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Reviewed by You: Collecting Stamps

By Lataus on January 11, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Welcome to another edition of Reviewed by You! Last week, we left you with a question with what your favorite Dance Contest track was, and from that, we’ve now selected out two penguins. The first penguin we’ve chosen is Turquoisey1, who said:


“Definitely Epic Win! Even on the original Club Penguin, that would be my favorite song. On CPR this was the song I used to earn all the stamps. I swear the Hard Difficulty is more challenging than the Expert one. It could be considered my all-time achievement to get Rank A on that song.”


That sounds awesome! Epic Win is definitely quite a catchy song to play to.  We wish you good luck in your all-time achievement of getting an Rank A towards that song! The other response we’ve chosen comes from the penguin Bubba4081, who said:


“My favorite club penguin song is Patricks Jig. The start is nice and peaceful, the song is a great challange and it has the best name of all the songs. Patricks Jig is my favorite song on the club penguin dance contest and I would love to see more songs like it.”


Sounds like you’ve got quite a taste, and we very much agree with you. Patrick’s Jig is a very unique song from the St Patrick’s Day Party.  Get your feet dancing in the beat and start a jig!


Thanks Turquoisey1 and Bubba4081! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



What’s one penguin’s favorite thing to obtain whilst playing a minigame whilst earning coins? That’s right, stamps! There’s hundreds of them.  So this week, we’d like to know: How many stamps do you own and which ones do you treasure the most from your collections?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


MellowMarshy January 18, 2019

I only have 66 stamps, but I’m still trying to collect them all! The one I treasure the most has gotta be Cadence/Be in the same room as Cadence. I’ve never met any mascots on the original Club Penguin, and when I finally met Cadence, I was so happy! Thank you, CP Rewritten!

Ryan January 18, 2019

I currently have 272 stamps in my stamp book. Since the beginning of CPR, I am a BIG stamp collector. Yesterday, I got an insanity stamp, which is to catch the rare grey mullet in Ice Fishing. I have to say I was SO EXCITED when I spot it. The stamps I treasure the most is probably this stamp + Rory

Snownewt18 January 17, 2019

I have 108 stamps and the ones i treasure the most are the Rory’s Stamp you get from meeting him and the Squid Spotter stamp that i didn’t even searched for but according to the wiki, it is hard. What a coincidence!

Mackeymoo5 January 16, 2019

I currently have 177 stamps, and my most prized one would either be A on extreme or 25K score on Cart Surfer. I have been working hard to get all 295 stamps, and enjoy the aspect of stamps, making the game way more fun!

CherrySakura January 16, 2019

I’m fond of my Rockhopper stamp because although he is the easiest mascot to obtain, he was the first mascot I ever got to meet! I had not met any mascots in my time here til one day during last year’s Christmas Party. I couldn’t achieve this before even in the original game, so thanks!

Sn2ckerspup (Second Part of the answer) January 15, 2019

>2/< (…in the game. Well, basically trying to collect stamps can teach you things that you can apply in your own real life. That feeling of happiness to win a stamp that you have worked so long is unique. Thanks for reading this πŸ˜‰ )

Sn2ckerspup January 15, 2019

>1/2< (I have 274 stamps and the ones I like most are the experts, I do not have any specific favorites but the stamps are great and they add that touch of difficulty to the game, It teaches you that with effort, things are achieved. It's always stressful but fun to collect stamps and earn coins…)

LeadLemming January 15, 2019

I currently have 237 stamps, I’m proudest of the rare mullet stamp, I tried over 150 times before I finally got the stamp. When the grey mullet appeared on screen I freaked because it seemed like a reasonable reaction. Getting it being purely up to luck killed me so when I got it, it made my night.

kinkinkitten January 14, 2019

I have 64 stamps and the ones that I treasure the most are the hard-level stamps, because I put more work into those than the easier difficulties. I don’t have any mascot stamps YET but when I collect some I will surely put them on my front cover!

Cinnamon115 January 14, 2019

My favorite stamp I have is “Cadence Stamp”. Even back when I played the old Club Penguin, I was never able to meet any of the mascots. I was so happy I could finally meet one in Club Penguin Rewritten! Especially Cadence, I’ve always thought that she was so cool!

Jessie44232 January 14, 2019

I have 209 stamps and the one that i am most proud of earning is the iceberg one; i remeber we worked so hard and everyone was like “everyone to the iceberg!!!” and we tried to reune lots of peolpe and it was so cool i love the fact that we all were working to reach a common goal wich was tipping it

-Joystick- January 14, 2019

I own 214 stamps so far! The most precious to my eyes? The rare Mullet and 25k points on cart surfer will always been displayed on my covered, proof of the the time I spent to get them! Also, Meeting Sensei is a precious one as Sensei is my favorite Mascot. Also, Spot the Squid is one I love <3

Clippyboard January 14, 2019

Can we get Sensei fixed?

derpymangoes January 14, 2019

I currently have 277 stamps! I definitely treasure my Party Host and Ninja Meeting stamp the most. Game stamps are always fun to earn, but the activity stamps that require community assistance always create lasting and impactful memories. I can’t wait to add more to my collection!

ironbunny360 January 14, 2019

I only have 122 stamps, but the ones that I treasure the most are the mascot ones because, I seem to always miss them, and the dance contest ones because they are the most exciting to get :).

Cpfan16 January 14, 2019

EPF Agents Only

I saw Klutzy and Herbert talking saying β€œ, Mwahaha That Extremly Pitiful Failures Are so busy with Reconstruction they Won’t be able to deal with me Klutzy Steal the hot sauce to Repower the Solar Laser & Remake Into a Warmerizer Soon the Only cold place Will be My base

shoptoon January 13, 2019

i love collecting stamps, especially in the mini games. Some of my favorites are: “Pure Ice”, “Going Places”, “Island Guardian”, “Go Red!”, “Clock Target”, “Gem Pro” and “Fiery Squids”.

pokemon6754 January 13, 2019

I have 55 stamps and my favorite has to be the 365 days one because of the cake on it and penguins can like cake with our puffles.

hngpinky January 13, 2019

2 stamps my favorite is the newest one the minecart stamp

pingu97803 January 13, 2019

well in all honesty, im rather proud of my amount of stamps. Now that I have a mascot stamp, I don’t feel like a newbie anymore.The mascot I met is rockhopper which isn’t that incredible because he is the easiest mascot but still I am happy I have at least met a mascot.

nana57 January 13, 2019

Hello penguins! I have around 60 stamps. My favorite ones are from events that has taken place on the island! I love all of the stamps! I will see you penguins on the island! Waddle on!!!

Krongus509 January 13, 2019

I own 135 stamps and i love them all! If I had to pick a favorite stamp through games it would be my 25K on cart surfer also known as he unbeatable stamp! I won it by accident but was very proud and excited when I did! my favorite other stamp is my Cadence stamp! I love all my stamps!

xYellow January 13, 2019

I currently have proudly collected 143 stamps, and the one I cherish the most is the Mullet Capture stamp. I remember when I was only a child, I kept trying to get this stamp all day, but I never managed to get it. Though now I have gotten it, and it is on the cover of my stamp book to this day.

X January 13, 2019


Dogloverbbs1 January 13, 2019

I don’t have very many stamps, but one of them that I really really love is really all of the ones I earned with my puffles! I love my cute little puffles!!!!!!!! And the fact I can get stamps in games with them, is awesome!

Marios5001 January 13, 2019

I have 276 stamps some of them are really challenging to get, some of them not that hard. And my favourite stamps that i have are:
“30 Sea Levels”,”Desset Chef”,”Survivor”,”Turbo Master”,”Party Host”,”Unbeatable”,”Pure Ice” and “Rare Mullet”. I’m definitely looking forward to new stamps i want them!

Marios5001 January 14, 2019

If you want to find me this is a list of all the servers that i go now:
([{Blizzard: 70%, Marshmallow: 10%, Sleet: 5%, Zipline: 5%, Ascent: 3%,
Abominable: 2%, Beanie: 2%, Deep Freeze: 2%, Antarctic: 0.5%, Snow Avalanche: 0.5%}])

HurricaneFox January 13, 2019

I have collected 253 stamps! By far my favorite stamps include Rookie, Herbert and Rory from the Character Section, The Extreme Cannon from Puffle Rescue, The Unbeatable stamp from Cart Surfer and the Crab ‘s Treasure from Auqa Grabber.

Stealth 100 January 13, 2019

I think I own 106 stamps and the one I treasure the most is the 25k cart surfes stamp I never was good at cart surfer but when I want that stamp it made me change my mind

zach90888 January 13, 2019

I have 258 stamps, and I use the money from the games to buy out the whole catalogue. My most treasured stamp is the grey mullet stamp, because I got it on Christmas, and once I tried to get it for 7 hours with no luck!

Static January 13, 2019

As of now I have 277 stamps. Although there have been quite a few tough ones to get, the Survival stamp was by far my greatest challenge. Once I finally earned this I felt like I could achieve any other stamp! Because of this reason, the Survival stamp is my most cherished one.

Splosh Jnr January 13, 2019

I love collecting stamps, so it was really hard for me to choose my favourites. I have a collection of 213 different stamps and the ones I am the most proud of are the ‘Igloo Party’, ‘Ice Master and ‘Pure Ice!’ stamps, Because each one of them took a huge amount of time, effort and perseverance.

KRein7 January 13, 2019

Currently I only have 61 stamps but I love collecting them and its always a great feeling when you finally accomplish one you’ve been trying to get. My favorite stamp is “Top Volunteer” because its a win-win anytime you can play a game while also giving back to a great cause.

Wakerra January 13, 2019

I haven’t played CP for years, and only recently found CPRewritten. Stamps are whole a new thing for me, I only have 76 right now, but I really like their aesthetic. It gives more challenge to the minigames, and helps show off your accomplishments!

Little Lolli January 13, 2019

I have 83 stamps!! The one I think I treasure most is definitely is the time I caught the Mullet! Thats was so much fun! Now Im focused on catching the Rare Mullet. I never caught the Mullet on Original Club Penguin, so I was super excited when I caught it on Club Penguin Rewritten!

JazzT January 13, 2019

I have 77 stamps, and my most treasured ones is the Cadence and Rockhopper stamp. I say these ones because meeting mascots is one of my favorite thing to do this game, and to meet two in a two month span is INCREDIBLE to me. I hop to complete all of the mascot stamps this year!

objectshow January 12, 2019

I have 111 stamps. I treasure them all there is no most treasured one they are all stamps that hold perfect memories that will be held in are hearts tell Club penguin rewritten starts tell It ends. Those are my most prized them all.

RNachos January 12, 2019

I just started earning stamps this year, and I have 81 stamps. I lovvvvve my pizza chef (making 30 pizzas without mistakes), my Berg Drill! stamp (It took so long to get, but is so worth it) and the one where you catch a yellow fish in Aqua Grabber, because that lil’ guy does not want to be caught

Dincu January 12, 2019

I want to sugest that the penguis that get all the stamps reciev an exclusive item for getting all of them,such as a brown book that resemblance the stamp book,similar as the blue book if u get published in club penguin times but recolored in brown.that would be my sugestion for an item.

Dincu January 12, 2019

I have 259 stamps and my favorite one is the party host stamp as it was the hardest one to get,i realy had a plan in getting all my real life friends join me to get 30 penguins in my igloo.luckly clubby(a famous cpr youtuber) helped me to get it.I want to get all the 295 stamps:))

Chiclet January 12, 2019

My penguin is only 28 days old so I only have 22 stamps, but I’m working hard to earn more! My most treasured one by far is my Flawless Victory stamp from Card-Jitsu! I was so proud of myself when I earned it! The next one I’ve got my sights on is the Ninja Master stamp, so I’d better keep training!

Penguin0607 January 12, 2019

I have 43 stamps in 9 days. my favourite are my card-jitsu stamps!

Penguinbobi1 January 12, 2019

Of all of my 252 stamps I treasure 30 Sea Levels and Pizza Master the most. I had a lot of fun getting the first one and it makes me think of how good I am at puffle rescue. As for the second one, it is because of the overjoy and satisfaction I felt. It would be a DREAM to get dessert chef though.

Penguinbobi1 January 12, 2019

I have 252 stamps. The stamps I treasure the most are the ones that I found the most difficult. I had a lot of trouble getting the Pizza Master stamp. Its one of my biggest achievements. I was very delighted to get it. Getting the Dessert Chef stamp will mean A LOT for me!

Lelunu January 12, 2019

I have 242 stamps but i’m still trying to get as many stamps as possible! My favorite stamps are Mullet Capture and Unbeatable since I put a lot of effort to get them, but it’s totally worth it! I also like the 365 days stamp, I can’t believe i’ve been playing CP Rewritten for a whole year πŸ˜€

Clubby 2 January 12, 2019

Have no stamps yet and I don’t know how to play games!

AndyDTNT January 12, 2019

I got 35 stamps, and the one I treasure the most is the time I met Cadence while on the Sleet Server. Man the lag was bad.

Yavuztalimci January 12, 2019

I would say that I have 222 stamps! The ones I could not get were Party Host, Ace Pilot, Pure Ice! and Unbeatable. I have them now! But I’m focusing on getting the Rare Mullet. I would get it some day if it’s possible for me! πŸ˜‰

Splosh Jnr January 13, 2019

Wow! You got the Ace Pilot Stamp?! Congrats I’ve been trying to get that for ages!

Yavuztalimci January 13, 2019

That was before 2019 started. I think it was around November. I really deserved getting it. I only need the last stamp of Jet Pack Adventure. That one is Puffle Plus. It’s really hard.

Yavuztalimci January 14, 2019

That was in November, Splosh. It took me forever to get it. But I have it now!

DomiDsLP January 12, 2019

As for me, I mostly treasure the stamps which show how old I am! As for example, the Out at Sea Stamp, the Celebration Stamp or the stamps of Dot and Herbert. When looking into stamp books, I like to see those rare stamps! I got 242 stamps out of the 295 stamps in the game!

Aragorn35 January 12, 2019

i have 133 stamps and my favorite stamps are all of them they are all really special to me i love them all i worked really hard on all of them and its just so awesome also i didnt know stamps existed in the old club penguin

Space472 January 12, 2019

I currently have 150 stamps. The stamps I love are my mascot stamps because with them you can get a pretty sick background. Also, I am proud of my time trials and compressed air mode without losing a life stamp in aqua grabber. Still working hard to get the compressed air mode stamp in soda seas!

LB Wingman January 12, 2019

I have 274 stamps. Without a doubt, my prized stamp is the Turbo Master Stamp from Puffle Rescue. This is undoubtedly the HARDEST game stamp to achieve as it requires tremendous patience. I also am happy with creating a 2 hour 30 penguin igloo stamp raid session, it taught me organization pays off!!

iuvkthyung January 12, 2019

I have 197 stamps, and my favorite one has got to be the Tree Mob stamp. It’s always a fun time whenever we attempt to obtain it during the Christmas time, seeing all my friends dress up as fashionable trees with boas and hats. It’s a very unique way to celebrate the holidays for me!

Rayfan January 12, 2019

I have 42 stamps, my favorites being “Clock Target”, “Pizza Waiter”, “Happy Room”, “Play It Loud”, “Berg Drill”, and “True Ninja”.

Release January 12, 2019

I only have 128 stamps. The one that I treasure is the mascot stamps. I can just remember all the times I met mascots in CPR, it’s amazing! I love the mascot stamps because they’re more unique than any other stamp.

Stav January 12, 2019

I have 171 stamps and this really hard work to get it.
I love the red stamps because this gives me a serious challeng.
And when I get it, I realize I’ve done something good.
my best stamp is “Soccer Team” because this stamp we can get it together
and together – this POWER!

Max0955 January 12, 2019

I enjoy getting stamps On CPR its cool to earn them!

Steviee January 12, 2019

Currently, I own 286/295! I’m so close to completing my stampbook! The stamps I treasure most are the rare mascot stamps, such as Rory, JPG, or Dot because you don’t see them around the island that much!

Stealth100 January 13, 2019

Wow that’s a lot of stamps also well done for winning potw!!

Arckee January 12, 2019

While i have 142 out of 295 of the stamps most of those were easy and now all the stamps left are ones i have to work hard to get. As for the stamp i treasure it has to be a tie between Ace Angler and Trial master. I’d be really proud if i ever catch the Rare Mullet it’s a goal really!

Superivy4 January 12, 2019

I own 176 stamps! My favorites are log in with a penguin 365 days old (currently 526), meet ph, 30 penguins in iggy, and puffle boost from jet pack adventure.

Hume January 12, 2019

I have 274 stamps in total. One stamp which I treasure the most is the “Dessert Chef” stamp from Pizzatron 3000. Because Candy Mode moves slightly faster, it took me very many attempts to make 40 perfect pizzas. Practice definitely made perfect here and I loved experiencing that great satisfaction!

ChrisCPI January 12, 2019

I treasure my mascot stamps and Activities stamps. I have almost all the mascot stamps, the only ones I don’t have are DJ Maxx, Rory, and Jet Pack Guy. I also almost have all the activity stamps. I only need to get the stamps “730 Days!” and “Puffle Owner” and I’ll have all of them!

FreddyFish January 12, 2019

Definitely my cart surfer stamps. Here’s a handy tip: Cart surfer is the best way to get coins if you follow these steps: get all the stamps so you’ll get double the coins, then alternate between only back flip and side spin, the moves that give you the most points. You can get up to 800 per round.

Pinkowlcat January 12, 2019

At this point of time, I have 257 stamps. Some were really hard to get when I did them, like the extreme pizzatron stamps. My hand was shaking afterwards, they was that intense! As a perfectionist, I feel compelled to get all the stamps, though that will certainly take quite a while!

peptrt January 12, 2019

I am trying to get a lot more but I currently have 150 stamps and the one I treasure the most is the ‘Track Herbert’ stamp from the System Defender game because I got the stamp first try, plus it was my first System Defender stamp!

ChairFuzz January 12, 2019

The stamps that I love the most are character stamps. I love them so much because it’s very fun to meet each and every character!
Out of all of them my favourite is definitely Sensei. He is my favourite because he has taught me all of my CardJitsu skills. Those are my favourite types of stamps.

CookieMoo January 12, 2019

The stamps that I cherish the most are character stamps. I also like the ‘Track Herbert’ stamp from System Defender because it was a lot of work to get. I put my favorite stamps on the cover on my stamp book.

CookieMoo January 12, 2019

I have 95 stamps. The ones I cherish the most are character stamps, although right now I only have Gary and Rockhopper. I also cherish my ‘Track Herbert’ stamp from System Defender because it was a lot of work to get. I put the stamps that I like the most on the front of my stamp book.

EricSP January 12, 2019

I currently own 198 stamps. I must admit it took hours and hours to obtain so many of them and I put a lot of hard work in some of the stamps such as the 3 purples, the secret Sensei card stamp as well as catching Mullet in Aqua Grabber. I had lots of fun getting them and still am πŸ™‚ Waddle on!

mepisdoe2735 January 12, 2019

The stamps really are that other thing you do while earning coins (and getting them doubles it so its even better). Currently, I own 242 of the stamps. The ones I’m proud of the most especially are the extreme game stamps. This is because it usually takes several hours just to get one of them.

Champion2889 January 12, 2019

In CPR, I own around 140 stamps in total! I definitely treasure the mascot stamps the most as each one of them is incredibly rare and hard to obtain. Additionally, I treasure all of my Card-Jitsu stamps because I love that game! Every time I earn a stamp related to that, I feel very accomplished!

STARPOWERB January 12, 2019

The best thing to obtain in a minigame is the disco ball in dance contest because it makes me focus more

Pingu975 January 12, 2019

I have about 47 stamps. I like the dance contest stamps and mostly like the activities stamps.

jacob90tvlog January 12, 2019

I have 42 stamps, the ones that I treasure the most are my Meet Cadance, and Meet Rockhopper. In the original club penguin I had meten almost all the mascots, except for 4 or 5, I remember really enjoying them.

waddle50941 January 12, 2019

I just started playing CPR but it is by far my favorite way to spend my free time. I already have about 50 stamps, and my favorite one is probably scoring 5k points in Mine Cart. It isnt extremely difficult to get, but it was my favorite game mode on the original CP and when I received it, it brough

fdfox January 11, 2019

I have 103 stamps and my favorite stamps are Ice Master from thin ice and Mine Grind from cart surfer because they look cool. Ive been working on trying to get the 15k and 25k point stamps for cart surfer, but i always end up crashing at around 11k points.

NoahT249 January 11, 2019

Currently, I have 128 stamps earned. The “Meet Rockhopper” stamp is my favorite cuz that’s the only mascot I met for more than 5 seconds.

Krongus509 January 13, 2019


Trevchris007 January 11, 2019

I have 272 stamps, Shark! being my favorite. The way the shark leaps repeatedly over your penguin in an arch-like fashion is poetry in motion. I am anxious to meet AA, Herbert, and Dot, and look forward to logging in to watch the 730 Days! stamp drop. I’ve got 39 days to go.


Garnet1200 January 11, 2019

Currently I have 280 stamps, and my most treasured ones is probably the 30 sea levels and full dojo stamps. The first one I remember getting as a kid after trying for so long and being so happy about it, so getting it again was great. Full dojo i remember getting with a friend, which was fun to do.

Perapin January 11, 2019

I currently have 274 stamps. My most treasured stamp is ‘Test Bot Trio’ from System Defender. It took me months to work out a strategy to beat the Test Bots level with a fast PC because of how fast the game runs. I was able to put enough defenses in to keep the system from getting fully destroyed!

Limbow January 11, 2019

I have only around 150 stamps! Even though this might not look like a satisfying amount for me, I surely have some stamps that I’m very proud about! The main ones being all the ‘Thin Ice’ stamps as it was pretty challenging and it took me around 3 hours to complete all the 19 hard-worked levels!

P49284 – Pillow January 11, 2019

I have 183 stamps, but I have been focusing on collecting the Rare Mullet stamp. I have been attempting to get the stamp for about 5 months now, and I have been tallying every attempt I have done since then. So far I am on attempt 136.

Ashlyn909 January 11, 2019

I have 129 stamps so far! I really like the Rare Mullet stamp, but I think my most treasured ones would be the hard ones from Aqua Grabber like the Crab’s Treasure and Mullet Capture. That’s my favorite game! Another favorite stamp is definitely the Pure Ice! on from Dance Contest!

FireSanti January 11, 2019

Will cadence make another visit today?

redyhead05 January 12, 2019

Cadence may visit again but it is unlikely because the dance party was from jan 3rd to jan 10th

Cpr1234 January 11, 2019

I love it when I get a stamp. I’ve been working hard for weeks trying to get the Astro30 Max stamp which is now the only stamp in Astro-barrier I have not achieved. I’m a big fan of collecting them too, I’ve collected 173 in game so far of the 295, more than I collected on the classic CP!

FireSanti January 11, 2019

I have 158 stamps and the stamps that treasure most are the insane stamps and the mascot stamps because those are very rare to obtain, especially the insane stamps