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Reviewed by You: 3, 2, 1… Action!

By Stu on February 15, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Another weekend will soon be upon us, which means another Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all what parties and events you enjoyed the most in our second year with your buddies. From that, we’ve now selected out two penguins. The first penguin we’ve selected was CherrySakura, who said:


“I loved the Halloween and Christmas parties last year! Exploring the ghostly mansion, checking out people’s spooky igloos, donating towards CFC and the community prizes, and visiting all the holiday decorations were some of my favorite memories. Let’s make even more memories this year too! 🙂”


The Halloween and Christmas Parties were definitely big hits last year, so we’re glad that you enjoyed them. Also, we’re happy to see you’re enjoying visiting other penguins igloos, which is always a fun thing to do. Donating towards Coins for Change is a good way to help those in need, too! The other response comes from the penguin MrNoah, who said:


“I really enjoyed 101 Days of Fun. There was so much to do every day and seeing penguins help others out and do the events was a really nice thing to watch. The activities were fun to do and organise, too!”


The 101 Days of Fun was definitely a one of a kind event we had over the summer. It was a rather fun one too, with new activities to do everyday around the island. But don’t let that stop you from creating your own activities today; creativity is always welcome, especially when coming up with new things to do with your buddies around the island!


Thanks CherrySakura and MrNoah! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



Penguins, aliens, puffles and robots alike have been gathering around the Stage lately. Okay… we’re kidding! It’s just Space Adventure: Planet Y! If you head by the Stage, you can check out this all new stage play and act it out with your friends. So, get ready for some action! To tag along with this, we’ve got a new question just for you. Our question is: What do you enjoy most about new plays coming to the Stage?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1210 days old
Foxx February 24, 2019

Its great and become them!
sometimes its even more fun to direct the play!

624 days old
Aragorn35 February 24, 2019

i like acting out the play even if its without costumes and if its only me its fun

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq February 22, 2019

I really like to play with the switchboard too because, cool effects! Did you know that had this place been based from the AS3 engine, we wouldn’t have the stage?

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq February 22, 2019

I really enjoy the costumes even if I already have some of them (When you’re at least a few hundred days old you can often end up with repeat outfits, meaning less worrying about not being able to buy it).

504 days old
moonshine123 February 22, 2019


640 days old
kinkinkitten February 19, 2019

My favorite part about new plays coming out is playing with the switchboard, I like seeing what new fun features it’ll have! I also really like the cool costumes, I really like crazy clothes so the costume trunk is a go-to shopping spot for me!

567 days old
May14 February 18, 2019

My favourite part about new plays is definitely the cool new costumes everyone gets to wear! It’s so much fun trying on new clothes and showing them off to all my friends! Before a new play comes out I always make sure I have enough money to buy all of the costumes.

565 days old
Boy29 February 18, 2019

the best part? the socialization and scripted roleplay! It’s a chance for everyone to have fun while making new friends!

970 days old
jumper77410 February 18, 2019

The best part about the stage is that we experience a form of unity and connection with other penguins. Even when we don’t know each other, we perform the play scripts with joy and fun. When we see someone do the play, we automatically help them by saying the other line.

509 days old
Welljack1 February 18, 2019

the costumes are definitely the best part!

529 days old
PandaCookie8 February 18, 2019

Personally, I love to watch penguins have fun and act out the play. I really enjoy watching everyone have a lot of great times acting the newest play out. It fills me with joy because I can tell that they all have a lot of fun acting out the play!

508 days old
SAENHAN15 February 18, 2019

I LIKE IT!! i play this evrey day

1198 days old
fridge62 February 17, 2019

My favorite thing about new plays coming to the stage is definitely the new costumes that are available. The costumes are always so unique and I love buying new outfits. The costumes are also the best way to get into character for the play!

708 days old
pinguu54 February 17, 2019

Can you be the first people to make card jitsu shadow?

565 days old
Boy29 February 18, 2019

They have to release Snow and Water first however

689 days old
Elderpuffle February 19, 2019

Which I think they said they don’t want to do. Please correct me if I’m wrong though.

708 days old
pinguu54 February 17, 2019


521 days old
Popo Pig February 17, 2019

I really enjoy looking through the costume catolog and choosing what part to play when i act these plays out with my friends! Sometimes i buy the costumes to use outside of the play as they are very creative.

1174 days old
Looplox February 17, 2019

I like fiddling with the switchboard and seeing all of the new features and special effects which the stage penguins have added for each production. I also enjoy keeping an eye out for the yellow puffle- you never know where it’ll show up!

574 days old
P2840005 February 17, 2019

I love the costumes that come out with each new play! It is exciting to be able to perform in costume with friends and put on a show for everyone to enjoy. Even if you don’t get an acting role, the switchbox 3000 helps you get involved! The sets in the background are also very colourful 🙂

514 days old
Romee9 February 17, 2019

My favourite part about new plays is the new catalogue that comes with it! The opportunity to dress up as my favourite play characters in new, creative and nostalgic outfits is always tons of fun! Not to mention the new scripts we get are so entertaining to reenact!

1090 days old
Waterpingy February 17, 2019

I always love performing new plays! From the amazing interactive set designs and music to the intriguing stories told through the scripts, and most of all, the costume trunk that has wonderful outfits that usually aren’t in any other catalog! It’s always great to see what happens next at the Stage!

710 days old
GraceLaughs February 17, 2019

I pretty much adore everything about the stage. I get all excited whenever there is a new play meaning awesome costumes, very cool looking sets, and a great script! Getting to collaborate with other penguins is pure fun and you get to make new friendships along the way!

555 days old
FanOfRays February 17, 2019

The Stage is awesome in my opinion, and the two things I like about it most is like others said, interacting with stuff using the Switchbox 3000 to make certain objects appear on stage and the new Costume Trunk catalogs.

524 days old
Kat02284 February 17, 2019

i enjoy the stone age play! and the galactic play as well, the unique music has all the vibes!!

793 days old
derpymangoes February 17, 2019

My favorite part about the new Stage Plays is all the amazing outfits available in the costume trunk! In my opinion, the costume trunk holds the wackiest outfits on the whole island-from mad scientists to mermaids to aliens. It’s so fun to dress up and act in the Stage with all the cool outfits!

508 days old
DJDDD February 17, 2019

I love reliving my childhood with this game!

804 days old
pugs5 February 17, 2019

I like you can be someone your not. A Cow, moose, sheep, A SUPERHERO WHO CAN DEFEAT WORLD ENDING MONSTERS WHICH YOU CAN ALSO BE!!!

1021 days old
Pingu Noots February 17, 2019

I enjoy collecting all the new items that arrive in the costume trunk catalog. Not only that, reading the scripts for each new play is super fun. You never know which story will come to the Stage next!

521 days old
Heuehwka February 17, 2019

I really like all of the new costumes!

985 days old
ChloeAJR February 17, 2019

The plays, I feel, are an underrated part of CPR. I’m really excited to see all of the plays on CPR!

529 days old
PachiCore February 16, 2019

I enjoy the costumes the most, specifically (in this play) The Robot set, which doesn’t have feet for some reason. It’s also the one I’ve seen the most of out of all the new sets.

Of course the other costumes are cool like Captain Snow’s set, f.e.

792 days old
pencil988 February 16, 2019

my favorite part was roleplaying on the diffrent plays!

515 days old
dalerichoo00 February 16, 2019

They are alright.

954 days old
Bojos35 February 16, 2019

I enjoy the new, strange outfits that always come with the plays and the possibilities they introduce!

509 days old
TamagoFan929 February 16, 2019


550 days old
Beakypen21 February 16, 2019

What do I love most about the stage? I love the thrill of the theatre. The acting, the costumes and most importantly THE APPLAUSE. I love seeing new faces falling in love with theatre, they come to watch my plays and they realize that they want to join the theatre.

1174 days old
justymike February 16, 2019

what I enjoy most is being able to see all the new set pieces and things to activate with the control panel.

740 days old
STARPOWERB February 16, 2019

hey everyone say in the comments below what’s your favorite stage play!!!

545 days old
stamppenguin February 17, 2019

I don’t know! I like so many! So here are all my favorites!

Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, Quest for the golden puffle, Fairy Fables, Space Adventure (Planet Y), Ruby and the Ruby, Night of The Living Sled: Live, A Humbug Holiday, and Team Blue’s Rally Debut.

724 days old
BlueBelleBea February 16, 2019

I love the costumes that come with each play! I also really love theatre so having a stage on Club Penguin Rewritten is awesome!

592 days old
Dhiren Houck February 16, 2019

I personally love getting new costumes at the stage! It’s fun to dress up in character, and I can even wear the costume around the island!

521 days old
MermaidPengu February 16, 2019

I really enjoy the cool costumes and the awesome stage! Its really cool how you can interact with the stage operations! The stage is awesome because you get to RP with friends or penguins you don’t know. You might make a friend or two!

1196 days old
Teart February 16, 2019

I’m a huge theatre fan so I love directing new plays! I directed Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal once and it was a really fun experience to collaborate with other penguins to make it happen 🙂 I blocked it just like I would a play IRL and that made it look very professional lol

593 days old
Batgirl88 February 16, 2019

is this a new version of star trek?? much like the last play was kinda like back to the future and doctor who

740 days old
STARPOWERB February 17, 2019

I’d call it starwars

566 days old
dgamer625 February 16, 2019

I really like the new stage play! It has so much adventure in it! I also like the script. Hoped this one would be the new stage play. Great job, Lataus!

903 days old
-Joystick- February 16, 2019

I love the costumes so we can all roleplay them! It’ s an opportunity to meet new people and get fun with friends in awesome settings!

516 days old
almondboy135 February 16, 2019

I love how every play is a new surprise and you have more options to customize your penguin! 🙂

673 days old
pingu97803 February 16, 2019

porridge for dinner tonight!

673 days old
pingu97803 February 16, 2019

its quite obvious that the best bit is the new clothes because they’re always great.

706 days old
Release February 16, 2019

I love it when I act with my friends! I also love it when new costumes release, it’s always fun at the stage.

1027 days old
Sule February 16, 2019

The Stage is an iconic room in Club Penguin and it is because it changes with every event
with new Costumes. People that enjoy RPing are always there , acting and pleasing the crowd. New Plays can bring the community together and have a fun time too. I like that the stage also changes frequently

1191 days old
Fizzy28876 February 16, 2019

I think they’re a wonderful chance to explore the plots of these plays through everyone’s amazing acting. I believe the best way to experience a story is to act it out! 🙂

1073 days old
CherrySakura February 16, 2019

The Stage is one of the most nostalgic rooms, I love seeing all the costume creations around the island whenever a new play appears!

572 days old
KirbOnni February 16, 2019

My favorite part is the acting. In my opinion it just looks silly. I really like it!

966 days old
LB Wingman February 16, 2019

I like the weird clothes we can buy, and the strange settings from new plays. The Stage is truly the place where our imagination is wild and free. It is fun, zany, crazy and awesome place.

Also, I love this Space Play! The robot mask is perfect for reasons.

Cya in the underwater expedition!

509 days old
M00nie February 16, 2019

it would be a cool idea to have a scavenger hunt with clues

510 days old
Gamerbluecat February 16, 2019


752 days old
silkdreams February 16, 2019

I especially love getting able to browse and buy the new costumes! They are very interesting!

1175 days old
Muffin83329 February 16, 2019

I love the plays and it feels good for new plays to come back every now and then. I really hope to see a lot of more good plays in the future!

513 days old
Danielex52 February 16, 2019

I cried today. Loaded up CP Rewritten after not playing CP for 4 years. I was greeted by this play. The same play I first saw when I played OG CP for the first time

903 days old
-Joystick- February 16, 2019

Wow, what a coincidence! I’m just amazed of that fact mate! Welcome to Club Penguin Rewritten and the best community ever! 😀 <3

947 days old
MysticBoomYt February 16, 2019

My favorite part is getting new costumes, checking out all the new features we can do within the play and acting out the play with other penguins around the island.
– Waddle On

676 days old
SilverFlower February 16, 2019

What I enjoy most about the new plays are looking through the costume trunk for neat costumes and reading through the script! At some point, I hope to get a bunch of friends to do a full production of the play!!

586 days old
Sp2nnyB02 February 16, 2019

What I really enjoy about the new plays are their stories! Every single play comes with it’s own unique story, cast, and settings!

946 days old
shadowfight February 16, 2019

With the new stage plays there are always AMAZING new costumes. I get to put on so many costumes from a caveman with a unibrow all the way to a red dragon! Not only that but everyone comes together to perform the play and it creates such a cool scene and always gives me something great to remember!

948 days old
BolinNuktuk February 16, 2019

I enjoyed buying new stuff at the costume trunk. When I first visited the stage, I was just earning the SwitchBox3000 stamp. Now, I like to try some new clothes and RPing with my friends. I’m glad that I get to wear the unibrow and the black viking hat. I wore them on the orig CP.

1195 days old
coolcousins February 16, 2019

Costumes are cool

554 days old
Braidwolf February 16, 2019

My favorite part of the new plays is the limited costumes for that playing making the plays more special. If you guys were to just flaunt all the costumes it would make them less special. I hope we get to see more plays. Maybe even follow up plays like night of the living sled 2 or something

526 days old
Narutointeli February 16, 2019

Everything, I love any theater and I already think fun I think it will be well, you are very good, congratulations

567 days old
sammeme32 February 15, 2019

wears field ops?

802 days old
Gamerx3s February 15, 2019

I enjoy new themes and new customs coming to every single play. There is so much fun about plays like the acting and the moment. I also like to try on customs on my penguin. 😀
There are many themes like a beach theme or a space theme and so much more! The possibility’s are endless!

599 days old
AwesomeFlor February 15, 2019

I love how each story is unique and different in their own special ways! I really like that there is a script and we can act it out! Then there’s the stage (full of props!) and the clothings to make it more realistic! I love this feature!

513 days old
Icy IsaacYt February 15, 2019

I wish i could livestream this moment, but i still dont have a channel 🙁

571 days old
Randomboy481 February 15, 2019

I love the new stage plays. Whenever a new stage play comes out, I always buy all the costumes so that I can be any character when acting out the play. Speaking of acting, I love acting out the plays. I always invite my friends to act out the play with me. I can’t wait for more plays to come soon 🙂

571 days old
Randomboy481 February 15, 2019

I love the new stage plays. They are very creative and cool and I always buy all the costumes, so that I can be any character. I always invite my friends to act out the play two or three times. The scenery amazes me of how out of space and sleek it looks. I’m looking forward to more amazing plays.

560 days old
Adria01010 February 15, 2019

I like that they are unique and silly

783 days old
CyanWolf8479 February 15, 2019

My favourite part is checking out what cool stuff the Switchbox 3000 has to offer! You just never know whats going to happen!

534 days old
livyloo22 February 15, 2019

I enjoy seeing the new costumes and sets that come with the different plays, but I love putting on the plays with my friends the most!

510 days old
Lilo87 February 15, 2019

Good game

1070 days old
Superivy4 February 15, 2019

I like the costumes.

1237 days old
Perapin February 15, 2019

I like seeing the new sets and costumes. By far my favorite set was Norman Swarm has been Transformed. A lot of my friends enjoyed exploring the big unique set it had. I hope it’s a nominee for the next Penguin Play Awards!

625 days old
Space472 February 15, 2019

The costumes are the best part, but I do enjoy the yellow puffle easter egg in every play. I am also wearing the robot mask, making me a robot-spider! I truly enjoy the crazy combinations that the stage gives me, and it helps me find that look that is unique to me!

1192 days old
Ampcaff February 15, 2019

My favorite part of new plays is checking out the new costumes. i love trying to put together the most ridiculous costume, like a pig caveman!

1197 days old
Supershox February 15, 2019

I love the new costumes, like with the latest play, Space Adventure: Planet Y (which happens to be my favorite play). The alien costumes really make your penguin look like an alien, and the robot suit is just THE BEST clothing item in all of CP!!! Thank you for bringing this play back!!

759 days old
Fatiedog1 February 15, 2019

My favorite part about the plays is the costumes! They are an awesome part of any penguin’s wardrobe!

662 days old
Jerlocks February 15, 2019

I enjoy the group of penguins that act out the play!

525 days old
Venusian February 15, 2019

The most enjoyable thing about plays in the Stage is definitely watching other penguins act out the script, and even going astray from the original plot and doing their own little improvs which make the plays even more interesting.

1069 days old
Yavuztalimci February 15, 2019

My favorite part of the Stage is totally the script! I can also tell what’s going with the sayings. Like how some people can tell what is going on with the sounds. It makes it really easy for me!

1219 days old
Splosh Jnr February 15, 2019

I enjoy printing out the scripts and performing them with a group of friends in real life! I’ve been doing it since 2013 and I still enjoy doing it now – especially when new plays come out that I haven’t seen much of before!

636 days old
cubicl February 15, 2019

While I am not too big on plays I enjoy The Stage for its nostalgic value; when Club Penguin was still a thing I used to lurk in there the first couple of days when a new scene was being featured.

Thanks for staying true to the games past! <3

581 days old
lizziex4 February 15, 2019

When new plays come to the Stage I love looking through the costume chest to find the perfect outfit for me. Next I have fun with the Switchbox3000 and look at how the buttons affect the props. I wonder what the upcoming play has in store for us…

528 days old
nbatista635 February 15, 2019

The design of the stage is glorious. The creativity put in to the stage is literally out of this world. Whether if it is and actually acting play or not, it is still a special and magical thing that my eye could see. Thanks CPR for bringing back the game that made mt childhood.

-Love nbatista635.

510 days old
EmeraldRose1 February 15, 2019

The theater is one of the most amazing places in cprewritten. My favorite part is acting the plays out with my friends and using the switch-box 3000. I definitely can’t wait for y’all to put on “Ruby and the Ruby”!

1168 days old
clubwombat February 15, 2019

I like the scripts that i didn’t even KNOW about in the original club penguin!

613 days old
Katie101a February 15, 2019

I look forward to two things at the play, the switchbox3000 and new clothes! I enjoy just clicking each button to see the yellow puffle, what changes, and what moves around. I think its fun to wear the clothes outside the stage, because its goofy and different then the penguin style.

924 days old
FireSanti February 15, 2019

What i most enjoy of the new plays at the stage are: Roleplaying with friends, See where is the hidden Yellow Puffle and the costumes! for making a roleplay better

545 days old
stamppenguin February 15, 2019

I like the new catalog items the best! I love making outfits! Every update i try to make a new outfit and if i can’t come up with any ideas i just choose my old outfit again!

740 days old
STARPOWERB February 15, 2019

The best part of a new stage is dressing up in the new outfits and telling everybody were doing a play!!!

966 days old
april22 February 15, 2019

I enjoy all the new outfits and costumes that are available in the costume trunk!

764 days old
alexzone February 15, 2019

With new plays we get all the new amazing outfits and a completely new look to the stage. I personally love all the new clothing items, backgrounds and the surprise underground rooms like in “Norman Swarm has been transformed”!!

551 days old
Meowyjoey124 February 15, 2019

I like the stage crew buttons and seeing what they do

1021 days old
HamilDog February 15, 2019

I Love everything about them actually! I love the costumes (As you can see) And I love the sets for the play! But also the script! It tells you what’s going on so that your not in the “Ruby and the Ruby play” and being an alien!

512 days old
Leleon February 15, 2019

The thing I enjoy the most about the new plays is people can express their creativity. They can find ways to work together and make a cool story, and there are a lot of new awesome costumes to wear and things to do for every play!

552 days old
Lufis2000 February 15, 2019

what i enjoy most about new plays are probably the costumes. stage costumes are some of the most unique items in the game, and you can dress up to look like the characters in the play or even make up your own! i’ve taken a liking to the robot outfit in this month’s play as you can see!

1175 days old
Thorn February 15, 2019

1, 2, 3.. action!!

3751 days old
Lataus February 15, 2019


1021 days old
HamilDog February 15, 2019

Cheer up Lat!

3751 days old
Lataus February 15, 2019

I wasn’t trying to act sad honestly, was just in response to Thorn saying “1, 2, 3… action!” because that was what the old blog title was before I noticed it was wrong, and had to change it.

1021 days old
HamilDog February 15, 2019

oof Rip

600 days old
P2714920 February 17, 2019

i know that Lataus I know…

1191 days old
belinha8615 February 15, 2019

I love the scenarios and the well-crafted script
In addition to the beautiful costumes 😃🎭

782 days old
Max0955 February 15, 2019

First to write this comment

625 days old
Space472 February 15, 2019


948 days old
BolinNuktuk February 16, 2019