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Reviewed by You: Anniversary Memories

By Lataus on February 9, 2019

Hi Penguins,


To continue the Anniversary celebrations, here’s Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all what you thought of the new What’s New Blog redesign. From that, we’ve now selected out two penguins. The first penguin we selected was Harrypopins1, who said:


“The design is… hm…Oh! AMAZING!
Its reminds me good times from the original game, feels like the game is acually alive such as in the past. Modern and Nostalgic together and then… BHAAAM! Just beautiful.”


Awesome, we think the design is amazing too! We’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying it, especially since you’ve given a liking to the modern and nostalgic elements. The other response comes from the penguin Weeem, who said:


“I love the look of the new penguin blog! It is so much easier to interact with the community and I really love that. It’s much easier to have a voice with the community and be able to chat with others outside of the game! It makes me feel very connected. The color palette is also very refreshing!”


The new design has given the community more control over the blog; that’s just what we’ve done. We’re glad to hear you enjoy the like feature. Also, we completely agree about the color palette choices! It blends it all together, giving a nice mix.


Thanks Harrypopins1 and Weeem! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



Did you know that Club Penguin Rewritten is soon turning 2 years old? The anniversary vibes has already hit the island, so feel free to go ahead and check it out! Meanwhile, in celebration of the anniversary, we’ve got a new question for you. Our question is: In our second year, what parties and events did you enjoy most on the island with your buddies?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1052 days old
objectshow February 14, 2019

my greatest memories is getting here its been such i ride and not a bumpy one a really soothing ride.

426 days old
Curtbert2 February 14, 2019

I remember meeting aunt arctic with my mom. I convinced her to make an account. Like 5 minutes in aunt arctic walked in the room.My mom had no clue who she was yet but still got the special background. That is just one funny memory from the few days i was on.

630 days old
stealth100 February 14, 2019

the party i enjoyed the most is probably the fair i mean it was great fun! i enjoyed all of the games you could play and rockhopper came too! (unfortunately i missed him) but oh well there is always a chance to meet a mascot on the island and also thank you cpr for bringing the happy vibes from me

1078 days old
Yadi246 February 14, 2019

I joined on April 24th 2017. My fav partys would prob be the medieval party and the water party! It was very memorable and I made a lot of new friends there. CPR has been a journey over the years and I’m excited for what the future holds next! Waddle on.

1126 days old
Splosh Jnr February 13, 2019

I put this reviewed by you off for so long because I honestly couldn’t decide, but I’m thinking the Adventure Party. I love pirates and it’s always cool seeing them in game, especially in the ‘Ship Battle’ room! I even got a crew to sail all the way to shipwreck island and back… twice!

652 days old
Carosene February 12, 2019

Thank you CPR for everything! I haven’t been here for a super long time but I’ve already made so many good friends and memories. <3

783 days old
IamWatching February 12, 2019

I would have to say when the medieval party cam back for another year. I loved fighting the dragons again and defeating Scorn. The free items were like ‘checkpoints’ along your way (I love nearly anything that is free) and the great overall atmosphere (I was still using the word ‘ye’ a week later).

493 days old
BLURRYBE4K February 12, 2019

My favorite memory is when i would wait with others for the catalog!all we talked about was how we wouldn’t have anymore coins after!i also met someone who loves the same band as me! the other stuff is classified. i also love the Christmas event, but i am excited for Halloween! I love CPR!Waddle On!

493 days old
BLURRYBE4K February 12, 2019

My favorite memory is when I would wait with other penguins for the catalog! we would talk about not having anymore coins after the catalog.Also when I was just going to shop, i met up with someone who loves the same band as me!all we did was talk about the band! i love CPR too MUCH! Waddle on!

987 days old
progamer1234 February 12, 2019

all of them, thank you

1068 days old
1DGirl109 February 11, 2019

My favourite memory about joining CPR is meeting Flippy and being friended by her, hope we can see each other again on CPR, Flippy! Love hanging out with you, Hagrid and everyone else on Pengur when it comes back. ☺️😊🧑

917 days old
berryred February 11, 2019

the halloween party! everyone was dressed up, it was fun seeing everyone’s costumes, and expressions from those scary ghosts!

1112 days old
Spike Field February 11, 2019

i loved it when during the april fools party everything was boxes
it was so epic

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

And to think, I almost missed that one! Thankfully I got a box dimension portal there because I really like visiting the Box Dimension.

570 days old
Table673 February 11, 2019

It’s really hard to answer since all the CPR parties are amazing but the Card-Jitsu Fire one has got to be my favourite since Card-Jitsu is really nostalgic for me and is my favourite CP/CPR mini game. Please add snow and water as well.

Welp that’s all, Waddle on!

426 days old
Wafflecat10 February 11, 2019

Well to me that is an impossible question to answer! They were all equally as good and awesome. I had a fun time those parties with my friends. I think that everyone enjoyed this as much as I did!

903 days old
Mackeymoo5 February 11, 2019

I like the prehistoric party the most.

4715 days old
Hunter February 11, 2019

Ugh! It’s so hard to choose because we had many great parties and events in our second year. But the one I enjoyed the most was the Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper’s Quest because of my friends, and I get to help out Rockhopper’s Quest. Also, we get to explore the islands and the old Viking Hall.

1113 days old
Atahan2007 February 11, 2019

My favourite parties are St Patrick 2017, Water Party 2017, Penguin Awards 2018, Adventure Party 2018 and Halloween Party 2018. They were so wonderfull! Also i really loved almost all meetups from 2018. They were amazing and full with unforgetable memories <3

1113 days old
Atahan2007 February 11, 2019

My favourite parties are St patrick 2017, Water Party 2017, Penguin Awards 2018, Adventure Party 2018 and Halloween 2018. Thew were amazing events also 2018’s meetups were unforgetable amazing times full of memories.

975 days old
ToonKid4 February 11, 2019

Favorite memory? Well, joining CPR and meeting all you amazing penguins!

535 days old
Mariasinaa February 11, 2019

I started playing around the end of last year, so I missed many parties, but I think my favorite are the christmas ones. Even though all the events are fun, the christmas parties have a special pleace in my heart, and donating for coins for change is always a cool experience as well.

1111 days old
ChrisCPI February 11, 2019

On a unrelated topic… Could you maybe release the Camp Penguin party on the island later this year? It would be an awesome throwback and even though I never got to experience it, I would luv to try it! Like if you think that they should release this!

494 days old
jademoon225 February 11, 2019

im so happy that cpr is here but im also sad that i missed operation blackout and all the other parties…. i so sad that i missed so much πŸ™ πŸ™
happy birthday cpr!!!!
– jademoon225

1149 days old
supbro February 11, 2019

The medieval party!

481 days old
CheesyPuff25 February 11, 2019

I feel like the Coins for a Change was the best party. Not only did we have fun on Rockhopper’s ship, we help penguins in need around the globe. The games were fun, but that Christmas party definitely showed the true meaning of Christmas: giving.

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

I think those were the best too, especially back in the Original Club Penguin because I couldn’t get a membership there beyond a week. Coins for Change is the one party I still have reason to splurge like no tomorrow because I can always earn coins again for next year.

980 days old
CherrySakura February 11, 2019

I loved the Halloween and Christmas parties last year! Exploring the ghostly mansion, checking out people’s spooky igloos, donating towards CFC and the community prizes, and visiting all the holiday decorations were some of my favorite memories. Let’s make even more memories this year too! πŸ™‚

1102 days old
Toter4 February 11, 2019

Personally I liked the Halloween party very much because I just love the pumpkin heads, its like I’m a completely different penguin when I pop one of those on. I’m in a dancing mood, louder, and loving everything pumpkin. Can’t wait for next Halloween to pull that costume back out and have a ball.

432 days old
Venusian February 11, 2019

I haven’t been using this account long enough to really know any parties, except the second anniversary party! It’s truly awesome to see how far everyone has come with this game, flipping through the yearbook truly makes me proud.

851 days old
stuffedtacos February 11, 2019

I think that the game is a good throwback to the old club penguin that I loved I am also glad that you are starting to implement the other dojos to the game for the people that took the time to get the black belt feels more rewarding to spend more and more time on the game then it used to thanks CPR

1104 days old
Static February 11, 2019

Last year, the most memorable party for me was the island adventure party. Aside from being a combination of two of my favorite events, I had a blast going on adventures with my friends and exploring the island. The igloo contest held was really fun too!

432 days old
Nathroxx February 11, 2019

I meant to say Medieval party works very well on CPR Because of the AS2
and The medieval party is epic with the AS2 design

547 days old
kinkinkitten February 11, 2019

I loved all the parties, my favorite is the Halloween party! It was so cool, I loved everything about it. My favorite part of the party was being able to turn into a ghost, it was so cool to see everyone around the island as ghosts and it was nice to see penguins helping each other find the candy!

432 days old
Nathroxx February 11, 2019

I didn’t play CPR on may, But!
The medieval Party was epic! It’s just my reaction And I do not dislike the other parties and event they were epic too!
But I think the medieval party has it’s own Good Place on CPR
Because the old designs for the medieval party very well with CPR and CPR is using AS2

448 days old
SnowJaguar February 11, 2019

Lets get Card Jitsu Snow please!

855 days old
BolinNuktuk February 11, 2019

Winter fiesta was so nostalgic and lit. I love how people gathered together to form an epic conga line. I was able to join them as well. Also, Dance-a-Thon is my most favorite. I’m so happy that I get meet Cadence as well as dancing with her.
Happy B-Day CPR and Thank you so much.

423 days old
P3195209 February 11, 2019

Im not sure as I just started yesterday. But im loving it so far. I was so devastated when the original shut down and finding this site just made me so happy. I hope you keep up the good work and thank you for bringing back peoples childhoods.

1101 days old
luigisantino February 11, 2019

The April Fool’s Event is so creative in my opinion! I love the different dimensions and other treats this event has in store, can’t wait!

1075 days old
clubwombat February 11, 2019

my favorite party was pretty much every puffle party especially the music

507 days old
P2714920 February 11, 2019


538 days old
cotopaxi64 February 11, 2019

Honestly, I haven’t heard of Club Penguin until you guys popped in. I joined in October, but I can really say that I really loved Coins for Change. In December, the only reason I would mine for coins would be to donate. It feels so good.

488 days old
Sav02 February 11, 2019

My Favorite party this year had to be the Winter Fiesta! I got to meet a cool Mascot and I Got a bunch of really awesome items. But I also really loved the small little music thing from when the dance multiplayer was added in!

467 days old
Adria01010 February 10, 2019

It’s really hard to choose, as I’m relatively new to CPR but the Christmas party was wonderful, so that is probably my favorite. I love CPR parties!

– Adria01010

1101 days old
JDanger4123 February 10, 2019

The medieval party was amazing! I really enjoyed slaying a dragon and becoming a knight!

1082 days old
Muffin83329 February 10, 2019

All the parties on club penguin rewritten were amazing i can not pick a favorite! I just adore all the parties and events. The hardest part is meeting the mascots!

2588 days old
Ryan February 10, 2019

Most difficult questions to answer! Every party has something unique and, in my opinion, it’s the community who makes the party so nice. I really loved all of the parties and events that have occurred so far. I do have to admit that the Medieval Party was one of my favourite, so nostalgic!

1103 days old
RaymondG February 11, 2019

sorry for off topic but how are you 2167 says old?

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

Maybe because, moderator?

851 days old
stuffedtacos February 11, 2019

who you are a real og dude and also nice way of expressing your love to the community

2008 days old
Lovebacon56 February 10, 2019

jkskfjsdfks why is everyone wigless on the avatarss?? who sister snatched

463 days old
AndyDTNT February 10, 2019

I wasnt here for most of the second year, as I joined New Years Eve. The one I enjoyed the most so far has to be the Dance-a-thon, because I got to meet Cadence, who is the only mascot I have ever met, and because the Dance Contest is my favorite minigame, and it got a new mode from this party!

2008 days old
Lovebacon56 February 10, 2019

I enjoyed every party and event on the island, not only because of how amazing and fun they were, but because of the community that I celebrated them with. For the past 2 years, I’ve seen just how incredible this penguin family is, and I wouldn’t want to party with anyone else.

787 days old
Na0mi February 10, 2019

My favorite party was the Festival of Flight! It brought a new perspective to the game and really was a joy to experience. Not to mention that it only happened once! I will never forget that party and all the good times shared with it! Waddle on!

853 days old
shadowfight February 10, 2019

The second year of CPR was.. just amazing. Every month we were entertained with so many great parties, but my favorite was definitely the Card-Jitsu Fire party. Everyone was so excited to play the new game and I got to become a fire ninja! Not only that, but I met one of my favorite mascots, Sensei!

630 days old
tas45 February 10, 2019

Your making me choose my most favorite parties?? I honestly can’t choose! All of your parties were amazing! Its so fun because theirs new things each month! Its really great that each party theirs a different mascot! Thank you for all the games and parties we had this year!

447 days old
rayrabid February 10, 2019

I really loved rhe winter fieasta i made alot of new friends and played alot of minigames cant wait for it to happen again but it will always go on in mine and my new friends hearts

569 days old
Jerlocks February 10, 2019

I enjoyed the Fall Fair! There were so many prizes to get and the Coffee Shop booth was a great place to hang out with your buddies!

577 days old
jumejume55 February 10, 2019

All the parties were really great, but one of my favorites is probably the card-jistu fire party. I really enjoyed that ones scavenger hunt, and card-jitsu fire is really fun. It would also be cool if you guys could add water and snow in the future as well.

699 days old
pencil988 February 10, 2019

i enjoyed the halloween party! finding the treats were difficult but very worth it once i found all of them:).

906 days old
Little12z February 10, 2019

Hmmmm… I really liked the Halloween party because we became ghosts and i liked the Medieval party too! It was a great year!

513 days old
TruePhoenix February 10, 2019

I loved it when Rockhopper visited for Christmas and when we raised money for coins for change. It made it great to work together with all the other penguins to raise money for the different causes. The treasure hunt in Rockhopper’s ship was a favourite game of mine at the time. The nostalgia of it.

582 days old
Pinkowlcat February 10, 2019

I would have to day I enjoyed the fair the most – especially since its one of my favourite parties! Getting those community prizes and playing all those fun games certainly was a highlight of my year!

1114 days old
Pearl45365 February 10, 2019

One of the parties i enjoyed the most is the Penguin Play awards because it was my first awards show that i have ever been to and it was so much fun, i loved being on the red carpet and going backstage.

587 days old
Snoopy3909 February 10, 2019

My favorite party is the “Penguin Games” Because I liked the competitive aspect and the items you could get in the shop overall this event reminded me of the Wii “Club Penguin Game Day”

656 days old
fdfox February 10, 2019

My favorite party was the Music Jam Party. This was my first party on Club Penguin Rewritten and i enjoyed the festivities of the party.

950 days old
Scrongus February 10, 2019

My favorite parties on our second year were the fair! I always loved playing the game to earn prizes! My other favorite is the puffle party because how colorful it gets during the party!

428 days old
snowball405 February 10, 2019

where do you go to parties ?

1111 days old
ChrisCPI February 10, 2019

It’s hard to pick, but if I really had to pick one, it would have to be the Medieval Party… both of them! They were both really fun, battling Scorn the Dragon Kingβ„’ and The Hydras, I really hope we get another one this year!! Waddle On!

562 days old
Mavi045 February 10, 2019

I’ve always loved the Christmas party! Everyone working together to earn coins for Coins for Change really brought the community together. Plus the nostalgia! It’s my favorite party by far.

445 days old
menace08 February 10, 2019

Well my other account sobeano123 liked the music jam and water party and penguin play awards!

557 days old
Shauna Fan February 10, 2019

In all, I believe my favourite part of 2018 was the discovery of Card-Jitsu fire. It was so tense, waiting for the big event, and although I missed the volcano awakening, I did all the rest! The cloud wave bracers, the scavenger hunt, the amulet building, it was awesome! You guys did a great job. SF

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 15, 2019

That reminds me, I need to hurry and earn the rest of my belts (at the time of writing this comment I’m a blue, almost red belt) so I can finally become a ninja and see the hideout.

873 days old
LB Wingman February 10, 2019

The hottest event of the year was definitely Card Jitsu Fire. We were lit with a blazing heart and we had a burning desire to continue our ninja journey and to tame the flame. Every ninja was fired up and wanted to earn that red-hot fire ninja suit. Looking forward to CJ Water, it will be a splash!!

1082 days old
jelly1 February 10, 2019

excuse me but how do i turn the wallpapers on to my desktop

1061 days old
Majestic23 February 10, 2019

WOW! Out of so many FABULOUS events, how can I choose just 1 to declare as my all-time favorite party? Nevertheless, my favorite party must either be the Fall Fair or the Christmas party. Both were exciting, superbly decorated parties with spirited games and catalogs! I’ll never forget either one!

422 days old
Ilovedogsboy February 10, 2019

I love dogs and my YT is Minecraft_kid197 plz sub

426 days old
Curtbert2 February 10, 2019

im a new player not even 1 week old so im just excited for the future

670 days old
icecream2252 February 10, 2019

I loved the Fair but I really fell in love with the Halloween Party! All the rooms on CPR was decorated so nicely and was a party that I always looked forward to every year in the OG CP. Plus seeing all the different costumes everyone was wearing was really fun.

439 days old
Richteray101 February 10, 2019

Wow… Club penguin has been here for this long?
Never new that till now. I have 2 old accounts, but I am using this one right now. I remember playing when CPR was a year and 3 quarters! The game has grown a lot since then, And I hope it continues growing forever! Also, Paint by Letters is back πŸ™‚

977 days old
Superivy4 February 10, 2019

I liked the midevil party and the fall fair, i liked midevil because of all the role playing and the dragons, i liked the fair because theres so many more minigames. Nothing like a good round of puffle paddle. But all parties here are super fun!

1100 days old
Sparkles1337 February 10, 2019

I joined CPR in April of 2017. My first party was the April fools party. In the second year, my favorite parties were the Medieval party and the Dance A-Thon. I get really excited for parties, and I like to play CPR more since it’s more fun.

953 days old
CatStar333 February 14, 2019

My fav party was Medieval too!

649 days old
TrishyPaytas February 10, 2019

def the medieval party πŸ‘Œ

900 days old
Garnet1200 February 10, 2019

I’d say the Medieval and Halloween parties were probably my favorite ones from this year. I was able to hang out with friends a lot and do many different roleplays and other fun and memorable activities during these.

1018 days old
HelloGoodSir February 10, 2019

Hmmm…it’s sort of hard to decide which parties I enjoyed most this year. I think I enjoyed The Fall Fair and The Medieval Party. Though, my favorite part of CPR is when I first joined, back in June, 2017. I didn’t know anything about CP/CPR at the time, which makes it even better!

843 days old
viking plush February 10, 2019


499 days old
Dhiren Houck February 10, 2019

I joined the game late into the second year, but I still saw a few events! I always like the Coins-for-Change event, but I think I loved the Dance-a-thon the most! It gave us the opportunity to play multiplayer, and I love that option! (Now if I can just get an A on the harder levels!)

710 days old
iboypenguin February 10, 2019

I joined April 27 2018 so i haven’t seen much party’s yet but my favorite one was probably the Christmas party 2018 it was such a wonderful time of the year Everyones buddies sending postcards/gifts was amazing!

928 days old
Pingu Noots February 10, 2019

This last year I found myself really enjoying the Christmas Party for 2018. Exploring all the beautifully decorated aspects of the island really got me in the holiday spirit. Not only that but encouraging my buddies to donate to Coins for Change was enjoyable. Meeting Rockhopper was a blast as well!

478 days old
Randomboy481 February 9, 2019

The Parties that I enjoyed last year were two of my personal favorites. I liked the Christmas Party cause of how the whole island got ready for St.Nick’s arrival. another one of my favorites was Dance-A-Thon. Many people got to celebrate with Dance Contest and meeting Cadence too along the event.

3576 days old
Matanui 2020 February 9, 2019

Joined all the way back in march 2017, so been here pretty much since the start.
my favorite parties were
The island adventure party because i have always loved that party, the 2010 one was my first cp party ever!
I loved rp’ing as a pirate with others as we went on our adventure.

444 days old
Andrew07 February 9, 2019

hey had so much fun meeting aunt arctic today!

1111 days old
ChrisCPI February 10, 2019


646 days old
Serpior 625 February 10, 2019

Aunt Artic visited? Ooffff

1071 days old
AleCP February 9, 2019

i joined may 2017 my favorite party for 2018 is the fair, music jam and halloween party i loved so much beacuse they re very good my favourite party for 2017 is operation blackout becaus i liked so much

466 days old
SnickersTwix February 9, 2019

My favorite part was, simply playing the game. It’s been so long since I last played the true Club Penguin. I was playing Club Penguin Island, but it shut down. It was actually a great opportunity for me to reconnect with the game I’ve loved for so many years! Thank you for saving Club Penguin!

705 days old
Thinger February 9, 2019

I joined in August (or September) and I was in the Red VS Blue event. I had so much fun, where we got to outrun our buddies and slay the red team! GO, BLUE TEAM! I also loved the Halloween party, it ended October with a blast! It was so much fun when I was at the fair, too. So many choices!

705 days old
Thinger February 9, 2019

P.S. I hope this year is as good as this year, also can you bring back the April Fools Party? Thx and your welcome πŸ˜€

1137 days old
Beast February 9, 2019

I joined back in Feburary 25th 2017 a week after the opening of CPR. My Favorite party had to be Operation blackout, Although I didnt meet Herbert During the party It was still an Amazing party. This game is the best to make my childhood again. Thank you stu, Hagrid, Thorn, and Joe , The best people

463 days old
Steve1632 February 9, 2019

the best part is missing every single mascot. seriously. Really is fun trying to track em down and missing em anyways.

873 days old
LB Wingman February 10, 2019

I feel your pain, I too have missed them all. On the other hand, there are a lot of friendly, diverse and great penguins who play this game. These penguins are more valuable than any mascot imo. Mascots visits are nice, but too many people swarm and talk and surround the mascots, and its a mess.

445 days old
menace08 February 9, 2019

ah.. the good old days i joined on april 2017! its so great to see this game remasters Club Penguin!

531 days old
Aragorn35 February 9, 2019

i joined in october last year but my favorite party it has to be my first aka the halloween party it was so much fun even if i didnt get to meet gary it was still awesome seeing the game again with membership it was amazing i loved turning into a ghost BOO well thats all i have to say bye

458 days old
Meowyjoey124 February 9, 2019

I like coins for change because it is helping people in real life!

510 days old
mgirl2019 February 9, 2019

My favorite part of this last year was discovering this community! I found CPR in the fall during my first semester of college, and the nostalgia of playing club penguin again was wonderful. Keep making awesome stuff and I look forward to the year ahead for CPR!

473 days old
Giggy13011 February 9, 2019

Since i just started playing i would have to say Christmas Party! It was really fun waddling around, going on rockhopper’s ship, and watching the lighthouse fill up with coins. But if I joined a bit earlier, I would say the Halloween party. Because of all the beautiful decorations, and fun games.

529 days old
Tyler83530 February 9, 2019

Easily doing the Haunted Mansion maze for Halloween! Although getting to play Card Jitzu Fire was amazing! It’s so fun for me to finally be able to do things I never was able to on old Club Penguin.

528 days old
Artistikko30 February 9, 2019

My favorite party was the winter fiesta! There was a lot of dancing and partying, and the congas were really cool too! My favorite part of it was the Casa Fiesta because I really met a lot of friends there while dancing. That party was also the first time a met a mascot!

1001 days old
Dan Agent February 9, 2019

The Medival Party and Mountain Expedition party!
The meaning of these parties are not just fun, they teach me that only with good friends (and sisters!) we will be able to go far away and succeed to get over our challenges and fears such as with King Dragon and to go up to the top of the mountain.

452 days old
stamppenguin February 9, 2019

Can there be a second color vote? I love getting new colors! Maybe this time you can do dark red vs maroon vs jet black. That would be cool!

1056 days old
GamerBoy617 February 9, 2019

My favorite party last year was the Medieval Party because there was so much for everyone to do. There was the knight’s quest and the battle with Scorn. I also got to meet DJ Maxx during the Winter Fiesta!

461 days old
Braidwolf February 9, 2019

now its time to sit here and wait for the next anniversary

433 days old
Narutointeli February 9, 2019

The halloween party. I loved it very good. Congratulations, you are very good at making an old club penguin.

787 days old
Shy Suzy February 9, 2019

I LOVED the Halloween Party! Nearly every room on the island was decorated and there were so many fun activities to participate in. My favorite part was doing the candy scavenger hunt, and when I found all the candy I helped lots of other penguins find candy they didn’t have yet, which was also fun.

473 days old
dgamer625 February 9, 2019

Man, This article is bringing back memories from the Christmas Party, Halloween Party, and more. I liked the Halloween Party and the Christmas one. In the Halloween one you can go inside a haunted house. And you can also turn into a ghost and go into extra rooms!

Lataus did a very great job!

690 days old
CyanWolf8479 February 9, 2019

I really loved the medieval party! It was just so much fun to adventure through the dungeons, fighting Scorn and The Hydra was so cool and epic. The rooms was so vibrant and interesting to look at! I loved the party so much!

520 days old
Katie101a February 9, 2019

I really liked the holiday party, there was so much to do so you never got bored. And the advent calendar was fun and got you excited. I feel that donating and giving brings everyone together as well as making others happy.

975 days old
DomiDsLP February 9, 2019

My most loved party of last year was the Medieval Party. It was my first time battling Scorn the Dragon King, which gave me a LOT of coins as well. And on the events’ side, I personally liked the Summer Luau back in August the most! It was something no one’s ever seen before after all!

488 days old
lizziex4 February 9, 2019

My favorite party was the Christmas Party. It was really fun with the daily prizes and such. I would love to see Rookie’s April Fools Day party. I always used to look forward to it in the Old CP and hope to see it here as well. Keep up the great work! : ^ )

537 days old
P2540671 February 9, 2019

I hope you guys get to have 100,million partys cause this game gives people back their childhood like my childhood

831 days old
FireSanti February 9, 2019

One of the most memorable parties of 2018 was the 50th Newspaper because i met my first mascot,Also, in Music Jam i was published in the newspaper. The Waddle On party was my favorite too because i met a LOT of mascots and, in my opinion, the best party of ALL 2018 was…The Puffle Party!

976 days old
Yavuztalimci February 9, 2019

I enjoyed the Puffle Party there. It was a whole lot of fun with our puffles. My favorite parties were the Penguin Games and the Halloween Party. My most favorite party of 2018 was Sensei’s Fire Scavenger Hunt. I was really impressed with the new Card-Jitsu Fire. I hope Card-Jitsu Water comes next.

659 days old
Penguinbobi1 February 9, 2019

I wasn’t in CPR for the majority of the year, but I can answer about my favorite parties in general. My favorite are definitely the puffle parties. Every room has a playful and inviting feeling, and the most iconic part in my opinion is celebrated. Of all parties, those seem to define CP the most.

1098 days old
belinha8615 February 9, 2019

I really enjoyed all the parties it was magical and amazing. Especially “The Fair and Halloween Party” are always my favorite decorations and festive mood fit me. I loved the 2nd year very much because they had many memorable moments, nostalgic and unique.

Happy Birthday CPR!!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ

1000 days old
Stevos500 February 9, 2019

I love Halloween & Christmas parties cause October and December are such amazing months for me and partied all around! Hopefully, another sports themed party would be interesting to see cause I really liked the Penguin Games. We will have to see then. Anazing blog post again Lataus! <3

580 days old
pingu97803 February 9, 2019

I would definitely say the Halloween party of 2018. The best bit was, there was so much to do! two scavenger hunts, several decorated rooms and enough items to feed a hungry hungry hippo ( lol I don’t know why I said that im just really random) Gary came, several new rooms, two haunted houses and a-

3052 days old
Luckydude820 February 9, 2019

I really enjoyed the Mountain Expedition! I enjoyed the puzzles and mazes a lot! I hope there are more parties like that.

689 days old
Max0955 February 9, 2019

Very Awesome year on CPR hope 2019 will be better!

647 days old
STARPOWERB February 9, 2019

My favourite parties are the music related ones because I’m into music and seeing the music mascots also I like the island adventure because you get to ride the migrator to a different island and get rare items plus pirates are cool!!!

647 days old
STARPOWERB February 9, 2019

I think a cool party would be the surprise party with custom party options would be awesome I think surprise party would be really popular!!!

474 days old
dlark February 9, 2019

I haven’t been a member of the community for long, but the Christmas and Coins for Change events reminded me of the original CP days! Also, the Fiesta event helped me meet my first mascot on the island, DJ Maxx, which I was so excited about. Happy Anniversary, CPR!

1149 days old
MrNoah February 9, 2019

I really enjoyed 101 Days of Fun. There was so much to do every day and seeing penguins help others out and do the events was a really nice thing to watch. The activities were fun to do and organise, too

1127 days old
Clubby8911 February 9, 2019

I really enjoy all parties. Most importantly, I really hope to see the St. Patrick’s Day party return to Club Penguin Rewritten because that brought a lot of joy to the community in March 2017. I feel that it is a great party that brings the community together as a whole.

1101 days old
DomCPR February 9, 2019

Personally, I really enjoy the Halloween parties, they fall right on my birthday and they are always fun! The spooky vibes and the halloween lights, the music and the decoration! By far a great party which will always excite me!

816 days old
Jannes February 9, 2019

I loved the Halloween Party 2018 the most! I enjoyed helping penguins with the candy hunt, as well as the mini-scavenger hunt in the haunted house! The ghost transformations were awesome, and they added a whole new level of fun to the game. Plus, the clothing items were top-notch!