2019!(Λ΅ Ν‘~ ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°Λ΅)οΎ‰βŒ’β™‘*:ο½₯。.

Splosh Jnr December 29, 2018

I must say the highlight for me was the 101 Days of Fun! I tried to participate every day for the 101 days and I loved how willing others were to help me complete the challenge for the day, even when it was a quite difficult one!

Kellyman7 December 29, 2018

I’m not going to lie, 2018 was kinda hard for me. But I have more good memories than bad! So that’s good. A few months ago, me and some friends played zombie tag on Zipline, it was a lot of fun, and so many people joined in! Overall the best memories I made were with my friends!

Sparklmagyq December 31, 2018

I too had a rough 2018. Between two moves and losing two loved ones (no details on either) doesn’t even begin to describe 2018, but I think 2019 will be better!

Sparklmagyq December 31, 2018

My favourite parties tend to be the Christmas parties because not only do we get presents, we get to donate, a fond reminder of the days of Original Club Penguin. By the by, Coins for Change was the only time of year non-members like me could splurge because we couldn’t really spend anywhere else!

Cpr1234 December 29, 2018

2018 has been pretty good. Thank you for an amazing year Club Penguin Rewritten. If you never existed, I would not have enjoyed 2018 so much following CP’s shutdown in 2017.

It’s been awesome. Bring on 2019!

Serpior 625 December 29, 2018

I agree with Cpr1234, especially as I’ve made some really awesome friends this year (anikett44, Hume, Max0955, and more), and I want to say a big thank you to Club Penguin Rewritten:)
Happy New Year to all!
P.S Cpr1234 is included in the awesome friends list, but I’ve known him since before 2018

Ha,I miss the early 2000’s December 31, 2018

Wait, the original club penguin shut down in 2017?? I thought it was 2018