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Reviewed by You: Lucky Preparations

By Skyver on March 8, 2019

Hi Penguins,


How lucky are you, because it seems the weekend is finally here! Last week,  we asked you what mascot you’d hang out with for a day and why. From that, we’ve now selected out two penguins. The first penguin we’ve selected was Neelyak, who said:


“My favorite mascot that I would love to hang out with for a day is Aunt Arctic! She does so much to keep the island up to date on the latest news! Personally the passion that each mascot shows for their profession is inspiring and is why I love our mascots!”


Aunt Arctic is definitely doing a good job keeping the island updated with the latest news. She’s always so busy with writing the Club Penguin Times.  A passionate writer like her, if she had some time, I’m sure she would be more than glad to hang out with her fans. Good choice! The other response comes from the penguin Metini, who said:


“I would LOVE to meet the one and only Captain Rockhopper and his trusty mate Yarr! Not only would it be fun to meet him, but it would also be fun to see other penguins enjoy his stay too. I can’t wait for all the adventures and fun that awaits us!

Avast Ye, because Rockhopper is on his way!”


Captain Rockhopper just recently docked on the island, so there may even be a chance you’ll get your wish of meeting him. Captain Rockhopper is a very courageous pirate with a taste of adventure. It’s always nice to hear about his travels, so maybe if you meet him, you could even ask him about them!


Thanks Neelyak and Metini! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



We hope you’re ready, because the greenest and luckiest party of the year will soon be coming to the island next week. That’s right, the St. Patrick’s Day Party! For this week’s Reviewed by You, we want to know how you are preparing for this golden celebration. How are you encouraging penguins to join in with the party celebrations?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1145 days old
Sparklmagyq March 19, 2019

Memories a’flowin’ from original club penguin… first one I got to see was the one in 2008! I’d only known of Club Penguin about half a year, but by then I knew my way around the game. I decided to wear green in celebration of St Patrick’s day.

1174 days old
Flake March 16, 2019

So much memories coming back from 2010 CP

482 days old
helga9000 March 15, 2019

To celebrate this lucky holiday, I plan to decorate my igloo to its fullest with numbers of green items and throw incredible parties in my igloo to start of the holiday festivities! And let’s not forget to dress and encourage our fellow penguin friends to wear the maximum of the classic green look!

726 days old
Soccerball23 March 15, 2019

I’ll probably just aimlessly waddle around the island doing the clover emote, hoping it’ll catch on with everyone in the room.

488 days old
tinkabell432 March 14, 2019

To celebrate this important holiday, I’ll be decorating my igloo and dressing up for the occasion. I’m also planning on having a big party where dressing up will be encouraged. Also I’ll be going around the island wishing everyone ‘The Luck Of The Irish’. Hope everyone has a good St Paddy’s Day. ๐Ÿ™‚

1549 days old
santi1345 March 12, 2019

well i would encourage penguins telling them if they get all green they will have good luck! even good luck to find a mascot!

983 days old
Alphablaze00 March 12, 2019

i am exited for this party, can’t wait to explore all the rooms and have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

615 days old
conspiracies March 11, 2019

My friends and I have already finished major decorating in our igloos and planned our greatest St. Patrick’s Day outfits for the whole event! We’ve begun to play around the town as leprechauns, which has definitely caused some excitement with the penguins! Just don’t be touchin’ me pot o’ gold!

1032 days old
CherrySakura March 11, 2019

For St Paddy’s I’m going to put together a green outfit to wear and walk my green puffle around the island to see all the decorations! The new music is great too cause it makes you want to dance~

458 days old
krissyVex March 11, 2019

I’m gonna dress up with all the St. Patty’s items and try to get an entire room filled with people all decked out in green!

1192 days old
Paigey March 11, 2019

For this amazing celebration I will be decorating my igloo with the Irish theme and dressing up all green. To encourage penguins to join in I will be telling my friends to wear all green and to have the best time. This is one of my most favourite times of the year because I’m from Ireland, love it!!

621 days old
Jerlocks March 10, 2019

Decorating your igloo and reminding people to read the paper is a good way to get people involved!

1146 days old
B Rye March 10, 2019

If you don’t wear Green i’m going to pinch you ๐Ÿ˜› beware!

502 days old
Sheepy09 March 10, 2019

I am probably going to dress my penguin in green and make my igloo bright and colourful so that i am definitely ready for the event! HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY EVERYONE!

466 days old
meep641 March 10, 2019

i think that there should be a new place like a big st patricks day igloo and there can be a big party in there and special items for the party.

1029 days old
Superivy4 March 10, 2019

I am redoing my igloo soonish for the party

484 days old
Venusian March 10, 2019

I’d probably decorate my igloo in theme of the event, littering my igloo in green balloons and clover garlands, and I would dress in green in honor of the holiday. I’ll probably hit the dance contest up with Patrick’s Jig while I am at it as well.

481 days old
ItzUniPlayz March 10, 2019

Im making my mom join right now XD so i hope she can join!

900 days old
Fabrobo March 10, 2019

will there be an April fools party?

447 days old
Jemanuel23 March 10, 2019

I already have a green hoodie. Great!

456 days old
Antsickle March 10, 2019

it would be cool to see a green colored igloo and maybe a exclusive green puffle with cool clothes

451 days old
piperdelaney March 9, 2019

I will be celebrating with many treats and decorations! I might adopt several green puffles to keep the St. Patty’s spirit alive! I think every penguin should celebrate with parties in their decorated igloo to spread the holiday cheer.

458 days old
kennedynight March 9, 2019

St. Patrick’s day I’ll be dressed all green. March 17th is also my birthday, so I will be adopting a new green puffle to share it with. I can’t wait! Favorite party every year on CPRfor me! I’ll have my pot o’ gold or basket of clovers in hand. I hope to see mods or mascots celebrating too!

1192 days old
Paigey March 11, 2019

Happy belated birthday! I hope you enjoy your day!

1196 days old
Perapin March 9, 2019

There will be a few St. Patrick’s Day themed specials at the Pizza Parlor. However you’ll have to stop by during the party to know what they are!

483 days old
LightDragon March 9, 2019

Is just me, or i love the Green color??

650 days old
caleeeeeb123 March 9, 2019

I only walk my green puffle, I bought everything in the shop that related to st patricks day, and now I am making my house ALL green (except the igloo itself. Just the furniture)

587 days old
filmthepengu March 9, 2019

I’m celebrating this St.Patrick’s by decorating my igloo and dressing head to toe in green. It’s also the perfect time of year to adopt a green puffle

1040 days old
Ta41529 March 9, 2019

I don’t typically celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but this year I plan to do a few small things. I’ll definitely be walking around my green puffle a lot and also decorate my igloo with some St. Patrick’s Day items. It’s not much, but a little goes a far way.

3647 days old
Halopona March 9, 2019

I’m preparing by decorating my igloo full of St Patrick’s goodness, Green objects and Pots O’ Gold EVERYWHERE! I am also putting together a fitting outfit for the party too!

I am super excited for St Patrick’s as the last one I attended was almost two years ago, and it was an absolute blast!๐Ÿ€๐ŸŒˆ

458 days old
Wags617 March 9, 2019

I wish to see Captain Rockhopper. The last time I saw him was before Club Penguin shut down a few years ago. I miss him, his ship, and even Yarr. I really hope to see them soon!

529 days old
TorqueCPI March 9, 2019

I would love to meet Sensei because he is so wise and could answer all my questions and since he is so old I bet he could tell us a few stories we probably have never heard of!

504 days old
stamppenguin March 9, 2019

I can’t wait!

662 days old
FishySensei March 9, 2019

I’ve got the green gear on, and you can’t forget to pinch the penguins who don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. Pinching gives the mind a quick-start to remind penguins to get out the green! Waddle On and Stay Lucky!

447 days old
Cupcakesssss March 9, 2019

I canโ€™t believe it… CLUB PENGUIN IS BACK!!!!!

447 days old
angry guy March 9, 2019


1163 days old
ChrisCPI March 9, 2019

I have a fashion contest igloo that has been recently decorated to make the entire thing GREEN. For the contests I will host there with the decorations that I will keep up until the party’s end, I’m sure it will get penguins into the St. Patrick’s spirit!

501 days old
WrdFlxBtOk March 9, 2019

Hey penguins! I am saving up some coins to decorate my igloo (and myself!!) for the St. Patrick’s Day party! I hope to adopt a green Puffle and invite some friends over to enjoy the festivities of the luckiest day this year!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

455 days old
FangirlFav March 9, 2019

hi uh i don’t celebrate St. patricks day but i might keep a pot of gold in my igloo and walk my green puffle, Aloo, around club penguin.

493 days old
TRex386 March 9, 2019

I’m making my igloo SUPER green, along with my outfit! My green puffles are already excited. I’ve got a bunch of decorations in my igloo to make it really festive.

514 days old
test8 March 9, 2019

i cant wait for the party gotta go green!

493 days old
TRex386 March 9, 2019

I made my igloo SUPER green, and I’m going to dress in St. Patrick’s day outfit. My green puffle is already partying in my igloo!

559 days old
DuhItzSkull March 9, 2019

For St. Patrick’s Day i’ll dress up in green. I can’t wait to see how would the penguins will dress on for St. Patrick’s Day!

937 days old
Erica7304 March 9, 2019

I’m going to go full out in green attire! I got my St. Patty’s Day hat and bowtie, and my penguin is gonna be 100% green all week. Already got my green puffle and igloo decorations ready to go! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!

501 days old
WrdFlxBtOk March 9, 2019

So fun, Erica7304! Hope I can join your party :D.

447 days old
Panther226 March 9, 2019

Um. Why did I get banned for saying “shasta”? my username is Panther111

453 days old
SarahPopsie March 9, 2019

I like to encourage others to join in to the penguin fun by asking about their prefrences and then i’ll find the right party for them!

1133 days old
justymike March 9, 2019

I don’t need to prepare because I always use the green penguin color. ๐Ÿ˜€

987 days old
LilacUnicorn March 9, 2019

For the St. Patrick’s Day Party, I will decorate my igloo with lots green items, and I will make sure to wear items from the new Penguin Style catalogue; I am also going to walk around with my new green puffle. I will try my hardest to visit Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic too.

519 days old
Adria01010 March 9, 2019

I am trying to encourage penguins to party on by hosting igloo parties and giving tours of the best places to hold them. As a tour guide, and a lover of Club Penguin Rewritten, I think it is important to help newer members of the CPR enjoy the events.

451 days old
werosss March 9, 2019

What I would do is tell penguins to wear any shade of green and myself I would wear any type of green because St. Patrick’s day is all about green, I’ll also adopt a green puffle because the only puffle I have is Snowwy, my white puffle. Also I wish to meet Rockhopper and et his backround.

480 days old
puttpenguin March 9, 2019

i’m new i reallllyyy wanna meet sensei so please bring him

455 days old
BendyRBLX March 9, 2019

I am celebrating March today also those Coins are awaiting everyone so if somebody that is not me has won those 5000 Coins nice job well I love both the two games the club penguin community made! keep it up be lucky be happy send postcards thanks to Club Penguin Community! If I win 5000 Coins TY CP.

848 days old
StaccatoA March 9, 2019

I’m getting all decked out! I mean just look at my player card! I’m goin’ shamrocks to the wall for this one!

1166 days old
Pearl45365 March 9, 2019

To Prepare for this years St Patrick’s Day Party I’m going to decorate my igloo with lots of green things and i already have my clover dress from last year’s party i can’t wait

447 days old
poopscoper March 9, 2019

am gonna chance my colur to green and am gonna buy a fancy dress top hat with a suit

447 days old
poopscoper March 9, 2019

happy st.patricks day bros, better keep your luck in order and fun in your hearts, amen mates

448 days old
DrFries March 9, 2019

Proud to be Irish!

742 days old
CyanWolf8479 March 9, 2019

I’m going to gather all my green items and try to wear them! I’m deciding on getting a green puffle for the occasion. I can’t wait for the new party so I can look around and celebrate with other penguins!

885 days old
dillan172 March 9, 2019

Iโ€™ve dressed up for the party and redesigned my igloo. Itโ€™s green to the eye can see

454 days old
Squad3tm March 9, 2019

Since I just came back and this will be my first party, I will definitely be there first! Other penguins should look forward to a great party on CPR!

457 days old
RavingBoi7 March 9, 2019

I will go FULL green, with a green top hat, and a tuxedo, and a bowtie, and a pot-o-gold, just like a leprechaun! Then, I may try and convince some people to turn green and maybe party at the nightclub.

526 days old
May14 March 9, 2019

I’m going to be playing ice fishing a lot! And as I have double coins I’ll be able to save up for all the cool new St. Patrick’s items in the new Better Igloos catalog! I’ve already bought all of the stuff in the Penguin Style catalog so I’ll be waddling around in full St. Patrick’s green all week!

1108 days old
Nadia2 March 9, 2019

I’m very excited for the celebration! I’m helping a few penguins around the island on how to earn coins and prepare for the party! I’m also already in my St. Patrick’s Day attire, I just can’t wait! My igloo has already been decorated and is open to all! Happy St. Patrick’s day, Penguins!

448 days old
S E R V A L March 9, 2019

To encourage penguin looks like a party I ask politely hoping that they accept. :>

454 days old
MisGrotesque March 9, 2019

OH! I love all of the club penguin festivals! I will also try to make e and my home as much green as i can.

469 days old
Mike55711 March 9, 2019

how to meet Rockhooper

469 days old
Mike55711 March 9, 2019


511 days old
Lufis2000 March 9, 2019

For this St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be decorating my igloo to encourage the celebration! I made my igloo look like an Irish restaurant so I can give a little piece of my home country of Ireland to everyone. Maybe we can even all have a seisiรบn (traditional irish music session) there too!

923 days old
777penguin March 9, 2019

Im with the rockhopper guy!

762 days old
spuddless March 9, 2019

For St. Patty’s day I’ll begin by getting more coins and buys all the green items that I’m able to wear so I can become fully green, then I’ll decorate my igloo with green to fit in with the holiday cheer! I don’t usually participate in this holiday but it seems I will this year!

509 days old
PQ10 March 9, 2019

I’m definitely ready for St. Patrick’s Day. Ever since I joined Club Penguin Rewritten I’ve made my igloo into a restaurant and whenever there’s a new furniture and igloo catalog I change the theme of my igloo. This month it’s decked out for St. Patrick’s Day!

Waddle On CPR!

954 days old
JamieSoulm8 March 9, 2019

I can’t wait to go full green for the party! I’m talking green clothes, green puffle, green igloo, green everything! I’ve already bought out the catalog, so I already have my outfit planned and ready for execution!

448 days old
cael650 March 9, 2019

Please add an option to change the version of the game so we could play on the map from 2005 to even 2017. Because there were alot of good memories I had from back then and even from some of the newer versions of the map. So I hope this is going to be added to the game so everyone will have fun.

674 days old
voldemort10 March 9, 2019

I will first mine to get coins then I’ll buy a bunch of green and gold clothing items from the gift shop next I will decorate my igloo with my decorations. Finally I will have a party with a bunch of penguins.

1108 days old
GamerBoy617 March 9, 2019

I am preparing by dressing in green and decorating my igloo with items from the new catalog. I think the most important thing for penguins to do to join in the party is to just have fun.

1152 days old
iliketurtles March 9, 2019

the parties can be great for meeting new people having nostalgia of old times in club penguin overall a great time to come together as a community

504 days old
BadRabbit44 March 9, 2019

My igloo will be decked in green, and i will wear complete green attire just to fit in for the season. I might even wear green socks, who knows?

699 days old
STARPOWERB March 9, 2019

I’m pumped for st Patrick’s Day I’m going to start green raids๐Ÿ€ and make any igloo green for st Patrick’s Day it’s honestly on of the coolest holidays on club penguin!!!

572 days old
Katie101a March 9, 2019

Well I’m wearing my St. Patrick’s dress. And basket with clovers. With my white wings as always. And I have my igloo decorated and ready for the party, decked with lots of green.

1070 days old
HelloGoodSir March 9, 2019

I’ve been waiting for this party for almost 2 years now! In my opinion, the St. Patrick’s Day Party is one of the best times for CP Rewritten.

450 days old
sis108 March 9, 2019

I’m going to decorate my igloo with all green and have a St. Patrick’s day party where every one is going to be dressed in green! I might even buy a green puffle and name it Patrick for the special occasion!

464 days old
Snek Atek March 9, 2019

The mascot I would love to see/meet is the one who created all of this! I believe that would be an interesting experience to the community. If you meet them they can get a sticker or a secret.

571 days old
tayrose March 9, 2019

you better believe i’ll be in full st. patrick’s day attire for this party !!! also, i’m obviously planning on keeping my igloo open after i finish decorating it. happy st. patrick’s day queens.

1006 days old
supery505 March 9, 2019


1006 days old
supery505 March 9, 2019

Hi whats up penguins

639 days old
Snoopy3909 March 9, 2019

My penguin is green and I will put on green items

1087 days old
PlayStation9 March 9, 2019

im not gonna wear green lol

905 days old
shadowfight March 9, 2019

For this Saint Patrick’s Party, I’m going to wear my super cool green top hat, snazzy bowtie, and trendy shoes. I’m going to also try to find a four leaf clover in the decorations to get some good luck! I also really hope I get to meet Rockhopper and maybe even get his background!

563 days old
sammy177 March 9, 2019

I’ve already started preparing, I’m wearing all green till after St. Patrick’s day. I’m also going to decorate my igloo, by making it into a green wonderland! Also if I earn enough coins, I’ll buy a green puffle and name it Lucky to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

448 days old
GamerSaul March 9, 2019


954 days old
JamieSoulm8 March 9, 2019


1124 days old
Red Velvet March 9, 2019

I’ll wear anything that I have that is green, even the outfit looks ridiculous, it’s nice to act goofy.

452 days old
P3466397 March 9, 2019

For me, I’m not only going to start decorating my igloo to prepare for the celebration, but I’m convincing others (in the spirit of March, the green month!) to go green and watch how what you either throw away or recycle helps the environment in real life. Let’s plant some trees!

454 days old
Zelavynn March 9, 2019

I am planning on buying some secret green items from the catalog and walking around my green puffle, Theeve, just to sport the color, while also inviting my friends on on the day of the party, and having a blast there. See ya then!

872 days old
redymedy March 9, 2019

I Will Get all green clothes I can and wear them till its over

455 days old
BendyRBLX March 9, 2019


539 days old
Blueice881 March 9, 2019

I can’t wait for the St. Patrick’s Day Party! I have been making EVERYTHING green. My igloo is almost entirely GREEN! I am going to start walking my green puffle around and I will start wearing all green outfits! I will encourage penguins to join in the fun by doing fun activities everyone can play!

490 days old
alicenray March 8, 2019

I’m going to be wearing lots of green and reminding my friends just how lucky we truly are. Maybe I’ll even deck out my igloo, throw a party, and invite anyone who wants to share in the fun! After all, the island would be pretty boring without other penguins to share it with!

514 days old
HelloAyyy March 8, 2019


1132 days old
Babycrier March 8, 2019

This St. Patty’s Day, I’ll be spreading the design of plants and green furniture at my igloo.
I could design a Pot O’ Gold with a Cauldron and Dragon’s Gold EVERYWHERE and topping it off with Ninja Cauldron which can be useful as making a rainbow.

602 days old
Malarps02 March 8, 2019

I’m sure as everyone else is doing, I am going to go green in as many senses as I can. I’ll be green, wearing green clothing, have my green puffle and of course…. recycle as what is more green than that?

I hope to see everyone waddl’n around next week. See you there!

450 days old
eclarated March 8, 2019

i can’t wait for st. patrick’s day! i should throw some parties and invite people to my igloo. we can have fun with our puffles date. <3

1150 days old
belinha8615 March 8, 2019

I’m motivating everyone to be themselves, with a green touch of each. The green color has a great highlight in this magical month, so I’m always casting luck with shamrocks around the island, hopefully everyone can find rare four leaf clovers! say there is a treasure at the end of the rainbow.

559 days old
XxDiegoXanXx March 8, 2019

For the next mascot to see is either Dj maxx or Rookie that would be fun time to see because we get to ask them questions and have fun playing Club Penguin

530 days old
Randomboy481 March 8, 2019

I’m preparing for the St. Patrick’s day by going out and finding all the St Patrick’s Themed igloos, and acting like a leprechaun in each of them. I’m encouraging other penguins to celebrate by going around and telling people that if you don’t wear green, You’ll have bad luck for the day! ๐Ÿ˜€

1028 days old
Yavuztalimci March 8, 2019

I could try putting on some green items and bring my green puffle during the St. Patrick’s Party. Since my puffle is green, he would help me get coins in Jet Pack Adventure for a jackpot! I would also fly around with my green propeller (my propeller is green also) and look for coins and give it.

519 days old
lwalshh13 March 8, 2019

I cannot wait for St. Patrick’s Day here; I will get on later tonight to change my igloo into the festive, lucky green and include Irish inspiration for all to enjoy every day. My luck has not been the best lately, so hopefully, that can change with this green holiday coming up! Good luck to all! ๐Ÿ™‚

682 days old
tas45 March 8, 2019


696 days old
MusicLover15 March 8, 2019

I can’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day! Planning to log in that day and spread the love with green everywhere, maybe I’ll even wear a green dress for a change. Also gotta get more coins to get my igloo screaming green! Can’t wait to see what’ gonna happen on the greenest day of the year!

526 days old
Not Rayner March 8, 2019

Well, my lucks always kinda terrible, so I’m certainly looking forward to the event. The clothing catalogue has some cool green items in it that I’ll probably wear. I’m mainly just excited to see how people are gonna decorate their igloo though, because already I’ve seen some impressive designs.

493 days old
BartBoys3 March 8, 2019

Im going to try to get everyone to go green! (in the literal sense). Im going to hold parties at the dance club and just maybe, bring some good fortune the island’s way.

1134 days old
Muffin83329 March 8, 2019

I am changing everything on my outfit green. Then I am gonna decorate my igloo mostly green and candy themed. After that I will order a candy pizza from Perapin

462 days old
Box15 March 8, 2019

I can’t wait to bring a splash of green to the island! Dressing up myself, my igloo and waddling all over to bring luck. Hopefully by sharing some luck to help other penguins, it will inspire them to do the same!

635 days old
Tsiy2 March 8, 2019

I’m excited to decorate my igloo with the newest green furniture from the catalog. I also look forward to decking my penguin in the greenest clothes from the Penguin Style. I wish to spread green and gold across the island.

525 days old
dgamer625 March 8, 2019

Oooh, I can;t wait until the St Patricks Day party! I even decorated my igloo almost all green! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’n still working on my igloo!

491 days old
Richteray101 March 8, 2019

First, I’m gonna decorate my igloo with st. patricks day items. Then, I’ll wear green clothing. Then, me, friends, and other penguins will have a party at my iggy. Finally, ill tell everyone to spam the shamrock emote! Its gonna be such a wacky time!

529 days old
TorqueCPI March 8, 2019

St. Partick Day will be great I can’t wait to meet Rockhopper and find out all the other adventures that await!

635 days old
Tsiy2 March 8, 2019

I’m preparing for the celebration by decking out my penguin in the latest green clothes from the Penguin Style and new green furniture in thr igloo catalog. I would like to spread green all across the island, and gold ;).

461 days old
HarmonyStar March 8, 2019

I decorated my igloo with green items, with st patricks music, did my stamp book cover with green stamps, am going to dress all in green st patricks day, and try to find people to hang around the island for a st Patrick’s day celebration!

883 days old
FireSanti March 8, 2019

I will encourage them by making a Patricks Day Costume Contest at the Town, and the winner will get a postcard of St Patricks Day, and i will make a Green Party at the House that is in the Forest!

466 days old
Willow1242 March 8, 2019

I can’t wait for the luck next week’s event will bring all of us on the island! I am decorating my igloo with as many fun green items(including the hidden ones) and making it look as prepared for St. Patrick’s Day as possible! I may even dress accordingly to try and get a themed party at my igloo!

465 days old
Sednaoui March 9, 2019

Me too I cant wait!