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Reviewed by You: Redesign Reflection

By Lataus on February 1, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Friday is here, which means its time for Reviewed by You! Last week we asked you all what you favorite fashion theme was. From that, we’ve now selected out two penguins. The first penguin we selected was polarbear258, who said:


“My favorite fashion theme is comfy and practical. It sounds boring but, if I’m going to be stuck in classes, I might as well be comfortable. I wear a lot of sweaters and hoodies to stay cozy wherever I am. I tend to wear all black too, it’s easy to match all my clothes!”


With the right style, no fashion theme is boring. Don’t shed some concern over that! Sweaters and hoodies are both in season around the island around about now, so you’re definitely showing your style. Sometimes staying to one color can create the most stylish outfits. Well done! The other penguin we chose this week was MeggPeng, who said:


“My favorite fashion theme must be streetwear. Mostly because of how creative you can get with it! You’ve got infinite possibilities when it comes to hoodies, T-Shirts, jackets and you can mix and match with loads of accessories which really make each and every outfit unique!”


That’s definitely a unique chose, and by far not a bad one! You’ve got a good taste in fashion. We agree that there’s so many possibilities and outfits to chose from. So in reality, you can’t go wrong with any combination in the theme that you go with. Nice job!


Thanks polarbear258 and MeggPeng! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



Last week, you may have noticed some changes around the blog. The whole thing was given a brand new fresh of coat of a revamp. We heard so many of you were impressed with the design, so this week’s Reviewed by You will be focused around it. The question we’ve got for you this week is: What are your thoughts and feelings about the new design of the blog redesign?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


861 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

I like the new design, but so far there IS one issue with the wallpapers, fan art and colouring pages: they get clipped a bit so you have to zoom out pretty far to see the entire picture. Maybe try to make it so even smaller screens can see the full picture again?

539 days old
lelod671 February 8, 2019

new puffle desgin

861 days old
Sparklmagyq February 8, 2019

I prefer this new design because, user friendliness and it feels like Club Penguin Rewritten is becoming its own place.

194 days old
anxrchy cx February 7, 2019

I love how much easier it is to find everything! I think it’s super awesome that I’m able to see the age and profile picture of everyIt’s great that I’m able to like comments of the other users, because all the penguins in this community are truly great, and they deserve each like! Keep it up devs! πŸ™‚

469 days old
DjPinkstar February 5, 2019

I love it! Its great to have a little more organisation in the blog so we know where everything is. I also like the feel this gives of the old club penguin. I also like how thios can show molder players how the original game looked like.

645 days old
Sammy1446 February 4, 2019

I really love the new redesign because it reminds me of the old club penguin site,i loved the way i can like the posts and the comments,that’s awesome that the poll is working and fan art is added,i’m happy that profile pictures are added so i get to know anyone and see what they look like.

590 days old
hapichapi February 4, 2019

i really enjoy the redesign! its easy to use on mobile, and its quite slick. the new design reminds me of the original site, so its pretty nice for me. im not one to point out technical details so this isnt very in depth… i think we can all agree that the redesign is cool.

3249 days old
PrestonPlayz February 4, 2019

I absolutely love the new re-design. It offers security and allows us to communicate better. I also love how you guys made this like cp’s original design. Overall the community page is more modern and I love it.

231 days old
NateR2D2 February 4, 2019

I’m having so much fun with the redesign, I look forward to seeing older Club Penguin item and events returning!

656 days old
issacp101 February 4, 2019

I love both the themes but i like the first one a little better, why don’t we just combine the two?

656 days old
issacp101 February 4, 2019

I agree with both fashions, but I think I would like the first one a little better…… combine the two!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

869 days old
DomCPR February 4, 2019

The re-design has offered another dose of nostalgia, it simply gives everyone that childhood memory of the original site, it adds to the excitement and professionalism of the entire game. Really well done guys πŸ™‚

409 days old
DanilnBest February 4, 2019

I love the redesign! My favorite hoodie for must be great, I so you should can make the redesign homepage, good luck!

861 days old
Green Gurgle February 4, 2019

I love the redesign!! It feels nostalgic

312 days old
austn February 4, 2019

I absolutely love it! It’s more approachable and easy on the eyes. Everything is also easier to find. Awesome work!

286 days old
Frog7806 February 4, 2019

I appreciate the effort you guys put into making features better, but still keeping the original nostalgic ‘Club Penguin’ feel. I feel there is great potential in the blog becoming more interactive with the users. Thanks for letting us share our thoughts with you all, keep up the great work!

879 days old
ChrisCPI February 4, 2019

I really like the redesign, especially when commenting. Personally, I really enjoy having the ability to see a picture of your penguin in comments. I also like the penguin polls on the main page of the blog, even though there’s been only 1, I would love to see more in the future!

590 days old
hapichapi February 4, 2019

same! i love seeing the pics if users and how long theyve been on cpr!

871 days old
Oliver1235 February 4, 2019

I absolutely love it! This overhaul has made the community page much more easier to navigate through, allowed us to interact with others with more personality and voice, and overall, the contrast of classical and modernistic CP (Which I must add, works very well!) is simply awe-striking! β™₯

268 days old
amanda22 February 4, 2019

The new design gives a modern feel to the site. The thing I feel needs to be improved is the CPR. I remember when I was young, the CPR was working fine and I wish a theme of CPR would come back! Also another theme I loved was the movie star theme! That was probably my favorite theme!

475 days old
Doomknight54 February 4, 2019

Hello I would love to see a jail in the EPF command room.

248 days old
temppenguin3 February 4, 2019

@ImMozartM233 There is a pet store, and pets. They are called puffles. Maybe look into the game before suggesting things.

197 days old
Brynn1809 February 4, 2019

I really enjoy the redesign. It is organized and honestly takes me back to my childhood. The only way I feel it needs to improve is you guys should include the Puffle Hotel. It would really add a finishing touch, and would complete my memory of the old game.

237 days old
Waddlegirl1 February 4, 2019

Can u make a puffle playground and can u make FOOD for penguins to hold please?Ty and hope everyone has a great day!;)

197 days old
P3151326 February 4, 2019

I love the redesign! It makes navigating much easier. I’m also very excited for more furniture to be added as well as other new things to come.

398 days old
tas45 February 4, 2019

I love the the new design of the blog redesign! Its amazing! Keep it going CPR! But i do have one concern. Almost all of CPR is like the old CP. And i do get that your need to make changes. But it would be great if you brought the “Puffle Hotel” back and replace it with the “stage”. Thank you. πŸ™‚

275 days old
DuhItzSkull February 4, 2019

I’m wondering if you guys can revamp the map and the login page? That would make the game look more beautiful and more up to date. I know you guys know how does the map revamp looks like, as well as the login page. In conclusion, you guys are doing great on keeping a good replica of Club Penguin.

358 days old
dominateeye February 3, 2019

Also, it seems like the CPR logo should be where the tour guide penguin is in the top bar, and maybe you could put the heart icon on the Social button? It looks kind of empty with that button mostly blank.

358 days old
dominateeye February 3, 2019

I like the redesign, I just wish it was extended to the rest of the site. The Flash animation of the island on the original Club Penguin homepage had areas you could move your mouse over and get speech bubbles and play animations. Seeing that implemented on the Rewritten homepage would be nostalgic.

220 days old
stamppenguin February 3, 2019

Can you bring the orange puffle to pizzatron 3000?

This would make the game so much better. The puffle could help you with making the pizzas. It would also make sense because on the pizzatron page in your stamp book you can see an orange puffle.

So please add the orange puffle to pizzatron 3000.

625 days old
gamingzard77 February 3, 2019

The redesign looks outstanding!

197 days old
ImMozartM233 February 3, 2019

I thought that your new design was the most awesome it could have ever been!!! And I hope you will come up with AWESOME ideas in the future! Like a pet store!!! That would be so much fun! I want to hope you will read my comment!! Bc I loved your new update!!!

255 days old
oompsrevenge February 3, 2019

honestly, I like the redesign, it’s easier to use, organized and has a good throwback vibe almost. Going into being organized it just feels cleaner. I really enjoy how connected everyone is too! great job on the new update!!!

206 days old
laanaaa February 3, 2019

When I first heard about the blog I immediate;y checked it out and well…I thought it was the original CP until I reminded myself that it wasn’t. I love the site so much and it brings back wonderful memories. The only thing I’m missing is the Puffle Hotel. My puffles deserve some pampering.

863 days old
Pingu25430 February 3, 2019

Three words: I. Love. It.

200 days old
Croissont February 3, 2019

I think that you guys did an amazing job! It’s new and improved, while also not losing its nostalgic old CP touch. Great job, you guys!

789 days old
Harrypopins1 February 3, 2019

The design is… hm…Oh! AMAZING!
Its reminds me good times from the original game, feels like the game is acually alive such as in the past. Modern and Nostalgic together and then… BHAAAM! Just beautiful.

199 days old
Ventdog February 3, 2019

I just found this yesterday, so I wouldn’t know how to compare to the old one. I did play the old club penguin, but that was so long ago. This site is very sleek and the features are easy to use. Overall this is a nice community to read, write and play in!

275 days old
P2714920 February 3, 2019

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo COOL!
But i want the puffle hotel. Can you please please please please bring it?

574 days old
CookieMoo February 3, 2019

I love the new design! The blog more organized and easier to use. I am also happy that the Penguin Poll finally works as I have been looking forward to that for a while.

574 days old
CookieMoo February 3, 2019

When play Aqua Grabber in the Soda Seas, it randomly says I lost connection. I haven’t checked to see if it happens in the other place, but this has occurred many times. I thought it was because the Wifi wasn’t working well, but I realized it only happens when I play Aqua Grabber. Please help!

198 days old
Frodydoh9 February 3, 2019

I love what you and your team are doing!Just wondering if you will add the smoothie smash game because it used to be my favorite game ever <3

895 days old
Jackluigi1 February 3, 2019

I love the new layout, very simple and straight forward, but still very nice looking. It’s easy to find everything you need. It’s always better to stay simple, less is more, and this is a perfect example.

197 days old
ItzUniPlayz February 3, 2019

Well, for one its really cool theres just so much detail! Like EEEP can you do that more often? And it just calls our name!

872 days old
duckydude February 3, 2019

wow, this is so cool! fantastic job guys

233 days old
AnneDreams February 3, 2019

I absolutely love the new blog look. I feel like it is almost easier to read as well. I used to play the original club penguin as a child, and thanks to your revamps and updates, it feels more and more nostalgic! Thank you for all you do to keep this game alive!

731 days old
mr pgno February 3, 2019

There is no update that has not satysfied me.

534 days old
CAT astrophe February 3, 2019

I love the new changes.Its so nice to have a change once in a while asI sometimes get bored very easily from the same old thing every single day.You should make changes every month or 2 months

894 days old
Splosh Jnr February 3, 2019

What can I say? You’ve hit the nail right on the head! It’s so much easier to navigate and find blog posts – plus the penguin poll is an awesome addition I’ve been waiting for! 10/10 CPR Team! Keep up the good work!

199 days old
LunarEcIispe February 3, 2019

I really like it. It feels like its an improved and better version of the original Club Penguin
and it looks AMAZING. I played the original Club Penguin and thanks to these redesigns I feel like its the original. Keep the great work up and I hope you keep improving the game :D.

799 days old
xgr002 February 3, 2019

Im not an agent but… this is my outfit.

799 days old
xgr002 February 3, 2019


3488 days old
jordyn February 3, 2019

I love the new design! It’s a lot more pleasing to look at and it is able to help penguins get to know others by sharing useful information to everyone, such as name and penguin age.

444 days old
NeonMixtape February 3, 2019

I think it looks better but I have to admit that I miss the old days where there was a water dojo and such but otherwise it is a very wonderful design change thank u

673 days old
Wisteriaa February 3, 2019

The blog redesign is aesthetically pleasing and innovative, with the posts being organised very well. I love how many of the new features add a unique and creative flair, with the Penguin Polls and even Colouring Pages! Profile pictures and hearts are welcome additions to an already engaging blog.

599 days old
Weeem February 3, 2019

I love the look of the new penguin blog! It is so much easier to interact with the community and I really love that. It’s much easier to have a voice with the community and be able to chat with others outside of the game! It makes me feel very connected. The color palette is also very refreshing!

805 days old
Sengo February 3, 2019

Amazing new design!

641 days old
LB Wingman February 3, 2019

One suggestion I would recommend to implement is to increase the character count when we comment from 300 letters to perhaps 600-800 letters. This way we can provide more in-depth comments and better feedback. Thanks again guys!

641 days old
LB Wingman February 3, 2019

It is exceptional. You have surpassed even the original Club Penguin community blog by a far margin. Thank you for what you have done, and all the best for any future improvements, blogwise and gamewise!

722 days old
epicGUY February 3, 2019

I think it looks pretty nice, I prefer it over the old one for sure! This time you can vote on the penguin poll which is pretty cool, also it genuinely looks nice.

849 days old
KIBBLES February 3, 2019

I think it is a great way for everyone to come together! And now with a new design!

223 days old
fireballbery February 3, 2019

The new design of the blog is absolutely amazing! It’s so much better than before.

918 days old
Nina February 3, 2019

So, I’ve only seen this design for a few seconds, but I absolutely love it! In the blog, the colors blend really well and it reminds me of the modern CP’s blog with an older twist to it. Love the “heart” feature on blog posts and comments (something new!!) but glad we have all the other fun stuff!

1776 days old
Lovebacon56 February 3, 2019

The new blog is absolutely ravishing! Its such an amazing improvement and its very clear to see just how hard the staff have worked on it! Yet again, they have not disappointed us! I love the bold fonts and easy navigation and the new layout!

347 days old
SpyGuy82012 February 3, 2019

I think that the blog is amazing. It is much easier to navigate and find what I am looking for.

411 days old
Lilacked February 3, 2019

I’m loving it! It’s a lot more functional and interactive. I feel that I have more of a voice within the community now.

820 days old
objectshow February 3, 2019

i love it. It shows how much club penguin rewritten is about modernizing the original not about just revising the old game. In conclusion you guys did wonderful.

267 days old
Dhiren Houck February 3, 2019

I love the new design! It’s not complicated to navigate, but it sure is pretty to look at! I feel like it stays true to what we love about Club Penguin, but it is still fresh and fun.

739 days old
Omura February 3, 2019


773 days old
Nanopenguin3 February 3, 2019

The new blog revamp is incredible! Its looks really fresh and the idea of logging in your account to vote or comment is a great idea! Its easier to see if the comment is from a real player! Also the blog also needed a poll kinda thing.. and its finally here! Keep up the good work CPR team!

791 days old
ironbunny360 February 3, 2019

I think that the blog looks really cool and a lot nicer! It looks really neat and I like being able to do the polls too!

294 days old
Pecrotechnic February 3, 2019

The blog is simple and yet complex. The curves on all the buttons for all of the many different links to different posts, such as this one, authors, and categories really sets this off. The old blog was nice but this one is nicer. I also really love the colors chosen. All around it looks great!

420 days old
Dylard February 3, 2019

Dear Club Penguin Rewritten Team (Lataus),
I love the new Club Penguin Blog redesign. I love it because you get to know witch penguin posted witch comment, I also like the fact that you like like the blog.
-Dylard (Proud Former PSA Agent)

420 days old
Dylard February 3, 2019

The PSA was blew up by popcorn.

325 days old
Krongus509 February 3, 2019

i LOVE the new design! It is much easier to navigate and I love how I can show my option on things in the penguin poll! This was a much needed make over and it was worth the wait!

199 days old
YayforKirby February 3, 2019

As I have created my Club Penguin: Rewritten account recently, I have looked at the blog 3 days ago. But to say the least, I absolutely LOVE the new layout! It gives me a very friendly vibe, which is definitely one of my favorite things about the new look. I hope you have a nice day :3 Good bye!

657 days old
Chidda February 3, 2019

Loving it!!

756 days old
Ta41529 February 2, 2019

The blog looks fabulous! I think the design is a big improvement from the old design. It’s a lot more user friendly and easy to navigate. To sum it up; you guys did great!

200 days old
Venusian February 2, 2019

I love the new layout! It doesn’t stray too far from the original design, but still has some new elements that make the blog CPR. Everything is laid out so nicely! Kudos to the team for organizing and redesigning it so beautifully, you rock!

725 days old
Dreamer11210 February 2, 2019

I love it! I never really checked the old blog page, but I definitely will now, because of the poll, the fan art, and anything else new that you might add. Can’t wait to see any future updates!

200 days old
Venusian February 2, 2019

Congrats, polarbear258 and MeggPegg!

198 days old
Mimikyu221 February 2, 2019

I didn’t read the old blog much, on my old account, but now that I got a new account the new blog style makes me want to read it more. The ability to reply to others is AMAZING! and I can’t wait to see if there are any more new changes for the better!

264 days old
allegroora February 2, 2019

The new layout is great! It’s so easy to navigate my way around and find community updates such as POTW and polls πŸ˜€ !

709 days old
helloiamjed February 2, 2019

Oh, and thanks for getting mancala working too, that’s really great.

709 days old
helloiamjed February 2, 2019

Um, yeah, looks sweet. Anyway, can I ask, is the Max Energy stamp (Win 3 energy points in a match) for card jitsu fire actually working? I swear I’ve done it a few times but I’ve not got the stamp for it.

641 days old
LB Wingman February 3, 2019

Hey Bro, yeah the stamp is working. The thing is, I think, you need to win 3 Card Jitsu battles (within Card Jitsu fire) in a row starting from 6 energy points. This would give 3 extra energy points, leading you to 9 points. With 9 points minimum, the stamp should be obtained. Hope u get it soon!

241 days old
Giggy13011 February 2, 2019

I honestly think the blog looks amazing. I love that you added the reply and the like button for the comments, it’s really useful if you want to reply to someone. Other then writing their username in a comment. The blog is also more organized then the other, and it’s much easier to understand.

295 days old
JazzT February 2, 2019

I really like the new blog redesign, it’s clean and organized. I also like how you can reply to others, see how many people like your comment, and see the difference between moderator and player!

295 days old
JazzT February 5, 2019

Also, I’m having trouble with going on the sever Marshmallow. When i click it, it loads and the “Loading Marshmallow” screen, then says “Connection timed out please try another server” my wifi is good, so i’m not sure what to do.

801 days old
Mattyray February 2, 2019

The new website feels a lot friendlier and inviting than the old design. It’s a lot simpler to navigate and talking to others is super easy. Huge improvement on the website and a big round of applause to everyone involved in the redesign!

315 days old
kinkinkitten February 2, 2019

I love the new blog layout! It’s so organized but still fun, I like how you can see what the user’s penguin looks like in the little icon above their name. I also think it’s really cool how you can ‘heart’ posts, but my favorite thing about the redesign is the penguin poll! It’s so fun, I love it!

252 days old
P2826375 February 2, 2019

The new design makes the website feel more original. It still has some old design, but you guys have added some new modern designs, Not only is it easier to navigate around.. it’s more pleasing to the eyes.. (if that makes sense?) πŸ™‚ Thank you for bringing back our favorite online with a new twist

645 days old
Bodball123 February 2, 2019

when is cardjitsu water coming? πŸ™‚

873 days old
lucyecm February 2, 2019

I think this design of the blog looks SO cool! It is very organized and fun to browse. I love the polls as well as the gallery. Thanks for updating it!!!

415 days old
STARPOWERB February 2, 2019

I think the updated blog was a good thing because it looks cooler and you can but comments on other devices easier plus if you can log in so its actually you not somebody else pretending to be you!!!

865 days old
Gramble February 2, 2019


803 days old
PlayStation9 February 2, 2019

the blog looks cool

279 days old
sammy177 February 2, 2019

I LOVE the new blog! I like how everyone can reply to each other and it uses your penguin’s real name and picture of them! It’s also new and sleek and better than the old one. thank’s for updating it!!!!

301 days old
JkGhostyBoi February 2, 2019

yo, bring back field ops

850 days old
jelly1 February 2, 2019

underwater expedition?

248 days old
temppenguin3 February 2, 2019

Aqua Grabber

850 days old
jelly1 February 2, 2019

i think this is a good redesign. now everything feels a bit more organised and, it just kinda feels like the old version wasn’t. thanks for the redesign.

241 days old
dgamer625 February 3, 2019

Yeah, I agree.

350 days old
P2337841 February 2, 2019

I’m loving this new design! its really nice to look at.

721 days old
CatStar333 February 2, 2019

I love the new blog design! I really like how we can vote, see other peoples fan art easily! The design is also looks much nicer than before. A very good improvement!

803 days old
PlayStation9 February 2, 2019


477 days old
GEORGE0035 February 2, 2019

as for the game its a very good to revist the og cp keep the good workπŸ˜‰

477 days old
GEORGE0035 February 2, 2019

GUYS THANK YOU FOR making the blog i can taik to people look at the news it gives a carm in the siteπŸ‘

872 days old
sh00p14 February 2, 2019

I think the redesign looks really sleek and nice. I really appreciated the classic layout, as it was nostalgic to remember old times past, but it’s so fresh now! It’s now definitely easier than ever to hear everyone’s opinions and feel like you’re part of a community. <3

220 days old
stamppenguin February 2, 2019


248 days old
temppenguin3 February 2, 2019

Suggestion: It would be cool if EVERYONE could post, as long as they are signed in, and be able to add and reply and like posts as if they were comments!

889 days old
Sn2ckerspup February 2, 2019

3/3 (….Now the feeling of fun for each page you read has been introduced in the blog. πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading this comment and keep up the good work!)

248 days old
temppenguin3 February 2, 2019

I’m glad this finally got a revamp, It’s been needed!

889 days old
Sn2ckerspup February 2, 2019

2/3 (…to the author gives a touch of unique genius. The Fan Arts, Wallpapers, Penguin Poll, POTW, Banners and Coulouring Pages Section You have them all at your fingertips on one page. No doubt that this update at the beginning of this new year will feel good to the entire community…..)

889 days old
Sn2ckerspup February 2, 2019

1/2: (I loved the new design of the blog. It is more comfortable, fresh and great and I love the new comment system and the likes that you can give them! Also now the web is more ordered and you can access more easily the old and new blog posts and the image above in each post next….)

622 days old
TruMineYT February 2, 2019

I love the new update! It reminds me of the original Club Penguin, looks really modern, new comments, polls, likes, and making it look good on mobile devices! Thank you so much for creating this design Flippy!

732 days old
bluecomic February 2, 2019

I personally don’t mind, it’s really cool! When I first saw the new blog design I was like: Whoa they changed it and it looks really cool! Its fun to navigate, it’s more smooth and nice! I love it, personally!

908 days old
Paigey February 2, 2019

I love the new blog! It’s very easy to find who has got Penguin Of The Week and updates from the staff. What I love about it is that when people nominate for POTW, people say such kind things about each other, shows the loyalty. I hope you all have a very nice day and thanks for reading!


208 days old
Snowbelle1 February 2, 2019

I love how the new blog design gives penguins another way to chat and interact with each other, even when they are off-line. The new design brings in the best part of modern social media by being able to ‘like’ & reply to other penguins’ comments so we can encourage each other’s ideas!

680 days old
ryles February 2, 2019

The new update on the community tab is professional yet exuberant! Most importantly, it caters towards our generation’s extensive use of technology and simplistic tendencies. Logging in to comment and like posts was also a great addition because it filters out negative comments!

696 days old
HamilDog February 2, 2019

How old they are* (I meant this the first time)

696 days old
HamilDog February 2, 2019

I think that it is a great idea for what you have done with the blog! It’s very modern and at the same time very new! And I think my favorite feature of the new blog has to be where you can see your penguin and how they are!

3363 days old
Halopona February 2, 2019

I LOVE the new blog! It looks so sleek and is really fun to navigate, the fact that comments show our outfits is so cool!

Looking through older posts is so easy to do now, and it is really cool to reflect on stuff! I honestly love everything about it, massive well done to the team behind this! πŸ‘πŸ™Œ

265 days old
Arpan February 2, 2019


427 days old
Penguinbobi1 February 2, 2019

The new design looks fantastic – not only it looks better, but also functions better.
It’s much easier to navigate and that’s always a good thing! The new things that have been added here make it much better. It really shows you did your best to make the redesign – and it worked very well!

743 days old
DomiDsLP February 2, 2019

I think it looks quite well made. It makes me think of the modern CP blog which I never got to see myself along with some nice custom features.

207 days old
DianaCrush February 2, 2019

I think the redesigning of the blog is really cool!

251 days old
Stuntpenguin February 2, 2019

I love the new blog design! So simple yet special!

350 days old
Pinkowlcat February 2, 2019

I think its great! Now I can use my playercard to post comments and like all these great post, as well as vote in the polls! You did an amazing job at putting this together!

473 days old
Thinger February 2, 2019

That is amazing! P.S. Happy Groundhog day!

675 days old
pinky279 February 2, 2019

HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!Phil the ground hog or should i say punxsutawney the groundhog did NOT see his shadow its an early spring my friends the first Spring since 2016 happy early spring (Don’t pick up a groundhog it might get scared while you hold it)BYE!

861 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

Funny you should mention groundhogs because a few months ago I saw one while on holiday!

913 days old
Cadence2002 February 2, 2019

awesome! πŸ˜€

202 days old
goodguy567 February 2, 2019

I love this game my top goal on this game is to become a fully become a ninja 😁😁😁

458 days old
Splashy47 February 2, 2019

I love the new design – it’s the impossible combination between classic and modern (must have taken you guys a long time we are very grateful for the effort you put in). I like logging in to comment and the little profile picture is too cute!!

702 days old
Sule February 2, 2019

The redesign is honestly the easiest way to navigate throughout the community tab. Everything is laid neatly and you can find a lot of stuff there like fan art , posts and more
It looks fresher and more alive.

829 days old
Majestic23 February 2, 2019

First things first, I love that you guys took the initiative to give your blog a whole new makeover! I love this whole new look: it really makes commenting such fun! Besides that, this format is extremely organised and really helps me find comments and moderators’ reply super easily! Fabulous idea!

731 days old
blu3m4n1234 February 2, 2019

The new Blog design looks awesome!

200 days old
Nathroxx February 2, 2019

Cool! Isn’t it?

381 days old
Release February 2, 2019

I love this new design! You can now do several different things on this blog redesign. It’s an amazing change and I can’t wait for updates like this in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I love the old design but this one is just brilliant. Thank you for this amazing change!

200 days old
Grate February 2, 2019

Blog design is grate,
It is not in a state,
I may have been quite late,
I have a lot on my plate.

Nice design btw!

227 days old
Lufis2000 February 2, 2019

i’ve really come accustomed to the new website design. it kept the β€œclub penguin feel” using the familiar blue and white colours, while also adding a modern touch. i’m especially fond of the mobile look, when i’m out i often find myself checking the website for updates, and it’s easy to do so!

873 days old
robpoop123 February 2, 2019

I think it looks fantastic! I love the new clean theme it has!

348 days old
pingu97803 February 2, 2019

Personally, I love the new blog. It looks better than the first and it also shows how much you are putting into this game. Keep adding new features and you could find yourselves with over 10 million new penguins in one month! Waddle on fellows.

348 days old
pingu97803 February 2, 2019

omg I agree

457 days old
Max0955 February 2, 2019

Its a great re-design but i would like to see a map redesign for now it should say but in future i think we should get a redesign

399 days old
Champion2889 February 2, 2019

The blog redesign is fantastic! It is fresh, new, and it looks great! The additional features to the blog make this much more enjoyable as well. The text is easier to read too, and this blog redesign overall is incredible!

621 days old
shadowfight February 2, 2019

Wow, how do I even start? The new blog is so neat and well organized and it’s so much easier now to navigate through posts. And I love that now I have an avatar and it also shows my age which I think adds a really cool touch!

891 days old
pals09 February 2, 2019

i love the new blog redesign! i like being able to like blog posts and comments!

200 days old
FlatOutGamer February 2, 2019

The new blog design is better because it makes it easier to find what you are looking for, and is easier to access blog posts than before.

211 days old
ZaraHart February 2, 2019

It’s A pretty cool design!!

468 days old
derpymangoes February 2, 2019

I love how the new redesign is so organized and includes a penguin’s in-game profile picture every time they comment on the blog! And I also think the redesign is more practical. Having to log in to like/post comments provides a level of security, and it improves the blog’s overall online safety.

850 days old
Muffin83329 February 2, 2019

The new design is amazing i love the thought and effort put into this design I hope everyone have a great day and I hope we all waddle on now!

440 days old
genius1998 February 2, 2019

Being involved with the new community makes things lots of fun. If this really is a redesign of the old, it looks fantastic! Can’t wait to keep playing more of CP Rewritten! Waddle on!

234 days old
SnickersTwix February 2, 2019

I think it’s definitely great for our community. It gives off a better vibe, and inspires penguins to read more posts! I also feel it is cleaner and neater. Great for everyone! All in all, it really gives off a positive effect for all around our island!

236 days old
P2913589 February 2, 2019

It’s cool

872 days old
Static February 2, 2019

I really like how we can like different posts or comments! It’s also cool to log in so you can see people’s outfits!

629 days old
Bojos35 February 2, 2019

I very much like the new design and I hope it stays for a while!

199 days old
may0Jr February 2, 2019

i love he design more than the old one!!!

873 days old
Mariofan February 2, 2019

I love the new design! The fact that it now shows what our penguin wears is lovely. It seems more comfortable to me. Can’t wait for the new changes!

415 days old
STARPOWERB February 2, 2019

My thought on the new blog is that it’s way easier to see what’s coming up in the future and it looks way better I think the new blog was a great thing !!!

867 days old
WaterFlame90 February 2, 2019

I do actually like the blog redesign! It’s so cool it can actually be part of the game and remove the old one!

672 days old
jay754 February 2, 2019

I like it alot it gives it a more user friendly interface and it reminds me of the original club penguins one ;D

296 days old
Artistikko30 February 2, 2019

I think the redesign is amazing!!!!!

736 days old
Po1are 3.0 February 2, 2019

You actually made a mistake, today is February 1st, but in the next 3 hours and 40 minutes, it will be February 2nd. Again, nice and awesome blog redesign! I also love the catalog redesign! Great work, Team Club Penguin Rewritten! Team Club Penguin Rewritten forever!!! πŸ˜€

288 days old
Katie101a February 2, 2019

I love it! I think its cool to see the age of players, and the penguin poll is fun and interactive. I feel it is so much easier to get around from seeing news to seeing fan art really amazing! Also the liking feature when you click on the news is cool and the reply/like is nice.

675 days old
greeny870 February 2, 2019

I really like the new blog page. It really makes people not act like somebody they not. It would also be cool if us players could have fan pages.

275 days old
P2714920 February 2, 2019

It is super cool i really like it . But i want the puffle shop to come back now.

622 days old
MysticBoomYt February 2, 2019

Looks more clean, And better with the color theme club penguin is going for.

2746 days old
Greenux February 2, 2019

Honestly, this redesign is probably one of the best things that ever happened to CPR. Don’t know about others, but this community page got me to the community once again, all the pages are now so much organized and modern!

732 days old
HarrisonFw1 February 2, 2019

I did like the old design because in my opinion it was easier to navigate and also I liked the suspense when seeing who would be the new Penguin Of The Week because the text just so happens to cut off at the right moment so the name of the player was not loaded and would give me a small sense of joy

242 days old
Not Rayner February 2, 2019

Its definitely more visually impressive, but I’m just glad to see penguin polls again. Always found them interesting, for some odd reason. And getting to see player card images on comments looks really good too. Seems like it all took quite some effort!

473 days old
Thinger February 2, 2019

I do actually like the blog redesign! It’s one of the most AMAZING ones I had ever seen!

415 days old
STARPOWERB February 2, 2019


824 days old
GamerBoy617 February 1, 2019

I love the new design! It looks so much nicer than the old one!

246 days old
Randomboy481 February 1, 2019

I honestly like the new blog design, it’s more comfortable and organized. I also hated if other people used your username and said bad stuff you wouldn’t say. I like now that you have to log in to make sure it’s actually you. P.S. this new blog design is a lot more cleaner and organized.

256 days old
Delterus February 1, 2019

The new design is sensational!

866 days old
belinha8615 February 1, 2019

I definitely loved it because a renewal is always welcome and it is a good option, in which case I am grateful to accompany and join the community of CPR progress! Waddle On!

599 days old
FireSanti February 1, 2019

This new blog gives a fresh, and modern style that looks pretty cool! and i like the Penguin Poll feature, because its cool to see that the penguins have the same decision as you! In my opinion, this is the BEST blog redesign ive ever seen!

801 days old
Robertj15 February 1, 2019


718 days old
Scrongus February 1, 2019

I love it! My most favorite part is the Penguin Poll!

912 days old
Perapin February 1, 2019

I love how we can “login to comment” now and see our outfits in the comments. The “login to comment” text looks nicely bold and classic with that font.

I don’t like the infinite scrolling for blog posts (absent Load more button), the navigation disappearing on desktop, and the disregard for IE.

918 days old
Flippy February 1, 2019

Thanks for your feedback, sadly there’s only so little we can do on Internet Explorer, due to it not being up to date with the latest web standards, that this website requires. The main functionality should be working on the newest version of IE though.

912 days old
Perapin February 1, 2019

That’s understandable. I’m just used to the older HTML/CSS layouts that work with IE11, but I can see how the new standards may be faster or easier to develop and work with.

I hope the other issues can be resolved though! Overall a good improvement, especially for the comment section!

337 days old
Jerlocks February 1, 2019

I LOVE THE NEW BLOG DESIGN! It looks so fresh and new. Its easy to navigate and I have no trouble finding my favourite blog posts!

744 days old
Yavuztalimci February 1, 2019

That looks really amazing. It must have took a lot of work to do that! I would also say that the new design looks classy and skillful! It can make all of us be impressed with the new design. You guys make the best blog looks ever! It can also greet new people who come here!

317 days old
Chocorange February 1, 2019

Great new format of the blog! Very easy to use and interact with others in the comments. Plus the polls will help improve the CPR experience and make the community even better. Well done team!

595 days old
Applebox February 1, 2019

The new blog design is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It’s so simple yet so complex. You can discover a lot and interact with the community which creates a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. It’s amazing!

745 days old
Superivy4 February 1, 2019

I like it, its really fancy! I really like how it shows ages of penguins for brag rights and what ur penguin looks like! Flippys designs are always so cool!

320 days old
GirlsAloud4 February 1, 2019

I LOVE the new blog redesign! Its so simple yet stylish and you can find everything easily! I also love taking part in the polls <3 Its also really nice how you can see who wrote what.

601 days old
dillan172 February 1, 2019

I think that it’s a very good improvement however I should change what I look like as some reason I’m a pookie

850 days old
Ant Penguine February 1, 2019

I love the new blog design! Feels almost like a new sort of social media as you’re able to log in with your actual penguin, comment and like posts. It even shows your avatar and age!