What's New?

Hi Penguins,


I’m sure you’ve heard the news around the town of a new path being shown…


If not, then I’m here to give you that news right here on the What’s New blog. The time is no more as we’ve just released the path update for everyone on the island to experience once and for all!



The path update is also a permanent choice for those asking around the island, I know a few of our staff members have been asked this question. Now, I know those newcomers are also wondering where to find this mysterious key on the island, and well, unfortunately, I can’t give you that answer fully. However, I can give you a tip and that tip is to read the note over at the Dojo room to find more about this secret key to unlock the way to the paths.


Are you enjoying this update? Let us know down below, I’m excited to see your reactions to the new rooms!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


269 days old
Cat7770 May 13, 2019

I like the pic you put in!

392 days old
purpletoby May 11, 2019


1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 9, 2019

The last time I visited the path update I tried to gauge the tempo of the two grey puffles striking the training dummy in tandem; they seem to be hitting it somewhere between 120-130 beats per minute.

750 days old
kawaii-uwu May 11, 2019

sounds like something a band nerd would say…

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 15, 2019

Not exactly, but I DO know how to play the piano, ukulele and guitar, plus after quite a while one begins to see and hear patterns tying with music and math in one amalgam.

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 15, 2019

Update: the knitting puffle knits about 136 bpm, but the cane swingers are about 149 bpm.

490 days old
Jerlocks May 9, 2019

This update is amazing!!!

440 days old
Azula97 May 6, 2019

One of the best updates yet. Keep it up <3

291 days old
PugLyfe360 May 5, 2019

I love the hidout

930 days old
sweetcake92 May 5, 2019

This update is really cool! I think it could be a great secret hangout spot and fun for a game of hide and seek! 😛

260 days old
iBliizy May 5, 2019

Thats nice!

394 days old
Heidiho48 May 5, 2019

Love the new place to visit! 😀🤩

260 days old
P4119508 May 4, 2019

How do I even get into the actual game??

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 9, 2019

Did you activate your account yet?

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 9, 2019

Once you’re in the game, try exploring different areas. Almost every game will have coins, so try out each game. Personally, I recommend the classic levels first.

292 days old
FlakoTorres May 4, 2019

Having this Puffle adds to my collection of having them named over a certaim theme!

2899 days old
Greenux May 4, 2019

All the rooms that been added are just the definition of perfect.

897 days old
Yavuztalimci May 4, 2019

I know I may seem a bit late. lol but I love the new room. It makes me think that the grey puffles have a paradise of their own where other puffles and penguins can visit them.

750 days old
kawaii-uwu May 11, 2019

omg like a lil sanctuary

1002 days old
Gold_Zoroark May 4, 2019

The area that you enter before you enter the path is so cool. The room is similar to a room from the first Club Penguin DS game, and it is in the same area with a similar looking key to enter minus the puzzle. Thank you CPRewritten Team!

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 4, 2019

I really enjoy the update! I saw it on Thursday and brought my grey puffle to see his grey friends! I’ll definitely be revisiting that room!

1024 days old
Ferragamo May 4, 2019

I love it

585 days old
fuzzblob14 May 4, 2019

I love that people are still keeping the idea of this game alive. They cared enough about it to want it to come back. Thank you for keeping club penguin alive!

937 days old
CozyFinch May 4, 2019

Nice work you guys, it’s a great update! 🙂

828 days old
pinky279 May 4, 2019


828 days old
pinky279 May 4, 2019


297 days old
SwimmerBird May 6, 2019


260 days old
MrVetle May 4, 2019


270 days old
yaks May 4, 2019


512 days old
Dr Penguin 2 May 4, 2019

This is amazing. it is so fun to know that people are actually caring about club penguin rewritten. the new penguins have already missed so much

875 days old
supery505 May 4, 2019

Hi love this update

859 days old
Zingela May 4, 2019

I love it so much! Thank you guys for everything you do, and all the efforts towards making this game great. It means sooo to me and other long-time Club Penguin lovers! 😉

613 days old
tiny guy May 4, 2019

im so angry i spent all that time looking for a pin just to find a room and no reward >:(

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 4, 2019

But at least we get the room forever.

1065 days old
Perapin May 4, 2019


I was so surprised when I could enter the Puffle Training Room. And I was even more surprised that there were two other outdoor areas we could enter. I’m more than happy to deliver food to Serene Springs because of the scenic path to get there!


262 days old
RhayYT May 4, 2019

Wait Was This locate

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 9, 2019

To find this hideout, first you’ll need to visit the dojo, then a special key in the pet shop. On the very last page of the puffle catalogue is said key. Look carefully, for that key is your pin. Return to the dojo, click the panel and you’re in. I hope this helped.

1026 days old
robpoop123 May 4, 2019


774 days old
shadowfight May 4, 2019

This update is soo amazing!! It’s probably one of the best updates this game has had before. All of these new rooms and an epic new puffle! I’m really glad the serenity room is here forever so I can enjoy it anytime!

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 15, 2019

I could not agree more!

759 days old
AlyaLexi May 4, 2019

This update was really nice! Sage’s story was so cute! Although i do wish there were ore interactive stuff you could do in the rooms. But it’s a really nice update

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 4, 2019

You can also click on the stone puffle and it’ll become a living, breathing puffle.

305 days old
KDnotKatie May 4, 2019

Hey i’m up there chilling by the waterfall!! #groupselfie

446 days old
sadcowboy May 4, 2019

ooooo i love this!!!

841 days old
SirPeng May 4, 2019

I absolutely love the update. I love all the rooms and how well they’re designed! I like the little secrets you need to find in order to enter the room,and I like the little story about Sensei and his Grey Puffle. It’s amazing what you’re willing to do for 4 million+ players,and I hope you continue.

794 days old
LB Wingman May 4, 2019

Ok this settles it this game is better than OG club penguin by far now. Congrats guys 🙂

Good luck with finals too!

364 days old
FastPablo May 4, 2019

Walking into the room for the first time was so calming. I love the little bit of lore!

Puffle Card-jitsu?



353 days old
fungusfun37 May 3, 2019

Love this new update! I also wanted to say THANK YOU! Club Penguin was a wonderful part of my childhood! When it closed down I was so disappointed! A few months ago my Brother told me someone had remade it! I was thrilled! Thanks for bringing my childhood back even if I’m older now! You’re a blessin

324 days old
Kathy123789 May 3, 2019

Lol how many people are having trouble getting in there?

426 days old
Char2006 May 3, 2019

Thank you so much for your hard work. It really shows in these new rooms! 🙂

261 days old
Codyboyz34 May 3, 2019

Just wondering if the puffle hotel and golden puffle will return anytime soon?? thanks

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 4, 2019

Honestly, I’m not sure we’ll have the puffle hotel or golden puffles here. This server is an AS2 engine and those things are AS3.

897 days old
Yavuztalimci May 4, 2019

Codyboyz34, this is old CP. They will probably not release the hotel nor golden puffle. They won’t have CPR into the new CP look.

964 days old
Swagbro19 May 3, 2019

Ok, now this is epic

312 days old
The User May 3, 2019

Wow, this is a really nice idea! This also adds some more “backstory” into they Grey Puffle’s, so that is cool!

267 days old
robotworks12 May 3, 2019

So i only wear this to mine but overall i LOVE this update hey i think you should add a Galexy Puffle and a Teal Puffle overall this update i rate is a billion stars!!!!!

518 days old
pengug May 3, 2019

seriously amazing. you guys did a great job on the art, story, and all of it! was wondering though.. when does the clothing catalog update release? later today? (i just noticed that the club penguin times said it would release today- sorry if i’m bothering you with this question!)

595 days old
Soccerball23 May 3, 2019

I just wanted to say I love the new update. Thank You CPR Staff!

1024 days old
Fastn Fab May 3, 2019

Thanks for the update team! It looks so awesome, the rooms are so well made and I love the grey puffle’s story! Good job 🙂

327 days old
DerpBrine121 May 3, 2019

When is the new clothing catalog coming out?

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 9, 2019

It’s out now.

264 days old
serenchien May 3, 2019

thank u so much for taking ur time to not only put back up, but create new content for this amazing game, u guys are awesome!! I’m playing this game like I’m 10 again

491 days old
Peengi May 3, 2019

Will this rooms stay?

262 days old
Tyler0351 May 3, 2019

i love it i playd club Penguin sens i woz 5 years old i love the new

297 days old
SwimmerBird May 3, 2019

I LOVE THIS!!! So does my grey puffle, Rocky! My favorite part is the puffles playing Card-Jitsu on the cliff near the waterfall. Keep up the AWESOME work! 😀

398 days old
TorqueCPI May 3, 2019

Serene Springs and the other 2 rooms are my new favorite places they are so cool and fun to be in and the music is so calming I really enjoy sitting in there with my friends and talking to each other this is all and all another great party that Cpr has released!

885 days old
Josh1734 May 3, 2019

Loving it!

909 days old
Taafeite May 3, 2019

Two questions:
• How did you make the art look so much like the original CP style?
• Do you have the right to make grey puffle plushes?

611 days old
CyanWolf8479 May 3, 2019

I loved this update, all the little details are adorable! Definitely worth the wait!

988 days old
Jay21 May 3, 2019

With the power of my totally amazing not-laggy computer Serene Springs is now a slideshow!
But actually this update is amazing, good job!

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 4, 2019

Totally amazing not laggy computer, eh? My computer sometimes lags, but usually that happens if the server’s too busy.

451 days old
FlightFluffy May 3, 2019

The New Update is Phenomenal! I really love it. The Serene Springs, The Secret Dojo Hideout and the Dojo Pathway are really amazing!!
Stu, i had a request. Can you please make the Puffle Party Dance Lounge Permanent room?
It is a really cool room with many amazing features!

343 days old
Gabriplays May 3, 2019

The update is awesome!! I really like the secret path of the grey puffles, I just think it’s beautiful! Amazing work CPR Team!

408 days old
percy225 May 3, 2019

i just found it yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!

326 days old
Fugu Fish May 3, 2019

I love this update, i was wondering if sensei is gonna come for this

293 days old
RymMimi May 3, 2019

When will field-ops be back again?

293 days old
RymMimi May 3, 2019

After I got the grey puffle, I couldn’t feed any of my puffles puffle food anymore! Anyone know why?
Good job on the new update by the way. It really captures the imagination of a person. Nice work! 🙂

1016 days old
NameDisplay May 3, 2019

Very well done! Thank you for the hard work! It looks amazing!

311 days old
nakyo man853 May 3, 2019

On the title it shows a blue puffle with an octopus on it. Does this conferm puffle chothimg?

382 days old
Braidwolf May 3, 2019

Oh. My. GARY!

311 days old
nakyo man853 May 3, 2019

Glad you made 3 new rooms for the gray puffles. Perfection CPR.

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 15, 2019

Even better is the fact that said rooms are here to stay! I especially enjoy watching the grey puffles training. I even decided to try matching the tempo of my piano’s metronome to the grey puffles swinging their canes: the tempo’s closer to 140 bpm, not 130 or 120.

781 days old
calvinnok May 3, 2019

This is awesome! So nice to be able to see the Puffle Training Dojo being implemented to the game in some form, have been waiting for this to happen since the OG CP!

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 15, 2019

Just tested my metronome whilst eyeing the two grey puffles swinging their canes at the training dummies: they swing around 150 bpm actually.

293 days old
RymMimi May 3, 2019

When will field ops come back?

293 days old
RymMimi May 3, 2019

After I got my grey puffle, I couldn’t feed any of my puffles puffle food! Anyone know why?
Good job on the new update by the way. It’s really good 🙂

264 days old
ImInvisible May 3, 2019


264 days old
ImInvisible May 3, 2019


286 days old
DevilPotato May 3, 2019

It astounds me how creative your team is in bringing a, what once was a club penguin myth, to an actual feature in the game! Keep up the great work guys, just playing this makes me feel so nostalgic 🙂

311 days old
BlazingBozo May 3, 2019

I love the update! Will there be more rooms?

311 days old
BlazingBozo May 3, 2019

i love the new update! will there be more secret room?

315 days old
sobeano456 May 3, 2019

Wow this is so cool that in fact i made a cp short on the new room for you guys! thank you for making this puffle paty 2019 epic!

767 days old
pouffy4 May 3, 2019

its awesome continue adding new stuff that we’ve never see!

279 days old
Snorlax102 May 3, 2019

This team is so cool!! You guys are the best I joined not too long ago and the community has been so welcoming!! I’m excited for the future of cpr!! 🙂

908 days old
progamer1234 May 3, 2019


936 days old
Caveria May 3, 2019

Another new room? It’s so great!

1014 days old
Sparklmagyq May 4, 2019

And it looks just like it was there in the Original CP!

895 days old
JoshIsTurtle May 3, 2019

Oh my goodness gracious. CPR Devs, you have outdone yourselves once again. All I can say is wow! Keep being awesome.

1059 days old
Polly May 3, 2019

You should probably now by now that we are so proud of the CPR team and we really appreciate your effort. Thank you so much for the joy you bring to us everyday ❤️

1002 days old
RyanjcCPR May 3, 2019


480 days old
Soccer1017 May 3, 2019

This update is amazing!A good place to relax, and give away your worries.The interaction is worthy of a medal.The rooms are well created.I’m jubilant that the rooms are here to stay. The team did an amazing job with these rooms. Thank you guys for making these marvelous rooms. Keep up the hard work!

808 days old
LoneWolf1256 May 3, 2019

I’m very glad that this update exists. new and original rooms on cpps’s are always fun, as its interesting to see a classic game expanded in new and interesting ways. I also really like the fact that this update includes the elite puffle training room from the DS game. In summary, I like this update

858 days old
penguin54974 May 3, 2019

I love this update! Such a good edition to the game. I might hang out here more then the town, also it gives a backstory about the Grey puffles, which makes it even cooler! Not only was the pin very challenging and a fun puzzle to find, but the reward is even greater! Can’t wait to see what is next!

1064 days old
Jerry24691 May 3, 2019

A very great update overall, a new puffle, new rooms! I also think the story behind the puffle really fits into CP/CPR universe quite well! You guys did a great job! 🙂

287 days old
incantava May 3, 2019

I love this update, it’s absolutely beautiful! My favourite feature is the knitting puffle on top of the sakura tree 🙂

261 days old
Sanctum999 May 3, 2019

Hi I just joined this (I used to play this all the time as a kid) and I was wondering what this is all about exactly?

272 days old
GoldMax May 3, 2019

This update is really fascinating.I thought there would be a single room.But there are 3 rooms i cant stop watching the beauty.

295 days old
LemonLife12 May 3, 2019

I love the new update! Puffle party for the win! like, it has puffle’s own party rooms! I brought all my puffles to their puffle room already, the path is so cute! the feeding puffles is so cute! and so is the puffle show! it’s all SO cute! thank you guys for making this update! I’m so proud!

823 days old
JamieSoulm8 May 3, 2019

Dude this is so cool! I can’t believe you guys created whole new rooms AND a new puffle breed for us! You guys are so admirable! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this game! <3

870 days old
oretomb606 May 3, 2019

Oh I just love the search for the key and the pathway and most of all the trees the spring everything just feels so magical! the update is just… Amazing!!!

768 days old
Flareeee May 3, 2019

im gonna find a way to show this team more support from me because this game unknowingly was a decent part of my life. i give this team all of the respect i have for making that part of my life come back

271 days old
lwaters222 May 3, 2019


1026 days old
Trudermark May 3, 2019

Probably the best update in this game.

Alex did an amazing job.

768 days old
Flareeee May 3, 2019

honestly im so proud of the team for making this look like it was an addition to the orignal club penguin game. all of you perfected this

313 days old
Sonicdom May 3, 2019

What was happening in the photo, some sorta mascot thing or was it just u stu

270 days old
Rosekinz May 3, 2019

I love this update! The rooms look top notch, and I’m so glad it’s permanent! Keep up the good work!

1044 days old
Troyella May 3, 2019

All of the rooms are absolutely gorgeous with the sakura trees! You guys never cease to amaze us – amazing job CPR Team!

379 days old
Meowyjoey124 May 2, 2019

Is the path possible to get into right now because i do not want to waste time finding out what the key is and not being able to use it until it is able to get in to

294 days old
MRFluffyKing May 2, 2019


604 days old
Nacho0613 May 2, 2019

I like that you guys added the secret room from the DS game. Nice work.

286 days old
MinaQaz May 2, 2019

I just checked stu’s profile and for me, it says it is 17442 days old, which is about 47 years, and CPR hasn’t even been around for that long. I’m wondering if it’s just a bug or something.

1023 days old
Melibeta May 2, 2019

I hope someday the TEAM bring back the old Command Room, like in first DS game.

330 days old
HarmonyStar May 2, 2019

This update is amazing! I love how peaceful the rooms are, and the key was hidden in a pretty good place. keep up the great work cpr!

389 days old
SneakNetflix May 2, 2019

Thank You So Much For The Outstanding Update! You Have Really Brung Club Penguin Back Into My ChildHood. You Are The Best! Have A Great Day An Make Club Penguin Waddle On Forever!

1023 days old
Melibeta May 2, 2019

I love CPR Team, they brought the secret room of the DS game to something real. I always imagined what that room in CLUB PENGUIN would be like, nice work!

280 days old
One1Penguino May 2, 2019

This update is cool. Can’t wait to meet other mascots like jpg and other epf agents! lol…

382 days old
May200 May 2, 2019

I’m really enjoying this update! The rooms are cool, and it’s so good to know that they’re staying forever! Once again, you’ve done a great job. Thanks!

992 days old
AleCP May 2, 2019

when is penguin style catalog?

551 days old
tas45 May 2, 2019

I’M LOVING THIS NEW UPDATE!!! Really mysterious! I can’t wait for my new adventure to find the key!! Thanks Club Penguin Rewritten for the new update! Its awesome!! 🙂

723 days old
hockeylia May 2, 2019

WOW!! The steam did an amazing job on this one! Its all so pretty! Thank you Club Penguin!

979 days old
Crouchie Lad May 2, 2019

This update is quality! It’s so good to see amazing content like this being brought out! Kepp up the good, hard work guys i love it!! <3

373 days old
stamppenguin May 2, 2019

Its amazing!

992 days old
onlyfortoday May 2, 2019

Thanks for the new rooms! Epic update!

287 days old
neptian May 2, 2019

Okay but the club penguin rewritten team has really outdone itself this time! A puffle party w a new puffle discovery followed up by a secret dojo room and a grey puffle wild? Amazing. Low-key remember asking for a puffle wild after I went on cp online, and this beats everything they have! ❤️ fr CPR

1025 days old
Penguin Zee May 2, 2019

wow! I look GREAT in this! Amazing room!

399 days old
Little Lolli May 2, 2019

This is really cool! Definitely worth the wait! But I have a problem When I click the Puffle Catalog to get the I HEART MY PUFFLE stuff it says I already have the Black cape and I don’t! Before I bought the PINK cape I was able to get the BLACK cape now I can’t get the black cape & I really want it

517 days old
orb99 May 2, 2019

So lovely seeing new content released even after all these years. The grey puffle is an instant favorite and the secret rooms are honestly gorgeous. Thanks so much staff and keep up the great work!

708 days old
Shy Suzy May 2, 2019

I love this update, guys! I was so excited to see that there were multiple rooms (all of which were super cute and extremely well-designed). Serene Springs is awesome, and the story about Sensei’s grey puffle was adorable! Overall, the entire team did an outstanding job and I’m so proud of you guys!

17704 days old
stu May 2, 2019

Thank you, it’s one of my favourites, happy playing!

271 days old
lwaters222 May 3, 2019

Dear Stu, I can’t figure out how to get the puffle party room stamp for my grey puffle.
Could you please help me out because I really need to know before the puffle party event ends. Scincerly,

326 days old
Fugu Fish May 3, 2019

can i friend you?

536 days old
pinguu54 May 4, 2019

Hey Stu. How are you 17445 days old? CPR has only been around for almost 3 years!

456 days old
filmthepengu May 2, 2019

love the new update! i wish one of the rooms had an interactive feature though. overall great work rewritten team!

1003 days old
Muffin83329 May 2, 2019


297 days old
SwimmerBird May 3, 2019

There is an interactive feature. In the room with the waterfall and the cherry tree if you click on the stone puffle he becomes a normal grey puffle and if you click the puffle near the flowers in the same room he waters the flowers.

380 days old
Lufis2000 May 2, 2019

so happy to hear that this is a permanent addition to the game. absolutely worth the wait, all of the rooms look AMAZING. thank you to the staff for working hard to get this update out for us, i know i really appreciate it. i feel i’ll be spending quite a bit of time around here

614 days old
FishyMcFish May 2, 2019

You guys are amazing! Thank you for all your hard work!

748 days old
Heirio20 May 2, 2019

A very well made update bringing lots of new rooms to discover and secrets to unfold. Love it! Keep up the great work CPR team!

954 days old
Ciullo1 May 2, 2019

This update is one of the sickest ngl. Y’all did a real nice job on it, it feels so authentic with the original Club Penguin, it’s like fan service to the max.