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Community Sunday #3

By Lataus on January 16, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Get excited, because we’re back again with yet another Community Sunday Meetup event. Get ready to meet and greet with new penguin friends, and hang out with the Club Penguin Rewritten Team! This one will be just in time for the Winter Fiesta.


However… That’s NOT all! Starting from this meetup and from now on, each Community Sunday will have a unique dress code to design an outfit around. This month’s theme is Fiesta Party, so try using items from the latest Penguin Style or items that seem to match the theme.


You can find the details of the meetup below. We’ll see you there!


Meetup Time


Date: Sunday, 20th January 2019

Time: 12:00pm PST

Server: Beanie

Theme: Fiesta Party


If you’re unsure about anything else, feel free to follow the Q&A below.


“What is a meetup?”


If you’re new or haven’t attended a Club Penguin Rewritten meetup before, you’re probably wondering what one is. Well, it’s quite simple. With meetups, you can meet, hangout and chat with various different Staff members from the Club Penguin Rewritten Team on a set schedule that is given. Additionally, you can meet different community members that you might have not met before. Before you know it, they might become your newest buddy!


“Who is on the Club Penguin Rewritten Team? How can I tell?”


Well, the answer to that is simpler than you think! In order to recognise Staff Members, you can recognise them from their special Moderator Pin on their Player Card, as shown below. If a penguin claims to be a Staff Member and doesn’t have this pin, you should report them!


Left: A penguin with a Moderator Pin, which shows they are a Staff Member.

Right: A penguin without a Moderator Pin, which shows they are a normal player.




We can’t wait to see you there, and you sure don’t want to miss it!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Marios5001 January 21, 2019

As of now the commuinty sunday has over but it was epic. All the members of the staff where online (except hagrid, Joee and Lily8763cp)
Thanks for keeping this game alive for all of us, it really means a lot and thank you stu for playing sled racing with me and the two other people
thanks guys!

EllieMcBelly January 20, 2019

Ahhhh can’t wait!

A random dude January 20, 2019

Ain’t coming

emii96 January 19, 2019

Hey ya’ll to those who are in EST the time wi be 3:00 pm

lorenrocks January 19, 2019

cant wait to meet the staff!!

Ocea Lights January 19, 2019

This sounds totally awesome! I’ll try my best to be there!

Yavuztalimci January 18, 2019

I would want to join the meet up!

Picasso January 18, 2019

I am so excited! I so hope I can make it! I will get some new outfits to wear at the party!

Meeeshell January 18, 2019

Aw this made this game even more fun knowing you guys want to be involved with us! Can’t wait to see you all there! 🙂

Titano2 January 18, 2019

Nice! Cant wait,
PS add DVD tv back to game thanks

PrestonPlayz January 18, 2019

Awesome! Can’t wait 🙂

Belinha8615 January 17, 2019

I’m really looking forward to it.

CherrySakura January 17, 2019

Excited to see the staff again and love the new dress up idea! Hope I can be there!

Tsiy2 January 17, 2019

Can’t wait!!

Pingu January 17, 2019

This is gonna be awesome!

Cbscares January 17, 2019

Woop! Im so ready for this! Absolutely loved the previous meetup, so hyped for this one. 🙂

SUP4HSTAR January 17, 2019

Beanie’s gonna be packed until next Monday, isn’t it?

Space472 January 17, 2019

What room are we meeting in?

samwhite567 January 17, 2019

hi stu can you add me i really wanna be friends with a designer and a mod

GVfan1504 January 17, 2019

So excited about this

PQ10 January 17, 2019

I got to meet Stu and he was awesome!

Omar258 January 17, 2019

Can’t wait for this meetup!!! Btw, is the meetup in a specific room or is it just around the island?

Katiea101 January 17, 2019

Cant wait!!!

Pencil988 January 17, 2019

I can’t wait!

dgamer625 January 17, 2019

Beanie will be full instead of Blizzard.

Randomboy481 January 17, 2019

So excited for this. Have always wanted to meet a mod. I’ll definitely see you there 😉

icebr234 January 17, 2019

i go

NightnDay January 16, 2019

Lessoned learn not gonna say anything profound plus im hyped for this!!!!!

Superivy4 January 16, 2019

I’ll try to be there!

Nelly2402 January 16, 2019

yeeet!! Can’t wait!

Ashlyn909 January 16, 2019

So excited!!

greeny870 January 16, 2019

Hope to be there I like the theme idea

Mackeymoo5 January 16, 2019

Can you guys do something like trivia? Or have games like hide & seek and whoever finds first wins?

Pinkowlcat January 16, 2019

Can’t wait! Hope I can come!

Peanut Llama January 16, 2019

Nice! Super excited 😀