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Penguin of the Week #96

By Stu on March 11, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Happy Pirate’s Week, is that a thing? We’ll make it a thing. It’s time to celebrate Pirate of The Week!


This week it’s going to a very generous penguin who is always on the island dressing up their penguin in all sorts of unique fashion for everyone to keep their eyes on, you can find them on the island right now with their favourite pirate outfit. The Captain himself must be jealous of the style they have going on, if they’re not too busy dressing up their penguin, you can normally find them helping others out or advertising their igloo designs at The Town.


The penguin we’re most curious about is… belinha8615!




Congratulations to you, belinha8615, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your liking!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


855 days old
Atahan2007 March 18, 2019

Congrats dude! 😀

129 days old
P3640342 March 17, 2019


858 days old
willjjnclubp March 17, 2019

Congratulations! Also you guys are almost at POTW #100!!!

135 days old
CptnSquirrel March 17, 2019


585 days old
MLGCptVirgil March 17, 2019


191 days old
llamarama March 16, 2019

nice ^‿^

867 days old
Nurkelurken March 16, 2019


131 days old
MITA1001 March 16, 2019

Good job belinha8615 by the way i love your outfit and i love your igloo its very detailed with lots of green for saint patrics day.

846 days old
megypegy March 16, 2019


247 days old
Coldy 1054 March 16, 2019


845 days old
Fastn Fab March 16, 2019

Congratulations Belinha love your igloo! 😉

180 days old
Shimmer808 March 16, 2019

Great Job!

242 days old
FrostyCloud March 16, 2019

Good job! I love your outfit!!

813 days old
AleCP March 15, 2019

congrats bro

132 days old
XxRenchiksxX March 15, 2019

How to get the St Patrick`s day hat??? Please answer someone????

840 days old
belinha8615 March 16, 2019

It is located in the Coffee Shop, just click on it and you will get!

304 days old
superscout March 15, 2019

i have been helped a few times by belinha and they have always been so kind and helpful

383 days old
DanilnBest March 15, 2019


590 days old
Fabrobo March 15, 2019

Good job, keep up the good work!

879 days old
Beast March 15, 2019

so close to 100 POTWS

839 days old
Hoodsey March 14, 2019

Good job!

304 days old
Tver March 14, 2019

your looking is “AR-ight”

yes i am aware i made an awful joke but i found it funny 😀

195 days old
auburnfan314 March 14, 2019

Congrats Belhina! A well deserved award for a well deserving penguin!

186 days old
Ryder337 March 14, 2019


259 days old
happypengiun March 14, 2019

You all have such great outfits penguins!
-Happy Penguin
March 14 2019

193 days old
HenDiggyDogg March 14, 2019

Well Done my dude!

690 days old
Fluffykin1 March 14, 2019

Congrats Belinha!

301 days old
Soccer1017 March 14, 2019

Great job belinha8615! You deserve it! Congrats!

616 days old
swati March 14, 2019

congrats belinha8615 on becoming the penguin of the week

872 days old
Ghosty March 14, 2019

congrats dude!!

144 days old
BaconBap March 14, 2019

So proud! have been helped by belinha a few times myself!

226 days old
lapis13 March 14, 2019

Congrats belinha !

787 days old
Derourkl March 14, 2019

Very well done, bro!

169 days old
jkiopl March 14, 2019


212 days old
NaniPlays123 March 14, 2019


186 days old
MESS BRO 222 March 14, 2019

i will like also everybody

186 days old
MESS BRO 222 March 14, 2019

u ppl deserve a gift i will give u two codes for u to use onlinesafety for a laptop and carddeck for free random cards

145 days old
BendyRBLX March 14, 2019


859 days old
Foxx March 14, 2019

Congrats well done!

342 days old
MerryFrost March 14, 2019

How do you become the penguin of the week?

859 days old
Foxx March 15, 2019

Just be nice, help others and most importantly, be yourself!

148 days old
Nateyrst March 13, 2019

Stu, why is your account 41 years old?

253 days old
sammy177 March 13, 2019

Congrats! Great job, you earned it! Keep up the good work, belinha8615!

627 days old
Erica7304 March 13, 2019

congratulations!! 🙂

853 days old
ChrisCPI March 13, 2019

Hello, I would like to make a suggestion. Could you add the modern igloo system from original CP? There’s so much stuff from it that would be great and enjoyable. And it did release in 2011 in original CP, so this isn’t really modern in any way!
Oh and, congrats on POTW 😀

156 days old
meep641 March 13, 2019

congrats well done 🐧😎✔🎁🐱‍🚀😁🎉

134 days old
Sonicdom March 13, 2019

So proud of you

134 days old
Sonicdom March 13, 2019


394 days old
Carosene March 13, 2019

Congrats on POTW!!!

223 days old
josephemojie March 13, 2019

i hope i will be able to be potw

161 days old
PieRy357 March 13, 2019

YOOO that igloo in the back. In the original that was my signature igloo. When is that gonna come back or how do I get it.

416 days old
Soccerball23 March 13, 2019

Congrats my dude 🙂

134 days old
KittyLila March 12, 2019

I love the outfit

372 days old
tas45 March 12, 2019


147 days old
baller boi March 12, 2019

I like your cool decorations dude!

230 days old
Delterus March 12, 2019

Congrats well done!!!

340 days old
caleeeeeb123 March 12, 2019

how did you even get the green house? I mean… is it a secret in the catalog?

137 days old
Sky Angel March 12, 2019

Great Job. Hope everyone here gets a chance to be in the spotlight.😀

645 days old
Mackeymoo5 March 12, 2019

Congratulations! Well deserved!

734 days old
Maripink007 March 12, 2019

Congratulations, comrade!
Waddle on!

138 days old
Catlover003 March 12, 2019

Congrats! I am so happy for you! I bet you could make a snazzy outfit with that new viking helmet!

253 days old
sillygoose22 March 12, 2019

this is cute

312 days old
Peengi March 12, 2019

Wow! Congratulations belinha8615! Your igloo is very green! And congratulations! You are Penguin of The Week!

312 days old
Peengi March 12, 2019

Congratulations belinha8615! But I have a question: How to be Penguin of The Week?

382 days old
EllyCraftsYT March 12, 2019

You don’t have to accept this comment but whomever is reading please please PLEASE add the blonde bun to the next catalog I’ve been on for almost a year, and I still can’t find it. I REALLY want it, and I had it on my old CP account.

139 days old
Popcorny Boi March 12, 2019

Nice bro

274 days old
Space472 March 12, 2019

Love the name! 🙂

885 days old
Jerry24691 March 12, 2019

Hey, congratulations!

322 days old
penguinopera March 12, 2019

Decked out for St. Patrick’s day I see. Nice job!

134 days old
yungsmighty March 12, 2019

Yo wassup my peeps

17525 days old
stu March 12, 2019

What’s up?

312 days old
Peengi March 12, 2019

Hello; stu!

645 days old
Mackeymoo5 March 12, 2019

the sky

147 days old
baller boi March 12, 2019

How do you become Penguin of the Week? I really want it to be me once because I love this game even though I just started.

If you make me Penguin of the Week, it would make me very happy.

Thank You!

808 days old
zach90888 March 13, 2019

how is ur penguin older than the original CP?

OMG is one of the staff a hacker!?


149 days old
Penguin23324 March 16, 2019


635 days old
Iuvkthyung March 12, 2019

I see ya around the island a lot, congrats on POTW!

595 days old
shadowfight March 12, 2019

Yay belinha! Congrats Buddy!!!

157 days old
789web March 12, 2019

I wanted to comment about myself for a moment: I have founded the “tree gang”, which stands in the forest, as well as the “tuba gang”, which plays together forever. I started both of these as simple humor and they have spread, and I wanted credit somewhere. If you are members of either, I am proud.

274 days old
Space472 March 12, 2019

I don’t think you were the very first to create those gangs.

149 days old
Shrakh March 13, 2019

Your account is 24 days old, you couldn’t have possibly formed them unless it was an alternate profile. I need proof.

845 days old
Tyler459 March 12, 2019

oh wow

357 days old
peptrt March 12, 2019

Congrats on POTW! Also it’s getting close to the hundredth POTW, I’m hyped!

655 days old
AidanL March 12, 2019

its great to see positivity being spread on such an amazing game! I can’t wait to tune in to the devcast on the 14th to celebrate and donate so I can help out the community!

655 days old
AidanL March 12, 2019

congratulations! its nice to see awesome people win the penguin of the week! 🙂

144 days old
WaddleMan20 March 12, 2019


170 days old
Squirky March 12, 2019

Congratulations!! 🙂

176 days old
NDWMaster13 March 12, 2019

I’m very happy to receive so much affection and support from all, I really have to thank everyone in the community. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME ALONG THIS WAY! THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!
Amo todos vocês/Je vous aime tous

644 days old
JamieSoulm8 March 12, 2019

Congrats!! Nice iggie btw!

186 days old
MESS BRO 222 March 12, 2019

congratulations belinha8615 i am agent psa and agent epf mess bro 222 and i am fairly suprised so good job . i just realized today and now that there was this thin but anyways goo job sincerly mess bro 222

561 days old
Corbin123 March 12, 2019

Gangnam style

846 days old
Static March 12, 2019


199 days old
Owynn06 March 11, 2019


871 days old
Roko Abc March 11, 2019

When will you add more coloring pages to the community section?

224 days old
Mrpenguin513 March 11, 2019

A dedicated player. I’m very proud of you, well deserved!

840 days old
belinha8615 March 12, 2019

Thanks Mr. Penguin, I want to see you around the island to play and talk!

305 days old
conspiracies March 11, 2019

Congratulations, Belinha8615! Seeing your creative outfits before has definitely given me a sense of inspiration for my penguin! Hope to see you soon!

840 days old
belinha8615 March 12, 2019

I’ve seen you before, I’d never forget that name and creative style! I also hope to see her more often on the island.

719 days old
Superivy4 March 11, 2019


215 days old
dgamer625 March 11, 2019

Congrats! Your igloo is getting ready for St Patrick Day. Awesome job! 😀

270 days old
Artistikko30 March 11, 2019

Omg congratulations!!!! Really happy for u!

642 days old
Garnet1200 March 11, 2019


644 days old
Dizzle925 March 11, 2019


293 days old
ArcturusPS2 March 11, 2019

Congratulations, belinha8615. 🐧

886 days old
Perapin March 11, 2019

Congrats! Well deserved 🙂

186 days old
MESS BRO 222 March 12, 2019

yo i remember u perapin from the pizza shop

632 days old
grandshifu March 11, 2019


274 days old
Space472 March 11, 2019

Congrats! I may not be able to play as much, but I am glad you guys can still enjoy the game!

605 days old
Lilyuca March 11, 2019

Congrats Home boy lol

194 days old
stamppenguin March 11, 2019

Congratulations! I would like Marios5001 to be the next potw please! He is very nice and helpful and active! He really deserves that viking helmet!

180 days old
alicenray March 11, 2019

I totally agree!! marios is a stellar penguin!

274 days old
Space472 March 12, 2019

Marios is such a nice guy! See him around every once in a while! Great penguin!

846 days old
Narnia March 11, 2019

Congrats! 😀

670 days old
HamilDog March 11, 2019


262 days old
Katie101a March 11, 2019

Congrats! Well earned!

798 days old
GamerBoy617 March 11, 2019


298 days old
Peanut Llama March 11, 2019

congrats man!! much deserved <3

3337 days old
Halopona March 11, 2019

Congratulations belinha! I have seen them around the island quite a lot, and they seem really friendly! 🎉🎉

571 days old
Lelunu March 11, 2019

Congrats 😀

639 days old
louis 46653 March 11, 2019


151 days old
HarmonyStar March 11, 2019

Congrats! Your outfit is so awesome.

194 days old
BadRabbit44 March 11, 2019

Congrats! you deserve it!

382 days old
EllyCraftsYT March 11, 2019


401 days old
Penguinbobi1 March 11, 2019

Congratulations! Very well deserved!

840 days old
belinha8615 March 11, 2019

I’m very happy to receive so much affection and support from all, I really have to thank everyone in the community. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME ALONG THIS WAY! THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!
Amo todos vocês/Je vous aime tous

670 days old
HamilDog March 12, 2019


311 days old
Jerlocks March 11, 2019


615 days old
Ilikegreen24 March 11, 2019


632 days old
bobby85 March 11, 2019

Congratulations! Couldn’t be more deserved!

219 days old
TorqueCPI March 11, 2019

Congratulations!! You deserved it! I am so happy for you!!!

844 days old
Marios5001 March 11, 2019

Congrats for Penguin Of The Week belihna and also the gren viking helmet!!!

676 days old
Sule March 11, 2019

neat 🙂 🙂

432 days old
CyanWolf8479 March 11, 2019


574 days old
Cpr1234 March 11, 2019

Congrats belinha

845 days old
GNSPHIL March 11, 2019

congratulations my friend!!!

840 days old
belinha8615 March 11, 2019

Thank so much my great friend! 😃

17525 days old
stu March 11, 2019

Woop Woop

274 days old
Space472 March 11, 2019

Hey stu. What is the CPR support email address?

274 days old
Space472 March 12, 2019

Thank you

274 days old
Space472 March 14, 2019


249 days old
P2714920 March 11, 2019

WOW! Stu is 17390 days old! That is Cra cra!

156 days old
Santi12007 March 13, 2019

He is probably working for CPR since the early 70s (July 31, 1971)

382 days old
EllyCraftsYT March 12, 2019

Yes, woop woop!!!!!

853 days old
ChrisCPI March 13, 2019

Add igloo system, the newer one? I made a comment about it above.

201 days old
Lufis2000 March 11, 2019


552 days old
-Joystick- March 11, 2019

Congratulations! Well deserved mate! Hope you’ll have a wonderful day with your new hat! 😀

299 days old
Krongus509 March 11, 2019