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Reviewed by You: Dance Contest

By Lataus on January 4, 2019

Hi Penguins,


We’re here with our first Reviewed by You of the year, so let’s get right to it. Last week, we asked you all for your Highlights of 2018. We’ve now picked out two of our favorite highlights, the first one coming from the penguin Derpymangoes, who said:


“My favorite CPR memory this year was when CJ Fire was released. Everyone was so excited for the release, and it was so awesome seeing the community work together and have fun at the same time by playing each other and earning new stamps! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019!”


Card Jitsu Fire was definitely one of our favorite highlights, too! It offered a brand new experience and a new game to ninjas. It was really cool to see how many people were competing with each other to become a Fire Ninja, and light the skies orange with a wave of fire. The other highlight comes from the penguin Limey312, who said:


“My favorite part of 2018 was finding CPR. Once I graduated high school, I knew my life was going to be changing fast and soon. It’s hard growing up. But thanks to Club Penguin Rewritten, I can hold onto a little part of my childhood! I love talking to other grads around the island! Happy new year 🙂


That’s truly something, and we’re really happy to hear that we’re helping you. Wherever you go, even if it is distant place, there’s always someone who can find a place for the game and the community in their heart.


Congrats to Derpymangoes and Limey312! Both of you will have 5,000 coins added to your accounts soon.


Now if you scroll down below, you’ll find this week’s question. Good luck!



2019 has finally arrived, and we’re already set for the year! Around the island lately, a Dance-A-Thon event has been going on to celebrate the release of the Multiplayer Mode of Dance Contest. So, this week our question for you is: What is your favorite Dance Contest track to play against your friends?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


verthedemon January 8, 2019

Back when I was in 6th grade “the party starts now” came out and my best friend and I loved it. We are now in 12th grade and the song still bops and its our favorite to dance to.

BolinNuktuk January 7, 2019

For me, I want challenging songs to play with my friends. Like for example: “The Party Starts Now”, “Let’s Bounce”, and many more. They are most challenging and hardest songs to play which makes it more competitive. I always get least score, but overall, its awesome and fun.

Tennus253 January 7, 2019

lets bounce is a total jam!!!!!!!!! that song was on the club penguin wii game and i would let that song play and dance in front of the tv!! good times!

jacob90tvlog January 7, 2019

The party starts now, my brother and I danced to it all the time, it is my 2nd favorite CP song, it brings me back a lot of memories. From the original club penguin, we were there when it was released. We loved saying the part where the electronic puffle goes “The party starts now” it was funny!

Steviee January 7, 2019

My favorite dance contest track to play against my friends to is “The Party Starts Now”! I really enjoy that song and it’s one of my favorites, also quite difficult when doing it on expert mode! It’s also very fitting because since the Dance-a-thon is occurring on the island, it’s sung by Cadence!

Trevchris007 January 6, 2019

Whoever handles Cadence, you are the best. All that running around and interaction. lol Love the background too.


Tikiwebkin7 January 6, 2019

My absolute favorite song is Patrick’s Jig. It’s a weird but awesome blend of modern and Irish music, and you can really dance to it! Playing it with friends gives a whole new perspective too, dancing competitively until we drop! πŸ™‚

CyanWolf8479 January 6, 2019

Its hard to decide! From Epic Win to The Party Starts Now their all amazing, but i’d have to say my personal favourite is The Generic Way! It just makes me feel like i want to dance to the beat!

Beefaroo January 6, 2019

The best song is by far “The Party Starts Now”. I am a DJ and Producer myself, and hearing that song always just makes me want to get on the dance floor. It just has such positive vibes and is instantly recognizable. You’ll find me dancing in the club to that song almost everyday!

TheCakeSlice January 6, 2019

I personally like the “The Party Starts Now” song because of the vocals, and it’s just waaay more vivid in my opinion. But the other ones are amazing too, but I don’t really like them because they are too “plain”.
By the way, you decide what song(s) you like the best, every one has different tastes

Scrongus January 6, 2019

My favorite song is Epic Win because its sounds so cheerful! The song would fit well in the credits to a movie!

HamilDog January 6, 2019

What’s going on with the green penguin? He has two regular arms and like one deformed arm…What?

Hidden Pengu January 6, 2019

My definite favorite Dance Contest song is Patrick’s Jig! It is so fun and lively (I think the moves really suit it)! It was my favorite song in the original Club Penguin so I am really glad it is here in CPRewritten! I even find myself dancing to it in real life!

ChrisCPI January 6, 2019

I like the track “The Party Starts Now.” It seems to be a little slower than most of the other songs, so its a great track for beginners!

Penguin0607 January 6, 2019

My favourite song is Let’s Bounce. It is very fast paced

NeekoNeekoNi January 6, 2019

I love Epic Win! To me, it is a very motivating track. I also just find the upbeat catchy like a bouncy ball going over the same two beats, but in an energetic way.

nana57 January 6, 2019

I love the Go West song. The song never gets old and it awesome! I think I will go play it right now. Waddle On!

Diamond Shan January 6, 2019

My favorite song would ‘flippers’ down be The Party Starts Now. I love dancing to this song, especially because it’s longer, so i can get more coins. Also, it makes it so much more fun since I have known the lyrics by heart since the original CP released it! Thanks!

Supersonic6 January 6, 2019

It’s epic win for me so much adrenaline in that song

Pingu975 January 6, 2019

What I miss is the school and the Puffle hotel from the old version before it closed down. The school from the old version allows you to chill out and create a community. The Puffle Hotel can heal your puffle’s health bar faster. I just want everything to be like the old version again.

Naturn3 January 6, 2019

I like all of them but my favorite is probably The Party Starts Now. It is so energetic and catchy. It really defines a good Dance Contest tune. P.S. CPR doesn’t seem to be working for me as whenever I choose a server I just get stuck at the loading screen.

Stu January 7, 2019

Please try now!

MellowMarshy January 6, 2019

My favorite song to do is Epic Win on Extreme. Its a great song, nice challenge, and in general is just fun!

peptrt January 6, 2019

My favorite is The Party Starts Now because its fun to listen to the song while dancing against your friend!

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Not Rayner January 5, 2019

Patricks Jig was my life blood as a kid. I probably bought a membership just to hear it one time.
I had little concept of money…

WaterFlame90 January 5, 2019

My favorite songs Are Penguin Band Boogie, Patrick’s Jig, and The Patry Starts Now!

Arso Nist January 5, 2019

I like Pewdiepie’s diss track on T Series. Subscribe to Pewdiepie!

Jonnba2k January 5, 2019

The Party Starts Now

sft firebolt January 5, 2019

PENGUIN BAND BOOGIE!!! Its so upbeat and fun. It gets your head bobbing to the music! I love listening to it! In fact a just played it earlier today with my friends xYellow and Marjorie94 in Dance Contest! Hard, of course. I’m terrible at it but it’s fun to try! Hoping to meet Cadence this week!

FireSanti January 5, 2019

One of the BEST songs on Dance Contest was Patrick Jig because is catchy and because it reminds me from Waddle On Party :(,anyways, all songs are cool and catchy but not as cool as this one

Icespire 12 January 5, 2019

My favourite has got to be The party starts now because its so catchy and unique because of the lyrics. Its the one I play the most and I have gotten really good at it. πŸ™‚

deku shonen January 5, 2019

bruh idk what all of you are talking about, the’re all good XD

objectshow January 5, 2019

I like penguin band boogie its a classic that really gets your blood pumping sincerely objectshow

Bubba4081 January 5, 2019

My favorite club penguin song is Patricks Jig. The start is nice and peaceful, the song is a great challange and it has thr best name of all the songs. Patricks Jig is my favorite song on the club penguin dance contest and I would love to see more songs like it

Pingu97803 January 5, 2019

Patricks jig is cool

pingu97803 January 5, 2019

patricks jig is so nostalgic and beautiful to me.

Pica89 January 5, 2019

Mine would be “The Party Starts Now” because due to the fact it is very catchy with both the lyrics and beat and was the first thing i saw about Club Penguin.

Smartmelon January 5, 2019

Personally, for years my favorite song to dance too was Epic Win, it was the first song I ever mastered on extreme difficulty years ago back on the original Club Penguin, and still, to this day I receive the same satisfaction from when I first mastered the Dance contest.

Champion2889 January 5, 2019

Obviously, all of the songs are absolutely superb! One of my favorite songs would definitely be “The Party Starts Now”. It is an amazing song that is incredibly fun to play with in the Dance Contest. It is additionally very nostalgic for many penguins on the island as it was a very popular song!

Splosh Jnr January 5, 2019

Congrats Derpymagoes and Limey312!
My favourite song to dance to is Epic Win! This track has a nice beat to it and the arrows are relatively easy to hit. I also always practice with this song so I’m used to when to press which arrow key!

Turquoisey1 January 5, 2019

Definitely Epic Win! Even on the original Club Penguin, that would be my favorite song. On CPR this was the song I used to earn all the stamps. I swear the Hard Difficulty is more challenging than the Expert one. It could be considered my all-time achievement to get Rank A on that song.

cheasy January 5, 2019

My all time favorite song to play on dance contest is Patrick’s Jig. I remember playing it when I was young, and I was always super good at it. I remember competing in multiplayer and always winning. It brings back so many memories to even hear, and especially; to dance to.

johnna622 January 5, 2019

my favorite song to dance to is the party starts now because i know all of the lyrics by heart from my childhood so it’s great to hear it featured in the game

zulae January 5, 2019

go west, yeehaw

Adamlin38 January 5, 2019

I really want a coin pusher and a bowling center at the plaza

Corster100 January 5, 2019

Personally, I like The Party Starts Now, but I have found that Patrick’s Jig and Epic Win are quite good for extreme mode.

iiBlizzard January 5, 2019

Definitely “The Party Starts Now.” It brings back memories, and not to mention the song is actually kind of fun to jam out to! (Not just in Club Penguin Rewritten, but in real life too!)

Tsiy2 January 4, 2019

My personal favorite song to play on dance contest would have to be Let’s bounce. It’s a very invigorating song to play with!

ghost0603 January 4, 2019

i like the song jungle to play against my friends

Superivy4 January 4, 2019

I love to dance to epic win!! I always get only perfect and great at it, so its fun to beat my friends in it during a dance contest!

AndyDTNT January 4, 2019

My favorite is Go West because it’s one of the hardest ones, for me at least, and also love hard songs on Dance Contest. I also love how it sounds. IDK why. Keep Multiplayer in, it’s fun!

HamilDog January 4, 2019

My favorite is The Party Starts Now!

Champion2889 January 5, 2019

Me too!

Pinkowlcat January 4, 2019

I love doing “The Party Starts Now” as I remember when the song was released on the original Club Penguin (and also its the one i’m the best at doing)

Pinksleddy January 4, 2019

Love all the songs, but I think Patrick’s Jig is the best one!! For one, it brings back memories of the St. Patrick’s Day and Waddle On Parties. Also, I think it was composed really well, with some Celtic Elements (I’m trying to learn it on penny whistle, lol), and is just fun to dance to. πŸ˜€

Adamb201627 January 4, 2019

omg im replying to club penguin rewritten xD! my favourite dance music to play against my friends is Go west one of my fav songs to be in cpr you guys should think of keeping this multiplayer game in so much fun to play πŸ™‚

Release January 4, 2019

I love the song ‘Patrick Rig’ as it gives me so many vibes of the parties I had at the original CP and CPR’s parties. I always use this song as it’s my favourite.

Dexio January 4, 2019

Numb-Linkin Park