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Reviewed by You: Rocking the Show

By Skyver on June 1, 2019

Hi Penguins,


We’re not stopping our musical celebrations here. Here’s Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you what role you would play if you were in a band with your friends. From that, we’ve selected out two penguins. The first penguin we selected was Bakhm, who said:


“Having a very musical family, including an older brother who rocks the drums and a little brother who shreds the guitar, it would be tough to give me a decent spot in the band. Vocal would probably be the best spot for me, although it is outside my comfort zone.”


That’s awesome that you have such a musical family, and its always cool to try out something new. Only step out your comfort zone if you’re comfortable, though. The other response comes from Mano Rookie, who said:


“Well, in real life my main instrument is the piano, even though I also play drums and they are my favourite instrument. Jazz drumming, my true passion. I’m only better at the piano because I don’t get to play drums that often, it’s complicated. I have to go to a place and it’s far away and bla bla.”


A piano and drums are both interesting instruments to play; it’s cool to play more than one instrument. They’re both great instruments to play in a band, either way!


Thanks Bakhm and Mano Rookie! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



We hope you’re having a rocking time at the Music Jam, as we’re coming into our final week of the party. However, we’d love to know your favourite highlights of the party. What was your favourite thing about the Music Jam?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team



448 days old
Cuddley pup June 11, 2019

My favorite thing about the Music Jam was hanging out with my friends, and making a band together. When my friends and I were making our band, we made many new friends. I think the Music Jam was a great idea, because it brought us, penguins, together, and learn more about each other.

354 days old
P4436097 June 10, 2019


1145 days old
Sparklmagyq June 10, 2019

Music Jam was Amazeriffic this year partly because, new merch, but also because we got to see the moderators dancing on stage with Cadence! Music Jam FTW! (that’s for the win)

1116 days old
little007 June 7, 2019

This party got me back into Club Penguin Rewritten, I love the new background Cadence gave away. The decorations in every room looked amazing and the music in each room was also good. It’s one of my favourite parties (I don’t think you will ever beat the festival of flight music jams.)

367 days old
pete1326 June 6, 2019

music jam was awesome but Iโ€™m ready for the card-jitsu party 2019 to come out

1133 days old
Tylerhagrid June 6, 2019

The best part was definitely the atmosphere, everyone was hyper and excited about the party!

577 days old
elontusk June 6, 2019

This year’s music jam was great. I loved being able to rock in a huge band and dance in the nightclub to collect stamps! We created a huge crowd of all different penguins to come together!

402 days old
Primmoo June 5, 2019

All the mascots related to dancing ang bands were online but i didnt see the penguin band…

391 days old
Purpl Pengin June 5, 2019

My favourite thing about music jam is everything! The decorations, the merch, the mascots! But most of all I love preforming music on the stages with other penguins! Music Jam has been a blast and I’m sad that its coming to an end.

427 days old
Piscesss June 5, 2019

Music Jam is awesome I love hanging out and playing instruments and jamming out with other penguins (players) in the community!

1032 days old
CherrySakura June 4, 2019

I liked how each room had a different genre of music and dressing up for each music style, and the new rooms were great to hang out with friends! Unfortunately I don’t know if I can meet any mascots but I’m glad they arrived for the party ๐Ÿ™‚

1053 days old
Hsmace June 4, 2019

I think the amount of mascots and opportunities to meet them was great!

613 days old
zete12345 June 4, 2019

My favorite part of the Music Jam 2019 party was the filled up town. There was so much going on and it was entertaining to see the interactions penguins were having with one another!

452 days old
P3476849 June 4, 2019

I personally enjoy the ambience of the style and scenery. I love walking around and seeing all the different music themed locations such as the country music area in the forest or the Jazz at the coffee shop along with new buildings such as the Casta Fiesta and the stage near the ice rink.

621 days old
Jerlocks June 3, 2019


413 days old
CactusChris June 3, 2019

My favorite part of music jam is the new merch because It’s hard for me to pick my outfit. the rock bandana makes for a good flowery costume, and the black acoustic guitar and other instruments help me rock out with my friends!

1015 days old
mr pgno June 3, 2019

To be honest there is nothing I dislike about it. It is getting better and better every year thanks to the awsome and hardworking developers and staff members.

580 days old
yu ready June 3, 2019

The instruments were cool. Also, all of you went to extreme lengths to decorate the rooms. I liked the music as well. Here’s a challenge: try listening to Cadence performing and not sing along. It’s hard! In conclusion, couldn’t ask for more. This party grew beyond my expectations.

595 days old
bumbler June 3, 2019


361 days old
P4376622 June 3, 2019

#Everything I loved everything because itโ€™s so fun and meeting other penguins is so fun. I hope everyone has a great week.

418 days old
neptian June 3, 2019

The rooms were magical, meeting the new mods, mascots and penguins was a whole experience, and the new acoustic guitars were the ultimate sellout. Me & my puffle loved it. The theme also reminded me to take a break from studying and just disconnect and stargaze. The experience was indescribable <3.

408 days old
TreeTopping2 June 3, 2019

just add more fun stuff

1196 days old
Perapin June 3, 2019


My favorite part about the Music Jam 2019 is the Pizza Parlor! We’ve had some exuberant times while this party has been going on and the atmosphere is just incredible! There was plenty of rocking good fun at the disco event too.


1032 days old
snini4 June 3, 2019

My favourite thing about the Music Jam were the amazing decorations and meeting the mascots. I remember some of the first Music Jams from the original CP (been playing since around 2008) and everything still has the same fun feel to it. Keep up the great work CPR team!

370 days old
Natthegreat4 June 3, 2019

My favorite part of the music jam was all of the cool gear and new places to explore, and get exclusive items that probably wont be seen again until another event like this. Most of all I loved how the community would get together to dance and play songs together.

744 days old
Btmac June 3, 2019

Music Jam for me was truly very exciting and inspiring in itself. The fact that that many mascots were able to interact with players made the party very interesting and fun for many players. I enjoyed meeting the penguin band, and meeting Petey K… It was truly fantastic!

363 days old
GenerousJJ June 2, 2019

My favorite thing about Music Jam was that I got to even be in it. I joined on June 1st and was amazed by how well thought-out the event was. I also LOVED the character meet and greets because they were just so thoughtful, kind, and considerate penguins. Waddle on, and I’ll be staying here for life!

397 days old
darling girl June 2, 2019

I loved meeting Cadence and the moderators as well as exploring the gorgeous sunset lit town. Everything looked magical and nostalgic, with the fantastic decorations, music and community to match. I loved making friends who listened to the same genres as me and exploring others music tastes as well!

1108 days old
Nadia2 June 2, 2019

Honestly loved every thing about this year’s music jam but my favorite part would be the merchandise! I always love getting new clothes and there’s something about the music jam themed clothing that i really enjoy. I was also super pumped for the mascots joining to jam out with us, like DJ Maxx!

433 days old
Monstertron June 2, 2019

I love the new merch, and places to explore with my friends. Events like this help me connect to my childhood and friends who play. The igloo decorations were what sold me as I remember those from the original, and had a wave of nostalgia after seeing them.

370 days old
weirdANA June 2, 2019

All the new music is so awesome and cool! I love this new update the stages are so fun, when you step one them music starts to play wich I this is awesome.

498 days old
Unicorn 219 June 2, 2019

The Music Jam was awesome! I really liked all the new clothes.

474 days old
Sparky650 June 2, 2019


1145 days old
Sparklmagyq June 10, 2019

With a side of chips!

1031 days old
Blysse June 2, 2019

My favorite thing was meeting DJ Maxx today! My favorite feature from this party was definitely the beautiful night sky. I’ve spent many nights stargazing with my friends!

447 days old
DjKled007 June 2, 2019

My favourite thing about this music jam is that DJ MAXX will be here well i just met him

398 days old
Rachel3918 June 2, 2019

My favorite thing about the Music Jam was going around the island with my friends, trying on musical outfits, and jamming out to lots of cool music! We had a blast! I also had so much fun meeting new friends, and getting to know them through music!

382 days old
bananaboi320 June 2, 2019

i loved the night-time theme on the sky, stars are always beautiful but the team did a great job on the art here!

509 days old
lemenhed June 2, 2019

My favorite thing about the Music Jam is the atmosphere! The sky is very pretty, there is music in almost every room and there are decorations everywhere. My favorite room the Music Jam is definitely the backstage! ๐Ÿ™‚

1154 days old
Bear Md June 2, 2019

Honestly, my favorite part of the party was just exploring the island. I just liked going around the island, and seeing the little details it added. I wasnt able to meet a mascot (yet) but I still had fun.

405 days old
yannaYSL June 2, 2019

My favorite thing about the Music Jam were all the bright lights and pretty decorations. It really reminds me of New York, especially when you log in at night.

397 days old
snoozeloof June 2, 2019

I am so sad that the music jam party is almost over. I enjoyed all of the new stuff and I hope that this will come back next year too!!!

493 days old
TRex386 June 2, 2019

My favorite aspect of the Music Jam is the amount of new things added to the island. I love the evening sky so much, and each room has so much detail! There are so many places to rock/jam out, like the roof of the night club.

581 days old
Joaoandr2007 June 2, 2019

My favourite thing about the Music Jam is the Music!I love hearing the music from other bands to help my band get better!I also love meeting mascots like Cadence she gives some really good tips about making music!

366 days old
Peck Penguin June 2, 2019

My favorite thing about the music jam is about all the new people I see and get to meet.One of my favorite things were the interactive instruments.I also enjoyed meeting the mascots with my friends.I also liked the candence show

525 days old
DanTDMFan127 June 2, 2019


367 days old
pete1326 June 2, 2019

The event does not end here we can now tip the iceberg when it hits June 7

406 days old
Lolomn June 2, 2019

I never was into Music but during Music Jam 2019 I was looking forward to creating bands and to make new friends. But to be honest I was a very poor penguin who didn’t have enough money to buy any instruments, so I gathered up enough money just for the instruments!

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq June 10, 2019

Sage goals.

616 days old
hatsoftoyou June 2, 2019

i guess i like the background cadence had,because its my penguins backround now

1040 days old
Ta41529 June 2, 2019

I loved how everything was interactable and their was always something to do! Every corner you turned there was something different than the room you just left. New games, stages, what ever it was, it was totally unique!

419 days old
Quenquin517 June 2, 2019

My favorite part is that the music-related mascots come on more now! making more people get a chance to get their backgrounds!

547 days old
Princesspop8 June 2, 2019

loved the music jam it is super cool i play the recorder my self i like playing it you should put it in the music log please make the BAND come back because i missed them THE BAND IS COOL and you get 4 stamps because there is 4 people in the band COME BACK BAND anyway i love the music jam bye!

364 days old
EmurinnART June 2, 2019

My favourite thing about Music Jam is the nostalgia that comes with it; Music Jam was my first ever party I attended on Club Penguin when I was younger and that alone makes the party special to me <3

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq June 10, 2019

One can not simply help nostalgising of fond events! I should know because sometimes I nostalgise so hard I feel at the precipice of tears.

363 days old
ilovetacoamc June 2, 2019

maybe when the penguin band joined. but i think they should join more often just ike cadense. then everyone gets to meet them.i also liked the fact that is was night. just saying… take a look at sirene springs, beautiful.

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq June 10, 2019

Speaking of Serene Springs, I saw Lataus there once. Never had I seen more than three before that day, but I saw ten penguins there including myself.

580 days old
pinkuisabela June 2, 2019

My favourite part of the music jam was meeting Cadence and getting her background! Her performance in the concert hall was so fun to watch! I loved seeing all the new decorations around town and all the new merch to buy! This year’s music jam has got me hyped for next year’s one!

387 days old
PinkBus7 June 2, 2019

This was my first music jam and I loved all of the new instruments, particularly the congo drums which I enjoy playing at the cove. However, my favourite part is definitely the stereo you can pick up to do breakdancing. I do hip hop in real life so it’s great to be able to do it on Club Penguin too!

925 days old
LB Wingman June 2, 2019

Hey, could you put more mascots in evening of AEST or EST time pls. A lot of players are in Australia and Asia, but we never see mascots because they usually come at 1am-5am AEST (according to trackerbot), which is too sad for us ๐Ÿ™

P.S: I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, you guys really do a lot!

376 days old
WillUMarryMe June 4, 2019

also i hope sensei visits at aest or est evening times as well rather than early morning

367 days old
P4328921 June 2, 2019

I love the music festival! As a person who plays four instruments, I think it’s really awesome that my penguin can have instruments as well. I love the Casa Fiesta, every time I go in there there’s a bunch of penguins with instruments jamming out!

577 days old
IceFlurry June 2, 2019

My favorite things about the Music Jam is the nighttime setting and the mascots. The island looks so different at night time, it’s so dazzling and stunning. I haven’t met any mascots yet, but I’m sure that I’ll be able to in the next couple of days. I’m excited to meet Cadence and the Penguin Band!

410 days old
LOLPepper June 2, 2019

My favorite thing about the Music Jam was waiting multiple days for the new merch items after the announcement in the newspaper. Thank you Club Penguin Support for your “early” content releases. We all truly appreciate it greatly!

706 days old
eeyore96 June 2, 2019

My favourite part of the music jam was the cool music and bands!! I also really liked the new outfits!

421 days old
Flyingflank June 2, 2019

i love trumpets and saxophones, especially from sonic games because it is so good in those games

371 days old
JohnPykett2 June 2, 2019

my favourite thing was the night sky because it fits well with the scenery. I also loved the coffee shop and I met the penguin band today.

369 days old
TheSystemBad June 2, 2019

My favorite thing was the amount of funny dances I got to do with my friends, and simply just enjoying the game and having a good laugh because of it. The music jam only seemed to have brought us that much closer, even with how close we already were.

1123 days old
AleCP June 2, 2019

my favourite thing about the music jam is concert hall it’s so amazing because it has stu and 2 penguins and i also like interactive instruments that are at the casa fiesta, mine and pool because they are cool!

723 days old
AYoungFan June 2, 2019

I loved this year’s Music Jam! I love the stadium and show that was added, but I think my favorite part overall was meeting Cadence and the Penguin Band. The meetups were a ton of fun!

637 days old
Smelly76541 June 2, 2019

Music Jam was really fun this year, even though i wasnt around for last years. I really enjoyed meating the penguin band and i also got to meet Cadence. I love the rooms and the custom things that cpr does, like changing the time of day. Things like that just make the parties even more awesome!

366 days old
s h a r k June 2, 2019

My favourite thing about the Music Jam is that people come together and start groups, helping people to get free items and join in. I love the variety of music around the island and the merch stalls! This event allows us to meet mods and characters! Throwing snowballs in the casa fiesta is great!

529 days old
TorqueCPI June 2, 2019

Probably when Stu was dancing on the stage when I played for this party on the OG version the penguin band was behind Cadence but this year Stu and two other penguins that really makes this game unique I love that aspect about this party.

473 days old
peachpepper June 2, 2019

I loved the music jam because the concert hall was so cool and the cadence was such a tiny queen like we love a tiny sister but uhhhhh i liked the sky, the sky was cool

473 days old
peachpepper June 2, 2019

psst, not to complain or anything but where’s the new merch? It said it would’ve been out on May 30th but ok

370 days old
Swimmer8980 June 2, 2019

My favorite thing about music jam is/was the instruments. As a person who plays three instruments (violin, viola, and piano) I definitely enjoyed being able to buy and play a musical instrument. What I’m trying to say is that this was a great addition to Music Jam.

546 days old
jademoon225 June 2, 2019

My favorite thing about music jam is that there are so many epic updates to play with and characters to meet! Also I love all the new items that you can get!

444 days old
Po da doggo June 2, 2019

I really enjoyed the Music Jam, and this is my first one I’ve been to. I personally liked all of the decorations, and all of the different types of stages and music. My favorite part though was the Cadence show because I liked the singing and music and the amount of crazy penguins when Cadence joins

391 days old
Wolfdijon June 1, 2019

I really loved the fun decorations and everything, it was really cool seeing the entire island becoming ‘Music Jam-inized’ . Like, the puffle on the store looks like Elvis Presley now, and the stages everywhere really make it cooler. It’s also so colorful!

905 days old
shadowfight June 1, 2019

This years’ Music Jam has so many awesome features, but some of my favorites were definitely the Concert Hall where Cadence performed and the backstage at the dock. The greatest highlight for me though was seeing everyone jamming to their favorite songs and playing the instruments!

461 days old
HarmonyStar June 1, 2019

That is so hard to choose. There’s all the merch, the awesome rooms,meeting mascots, and just making bands with both friends and strangers. I would have to say meeting cadence and the penguin band, it was so fun to hang out with them and to get their awesome backgrounds!

403 days old
tacocat54893 June 1, 2019

i loved the mascot meeting and the band playing with friends

403 days old
tacocat54893 June 1, 2019

i really like the piano. my brother is a master at the instruments. he plays…well just about anything. he loves to play the piano, guitar, banjo, ukulele, and any other instruments. he is also talented in singing. he was in all state choir and loved it.

504 days old
stamppenguin June 1, 2019

Rock on!

1152 days old
Llkon June 1, 2019

I would definitely say my favorite part is the nostalgia the party brings. It seems like just yesterday I was participating in the music jam back in 2008! That was the very first year that the band were mascots! As a kid (and even to this day), itโ€™s my favorite reoccuring club penguin party.

667 days old
peptrt June 1, 2019

This has got to be one of my favorite parties! All together I think meeting my favorite band members was the best part of the Music Jam! Petey K, my favorite member, even signed my glasses! Franky also signed my hat which has got to be the coolest thing a mascot has done. The Music Jam was a blast!

1163 days old
ChrisCPI June 1, 2019

My favorite part of the party was the Pizza Parlor! From the blue lighting, to the disco ball hanging from the ceiling, it’s all gorgeous.

402 days old
P4026268 June 1, 2019

How do I get my name instead of a random string of numbers? Also, my favorite thing about the Music Jam is all the different places you can listen to music unique to that area!

992 days old
Bakhm June 1, 2019

Hey, thanks Lataus! I appreciate the coins, I’ll make sure to spend them wisely. It’s nice to see you around the map! Thanks again!

1151 days old
WaterFlame90 June 1, 2019

My favorite thing about Music Jam is the Dance parties around the island, the dawn skies, and the stars! =)

992 days old
Bakhm June 1, 2019

Hey, thanks Lataus! I’ll use those coins wisely!

530 days old
Randomboy481 June 1, 2019

I think my favorite part of the party was meeting the mascots! Meeting the Penguin Band and Cadence tons of times made me feel so happy! Even though others may haven’t gotten the chance to meet them, i wish them the best of luck on other mascots!

402 days old
P4026268 June 1, 2019

When am I supposed to get my name instead of this string of numbers? My name is Thelastotter.

680 days old
Tumbutu June 1, 2019

playing de drums bruda

1029 days old
Superivy4 June 1, 2019

I really like how stu comes on the stage with cadance!

384 days old
Ginny246 June 1, 2019

I think my favorite part of the music jam was to hang with my friends and looking at all the wonderful,beautiful sights.I think this will be something to remember.I really LOVED IT!I hope you guys will do it again.

502 days old
P3013182 June 1, 2019

Dats cool! I used to play piano. I now play drum set and drumline at my school. It is a ton of fun! Hope everyone is enjoying the Music Jam because I sure am!

368 days old
Miner7604 June 1, 2019

The Music festival was charming and very colorful, too bad that I never met Cadence though :/

368 days old
Miner7604 June 1, 2019

I would be perfect with an Electric Guitar! I think that playing the E. Guitar would be cool and productve.

447 days old
DjKled007 June 1, 2019

The favourite thing i loved is The DJ3K MUSIC !!!!!

1155 days old
Chino June 1, 2019

My favorite thing about music jam was using the casa fiesta to me and other penguins advantage and starting huge bands inside! Other than that its a blast meeting The Penguin Band and Cadence whenever they come around.

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq June 10, 2019

Aww, I remember doing that back in the original club penguin! Good times.

1069 days old
Kayla1804 June 1, 2019

My favorite part has to be the ability to play music in most places. Standing on the stage at the dock plays catchy music, as well as the stage in the beach. Starting a band there with your friends makes the experience so much better!!

601 days old
AlexMina0402 June 1, 2019

I loved the different setups throughout the entire island. They were very creative and fun and I really enjoyed it!

546 days old
Scientin June 1, 2019

My favorite part of the Music Jam so far would probably have to be all the new instruments backstage! The Penguin Band have left an amazing selection for us to choose from, and I’m really happy to have my hands on an awesome double-necked guitar!

949 days old
WinslowKat1 June 1, 2019

My favourite thing about the music jam was meeting cadence! and getting the cool new background.

519 days old
Flowerpeng June 1, 2019

I loved all the different stages. It was so fun going to see all the different places on the island and listen to what types of music you could play in each!

489 days old
Waterboy2009 June 1, 2019

Myn favorate part was singing and danceing with all my friends.

398 days old
luce08 June 1, 2019

This Music Jam has been a blast! Me and my friends have all gone to Cadences concert and cheered her on! My favorite part of the Music Jam was probably the new catalog. I loved the new clothes and especially the new instruments. I just had to get at least every single outfit! Thank you Club Penguin!

1147 days old
CryptoThe1st June 1, 2019

Probably the exclusive instruments that you can’t get outside of the Music Jam, I like having as many instruments as possible and it’s always fun to go to the lighthouse, start playing, and then get caught up in a conversation with the other people playing.

382 days old
wolf01 June 1, 2019

My favorite thing about this music jam is just playing insturments with randomly founded bands

392 days old
Webs102638 June 1, 2019

I loved this event! My favorite part about it was the way that the music and the instruments brought players together, whether with Cadence or just playing in a band. I loved playing the guitar.

1067 days old
Caveria June 1, 2019

My favourite thing about the Music Jam is creating a new and great band with my friends! It was really fun! I hope it will back in the next year! I even recorded this for some plays! The all players were so proud for this amazing play ever! I was so happy and excited for this party!

379 days old
red12xd June 1, 2019


635 days old
lavenderflop June 1, 2019

I enjoyed finding all the new instruments and outfits that gave me new dances. Exploring all the genres for the areas was fun too, but my highlight was the Red vs Blue snow fort music battle. If I’m honest though, I loved ALL of Music Jam! ๐Ÿ˜€

463 days old
superkay4 June 1, 2019

My favourite thing about the Music Jam was the search for Cadence and the Penguin Band, and the happiness which was so apparent when we all met them. It was a really fun time!

879 days old
PandaHeart26 June 1, 2019

My favorite thing about the Music Jam festival is the VIP pass. I have never been a VIP in real life so having one in a game is AMAZING!

757 days old
Thinger June 1, 2019

Cadence and da band! I watched U on stage!

513 days old
May200 June 1, 2019

To be honest, it is really hard to choose what was the favorite thing of the party. But since you’re asking, my favorite thing of the party was probably the rooms’ decoration, because it looks so good, specially with the nightime sky.

395 days old
peri wink June 1, 2019

I loved meeting Cadence at the lighthouse while I was jamming out with my friends!

1128 days old
DjangoBreeze June 1, 2019

My favorite part of the Music Jam are the mascot meetups. Well… They would be even better if I could meet one. As far as I know, your mascots join at the very worst times for me. Every day I missed Cadence. Today I was busy at my theater class. So it would be very great if you could set times.

365 days old
jabinnibs1 June 1, 2019

I think i would really fit in on drums, with a little brother on recorder. I love this new music update and the drums are kind of the base of the and because they hold the beat.

883 days old
FireSanti June 1, 2019

My favourite thing about the music jam were those cool neon decorations that gives me memories of my first music jam and i also like the interactive instruments that are in the Casa Fiesta, Pool and Mine because they are fantastic!

387 days old
PinkBus7 June 2, 2019

What is the hidden instrument in Casa Fiesta? I can’t find it but would love to play it!

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq June 1, 2019

The Music Jam is really awesome! Seeing the Cadence show was especially cool because it looked like the backup dancers were moderators!

1087 days old
PlayStation9 June 1, 2019


446 days old
sobeano456 June 1, 2019

I enjoyed meeting the mascots! But i also enjoyed taking a look around and seeing how much the place has changed! I give a huge encore for cadence and ballerina stu at the concert hall and looking up at the stars and doing the conga at the casa feista! I hope you guys enjoyed as i did! =)

1135 days old
bobapearls June 1, 2019

I really enjoyed meeting Cadence and getting her background for the first time, since it was so unexpected and hilarious for her to pop up while I was browsing through my stamps in the plaza. I hope the next year’s Music Jam is just as entertaining!

744 days old
Btmac June 3, 2019

Haha, I agree! It was very exciting to meet all the mascots indeed.

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq June 10, 2019

Mascot meetup FTW!

442 days old
nakyo man853 June 1, 2019

I loved the hall, it was so hyped for the perfomence then Cadense came on stage and the crowd went wild!

1182 days old
Anabellapopy June 1, 2019

I’ve really loved getting a chance to meet Cadence (even if it can be a little hectic) I’ve also loved dressing the part too browsing the brand new clothing items. Its also been great meeting up with other penguins and dancing in the disco to earn rare and hard to get stamps with the community!

5239 days old
PepperFast June 1, 2019

My favourite thing about the Music Jam is you can start to make a band with instruments and people, having fun with them and then becoming friend with them to hang out, playing games or doing more activities with them. And the party free items are super cool, pick them up before the party will end!