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Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

By stu on January 30, 2019

Hi Penguins,


If you’ve been living under an igloo as of late, you might’ve not noticed that our Gift Shop was decorated with a full-blown runway for all fashion walkers out there. You can even become a special guest or even start judging design choices that you see on the runway!



I’m no runway expert, but I’ve been involved in some fashion contests in some igloos to give a few ideas of my own when it comes down to fashion:


  • Be Fresh – Sometimes being fresh is what’ll get you the most votes on runways, get the judges surprised with your look.
  • Go Crazy – You don’t have to be dressed like everyone else, you can always mix up your outfit with funky designs. Want to walk the runway with an octopus on your head? I say do it!
  • Be Yourself – The best advice is to wear whatever YOU want to wear. Being yourself is what’ll get you the points.


Now’s your last chance to check out the small event that was released for all players, the event will be ending on January 31.


Share with us your outfit ideas down in the comments below, I’ll make sure to reply to a few of the most agreed ones!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1189 days old
kroissant February 4, 2019

like if u love club penguin rewritten

1497 days old
optemus February 1, 2019

love the fashion show, its really unique!

965 days old
Grate February 1, 2019

I feel:


(bad pun)

1185 days old
Dylard February 1, 2019

I like that pun

1173 days old
EllyCraftsYT February 1, 2019

I like outfits that show off my style. Something that makes me, me. Something unique is usually the way I love my outfits

1589 days old
jdw97ts February 1, 2019


971 days old
Nostalgia780 February 1, 2019

Next theme is: xmas. this theme is: xmas. lets choose xmas. xmas is unused so lets used xmasss!

1116 days old
Mex9089 February 1, 2019

Not all events and parties are bad because they have little to no items. The Fashion show is pretty cool. I like the way they changed the Gift Shop.

1440 days old
pinky279 February 1, 2019

Question Who Do You Want To Win In The Super Bowl?

1440 days old
pinky279 February 1, 2019

HAPPY FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So Club Penguin Rewritten Since It Is FEBRUARY I Was Wondering If CPR Could Have A Valentines Mini Event Thanks

1103 days old
GalaxyCactus February 1, 2019

Definitely one of my favorite things to join in on. As a guest or a contestant, it’s fun. It’s a good excuse to dress up in the craziest looking outfits you have.

987 days old
MagicYeet12 February 1, 2019

Club Penguin Rewritten in so fun!

1015 days old
Mrpenguin513 February 1, 2019

I didn’t expect such a small update to be so fun for everyone. I’m going to miss it but I’m SO ready for more parties never the less!

5812 days old
hagrid February 1, 2019

too bad I didn’t see any Fortnite cosplays

1644 days old
ChrisCPI February 1, 2019

what’s up πŸ…±οΈagrid?

This comment is a joke lel

1436 days old
Mackeymoo5 February 1, 2019

fortnite is bad

4014 days old
PrestonPlayz February 1, 2019

I can make this happen

1065 days old
Space472 February 1, 2019

pls do

1102 days old
Jerlocks February 1, 2019

I can never decide on an outfit, I probably change mine everyday!

1632 days old
WaterFlame90 February 1, 2019

I will miss this fashion show, but l hope to see it again! Me, Firesanti, and ilvecats212 was the judges for the last day! Oe again, i hope to see it again!

1509 days old
Yavuztalimci February 1, 2019

The catwalk was amazing! I almost felt like I’m being popular. Whenever I put on a snazzy outfit, it feels like I’m going to be famous all over the island! And stu, will there be any new missions and some new custom parties and new ties? I feel handsome whenever I put on a tie.

1578 days old
GreatScizor February 1, 2019

New disasters leading to custom missions and Just maybe…Robotic puffles.

1509 days old
Yavuztalimci February 1, 2019

Yeah, with also elite puffles. I want that, too.

1113 days old
penguinopera February 1, 2019

Wow what a nice small update! It was really fun getting judged on your outfit and it was also fun looking at everyone else’s outfits based on the theme. A little sad that no mascot came though πŸ™

1113 days old
pingu97803 January 31, 2019

this party was really fun tbh though im sad there were no new items but still im just a spoiled penguin who stays up playing this game to try and meet a mascot so I guess I got a taste of my own medicine ( it tasted nice)

1113 days old
pingu97803 January 31, 2019

This game is now one of my most favourite games of all time. I like that theyre adding little parties right after the big ones have ended. It makes us less sad.

978 days old
Toadgaming08 January 31, 2019

but still awesome!

978 days old
Toadgaming08 January 31, 2019

Today is the day is going to be ending!

1387 days old
MysticBoomYt January 31, 2019

When Is The Update?

1644 days old
ChrisCPI February 1, 2019

Hopefully today.

1222 days old
Max0955 January 31, 2019


965 days old
Grate January 31, 2019


1615 days old
jelly1 January 31, 2019

will the PPA be on this year?

1604 days old
AleCP January 31, 2019

ok this is epic

1580 days old
Stormija January 31, 2019

Love it! I have gotten quite a few fashion ideas by watching penguins on the runway myself

1012 days old
KirbOnni January 31, 2019


4128 days old
Halopona January 31, 2019

I have absolutely loved the Fashion Contest event! It is the little things that make the game so much more fun, and this is definitely one of them!

I think the Gift Shop looks so much nicer with it being darker, I would love to see a Gift Shop revamp one day incorporating some of the FC designs!

3494 days old
mamy15 January 31, 2019

cpr is the best!

1594 days old
Majestic23 January 31, 2019

I’d definitely say that the hardy blue coat with yellow buttons and the stylish yellow raincoat steal the show any day; they go with absolutely anything! I’d pair those fabulous jackets with a wide-brimmed hat or pom-pom beanie, an artfully tied scarf, some beaded bracelets and a pair of boots!

1637 days old
Static January 31, 2019

I think red is a very stylish color, but the latest fad i’ve been rocking are the box shoes. This high quality footwear are made from the finest cardboard from the recycling plant and they are very affordable. I recommend you all get a pair!

1594 days old
Majestic23 January 31, 2019

I definitely would! Box shoes are definitely budget-friendly, good-looking and laid-back. They create an air of modesty, but they are the epitome of stylish! Who would disagree?

2030 days old
santi1345 January 31, 2019

So nice!

1461 days old
HamilDog January 31, 2019

Nice Fashion! Fashion is my specialty in fashion

Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion

1639 days old
Blue16245 January 31, 2019

I’m wearing a winter fashion style!

1002 days old
Waddlegirl1 January 31, 2019


1039 days old
Rabie2 January 30, 2019

yall be goodd okay?

1400 days old
CCsoftball6 January 30, 2019

I love wearing all of my classic hoodies with matching sneakers or checkered shoes! I also my blue varsity jacket!

1180 days old
STARPOWERB January 30, 2019

when I’m a judge for the fashion show I like to see new and creative outfits I enjoy seeing something new maybe that will become a trend on club penguin because it’s so cool!

18316 days old
stu January 31, 2019

That’s awesome, thanks for being a judge!

975 days old
Selena231998 January 30, 2019

u were what u feel looks good on u

1027 days old
jademoon225 January 30, 2019

i like wearing the spy outfit with a cute hairstyle

18316 days old
stu January 31, 2019

Good idea, we’ll be needing some spies around the island very soon…

996 days old
Steve1632 January 31, 2019

Oooh, Teaser For A New EPF/PSA Related Event?

18316 days old
stu January 31, 2019

Keep an eye out, agent!

4128 days old
Halopona January 31, 2019

Yooooooooooo, super excited!

1615 days old
jelly1 January 31, 2019

there’s hype in da hoooooooouse!

1006 days old
dgamer625 January 30, 2019

Hi there! The video is really awesome. Keep up the great work stu! πŸ™‚

1021 days old
Delterus January 30, 2019

We are all fashionists!

1053 days old
Katie101a January 30, 2019

My outfit ideas are to find a weird item I would never use and make it something I normally would use.

1223 days old
CyanWolf8479 January 30, 2019

I like doing the quirky ones because its fun to design!

1440 days old
pinky279 January 30, 2019

Nice I Love This Fashion Show Hope Its A Mini Event In the Future Too!

1660 days old
Clubby8911 January 30, 2019

I am sure you can agree with the best outfit of them all. An orange construction worker! The freshest outfit out there!

4128 days old
Halopona January 31, 2019

Fresher than any waves and air pods

1243 days old
iboypenguin January 31, 2019

Hi I disagree because the colors orange and yellow are the worst just like the mascot Rory!

1356 days old
selenagold12 January 30, 2019

LOVE the mini events. It’s the little things πŸ™‚

18316 days old
stu January 31, 2019

We’ve seen a lot of players with their fashion contests inside their igloos, so had a deep thought to bring it into an event for all those contests and make it into a BIG thing for the community. Your voices and actions are heard by us.

4128 days old
Halopona January 31, 2019

We have loved it! Even to the point where a few community members held a MASSIVE Fashion Contest with great prizes up for grabs!

Thank you so much for always listening to the community, it is what makes this game so amazing and a cut above the rest! β€οΈπŸ™Œ

1631 days old
belinha8615 January 30, 2019

This event has taught us a lot, the main thing is that we should follow our unique styles that more represent who we really are. The catwalk was here so everyone could parade their penguin essence and have fun because this is essential!!!

1594 days old
Majestic23 January 31, 2019

Exactly! And best of all is that all the different styles aren’t just ALLOWED – they’re NECESSARY! If everyone is wearing the same parka, same fedora, same sneakers – whats there to decide? There won’t be a range. The judges wouldn’t have to make a decision! Every style counts!

966 days old
CRAEZY January 30, 2019

Ya Yeet

972 days old
DianaCrush January 30, 2019


1534 days old
Dan Agent January 30, 2019

Fashion is great for both boys and girls penguins.
BUT, the most important and matter is whats INSIDE OF US.

18316 days old
stu January 30, 2019

Yup, wear whatever you feel is trendy and nice!

972 days old
DianaCrush January 30, 2019

So true man, so true.

1592 days old
Floff5 January 30, 2019

Awesome as always!!!

1179 days old
cutierulez January 30, 2019

i like the new stuff.

1364 days old
FireSanti January 30, 2019

I Like a crazy combination of items for my igloo because that makes it unique and funny!

992 days old
Lufis2000 January 30, 2019

i have a limited amount of clothing items being a newer player, but the challenge is a lot of fun and it allows me to get creative!

18316 days old
stu January 30, 2019

Great to hear, what’s your favourite outfit to do?

992 days old
Lufis2000 January 30, 2019

had a really interesting one with a space theme earlier today, i made a space suit out of a hockey helmet and a white gi!

1581 days old
P368536 January 30, 2019


1592 days old
Floff5 January 30, 2019


1614 days old
RyanjcCPR January 30, 2019