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Reviewed by You: Pin Popularity

By Stu on May 11, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Coming to your weekend one year in a row, we’re here with a Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all what you enjoyed about new Penguin Style catalog releases. From that, we’ve now selected out two penguins. The first penguin we selected was LizaRay, who said:


“I enjoy a gaggle of things about new catalog releases, it might just be my favorite part of CPR! Firstly, I love searching for secret items. Also, I love finding creative ways to style new items, and color coordinating everything for my own unique look! New releases are an exciting time for me.”


It’s good to hear that you’re enjoying the new releases of the catalogs, and that they’re your favorite! We’ve love to hear what item combinations you can make, so please feel free to share them with us. The other response comes from Owlson803, who said:


“My favorite part of the clothing catalog is the Penguins at Work section! I love my job at the pizza parlor, but it has been been equally rewarding to also be a lifeguard or on the rescue squad. I love that there are clothes that help me pay a service to the penguins of CPR!”


The Penguins at Work section gives penguins a different job every month, and there’s always something fun to do with them around the island. We hope that you keep on enjoying doing those jobs!


Thanks LizaRay and Owlson803! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



Did you know that every two weeks, a hidden pin item is hidden somewhere on the island? Penguins from all over go searching for them.  We’d love to ask you what you think of them! What do you enjoy about finding pins hidden around the island?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


597 days old
DanTDMFan127 May 18, 2019

Its fun because we all work together trying to see what room the pin is in, and once one of us find it, we share the location to other penguins, it also looks really good on your profile. they also hint parties, (the pin until may 23rd is music-jam themed)

453 days old
ZackArtsWeeb May 18, 2019

I thin pins are a creative way to explore Club Penguin Rewritten, you never know where you’re gonna find one! And when I do find one, I show it off, as it means that have been paying attention to my surroundings to find it! I love pins, and when I see them, it makes me appreciate CPR more than I do!

577 days old
auburnfan314 May 18, 2019

What I like about finding pins is that you can explore parts of the island you have never seen before.

563 days old
teal2203 May 18, 2019

I love the pin idea- it brings excitement to the game and I love that people help each other out as well, to find it.

514 days old
Icy Lovelace May 17, 2019

I love finding pins, as they prove to be a great opportunity to make new friends by asking penguins for clues on how to find one. I always go to the end of the news to see if there is a new pin hidden. I find collecting and finding pin a challenge and hobby, and it is a reminder on upcoming events.

611 days old
percy225 May 16, 2019

i love pins

the new pin is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

495 days old
Captinbeast May 15, 2019

I absolutely love going around the island searching for new pins! It makes me excited when I find a new pin because I love puzzles. I don’t know about anyone else but I love being challenged!

492 days old
MoonFlower07 May 15, 2019

I like how everyone works together, and gets along with each other to help find the pins each week. I also like how there is a different pin each time. another thing I like is that the pins look really nice on the penguin profiles.

563 days old
Richteray101 May 15, 2019

Collecting pins feels like an actual hobby! Collecting pins is like an optional side quest in an RPG game. Pins might not be used in any way besides a fun cosmetic, but they sure are fun to collect and tell friends about where the next pin might be and where the current one is!

1228 days old
Luigimario55 May 15, 2019

I love searching for pins because it lets me check out ALL the rooms on Club Penguin Island! I get to check out what’s new in all the shops and rooms, and have fun searching for the secret at the same time. Plus, it always feels good to help out someone else along the way!

518 days old
Ariel12 May 15, 2019

I like searching for pins because it is fun to have a challenge every two weeks! I also really like showing off old and new pins on my player card. Its a great way to meet new penguins who can help you find it too.

1061 days old
penguin54974 May 15, 2019

I just love looking for pins! Every week I set out and hunt for them! People here are very helpful. The best experience is hunting them for yourself, they are in many tricky hiding spots, and so many rooms to explore! Sometimes I play games along the way, and when you find it, you feel exhilarating!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 14, 2019

Finding new pins is super cool! I often try to search for these pins, but I also ask for help if need be.

618 days old
jademoon225 May 14, 2019

i just like asking around and searching for the pins… it’s just fun to me.

454 days old
wolf01 May 14, 2019

I love searching for pins because it creates an atmosphere of exploration and mystery and they look really cool.

698 days old
mickyb99 May 14, 2019

I like the community aspect of helping each other find pins. I also love to match pins to my outfit or mood. I feel like there is so much a pin can say when you look at one on a player card.

566 days old
KayKainoa77 May 13, 2019

I also hope everyone has a good day or night πŸ™‚ Idk if anyone needs some joy but you are important and beautiful whoever you are. Okay, that’s all I had to say. Have a good day/night! Bye! πŸ™‚

566 days old
KayKainoa77 May 13, 2019

What I love about the hidden pins is that they either relate to an upcoming event or the current event (i.e. the anvil from a month or two ago). I also love that the pins are always well hidden but at the same time not too hard that people would give up. Keep it up guys!

472 days old
Cat7770 May 13, 2019

I like putting them on my page i found this weeks in the cove!

524 days old
Specialzz May 13, 2019

I think it is fun to have the challenge of finding a pin early. It adds more fun to a game filled with it! I especially love the amazing designs the pins have. Sometimes it’s a music note, sometimes it’s a ruby, sometimes it’s a balloon, there are so many different pins to collect!

532 days old
Baptiste 536 May 13, 2019

I like being among the first ones to find the latest pins on the island. Then I’m able to brag about it, and other penguins come to me asking where I found it. I am also interested in what the pin will actually be, since this does provide some insight into upcoming new developments in CPR

600 days old
HelterSkelt May 13, 2019

I love the pins! It’s so much fun to search for them (especially when you find them without any help). I nearly always keep the newest pin on my profile.

473 days old
peanut104 May 13, 2019

I love finding the pins, that’s my favourite, I found on in the pet shop toys catalog ( very back of the red one btw) and that one is really cool!

1201 days old
Shaggy209 May 13, 2019

Since when were there forums?

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 24, 2019

Forums? The closest I’ve found to forums on this site is this comment section.

454 days old
P4195800 May 13, 2019

Can you play on mobile?

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 14, 2019

I think the closest you can play in a portable setup anymore is Club Penguin for the DS. Club Penguin Island shut down back in December 2018.

458 days old
lilbogangls May 13, 2019

Pins are so much fun to find because they challenge the detective in you and bring out your creative side! Plus once you get them, you can wear them for years to come and they will always remind you of past CPR memories and events. You also can be a team player and help other penguins find them too!

477 days old
Malamar May 13, 2019

releasing new pin is THE BEST way to help people work togheter and find it, its pretty nice too because it help people to have more friends etc…

570 days old
Unicorn 219 May 13, 2019

I love hidden pins! As a tour guide myself, I like showing other people such as my friends where they are if they really need help. You should always help people even if they’re rude to you. Also I like collecting hidden pins.

Always be yourself. <3 πŸ™‚

510 days old
LynxAurora May 13, 2019

I love how sometimes the pins fit in with an event. The really detailed pins are my favorite because, I love all of the little things to look at when I customize my penguin. I like when I look at other penguin’s pins and what they like to wear. Lastly, when new pins come out penguins help find them!

456 days old
Sharkio May 13, 2019

Hmm, I should look twice at all places.

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 24, 2019

That would certainly help.

456 days old
P4185081 May 13, 2019

I love finding pins, because it gives me something to look forward to every two weeks. It encourages me to continue my adventure on club penguin and encourages everyone to help their friends find the hidden pins and gives us a sense of community.

454 days old
P4194949 May 13, 2019

this is the best game every but i have a nice theory i kinda want to be able to type anything we want so we can express our self thank you for reading

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 24, 2019

Even words I wouldn’t recommend repeating here let alone in game because, ban risk? We already HAVE something like that short of those words or topics.

1103 days old
H8IGHT May 13, 2019

I love collecting pins, and to me it’s like collecting stamps. It is so cool to look around and maybe be the first to find and show off that new pin that everyone is talking about. Having a huge pin collection is so cool, and it’s fun to remember how you got every single.

517 days old
Snowfall6677 May 13, 2019

I honestly enjoy searching for pins on CPR, it’s a great way to make friends and a good way to experiment with different styles for themes, events, and parties!

562 days old
alicenray May 13, 2019

I love waddling around with my friends in search of the latest & greatest pin! And I especially love the finishing touch that pins bring to my profile!

977 days old
shadowfight May 12, 2019

I really love the new addition of pins because it gives me something to look forward to when I log in. I also love that I can put them in my stamp book because every time I look at my collection, it reminds me of every month and brings back cool memories from it.

625 days old

My personal favorite thing about pins is collecting them,like,the quantity of pins,the older it shows you are,giving a sense of happiness and respect,also it’s a cool addition to your card,some of my favorite pins are:The Pizza,Fluffy,Cactus and much more!Also there is the community coming together!

479 days old
rustycream May 12, 2019

It’s always neat seeing the different pins that other penguins have collected, because it shows how long they’ve been around on CPR! The pins are basically like unique collectibles that not all penguins are able to get and can really make you stand out from others.

1016 days old
card game 36 May 12, 2019

Getting pins is great because you don’t know what they look like. You can go on a wiki and see what it looks like and where it is but thats cheating.

470 days old
c a t r a May 12, 2019

it’s so cool that new pins come so often. i like it when i ask someone to help me find it, and they are nice and help me find it. also they look cute in the corner of the penguin’s profile when you look at it!

sorry for my english

566 days old
bukibukibear May 12, 2019

It might sound somewhat arbitrary, but I love collecting the different pins and matching them with different backgrounds! It’s a fun challenge to match my penguin’s outfit, background, pin & sometimes even puffles to a certain color scheme πŸ™‚

1205 days old
RyanjcCPR May 12, 2019

LOL. I just realized. The music jam starts on May 23rd, and that’s the day I get out of school!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 24, 2019

Wow, school ends that early for you? Where I live, not even high school grads get out that early!

1205 days old
RyanjcCPR May 12, 2019

Finding pins around the island is super fun! You get to explore the island while looking for an item. It’s a great thing to look forward to every month. You can help friends, explore with friends, etc. You also get to show off your remarkable exploring on your profile, afterwards!


501 days old
Pikulz May 12, 2019

What I enjoy about finding the pins is that you never know where the pin is! I love searching the island for a new and exciting pin to put on my player card! It’s lots of fun to be able to hear from the community about the new pin, I’m always on the lookout for a new surprise!

509 days old
Archercat May 12, 2019

Not only do I enjoy collecting pins but I also love looking for them. It’s really rewarding finding them because the pins are hidden really well.

1140 days old
Bulbaadam2 May 12, 2019

I think the coolest part of finding pins is everyone running around trying to find it with a lot text bubbles around

954 days old
DigginDino May 12, 2019

I really like the pins because its nice to see everyone coming together to look for it and finding the pin on your own is fun too.

1017 days old
Ashley97533 May 12, 2019

I think that the best part about finding pins is that you can work together with friends. If you all search together its a lot more fun than looking by yourself!

624 days old
ForeverLady May 12, 2019

I love finding the pins because its so fun to see what types of pins are around the island. i love the creativity you guys have

1050 days old
FocuseDude May 12, 2019

Pins make a fun portion of Club Penguin Rewritten for a part of the whole fun energy that we have in the island. They represent adventure, accomplishment, and a memory from a certain event in the island of Club Penguin! They do sure make commodities that we are eager to collect upon their value!

487 days old
DancerLEAH May 12, 2019

I love finding new pins because I can decorate my penguin’s profile to be fun and stylish! Searching for them is a real adventure and it is neat when everyone helps each other with clues and advice. It is also super exciting when some of the pins lead to new paths and cool secret areas.

659 days old
filmthepengu May 12, 2019

What I love about the pins is that they are only available for a few weeks then they are gone forever. It’s cool to look in other peoples stamp books and see how long they have been on the island by looking at their pins.

595 days old
purpletoby May 12, 2019


963 days old
rulo3000 May 12, 2019

I really love searching the new pin. Aside from just collecting them, looking for them is so much fun! Trying to guess what would be, exploring every room, It’s like both an adventure and a puzzle. Sometimes you end up finding details in rooms that you didn’t noticed in the first place!

585 days old
Braidwolf May 12, 2019

I love how hidden pins are as if they were apart of the room which makes it look less awkward if the pin is something unrelated to the room. Maybe pins could become just apart of the game and if you collect them all you get a cool badge.

512 days old
dabluekid May 12, 2019

I believe that pins can show how old are you. for example if you have a really old pin other penguins would know how old you are! Pins can also be very fun to find with friends, and if their is a new pin you can go out on the island and find that pin!

458 days old
Vsauceberry May 12, 2019

I love the new releases. With the fresh catalog we can explore all new ways to decorate and furnish our igloos. My favorite part about club penguin is that it teaches me to spend my money wisely and it also show me how to build a great house and be creative. ( :

534 days old
ava11herz May 12, 2019

I knew about the pin hidden on the island. I really have great joy in finding pins every two weeks. The mystery of finding what and where the pin is makes the game very exciting.

1086 days old
sprinklefart May 12, 2019

My favorite part about pins are matching them with backgrounds!

1011 days old
LoneWolf1256 May 12, 2019

One of the best aspects of pins is the fact that they encourage the community to work together for a goal that everyone can use. Besides, they serve as the perfect reminders for our favorite parties, as they are usually designed around current party. What I’m saying is that I like Pins.

550 days old
finchery May 12, 2019

I love how pins serve as little mementos for things you’ve done on the island! It’s fun to see what pin someone has for their player card or stamp book, because it tells you a little story about what they’ve done, and maybe what past event has been their favorite.

1157 days old
Robertj15 May 12, 2019

what i enjoy about pins is that they can be very easy to find all thanks to your friends!

629 days old
Char2006 May 12, 2019

Finding pins is one of the most fun activities you can do on CPR! My favorite things about them is that they give you an opportunity to meet new people, they allow you to have a fun mini scavenger hunt every two-ish weeks, and the unique new shapes always have something to do with an event or party.

1227 days old
Ferragamo May 12, 2019

What I love most about finding pins is collecting them and seeing how many I can get. In my eyes it’s somewhat of a challenge, seeing how many you can find and how many you have collected. Over time as you collect more, I think the stamp book looks really cool in the “Pins” section.

1222 days old
Fizzy28876 May 12, 2019

Pins always help to bring people together in finding them, and provide adventure for wandering minds, which is what I adore the most! It’s a lot of fun to discover new pins in places you’ve probably haven’t thought a lot about… I’ve discovered lots of secrets thanks to the pins!

512 days old
CoolRaccoon May 12, 2019

I just love going around the island looking for these stamps! You guys at CPR really nailed the pins. It’s a rush to finally find that pin your looking for. I also love that, sometimes, a pin will help you access a new place or get an item! I don’t know how you did it, but you guys make it fun.

574 days old
Feelsogood00 May 12, 2019

Thank you so much you guys!

541 days old
Speck118 May 12, 2019

I love pins because they can go in your stamp book.

592 days old
Skull Flames May 12, 2019

I think that pins are a fun enjoyable part of CPR they make everyone smile especially when you find them.

521 days old
FuryDrDonut May 12, 2019

I love searching for the pins after reading about them in the Newspaper

457 days old
Ben the epic May 12, 2019

Hi everyone! I’m new to club penguin. I really like searching for pins all over the map. So far I have 5 and would love to find more. If anyone noes where any of them are please let me now.

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 14, 2019

Pins happen every other week, and this week’s pin is at the Cove. Look carefully at the rocks.

1112 days old
Ta41529 May 12, 2019

I love how you can show off all your cool pins on your card. And when your bored, you can go around on a busy server & find someone with the oldest pin! It’s really a unique feature of CPR.

475 days old
GoldMax May 12, 2019

Its really amazing as me and my friend take a challenge of who will be the first to obtain the new hidden pin. Another curiosity arises of how to pin looks? and then i love to help people who face difficulty while finding the pin.

516 days old
KittyLila May 12, 2019

I love collecting pins! I often spend hours on here trying to find the pins, I love them because it makes me feel happier trying to pull off a look with them!

516 days old
KittyLila May 17, 2019

I was trying to say I love making outfits with different pins

556 days old
Nathroxx May 12, 2019

The coolest thing about the pins is when the community go together to find the pin they work together, they search together then, try their best to look fabulous with the new pin!
And pins also give back old memories Such as parties, events, and the fun we had trying to get the new pin!

473 days old
peanut104 May 13, 2019

yes, I love that too i’m very young but have done one of them!!

994 days old
Bioscan May 12, 2019

Pins are great fun to do with your friends! I especially LOVE the anniversary ones- they just look so prestige and gorgeous on my profile!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 24, 2019

I have two of those: year one and year two. Pins almost never return.

494 days old
Quiggleforth May 12, 2019

The best thing about pins is the fun of finding them. Penguins waddle around the island, eagerly looking for the pins and once you find it, you can’t help but feel accomplished!

715 days old
Dr Penguin 2 May 12, 2019

I love the pins because they tie in with all the wonderful decorations around the island.

560 days old
Spotted1028 May 12, 2019

I like collecting them in general. It’s the same thing with the stamps and other items. I like collecting things, and it gives me something to look for, or it gives me some sort of objective on the game.

1139 days old
Caveria May 12, 2019

I really like collecting pins, because I know every locate pin and some them I sticked on my own stampbook!

1139 days old
AngrySkipper May 12, 2019


592 days old
Skull Flames May 12, 2019

You should not post random things in chat.

953 days old
Lelunu May 12, 2019

I like running around the island while looking for it, even if I end up asking someone where is it, I also like to wonder how will it look like! It adds a nice touch to my backgrounds!

585 days old
May200 May 12, 2019

I sure love the pins! They are cool and exclusive! I sometimes go seek them, but often I just hear the advice of another penguin. Anyways, I think it’s enjoying because they are a good addition to the inventory and stampbook.

459 days old
PinkBus7 May 12, 2019

I love the pins! I’m new to Club Penguin and searching for the pins helped me to become more familiar with the island. Now I know where everything is and also have a super cool pin for my profile!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 24, 2019

Garner pins, garner prestige.

746 days old
voldemort10 May 12, 2019

What I love about finding pins on the island is just going to every room and looking to see if there is some thing out of place and if there’s something that should’nt be in that room.

480 days old
macmillers May 12, 2019

I enjoy finding pins around the island because it brings me to places I don’t normally visit, so I’m always exploring and always have something to look forward to! It’s also exciting to see what the new pin is because I like to switch them up on my player card!

487 days old
PuffIceek May 12, 2019

I love all types of pins, Especially things like the Puffle-Os pin, Can’t wait to see what is in store for music jam 2019.

1146 days old
yokey10 May 12, 2019

what 5000coins how youget the coin

625 days old

Bruh,you answer the question then if they like your answer and pick you for next time you win the 5000 coins,also,didn’t you read the article…Because the answer is literally there,ok,next time read it.

577 days old
auburnfan314 May 12, 2019

What I like about pin hunting is one, you can go on a scavenger hunt, two, you can go on an adventure, and three, you can explore areas of the island you have never seen before.

577 days old
auburnfan314 May 12, 2019

What I like about finding pins is one, you can go on an adventure, two, you can explore ares of the island you have never seen before, and three, its something good to do with your friends.

529 days old
Gary2456 May 12, 2019

And, congratulations to the two persons!

529 days old
Gary2456 May 12, 2019

I really like finding pins because, I love to be looking for things for my player card besides being exploring every room, I love to explore!
Also, it is very nice to have a large collection of pins and it does not make me special, it makes me feel a person proud to be in such an incredible communit

673 days old
Chocorange May 12, 2019

It’s exciting to see the dates that new pins come out in Club Penguin Times – then the hunt begins! I love that some pins can help you access new rooms and others you can match with your background card and complete your look.

494 days old
queenmeras May 12, 2019

It’s really exciting to scour the island for the next pin! Each pin is unique and often relates to an upcoming event which makes it all the more relevant. Also, the pins signify how long you’ve been on CPR and it’s really interesting to see pins from previous months still being used by penguins!

487 days old
bobbob321 May 11, 2019

congrats guys! btw do any of u know where the pin is?

997 days old
LB Wingman May 11, 2019

It is ridiculously hard to find pins on this game compared to the old club penguin- and that is why it is amazing. Your observation skills and memory of each room must be sharp. You have to search every nook and cranny and it is great when you find it, with or without friends.

1044 days old
SirPeng May 11, 2019

Something about finding pins just makes me feel special. If there’s a hidden pin,and I get that pin,I just feel so accomplished! I love the pins,and I hope you continue making them!

1268 days old
Perapin May 11, 2019

I enjoy when the pins are hidden really well that you don’t see it at first!

496 days old
iceyqween May 11, 2019

I love searching for pins. The idea of a scavenger hunt is so creative and I love getting to go around the map. When I find a pin I get excited because I know I’m one step closer to finding them all. I love club penguin so glad it is back. I’m a newer penguin but I already know I love this game.

649 days old
elontusk May 11, 2019

It’s so exciting when new pins are released in CPR! My favorite thing about finding them is being able to have a collection of pins that I can coordinate with my outfits and my backgrounds. My favorite pin is the wagon pin!

754 days old
tas45 May 11, 2019

The thing I enjoy about the pins is that I love searching for them all over the island. Its like a little scavenger hunt! I also like to play a game on who can find the pin first with my friends!

1026 days old
JamieSoulm8 May 11, 2019

Finding the newest pins is always fun, because you never know what it will look like! And it’s fun to show off your pin collection to other penguins!

1247 days old
kayla04 May 11, 2019

I like the fact that the pins are items that will never return, so every time you collect one and then it disappears, you have something that will never again return on the island, which makes me feel really special.

497 days old
MRFluffyKing May 11, 2019

I enjoy finding pins cause when i find them i enjoy helping knew users and giving them a tour and showing them where the pin is.

907 days old
Kayyleighh May 11, 2019

I really love the fact that pins can be used like stickers on the stamp book! Using stamps and pins from a similar theme, like card-jitsu, makes me feel so proud of my stamp book design!

597 days old
Giggy13011 May 11, 2019

I like getting pins, because it reminds me of the original cp when it was still alive. And it’s fun finding a new pin ever event. It’s like playing online hide ‘n’ seek.

1180 days old
GamerBoy617 May 11, 2019

It’s always really fun trying to find the new pin, even though most of the time I just end up asking where it is in town.

602 days old
Little Lolli May 11, 2019

I enjoy searching for the pins! Why? Because what better way to have a mini scavenger hunt on the island then to search for a new pin!! I love all the new pin that come out, my favorite is current on hidden on the island, the music note! I have so much fun looking for pins, its loads of fun me!!!

930 days old
CookieMoo May 11, 2019

I also like how you can see your collected pins and when they were from in the Stamp Book and they you can use them to decorate it!

930 days old
CookieMoo May 11, 2019

I used to ask the people in the town or mine where the pin was , but lately, I’ve been able to find the new pins without asking for help! It feels accomplishing when I find a pin by myself. I love how they are all different and that some are party-themed, based on an ongoing or upcoming party!

496 days old
Sophie8620 May 11, 2019

My favorite part of finding pins is the adventure. It gives me the opportunity explore different parts of the island. I get very excited when I do find it.

461 days old
Agentpasta May 11, 2019

I like collecting pins mostly because of the exploration aspect. I never know where the next pin will be which causes me to explore more of the island then I would regularly do!

1103 days old
Blysse May 11, 2019

Searching for the new pin is strikingly exciting for me because of how uniquely they are hidden! Seeing penguins collaborate to find the new pin together is so much fun. You really have to think outside of the box to find them, and I’m always eager for a new one to release.

1235 days old
ChrisCPI May 11, 2019

I really just enjoy scavenging the entire island looking for the pin! Sometimes they are out in the open, and other times they are very hidden. Every time I look for a new pin I am curious to what it will be!

485 days old
MrQuackinson May 11, 2019

i like getting pins because its makes me feel like an epic gamer and its really fun to find stuff thats hidden.

489 days old
P3888700 May 11, 2019

I love looking for the pins all over club penguin! It allows me to be creative about where the next pin could be and lets me constantly explore the island!

487 days old
bobbob321 May 11, 2019

honestly its the same for me ;3

673 days old
AlexMina0402 May 11, 2019

Congrats to the penguins that won!

494 days old
Limabean77 May 11, 2019

I enjoy the idea of the scavenger hunt. Every two weeks there’s a new item to find around Club Penguin! You also get to learn new things about the island when searching for a hidden pin.

478 days old
Poppycat04 May 11, 2019

I love collecting pins because of the satisfaction of collecting them. You’ve searched every room, you’ve had people help you, and you finally find it. I love having my hard work shown on my profile. It is so rewarding!

579 days old
LegoNinjaFTW May 11, 2019

When I collect a pin, I feel like I am helping Club Penguin in a special way. Club Penguin is one of my favorite games, and when I collect a pin I feel like i have accomplished something in my life. When you collect a pin in Club Penguin, you should be glad because you have just succeeded your goal.

469 days old
PringleYeet May 13, 2019

This is so true!!!

649 days old
sadcowboy May 11, 2019

I love searching for new pins whenever they come out!! My friends and I always compete to see who can find the new pin first:D

491 days old
GalaxyBoam May 11, 2019

i like gathering pins cause its cool see all the pins i’ve collected, makes me feel special

1139 days old
AngrySkipper May 11, 2019


643 days old
Azula97 May 11, 2019

Flaunting the new pin is one of my favourite things to do. I love collecting them and looking back, because they remind me of all the amazing moments I have had throughout my CPR journey!

1251 days old
Pinky123pc3 May 11, 2019

Pins can really add to your penguin’s profile, the smallest details can make the biggest difference! What I enjoy most about the search is the uncertainty – where will I find it? When you team up to find pins, it can a really fun game of “Who Can Find It First?”

1266 days old
Trevchris007 May 11, 2019

Hunting for pins is good training for the FBI. You need a keen eye and a wholesome dose of intuition to find them. Apart from mascots and earning stamps, the pin search is my favorite pastime. I wasn’t too good at first, but got better as I revised my technique. Spotting pins is rewarding, indeed.

997 days old
LB Wingman May 12, 2019

The FBI wants to know your location

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 24, 2019

Not JUST the FBI… other organisations want in on this, even NASA!

618 days old
Scientin May 11, 2019

I love the adventure of tracking down the pin each week. It makes me see the island in a whole new way, and it makes sure I visit areas of the island that I don’t normally frequent. I also love wearing the latest pin with pride, to show off my adventuring skills!

602 days old
Randomboy481 May 11, 2019

I love looking for pins because you’ll find them where you least expect them! Especially with this week’s pin, The Pin is kinda blending in with the rock! I can understand why Penguins don’t collect pins because they can be hard to find, but every pin is special and that’s what makes pins special!

466 days old
chornideme May 11, 2019

i like those pins and i am glad to help others

457 days old
cplego45 May 11, 2019

I like collecting pins because some of them look great and some of them are keys, (like the gray puffle key) I really enjoyed it! Great job CPR Team, keep up the great work. πŸ˜€

960 days old
Hman2232 May 11, 2019

I think it’s cool to have a collection of pins on Club Penguin. You can sometimes talk with other penguins about collections, and how they got them. It’s cool to compare collections

533 days old
HarmonyStar May 11, 2019

I love looking for them like a scavenger hunt. It can be hard to find them but it is rewarding to get a new pin to add to my collection and to display on my player card and stamp book

518 days old
sobeano456 May 11, 2019

Its a very amazing expititon to find a pin! You can go around a island for a cool hunt for a pin you can always get help with a pal and keep on searching! It feels like a quest for sucha tiny thing but so what? everyone wants a pin! plus its added to your stampbook!

926 days old
hockeylia May 11, 2019

I like gathering pins because it make me feel special. I like the thrill of finding something hidden, almost like a scavenger hunt! And whenever another penguin asks where it is, I am always happy to help!

655 days old
Funfunny8 May 11, 2019

I enjoy the teamwork involved- when you’ve searched every room and haven’t spotted a thing, you can always count on other penguins to help you!

463 days old
GarethBruv May 11, 2019

I may have only been here a few days but I love looking for pins! I have a grey puffle pin and a gold feather pin! I love the hunt to find them and I can’t wait to find more!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq May 14, 2019

You’re in luck because this fortnight’s (a period of two weeks) pin can be found at the Cove.

514 days old
nakyo man853 May 11, 2019

I like to look everywhere and I
mean EVERYEWHERE for the pins, sometimes I find them out off the blue.

955 days old
FireSanti May 11, 2019

Well, im a bit cheater because every time there is a new pin, im waiting until a penguin tells to another penguin where is the pin to collect it, later, i know where is the pin so i can help penguins to find it!

626 days old
Morphe May 11, 2019

Each pin is so unique, and every new pin is hidden in a different spot! I like searching for the pin, exploring every room until I find it- and sometimes the pin is so well hidden that I completely skip over it! But after you find it, you can help others by telling them hints as to where it is!

576 days old
stamppenguin May 11, 2019

I love collecting pins! They are the only items that can’t come back aside of party hats! I love using pins to match the style I am using! I always try my best to find a new pin and tell everyone where it is!

513 days old
BlogWhiz May 11, 2019

I love finding the pins! It’s really fun to have a scavenger hunt and different penguins can team up together to look for them; It’s also so cool that you get a prize at the end (the pin). I also really enjoy having my collection of pins to change my profile, I just wish the hunts happened more!

490 days old
HappyTakumi May 11, 2019

I love waddling around the island to look for the pin! It’s always so exciting to find the pin. It’s like a fun treasure hunt! The best part of finding a pin is getting to see what it is! It could be shaped as any fun object so i always look foward to finding pins each month!

721 days old
nickiminaj38 May 11, 2019

I enjoy gathering up with my friends and going on a hunt to find the pin! It’s so exciting searching every room. When you do find it it feels so thrilling! Until you feel sad because you want to go hunt for another pin!

676 days old
P2463168 May 11, 2019