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February Deep Thoughts…

By Stu on February 6, 2019

Hi Penguins,


We recently released a new Penguin Style over at the Gift Shop to start our next month with some fresh things to dive right into, take a look at the cover for it!



The Penguin Style is filled with new gear to go deep into the ocean and explore all types of new underwater finds. You’ll be needing some scuba gear for what’s to come this month as it’s a whole lot to look forward to, we have so much planned and it’s really tempting to share so much with you all but unfortunately, my beak is shut for now.


What do you think February has in store for you? Let us know down in the comments below!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


744 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

I remember the Underwater Expedition from the original Club Penguin! It’s been about a decade since I last saw it, so welcome to memory lane?

755 days old
megypegy February 13, 2019

ooo I think this party will be awesome!

221 days old
Table673 February 11, 2019

Are you guys going to have a Valentines party or not? I hope you will

707 days old
Nadia2 February 10, 2019

Lots of parties! That’s for sure!

480 days old
Lelunu February 8, 2019

I can’t wait for the new parties this month!!

663 days old
Cutpuke February 8, 2019

Nice! Although I do not come on any often..

183 days old
Space472 February 7, 2019

I like how you asked us to comment what we think is coming up even tho on the home page it tells us what party is coming. Also we need a duck floaty for this event!

768 days old
Syth February 7, 2019

Man I’m Excited For This Party!

615 days old
Josh1734 February 7, 2019

I’m so excited!

92 days old
johnwicks February 7, 2019

Just wondering, how do you get a wearable suit for your penguin?

298 days old
STARPOWERB February 8, 2019

Good question so you go play a game I would recommend cart surfer or dance contest then when you earn enough coins go to the gift shop and buy the items you want plus there’s secret items!!!

690 days old
polarized February 7, 2019

I thought it was just global warming happening on the island :pensive:

643 days old
Maripink007 February 7, 2019

I can’t wait the Underwater Expedition to come!

183 days old
Space472 February 7, 2019

I has a question. Are we going to have the star wars party and/or the Disney takeover parties, or is that not possible due to legal issues and copyright claims? Saying now sounds like a stupid thing to ask, but I am wondering if there is any possible way this might happen.
Boom. Deep Question.

588 days old
pigpooh February 7, 2019

Time to make a early Summer SPLASH! 😀

17434 days old
stu February 7, 2019


663 days old
Cutpuke February 8, 2019


588 days old
pigpooh February 8, 2019

that splash was weak TRY HARDER!

744 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019


Is this a better splash?

744 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

Yeah… maybe a BIGGER splash?

700 days old
shrieky4 February 7, 2019


140 days old
Tennus253 February 7, 2019

really hoping i can get the ducky floatie. i want one more than anything

208 days old
Krongus509 February 7, 2019


17434 days old
stu February 7, 2019

But the real question… what colour?

754 days old
Matty1000 February 7, 2019

all of the colours

171 days old
Katie101a February 7, 2019

Yes! There so cute!

298 days old
STARPOWERB February 7, 2019

surprises are the best!!!

788 days old
Beast February 7, 2019


1148 days old
santi1345 February 7, 2019

i cant wait for it!!

504 days old
shadowfight February 7, 2019

I’m not sure what other things are going to happen but all I know is that I am super excited for The Anniversary Party and Expedition! I also really hope I can meet Aunt Arctic and Rookie and don’t miss them again.

3227 days old
Matanui 2020 February 7, 2019

i know for a fact the anniversary party.
Probably the water party as everyone else is saying and based off the catalog.

17434 days old
stu February 7, 2019

The anniversary party is one of the events, yup!

707 days old
GamerBoy617 February 7, 2019

If we are going to need scuba gear, this month’s party is obviously gonna be the festival of flight.

754 days old
Oliver1235 February 7, 2019

The likely possibility of the Underwater Expedition, EPF interaction and an Anniversary Party all in unison?
Seems like 2019 is already starting with a splash! (imsorry)

Jokes aside though, I think I’ll be able to join you guys under the sea without the need for scuba gear… 🐟

361 days old
iboypenguin February 7, 2019

Your all saying underwater expedition when its obliviously a Ocean man takeover😐

17434 days old
stu February 7, 2019


579 days old
HamilDog February 7, 2019

take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand
Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip
Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand
Soaking up the thirst of the land
Ocean man, can you see through the wonder of amazement at the open land.

183 days old
Space472 February 7, 2019

I literally don’t care what the next party is. (it’s the underwater expedition tho) I just want new or exclusive items! CPR always does good with the items!

98 days old
Ninja5012 February 6, 2019

Me think:

#1. Underwater Party is coming to C.P.R.

#2. Speaking of da water, this could mean Card-Jitsu water is coming

#3. Possible new Underwater Villan for EPF to stop.

733 days old
jelly1 February 7, 2019

#1. True.
#2. Later this year.
#3. Probably no.

744 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

Worth a shot, right?

592 days old
Iceland3 February 6, 2019

I can’t wait for the next party like Pinkowlcat said I think it is going to be the underwater one as well! I am so excited! Thanks so much for making CPRewritten fun!!!

77 days old
Dog543gt February 6, 2019

Okay so this has nothing to do with the post but, am I able to play this game on an iPad? I use to play club penguin all the time and wanted to check this out.

707 days old
GamerBoy617 February 7, 2019

You can play it on iPad if you download Puffin Web Browser from the App Store.

351 days old
derpymangoes February 6, 2019

Can’t wait for the Underwater Expedition Party, but knowing that Rookie accidently dumped a bunch of cream soda into the Soda Seas has me a little worried considering he’s in charge of this month’s water festivities…

129 days old
Randomboy481 February 6, 2019

So in March 2017 we had the Mountain Expedition, and you had to pick up certain stuff on the way to the top. So I bet that this March 2019 we will have a Underwater Expedition. But then again, this is just a thing I think might happen in the future. Also catalog is bringing some 2009 from me.

638 days old
progamer1234 February 6, 2019

i wonder what has Herbert been doing all this time 🤔

17434 days old
stu February 7, 2019

Really makes you think…

538 days old
LoneWolf1256 February 6, 2019

Opposed to the catalog, I think were getting an EPF/PSA Party/ Mission, or maybe a water themed Operation. Who Knows?

638 days old
progamer1234 February 6, 2019

or what browser the team use?

638 days old
progamer1234 February 6, 2019

stu, 1 question: what browser u use? For example: fire fox, chrome, etc

615 days old
HarrisonFw1 February 6, 2019

Woah! look at that password,no-one is breaking into Stu’s account ANY time soon haha,
but also really exited for the underwater expedition.Lets hope Rookie doesn’t go too overboard with the anvils!

628 days old
Cheetos8474 February 6, 2019

I think it’s the Underwater Expedition! I actually never played this event in the original Club Penguin, so it’s gonna be epic!

124 days old
dgamer625 February 6, 2019

I’m so eager to log onto Club Penguin Rewritten and do the Underwater Expedition! I really can’t wait for this, stu! Great job!

231 days old
pingu97803 February 6, 2019

I’m guessing there will be three things. The 2nd anniversary, and either a submarine party, a water party or an underwater expedition. Whatever there is, it will be fun and lots of mascots to meet. You probably know my ongoing thing with the comments now. Reply if you do. waddle on!

83 days old
BasicallyImP February 6, 2019

lets DIVE right into this! ha ha ha feels bad man

579 days old
Pingu Noots February 6, 2019

Okay, this is epic

350 days old
pencil988 February 6, 2019

wow im never seen this type of catalog before, it’s going to be interesting!

627 days old
Yavuztalimci February 6, 2019

With the water clothes in the catalog, I can tell it’s going to be an Underwater Expedition. Because in the original CP, January 2012 had a party which is underwater expedition and the west side of the island was starting to sink. There were videos and photos of them during the time.

233 days old
Pinkowlcat February 6, 2019

I’m betting its the underwater expedition! I remember that party from the original club penguin as a great party and also when I got my membership! But here on Club Penguin Rewritten, I can get both for free!! =D

17434 days old
stu February 6, 2019

That’s awesome to hear. I enjoy hearing stories of classic Club Penguin in relation to Rewritten. Thanks for sharing.

672 days old
Harrypopins1 February 6, 2019

What ever we will find in the Underwater Expedition party, the most imporatent thing in our snowy island we already found..
COOL and Lovely community!

17434 days old
stu February 6, 2019

A lot of exciting things to discover this year, who knows?!

652 days old
Dan Agent February 6, 2019

Tonally right, sister!

554 days old
Mackeymoo5 February 6, 2019

Hmmmmmm…. I wonder if there will be a *cough cough* water expedition *cough cough* this month

646 days old
Iads February 6, 2019

Catalog is great. Cant wait for the next party. Very Excited!

17434 days old
stu February 6, 2019

Can’t wait to share with you what’s in store for you all.

712 days old
Majestic23 February 8, 2019

(what is the next party going to be tho?)

3246 days old
Halopona February 6, 2019

Super excited for this month! I just know the Anniversary Party along with the Underwater themed party will be amazing!

626 days old
DomiDsLP February 6, 2019

From what all hints say, it’s very likely for a Water themed Party and the finish of the EPF Rebuilt!

181 days old
samwhite73 February 7, 2019

so the new custom missions will be coming with the water party

83 days old
Venusian February 6, 2019

Let’s dive right into it, eh?

17434 days old
stu February 6, 2019

Grab your diving gear!

181 days old
samwhite73 February 7, 2019

stu will the epf be done when the water party starts

310 days old
Penguinbobi1 February 6, 2019

Considering the fact that Rookie mentioned an expedition, and that the new catalog is all about diving, I bet it’s the underwater expedition that will come after the 2nd anniversary.

777 days old
Splosh Jnr February 6, 2019

Please be the Underwater Expedition, Please be the Underwater Expedition!

17434 days old
stu February 6, 2019


220 days old
Jerlocks February 6, 2019

The catalog looks great. Thanks for the black glasses. I bet all my coins that the next party (after the anniversary) is the Underwater Expedition!

722 days old
AleCP February 6, 2019

hopefully will be underwater expedition party

171 days old
Katie101a February 6, 2019

I’m not sure, maybe the underwater expedition or a beach party. Either way CPR is going to make a amazing party!

341 days old
CyanWolf8479 February 6, 2019

I’m guessing its going to be the underwater expedition from the original CP. I can’t wait to see the big reveal!

669 days old
Mr Freeze1 February 6, 2019

Really excited for the new party!

298 days old
STARPOWERB February 6, 2019

I think it the party will be great doesn’t matter what it is it will be AWESOME!!!!

772 days old
Sn2ckerspup February 6, 2019

For me no doubt that this month the “Underwater Expedition” will arrive!
I am excited for this party to come and also because there is very little left for the anniversary of the game! 😀

83 days old
Grate February 6, 2019

February has, well of course the anniversary coming up, but I’m
mostly looking forward to (hopefully) meeting a red stamp mascot!
I am also hyped about the Water Expedition, maybe the
“Go Swimming” stamp will also be revealed?

754 days old
AlwaysRM_ February 6, 2019

The stamp is already in use.
You nees to dance with an rubber Duck (Special dance, swimming) in the water at the Cove, Pool or ect
Currently none of the rubber ducks are optaineble.
Just wait until you can get one again and ya can earn the stamp.

96 days old
GOTTOMUCH February 6, 2019

I think its gonna be litt!!!!

593 days old
navashark February 6, 2019

sounds cool i dont need to fill my water tank on my back anymore during this event!

482 days old
FireSanti February 6, 2019

A very cool Underwater Party!

579 days old
HamilDog February 6, 2019

I think It’s an underwater expedition party… I think this because there already has been a regular expedition party but there hasn’t been an underwater expedition party.

282 days old
Yuouse February 6, 2019

It’s wonderful but I thought the whole catalog was going to change and it was a bit bummer for me to find out that there are only 7 pages of new items. Hope to see more items to buy soon!

340 days old
Max0955 February 6, 2019

Cant wait for the party to come!!

668 days old
DespicableMe February 6, 2019

I thinks it’s going to be Underwaterr Expedition I like that party

Joee February 6, 2019

I wonder what’s coming 😉

112 days old
Braidwolf February 6, 2019

I hope this February we find some mermaid penguins swimming about

628 days old
Superivy4 February 6, 2019

I think February has the underwater expedition from original cp, which was the fourth expedition mission. I can’t wait to do it and if im right see the lighthouse sink!!

712 days old
Majestic23 February 6, 2019

Woah – I have no idea of what February holds for me. It could be anything! Perhaps I’ll learn to dive or perhaps I’ll discover my true self. Who knows? But then again, the greatest changes in people’s lives happened when they didn’t expect it. Maybe – just maybe – this February could change my life.

712 days old
Majestic23 February 8, 2019

Now that I think about it (I don’t really think this February will change my life hehe). But anyhow I ate a cupcake yesterday and that was a pretty life-changing event of February – so does that count?

605 days old
epicGUY February 6, 2019

Nice, I really like the new items!

17434 days old
stu February 6, 2019

Thanks for checking them out, love the outfit!

298 days old
STARPOWERB February 7, 2019

Hey, Stu regards to the party your team always pick the best parties and i love seeing old parties from my childhood brings back sweet memories!!!

749 days old
belinha8615 February 6, 2019

Probably an underwater expedition and I’m already looking forward to “going back in time” and reminiscing this fanciful partyProbably an underwater expedition and I’m already looking forward to “going back in time” and reminiscing this fanciful party!!! 😆😆🌊🐚

17434 days old
stu February 6, 2019

It’s what Club Penguin Rewritten is all about, giving players a chance to look back at their childhood and experience those enjoyable memories once more.

482 days old
FireSanti February 6, 2019

Thats cute

110 days old
Lufis2000 February 6, 2019

it’s nice to have a warm weather catalogue in such a frosty time of the year. i think in february, we’re gonna get some kind of underwater expedition party (according to rookie) but i think it might also have a few epf-related things in the works, given the recent hints. it’ll be an eventful month!

17434 days old
stu February 6, 2019

Good thoughts. Love the EPF idea, who doesn’t love the EPF, right? Keep it on the low though.

181 days old
samwhite73 February 7, 2019

when is the epf finished

79 days old
snowball405 February 8, 2019