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Reviewed by You: Dimensional Dilemma

By Lataus on March 30, 2019

Penguins, Hi!


If thought things couldn’t get any more whacky now, you thought wrong! Here’s Reviewed by You. Last week, we asked you all what secrets and mysteries you thought were hiding in Box Dimension. From that, we’ve now selected out two spheniscidaes. The first spheniscidae we’ve selected was Peengi, who said:


“I think the Box Dimension was created when island was created. All boxes in the island came together and opened a portal. All boxes went into the portal and settle there. Some boxes came together and made a platform. And everytime new boxes are coming there. So, I think the Box Dimension is endless.”


That’s really quite an interesting theory. It would make sense that the dimension itself is as old as the island. Nobody actually knows how big the Box Dimension actually is, and as far as we can tell, it seems to be endless. The other response comes from dabluekid, who said:


“I think it was created by a person that loved boxes. One day he was testing out the portals he made, and found this new dimension then put massive boxes all around the dimension. I also believe that there are many secrets that revolve around boxes! one of the secrets could or should be a boxhouse!”


We would love to meet a penguin like that; we hope that he would express his knowledge of boxes to everyone. Who really knows what the Box Dimension could really be hiding inside?


Thanks Peengi and dabluekid! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Good luck! Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question.



The silliness of April Fools has finally hit the island, and we couldn’t be feeling any more excited about it. If you’ve been to Box Dimension, you may have seen that there’s all kinds of crazy and zany dimensions that have opened up. For this week’s Reviewed by You, we would like to know your favors of them. Which dimension do you like the most and why?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Walk on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


117 days old
kenrtdr12 April 11, 2019


835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 13, 2019

Or a 20/1!

841 days old
WaterFlame90 April 11, 2019

I loved the doodle and the ice cream dimension and the cactus dimension mostly because you can buy stuff and it has my fav song

109 days old
urewlp2 April 11, 2019

how cute is the doodle dimension penguin

835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 8, 2019

I really liked that dimension you had to be a box to enter because you could make the statues talk. I also liked that one with the stars and planets and you hovered instead of waddling. Oh, and that one where you were a drawing, I felt that to be an oldie but goodie!

119 days old
Pikulz April 6, 2019

Overall, the doodle dimension was definetly the best! It was extremly well-‘drawn’ (; and the animations were so cute! I just HAD to take a snapshot of this, and yes, I did! Great job to the CPR team, this was the best and most creative party!!!

112 days old
queenmeras April 6, 2019

i really loved the doodle dimension! the concept is really simple but well done, and the animations when the penguins moved was so cute! this dimension is also a throw back to school which i loved.

835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 8, 2019

Me too! And when you wore a hat in the other dimensions, your hat floated above your head!

111 days old
MessrPads April 5, 2019

I really appreciate the look and feel of the Doodle Dimension! It reminds me of something my little cousins would draw and show me, and the overall idea of it was amazing!

111 days old
Benz33 April 4, 2019

All I know is the Box Dimension. I mean, that’s something tho!

835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 8, 2019

Maybe you’ll get to see the fun dimensions next year?

168 days old
karkatkitty April 4, 2019

My favorite dimension is the doodle dimension! It is just so cute and well thought of. Keep up the awesome work cpr team!

339 days old
LizaRay April 4, 2019

I really enjoy the Doodle Dimension. The graphics are very cute and I enjoy seeing my penguin as one of those simplistic style penguins. The colors are very vibrant and give off a warmth feeling. The room is just very wholesome overall.

406 days old
eddybirdman5 April 3, 2019

My favorite dimension has to be the Comedy/Jester Dimension, It’s just a chill place where you can do some stand-up comedy skits with friends and just laugh and relax. It’s not too special and that’s why it’s my favorite. It doesn’t get that much recognition, and it’s typically overlooked.

837 days old
kelsodilla April 3, 2019

I like the space dimension the most! The music in the room is calming and probably one of my favorites! I’d love to have it as a music option for my igloo. Also been wondering if the tune the stars play together is twinkle little star and if so my favorite little Easter egg so far!

835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 8, 2019

Those planets and stars were fun to put up in the sky there. I think there were 11 stars and 5 planets there.

416 days old
Soccerball23 April 2, 2019

I like the strange dimension the best. It has a lot of funny easter eggs like the door that’s a waterfall, the fish that goes in and out of two windows, and the talking easter island statues. It just has a charm to it that makes me laugh the most out of all the other dimensions.

273 days old
Aragorn35 April 2, 2019

i only know of the box dimension

835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 13, 2019

If you mean the dimension you get a box hat, then perhaps, but you probably forgot about the other dimensions. You might get to see them again next year.

277 days old
Pixelunatic April 2, 2019

The Doodle Dimension’s simple art style paired with its relaxing background music makes it the ideal place to chill. You also can’t see anyone’s outfits in it, which adds to the simplicity. No matter how fancy or rare our outfits get, we’re all just trying to have a good time together.

220 days old
Little Lolli April 1, 2019

My favorite Dimension has got to be the Doodle Dimension!! Its so cute I just love how my penguin is an actual drawing, its so creative and I think it should come back next April Fool’s! The other Dimensions are really inspiring but my absolute favorite is the Doodle Dimension! Good work CP Team!!

144 days old
eflowers April 1, 2019

My favorite dimension was the space dimension! I liked it because you can create your own galaxy with the many planets and stars. Not to mention the sick beats you can create with them!

722 days old
CherrySakura April 1, 2019

My fave is the Strange Dimension cause the vibrant colors and vacation music makes me feel like I stepped into someone’s imagination ๐Ÿ˜ฎ but I was expecting a ton of boxes as only boxes can enter it… very strange place

152 days old
TubaGangCPR April 1, 2019

I like the scribble dimension (which is the wallpaper on this) because i like to do scribbles on paper at school when its raining and i just like to draw cps box dimension portal cuz y not?

844 days old
Today April 1, 2019


124 days old
Maya64 April 1, 2019

I loveeeee the dimensions, but my favourite one HAS to be the Space dimension, i love the atmosphere and the space is so calming, its by far the best.

325 days old
Tsiy2 April 1, 2019

My favorite dimension would have to be the galaxy dimension. The ability to create your own galaxy is incredible and extremely unique. Your minds your limits when your in the galaxy dimension.

366 days old
bannana555 April 1, 2019

I love all of them but i really love dressing up as a box i mean BOXESSSSSSSS

835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 13, 2019

Me too because, stealth!

654 days old
Birdsmoo April 1, 2019

I really like the notepad dimension, because of how the penguins look in it

145 days old
LilRose55 April 1, 2019

The dimension that I like the most is the space dimension because you are able to open your imagination to make your own perspective of the universe and space and it also brings a lot of joy and happiness. The other cool thing about the dimension is that you are able to explore it with other people

620 days old
Woody96589 April 1, 2019

My favorite Dimension has gotta be the space dimension where you can just sit back relax and have a clear view of the sky and the stars, form constellations and star gaze.

620 days old
Woody96589 April 1, 2019

What a great party ! Amazing time spent with Rookie during the meetup. Love to Club Penguin Rewritten team !

300 days old
Pengu2345 April 1, 2019

My personal favorite dimension is the cream soda dimension because you can relax in the calming waters of the cream soda burbling into the river. You can also have a dip in the soda as well which is great and relaxing :).

698 days old
Kevs April 1, 2019

How can I meet Rookie in the April Fools Party? Is there a schedule for him to go online?

848 days old
SprouSprou April 1, 2019

The Stair dimension is under-rated. It’s *probably* my favourite
I mean, it’s got some non-euclidean geometry, what more do you want? I mean, if you lived there you would have 6 times the space, being able to put your furniture on all sides of the room. Besides, it’s cool-looking.
It’s just cool.

835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 8, 2019

Non-euclidean? What’s the difference between euclidean and non-euclidean geometry?

124 days old
Omega Xis April 1, 2019

Where are All these dimensions even found?!

124 days old
Omega Xis April 1, 2019

If the Box dimension is endless why is it limited to one room?

835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 13, 2019

Because, enigmatic time and space winding? Maybe something existing outside the postulates (bases of belief, reasoning or discussion) of normalcy? One can only ponder…

305 days old
conspiracies April 1, 2019

It’s too hard to choose a favorite! All of the dimensions are so creative and wacky. This is also my first April Fools’ Party, so everything was new to me, and I loved it all! If I really had to choose, however, it would be the Doodle Dimension! I love seeing our penguins in a different art style!

327 days old
Laurcha April 1, 2019

My favorite box dimension was the desert one! It looked really cool and I love the cowboy vibe. It also had a shop, which is an added bonus! All of the different dimensions were cool, but I think the one my penguin would spend the most time in was the desert because I am a cowboy from Texas. Yeehaw!

755 days old
terrier April 1, 2019

very fun!!

135 days old
Snowfall6677 April 1, 2019

Okay! The Candy and Cream Soda dimensions are my favorite because, well……Sugar. I honestly can’t choose between the two dimensions at this point!

123 days old
Minty Spirit April 1, 2019

My favorite dimension has got to be the Space Dimension. I love arranging all of the stars and planets in the sky and the music in the room, and even wondering if aliens exist. I like to imagine what life might be like on those planets, and even beyond!

188 days old
Mickols April 1, 2019

Tomorrow begins April Fools ! Oh yeah!
I want a new item of rookie.

134 days old
jonas867 April 1, 2019

I really like the box store because you can buy the box dimension.
And put it in your igloo. I also the pencil dimension and getting a stamp for it and the soda cream maze to get the other box. And the candy land one too is pretty cool to go to. And the pizza parlor and the food fight is very cool.

121 days old
Armageddus April 1, 2019

My Favorite Dimension was the Doodle One, Boy! It was so awesome! I can talk to Doodled Penguins, It was very incredible! My second favorite was the cream soda, Every time i looked at the cream soda, It made me thirsty for cream soda, Because i love eating. And i loved finding the secrets too!

389 days old
STARPOWERB March 31, 2019

Personally I think the box dimension is the best in general because its a old school room that’s been a April fools terdision for years now every time I visit the box dimension I always have a good time thinking about old memories!!!

150 days old
Anna648 March 31, 2019

I love the space dimension. The fact that I get to create my own universe with the stars and planets is amazing. The room in itself is just gorgeous. I love it so much it’s so calming.

206 days old
Moshi29 March 31, 2019

The Strange dimension is the best in my opinion, as the name suggests it is kinda strange, but at the same time its beautiful, and a relaxing place to go.

154 days old
Fluffy15511 March 31, 2019

I absolutely adore the doodle dimension! It’s absolutely adorable! This is a very creative idea; I had a lot of fun in this realm! Since I am a growing artist, this is definitely where I’d like to be!

154 days old
Fluffy15511 March 31, 2019

I love the pencil dimension – it’s so creative! I love how the style of art totally changes, and it looks like a quick sketch of yourself and your buds! This is such a cool, cute idea! Double thumbs-up (or flippers-up) to whoever created this zany realm!

116 days old
Zelll March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is the doodle dimension! The artistic style choice is very unique and adorable! It reminds me of art class. It inspires me to draw some fan art for CPRW! The art style really does look like the penguins are drawn with crayon.

223 days old
josephemojie March 31, 2019

I like the rockhopper dimension because all of his old rare collectables reside then inclouding rockhopper him self

253 days old
sammy177 March 31, 2019

I had been asking myself that same question the first time I entered the box dimension, and honestly I don’t know which one I like the best, but here are my top three:
The Planet Dimension
The Barrel Maze Dimension
and, The Doodle dimension!

186 days old
MESS BRO 222 March 31, 2019


243 days old
P2743572 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is the Strange Dimension,because for me is the wackiest of the all!And also it has kind of a puzzle,like you need “to be” a box to enter.And all the interactive stuff on the environment.The only downside for me is that it doesn’t have any items.

115 days old
P3806725 March 31, 2019


364 days old
voldemort10 March 31, 2019

I love all the dimensions and I wish they were here forever but my favorite is the strange dimension because its so weird and awesome. I also love the candy dimension. I love the doodle dimension.

425 days old
peanut love March 31, 2019

My favorite is the desert dimension. Its just so fun! And my favorite thing is a lama and a cactus!

858 days old
willjjnclubp March 31, 2019

I am in love with the barrel maze dimension because you never know where you are going, and if you made it to the end or not. First I went left then right, up and down, then I finally made it! It is really fun, and you get a really cool box head prize at the end, if you can even make it!

142 days old
Jozara March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is the planet dimension. i like how you use the planets and stars as musical instruments. It sounds nice.

209 days old
Adria01010 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is definitely the Cream Soda Dimension because the maze is super fun and at the end of the maze, you even get a free prize! The great part is if you get confused you can know that the ones that haven’t led you to the prize don’t lead to the prize which narrows down the route.

372 days old
kbpenguin3 March 31, 2019

I really like the Stair Dimension, it reminds me of that one famous artwork called “Relativity” by M.C. Escher. I wonder if that’s what the Club Penguin Rewritten Team was going for?

211 days old
jestero March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension would have to be the doodle dimension! Its so, wholesome and I love the little hats and details around the paper. Its very unique and reminds me of the many club penguin fan arts shown in the newspaper, as well as my own doodling days.

116 days old
imaboss11 March 31, 2019

Love dimensions!!!!

756 days old
cutie_pengui March 31, 2019

My favourite dimension would have to be the Joke Dimension since you get to tell (and listen to!) some pretty neat jokes, get a score, get a King Jester hat and sit on a throne watching your subjects perform for you… ๐Ÿ˜
Ok, jk….
(The Barrel Dimension is also pretty cool ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ)

868 days old
Splosh Jnr March 31, 2019

Hey CPRTeam, there’s a REALLY bad issue with the Ice Rink! All penguins appear in the top left hand corner of the screen and have their registration number rather than their name. All the text on the screen rapidly flashes between languages and there’s a massive red box with small green dots!

223 days old
josephemojie March 31, 2019

that happened to me too

280 days old
Priscilla903 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimensions would have to be the desert and candy dimensions. I just love how aesthetic and fun they are. They give me so much nostalgia and old cp vibes its crazy. I’ve been missing old cp for soooo long ty soo much cp rewritten for bringing back the old good club penguin.

603 days old
Bojos35 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is the doodle one because I find it to be the most unique dimension.

129 days old
BingleDarry March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension has to be the drawing one. I mean how could you not love it. Everyone looks so cute there and its a very wholesome dimension!

719 days old
Superivy4 March 31, 2019

I like the ice cream dimension, the colors are very nice and dont hurt your eyes. Also food YUMMMMMMMM! plus not a lot of people go there so its nice to have a screenshot place

696 days old
supery505 March 31, 2019

that is cool

425 days old
reveluv26 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension from this April Fool’s event is 2D or doodle dimension. I find it really cool to be able to walk and talk as I was in a 2D area or paper. I honestly also like the Sweet Dimensions. Well, we got to be able to do food-fights, isn’t it cool? Throwing the foods everywhere!

774 days old
Charizard533 March 31, 2019

My favorite box dimension is the barrel one where you have to take time to get the box head.

226 days old
lapis13 March 31, 2019

I like the joke dimension because you can sit and watch many penguins perform jokes and perform your self and obtain the king jester hat!

255 days old
ziulodnanref March 31, 2019

for me it’s one of the best events in the game, the decorations and the parties are incredible!!

125 days old
Smallchild08 March 31, 2019

my favorite dimension is the candy it is so sweet and i love it

595 days old
shadowfight March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is definitely the Strange Dimension! Not only does it let you visit the other dimensions first but it’s also kind of a secret place which makes you feel really cool when you get inside! Especially, when you reach inside it’s extremely fun because the decorations are amazing!

847 days old
Dinkons March 31, 2019

Ooh, I’m so excited! Love you CPR team

229 days old
Blueice881 March 31, 2019

My favorite box dimension is definitely the stairs one. It is so cool that is is upside down and backward. It is mysterious because it is just a room with stairs and a tile that lights up sometimes. I love that penguins are working together to try to figure out what the dimension does.

229 days old
Blueice881 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is definitely the stairs one. It is cool that everything is upside down and backward. It is very mysterious because it is a room with stairs with a tile that can light up, but no one knows why. It is fun because penguins work together to try to find out what the dimension does.

200 days old
OliOH March 31, 2019

I love the doodle dimension its super cute and fun! I love the little waddle animation!

115 days old
P3800860 March 31, 2019


853 days old
ChrisCPI March 31, 2019

I really like the Cream Soda Dimension! That maze in it is so weird and really fun to be at. You also get the box hat for finishing it!

116 days old
bluberryxo March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is the cactus one! (because you can get some cool box stuff there) Though candy dimension is a close second as i love love love candy!

215 days old
DanTDMFan127 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension HAS to be the doodle dimension, because it looks like a real drawing of penguins waddling around and. Well… M E E T I N G N E W F R I E N D S! The doodle dimension in my opinion, is a penguin drawing that came to life

746 days old
WutamelonXD March 31, 2019

my favorite dimension would probably be the stairs dimension! it’s pretty mysterious and confusing, the way everything’s upside down, the way your penguin walks, it’s all pretty weird. that’s what i really like about the dimension. : p

401 days old
Penguinbobi1 March 31, 2019

I like every dimension. All are based around something, and show a lot of creativity. All those different types of silly themes suit this party really well. Speaking of silly, my favourite dimension is “A Silly Place”. The name itself says what is there and it suits the party like no other dimension

220 days old
Deltarune2 March 31, 2019


118 days old
xsmileyx March 31, 2019

oh sorry it was only one dimension!!!

118 days old
xsmileyx March 31, 2019

hi!! I have 2 favourite box dimensions. The first one is the space dimension, because i love designing how i want the sky to be, its really nice and i just love the arty design of it with the planets and stars big containers and the paint cans, its all just so colorful i love it! Thanks cprewritten!

166 days old
ey3556 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is the sweets dimension. The sweets dimension has a nice color pallet, and overall feels very whimsical. I also enjoy how it envokes a strange nostalgia of past holildays with my family.

116 days old
WarheadImp March 31, 2019

My Favourite would have to be the Stairs dimension just because I have no idea what it is.

290 days old
Jimbob2010 March 31, 2019

I Like the candy/food dimension because you can throw food at each other. It is interesting to see a dimension like that

562 days old
EpicEndGamer March 31, 2019

I like the Silly Place (The Joke Dimension as i call it) and the Candy Dimension, because 1: You can tell jokes, and it’ll rate your jokes on what they think about it, and 2: I love candy, and when i remind myself about candy: I would get hungry for candy immediately!

138 days old
PerfectdAlva March 31, 2019

If I had to choose, my favorite box dimension would have to be the space one because I found the music to be very soothing and relaxing. The colors were very warming, as well. I also loved the idea of us being able to place the stars and planets wherever we please.

166 days old
Hoooble March 31, 2019

My personal favorite has to be the Desert Dimension, as I enjoy how the Sun and Moon move based on where you are in the room and how the sky changes with it. The colors are very beautiful as well, since I’m an artist, but also because it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

136 days old
sobeano456 March 31, 2019

My favorite box dimension is the doodle one because when you walk in your in a notepad and your a drawing of a penguin its so funny! I also like it because you get the feeling that rookie has drawn your penguin on a notepad.

185 days old
Milce 20 fan March 31, 2019

My Favorites Dimensions is REALLY The Candy Dimension and The Silly Dimension : The Candy have Candy physical laws Likely And… The Silly Dimension is uhhhhh….. Silly.
Just Silly

166 days old
P3183970 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension was the barrels, I was going in circles

115 days old
Chantel8124 March 31, 2019

I personally loved the room with the planets for many reasons; one of them being that it was very colorful and interactive. Once you did find out what you were supposed to do with the planets and stars, you could make any song/jingle/sound you wanted. It was also rather calming.

277 days old
filmthepengu March 31, 2019

My favourite room in the box dimension is the room with cream soda because its a puzzle.

721 days old
Choconyan March 31, 2019

As zany as the April Fool’s party is, the Box Dimensions are oddly calming. Like I just want to sit and stay forever. I think my favorite is the space dimension, with creating your own solar system, listening to lovely music. The doodle dimension was also cute, but something about it seems…sketchy

552 days old
-Joystick- March 31, 2019

The best Dimension? A Silly Place for sure! I just love the way to go on the ‘scene’. It’s also a great place for friends to hang out and hear tons of funny – or not – jokes! By the way, the name itself is amazing! I’m a silly penguin who enjoy silly things. Just the perfect place to be! ๐Ÿ˜›

118 days old
musicgeek4ev March 31, 2019

is there any way we’re going to have some field ops with the EPF?

147 days old
Bunnywinter March 31, 2019

My favorite would have to be the ice cream dimension. First of all, because who does not like ice cream? Second of all, it is just the most colorful spectacular food related thing ever! Like why can’t this be in real life? I really wish I could just jump into an ice cream filled place!

429 days old
Joey17790 March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension was the Doodle Dimension. i really loved how “sketchy” it is. Get it? Sketchy?

267 days old
YoyoElPuffle March 31, 2019

My favorite dimension is the drawing that shows that professional or not, all the drawings are going to be the same, that dimension proves that even if it is a little ugly it does not matter, because for others the biggest drawings can be ugly and that shows a little equality

868 days old
Splosh Jnr March 31, 2019

Tough question! I would have to say the stair dimension. It just seems so peaceful – especially with the strange and unique music it has – even if everything is back-to-front and upside down! Definitely one of my favourite rooms to come to the island!

170 days old
puttpenguin March 31, 2019

i really enjoy the party! I just hope rookie comes soon!

165 days old
ilovecake07 March 31, 2019

I personally LOVED the candy dimension. It was so sweet my mouth watered while playing (;

845 days old
Oliver1235 March 31, 2019

It’s hard to narrow it down to a singular dimension, but the one I would say I likely prefer would be the Cream Soda Dimension! For starters, the catchy tune and wonderful environment that comes with it already wins me over, and best of all? Endless Cream Soda! What’s not to like about that? >w<

731 days old
ChickInv45 March 31, 2019

Can’t choose a favorite, they’re all wacky and awesome!

149 days old
KraigMollyG March 31, 2019

My favorite box dimension would have to be the stairs dimension. I’m sure you all based it off of the stair optical illusion, and it seems so surreal! I love the concept of a warped view and controls. This is by far the best!

419 days old
vicho2005 March 31, 2019

April fools is a great party

840 days old
belinha8615 March 30, 2019

I really love the Silly Place Dimension, it’s a place full of joy and laughter, we can tell a lot of jokes and give a comedy show!!!

134 days old
mumble2019 March 30, 2019

My favorite box dimension would have to be the barrels, because I love the bright colours in the room and I also like it because its like a puzzle. I love how you have to figure out how to get to the hat by, going through the portals and trying to see which one is the right one that leads you to it.

123 days old
ZoeTheAmazin March 30, 2019


116 days old
IrishMetal March 30, 2019

I thought all of the new dimensions were interesting and exciting, but in the end my favorite is the Island. Travelling through space and time is fun, but there’s no place like home, and I haven’t been back to this home for quite some time.

737 days old
Kam66 March 30, 2019

I know I am late but my favorite box dimension is the cactus one because it gives me a sense of super nostalgia even though I did not play club penguin back then. This is one of my favorite parties even though its my first time experiencing this party.

792 days old
lemon8lime8 March 30, 2019

club penguin must not of likes what you said

792 days old
lemon8lime8 March 30, 2019

it most be good for club penguin to apply

193 days old
Petallities March 30, 2019

My favorite dimension is the Candy dimension. It reminds me of my childhood around Christmas time for some reason. I also really like how well designed it is, and the chocolate waterfall is absolutely gorgeous.

126 days old
Spraw March 30, 2019

Easily the space dimension, where else can you make your own sky and sing Rocketman by Elton John at the exact same time

166 days old
w0lfhaley March 30, 2019

There is so many new things to buy this month! cant wait for igloo cateloge.

235 days old
Sp2nnyB02 March 30, 2019

The dimension I love the most is the space dimension, its really calming to watch space and zone out. It also allows to make your own musical sky, with twinkling stars and various sized planets! I like to tinker around with the sky sometimes, its real fun.

116 days old
P3795428 March 30, 2019


119 days old
acespi March 30, 2019

I thought that the candy dimension was really cool! The background music was so nice and peaceful, and I loved the waterfall!

183 days old
BartBoys3 March 30, 2019

I like the doodle dimension because it’s an official representation of a penguin in a different style!

126 days old
Costar6 March 30, 2019

I loved not just The Strange Dimension cuz its really chill but I loved ALL OF THE DIMENSIONS so much to do and see it was totally worth the wait.

130 days old
dabluekid March 30, 2019


119 days old
Carogonz11 March 30, 2019

I really like the desert dimension because it has this calming view and it feels like it is just normal for part of the island to like that. It is really pretty and it’s cool that both the sun and moon go up at the same time. Also, the store and the variety of boxes it offers is so great and unique.

203 days old
Braidwolf March 30, 2019

I think all of he dimensions are great but if I had to pick one it would be the Jester dimension or the Strange dimension because for some reason they remind me of Alice in Wonderland.

117 days old
P3775253 March 30, 2019

I quite enjoy the stair dimension. the mystery of what the button does, the aesthetic of the room and the calming music make it a really nice place to sit and just think about stuff. Mostly what the button does and why I can’t press it down anymore.

803 days old
wadd98450 March 30, 2019

Awesome party!

247 days old
Char2006 March 30, 2019

My favorite dimension is the Space Dimension because I find the music super awesome as well as the fact that you can design whatever universe you want with all sorts of different planets and stars!

396 days old
eeyore96 March 30, 2019

my favourite dimension is the alien dimension. It’s very pretty and fun to place the planets and the stars! I love to hang out there. Very relaxing.

220 days old
P2856174 March 30, 2019


253 days old
Mione231 March 30, 2019

My favourite dimension is the space dimension but I also love the soda cream dimension!

529 days old
Shy Suzy March 30, 2019

My favorite dimension is the Space Dimension. I like how you can create your own little galaxy with all of the different planets there are. Adding a lot of stars to complete the galaxy makes it look super awesome! The possibilities are infinite as to what you can create!

431 days old
Max0955 March 30, 2019

Im in love with this party!! Its brining so many nostalgic memories from the past

Like if you agree xd

158 days old
Water Rose March 30, 2019

I like the Cream Soda Dimension the most because the puzzle there is pretty cool (and challenging). Also you get a cool box head that sets off the box monster illusion if that’s what you’re going for.

325 days old
lavenderflop March 30, 2019

I wrote my comment earlier today and now it’s gone! WWWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!???????

116 days old
P3795428 March 30, 2019

Thatโ€™s very odd

382 days old
EllyCraftsYT March 31, 2019

It just needs time to be approved. This means making sure your comment is appropriate and safe. ๐Ÿ™‚

118 days old
Yolomation14 March 30, 2019

I wonder if the drawing dimension has more secrets than the box dimension… I mean someone has to have drawn the portal, right?

194 days old
stamppenguin March 30, 2019

I like the drawing dimension! Hang around with buddies around a weird world, it’s fun.

172 days old
Jackky March 30, 2019

I like the Strange Dimension as it defies the laws of physics and it’s just a very weird room that makes zero sense. I also like how it’s hidden unless you wear the Box outfit.

823 days old
justymike March 30, 2019

I like the doodle dimension because drawing is one of my favorite things to do and it changes the visual style.

220 days old
Randomboy481 March 30, 2019

Tbh, I like every dimension there is. But if I were to pick a couple, I would pick the Doodle and Silly Place Dimensions. The Doodle Dimension is where all penguins turn into a 2D drawing. it’s really funny and looks cool. The Silly Place Dimension is when we tell jokes! These places are the best!

325 days old
lavenderflop March 30, 2019

The dimension I like most is the cream soda world. The reason for this is I loved travelling through the barrels, never knowing where I’d end up next. My next favourite was the space area. I love the fact the objects make a little jingle when you click them. However, I like all the dimensions!

573 days old
FireSanti March 30, 2019

I like Soda Cream Dimension because its a confusing labyrinth that makes you think out of the box (like my joke? :D) to solve it, and when you solve it after so many tries, it gives you the best item…A BOX HEAD!

122 days old
Feathers9840 March 30, 2019

My favorite dimension is definitely the space dimension. You can be creative and decorate the sky with planets and stars however you want to make it unique. The colors are really pretty too. I like to sit and gaze at stars with my buddies, telling stories!

262 days old
Katie101a March 30, 2019

My favorite was the space dimension, I love that you could use the stars and planets to create your own designs. I also think the music and the sounds the stars make was amazing, its fun but silly. ๐Ÿ˜€

295 days old
kulydud8 March 30, 2019

box only hideout thing best dimension. it’s pretty relaxing. the cactus dimension is the second best. there’s a lot of boxes for sale there, except the box shoes for some reason. i need the box shoes please, i must become one with the box

134 days old
Pookyy March 30, 2019

The April Fools party is so special because it was my first Club Penguin party EVER. The box dimension is a huge part of it, and my favourite dimension to waddle in to is the space one! I love arranging the stars and using them to make lovely music. Plus, I can come back later and make a new sky!

718 days old
Alisonalison March 30, 2019

I love the space dimension! It’s so fun to throw the stars and planets up in the sky and see what kind of music it makes. It always makes such a pleasant melody!

312 days old
Peengi March 30, 2019


835 days old
Sparklmagyq April 13, 2019


168 days old
M00kura March 30, 2019

I like the doddle dimension the most because its really charming and cute

208 days old
P2925601 March 30, 2019

My favorite dimension is the drawing dimension, its music is amazing and it reminds me of my childhood!

My got removed could someone help me! this is the second time it has happened! thx

593 days old
stuffedtacos March 30, 2019

I love the idea of the box dimension with everything about it as it brings a new perspective to the game that there are other places in the penguins universe and a very wacky way of expressing this idea and i love how you guys put the April fools party and this together making a amazing experience

441 days old
pencil988 March 30, 2019

i loved the cactus dimension! because of them the hidden item where you have to press the o, very hard to find but worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

856 days old
Pearl45365 March 30, 2019

My Favorite dimension is the space dimension because you can place the stars and planets in the sky and it looks really cool.

339 days old
nickiminaj38 March 30, 2019

My favorite is the silly dimension! I love how you can tell jokes and the room just looks super cool with the stage and the throne. and I love that whenever you tell a joke the drums go, “ba dum tss”. Also there’s an awesome free hat in there!

382 days old
EllyCraftsYT March 30, 2019

I love the silly dimension! It’s such a great way to express and preform in front of friends! Plus, everybody get’s a turn! It’s such a fun time, and great way to celebrate April fools.

121 days old
CBGcrazy March 30, 2019

My favorite dimension is the sketch dimension, it simplifies the penguins and I like that

291 days old
Hidden Pengu March 30, 2019

My favourite dimension has got to be the Cream Soda dimension. Not only can you receive a very cool box hat, but it has beautiful artwork as well as a fun puzzle. This dimension also reminds me of Rockhopper because he loves cream soda.

151 days old
HarmonyStar March 30, 2019

I think mine would be the stair dimension since the design in the room is amazing and i like that your penguin walks backwards and throwing snowballs it goes weird too

447 days old
Thinger March 30, 2019

Thats tricky! Hmmm…. I think I like the Strange Dimension the most! It’s got really relaxing things like color-changing flowers and piano bridges! I also like how you can talk like a statue over there, it’s the most silliest thing! And you can be the Cuckoo bird, too! Silly and calm, it’s great!

136 days old
MrTrueBlue March 30, 2019

The dimension I like the most is the drawn dimension! It’s just so zany, and out there!
It’s like a kid was a HUGE fan of club penguin, and tried to make fan-art!
You guys mastered the style REALLY well!

116 days old
P3790115 March 30, 2019

hey can you accept my name already pls

813 days old
AleCP March 30, 2019

i like all dimensions, beacause it has good dimensions such desert dimension, doodle dimension, cream soda dimension, space dimension, candy dimension, stair dimension and a silly place because it’s looking cool

137 days old
DjKled007 March 30, 2019

I like the cactus dimension, because it has his own shop it can be the night or the day and i even found that when you throw snowball they melt , a very good work on this dimension!

137 days old
stelios7 March 30, 2019

Club Penguin is Back

137 days old
stelios7 March 30, 2019


872 days old
Damo March 30, 2019

I’m a big fan of the Doodle Dimension! The way it makes your penguin look like a drawing is pretty funny to me. It’s a really cool dimension that is very unique. While it is my favourite, I really like every dimension as they are very creative!

208 days old
P2925601 March 30, 2019

The Doodle dimension is pretty cool! It reminds me of Bob Ross lol

201 days old
Lufis2000 March 30, 2019

my favourite room is the space dimension. i love to make drawings out of snowballs in my free time, so being able to drag and drop the planets and the stars instantly clicked with me. i can decorate the sky however i want, and they even play little sounds! the music is really lovely there, too!

718 days old
Yavuztalimci March 30, 2019

My favorite dimension is the Doodle Dimension because with us being doodled, it is like we got doodled by a little kid. And it makes me feel like he is making us animated by using lots of pages to animate us like in animation cartoons. It would also be so funny and amazing to watch and see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

136 days old
MrTrueBlue March 30, 2019


195 days old
auburnfan314 March 30, 2019

Well, to be honest, I like all the dimensions. But however, If I had to choose, I would say I like the stair dimension would be my favorite, since it basically like a roller coaster. you basically get to see a whole new perspective. That’s what I like most about the April fools party.

178 days old
Frost9628 March 30, 2019

I like the Cactus Dimension. I like because it has a little store and a I use it as a hangout.

311 days old
Jerlocks March 30, 2019

I love the Space Dimension! The colours are really pretty, especially the giant purple planet! That being said, I also like that you can place planets and stars onto the sky, and the background from the gift shop that matches makes it all complete!

119 days old
Nevito March 30, 2019

I’m new to CPR and I’m enjoying this party!

137 days old
stelios7 March 30, 2019

thank you hi am pc

718 days old
Alisonalison March 30, 2019

Welcome to CPR! This is an awesome community isn’t it ๐Ÿ˜€

670 days old
HamilDog March 30, 2019

Welcome! I am an old penguin (As you can see!) ๐Ÿ™‚

132 days old
FlyingManta March 30, 2019

Sweet Dimension is the more favourite of mine after all, who doesn’t like sweets? They are sweet and tasty ๐Ÿ˜› (We can also throw ice cream at each other too)

846 days old
Hey Penguin3 March 30, 2019

My favorite dimension has got to be the space dimension. It’s a lovely room, and so underappreciated! Did you know that hovering your mouse over the stars and planet’s you’ve placed will make music? Go make some out-of-this-world tunes!

845 days old
Matty1000 March 30, 2019

I like the Strange Dimension the most, the weirdness of the dimension is cool and it’s funny that the heads can move!