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Cream Soda Vanished, Island Panic!

By Stu on June 13, 2019

Hi Penguins,


It’s getting strange on the island and more empty with less cream soda…


Recently, penguins and investigators have noticed strange activity over at the Pizza Parlor. With less cream soda now, many are wondering how and why it happened. Detectives have been on the scene all day and are still looking for answers for what could be happening.



Many are wanting answers from the Captain himself on this, with no answer yet, what are your thoughts on this messy situation? Let me know down in the comments below, I’ll be sure to answer to the best ones!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


122 days old
JuliaXoX0 June 22, 2019

where are the cream sodas?
also, how do you get points?

291 days old
P2441803 June 22, 2019

The timer at the Dock is working for me (but not for all players) and the points board is stuck. A glitch maybe?

249 days old
crystal999 June 21, 2019

i think the herbert the bear did it and stole all the cream soda or another new villian perhaps.

626 days old
card game 36 June 21, 2019


417 days old
lizzyd42 June 21, 2019

I think it has something to do with EPF because a message was sent out on the phone, so maybe Herbert is back

290 days old
Penggee June 21, 2019

ITS THE CREAM SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100 days old
Vixellaa June 21, 2019

Cannot wait for this to officially start!

114 days old
acape 2 June 21, 2019

Is That a cream soda bottle on Pizza Parlor?

254 days old
mimzyemma June 21, 2019

And I also havent seen Rockhopper all day and ive been waiting at the beach

254 days old
mimzyemma June 21, 2019

yeah can you give us a hint. I’ve been looking all day and i dont think the update is here. Kind of a scam bc it said it would start today.

45 days old
EggsAndEggs June 20, 2019

Umm… I think the Cream Soda vanished because Flash is being discontinued bit by bit…

69 days old
Daisy57 June 20, 2019

I’m so excited to meet Rockhopper for the first time as well! I’m also trying to find to missing cream soda however I am not really sure what to do. Please could you give me a tip or a clue as to where I can start to look or what to do. Thanks!

780 days old
Nok Nuk June 18, 2019


155 days old
peachpepper June 18, 2019

ALSO, hey um i took the quiz to be a secret agent and complete missions but yall haven’t gotten back to me so am i not qualified?? ok hmmm

141 days old
KennedyNole2 June 18, 2019

who else went to the comments to find the answer lol

44 days old
Casual1010 June 18, 2019

I’m exited too see Rockhopper for the first time

144 days old
P3321076 June 17, 2019

Maybe Herbert and Klutzy are trying to build a bomb???

249 days old
crystal999 June 21, 2019

i agree

42 days old
AwwsumE June 17, 2019

Yo, does anyone know where it is?

290 days old
Penggee June 21, 2019

i do! read my comment 🙂

303 days old
Jerlocks June 16, 2019

I think Rookie was borrowing some cream soda, and had an accident on the way out

318 days old
Tomatoes943 June 17, 2019

I saw him with a barrel with Cream Soda inside… Maybe…

122 days old
Paraxyll June 16, 2019

There was a broken door, It might be Herbert….

827 days old
Sparklmagyq June 15, 2019

I also saw ten snowballs in that spot on the book in your screenshot; nice details, shows that this is realer than real.

827 days old
Sparklmagyq June 15, 2019

Shall we solve a Cream Soda Mystery or try to rewrite history?

827 days old
Sparklmagyq June 15, 2019

I actually saw this yesterday! I wonder if Rockhopper knows about this?

44 days old
Auvboy June 15, 2019

I agree with other people that said it, it’s Herbert. Who else might have done it?

881 days old
JackVictorc June 15, 2019

Herbert trying to sabotage Rockhoppers visit?

79 days old
Anna7070 June 15, 2019

I say we just chill and let professonals deal with this. (on the inside im like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

136 days old
fluffy625 June 15, 2019

i love club penguin i wish i have a penguin for club penguin 2

31 days old
Sprinkles130 June 15, 2019

Hey guys :O

I’m on my iPad right now 😎😞

45 days old
EggsAndEggs June 15, 2019


324 days old
ADarkBlueBoi June 15, 2019

im scared lol

539 days old
simonjoop June 15, 2019

jet pack guy stole the Cream Soda for his Cream Soda powered jet pack

607 days old
LB Wingman June 15, 2019

How are people saying rockhopper did it he isn’t even here yet (or is he?) :0

837 days old
Fastn Fab June 15, 2019

Could Herbert be back? :O Or was Rockhopper just thirsty?

35 days old
thesky0000 June 15, 2019

probably its herbert again, but i think its rockhopper is it?

645 days old
mcdonaldzzz June 15, 2019

i mean definitely don’t look in my igloo, it definitely wasn’t me that stole the soda *burpppppp* have u noticed it’s in the catalog

207 days old
DanTDMFan127 June 15, 2019

It must be herbert poop bear

32 days old
CoffeeNini2 June 15, 2019

I wonder when the cream soda come back

290 days old
Peanut Llama June 15, 2019


31 days old
Aileth June 15, 2019


171 days old
Waterboy2009 June 15, 2019

Rockhopper is coming because of this is is leading to the new Island AdvntureParty so excited for that!!!!

289 days old
Noobisme June 15, 2019

Let’s ask the best aqua grabber players :/

205 days old
purpletoby June 14, 2019


40 days old
Block814 June 14, 2019


286 days old
P2463168 June 14, 2019

i think rockhopper drink all

40 days old
Block814 June 14, 2019


787 days old
CR00K June 14, 2019

Rockhopper, save us!

56 days old
LimeGreen15 June 14, 2019

Why don’t we just use the Cream Soda Barrel in the hidden lake secret room? Boom, problem solved right? Am I an EPF legend now?

608 days old
DracoVentus June 14, 2019

Its most likely involved with Rockhopper since his ship can be seen through the telescope, though I really hope that we get another Herbert-centric event like operation;blackout sometime soon

33 days old
StrongSplit June 14, 2019

Its starting to get serious! People are starting to not come to the pizza parlor until the cream soda is found! I hope the detectives can fix this soon!

840 days old
Canoe June 14, 2019

Hi Stu, it’s been a while. ILY and I hope you’re doing okay.
I wonder if Rockhopper’s reserve just ran out or something? Or maybe I just drank all of it, god I love cream soda.

17517 days old
stu June 15, 2019

Hi! It’s been great, and who knows? Perhaps he did, he is a pirate after all.

318 days old
Tomatoes943 June 17, 2019

Maybe his Puffle is thirsty?

349 days old
peptrt June 14, 2019

I think all the clues are leading to Rockhopper, maybe he his using the cream soda for his upcoming party, the Island Adventure Party, or at least one of them. Either way I’m hyped!

74 days old
fisher4fish June 14, 2019

how would he do that
he is a sea right now

74 days old
fisher4fish June 14, 2019

how would he do that he is at sea right now.

810 days old
DjangoBreeze June 14, 2019

I didn’t know there was cream soda on the island at all! Too bad it’s disappearing!

69 days old
ESNinja 501 June 14, 2019

Why would someone want Cream Soda??? I mean, it’s just cream soda… so, who took it? For what reason(s) did they take it? Only the future knows…

196 days old
Pingu312804 June 14, 2019

This is a great mystery…

196 days old
Pingu312804 June 14, 2019

It’s a big mystery…

317 days old
lavenderflop June 14, 2019

Three words:
1) Herbert
2) Rookie
3) Conspiracy

like if you agree, or just don’t either way, I’m good. 🙂

130 days old
Cuddley pup June 14, 2019

To be honest, I think Captain Rockhopper hid them himself. I don’t know for sure, but maybe he just wants us to have a fun and crazy adventure, and bring us all together to find the cream soda. Either way, I think it’s a great idea for penguins to hangout together, and have a great adventure.

125 days old
The User June 14, 2019

I think it’s rockhopper, he loves cream soda, besides, why would Herbert want cream soda (other than to wash off his all veg pizza). Besides, he is a pirate, and he knows the island pretty well (Rockhopper), he also visits around this time. That is why I think Rockhopper did it.

836 days old
Sp1nnYB01 June 14, 2019

Hmm. This case is rather puzzling within the island. Nobody seemed to be present when the Pizza Parlor was raided. This seems like a forced entry, with the door cracked and spills everywhere. It isn’t herbert or klutzy, since they would make a giant mess. Who could it be?

156 days old
Sparky650 June 14, 2019

i wander what is going on i am a detetive but huh?

175 days old
TRex386 June 14, 2019

It’s got to be Rockhopper, especially with all of the tropical island elements. Plus no one else likes cream soda that much!

56 days old
Friend Doge June 14, 2019

oh no

424 days old
CyanWolf8479 June 14, 2019

I wonder whats going on?

252 days old
AF1011 June 14, 2019

I think because Klutzy breaking the Bottle of cream soda?, Or Both Herbert P. Bear & Klutzy The Crab ?

103 days old
mokapokis June 14, 2019

I also think that klutzy and his friends are up to this

79 days old
Shadow345797 June 14, 2019

it could be Herbert and Klutzy!
we have to find out before all the cream sodas vanish!

644 days old
SoftEgg June 14, 2019

that’s just my jelly i slipped in the kitchen again i’m sorry

33 days old
GreasyDaPeng June 14, 2019

I got to be honest guys, I stole the Cream Soda…

264 days old
FlightFluffy June 14, 2019

It is Rockhopper! As you said that many are wanting answers from him but he is not responding, that could only mean that he is collecting cream soda to organise some kind of surprise adventure party for us and he doesn’t want to reveal this. But still I want EPF & PSA to keep an eye out for Herbert.

156 days old
Sparky650 June 14, 2019

ha ha

125 days old
The User June 14, 2019

I agree

317 days old
lavenderflop June 14, 2019

Cool idea! 😀

860 days old
Splosh Jnr June 14, 2019

Two ideas:
a) maybe Captain Rockhopper ate some cursed fruit that caused him to steal the cream soda or b) maybe some bad pirates stole the cream soda and we’re going to have to help Captain Rockhopper track them down in the upcoming adventure party! Either way, it should be fun!

683 days old
oretomb606 June 14, 2019

I Think it could possibly could have been a horde of puffles, because maybe some wild puffles sneaked into the cream soda stashes and accidentally destroyed the barrels.

318 days old
Tomatoes943 June 14, 2019

THIS. IS. BAD!!!! I love fishing for Cream Soda in Aqua Grabber! WHAT AM I GONNA DO!?!?!?!? 😯

412 days old
Noah24266 June 14, 2019

What Happened???

62 days old
Dogpup4242 June 14, 2019

rockhopper is coming to investigate

212 days old
Little Lolli June 14, 2019

I think a crew of PIRATES STOLE the Cream Soda!! I myself love Cream Soda, so I will also be investigating the scene of the crime, I am, after all, trying to open a Detective Agency. I think it was Pirates because, other then every other penguin, who else would be the main suspect!

836 days old
Sp1nnYB01 June 14, 2019

Hmm, you have a good suspect. Pirates seem to love cream soda, especially Rockhopper himself. More investigating will be under the Pizza Parlor premises.

40 days old
MysticalStas June 14, 2019

as a new rookie epf member, i vow to find out who did this…

40 days old
MysticalStas June 14, 2019

But what could this mean? i will continue my investigations… if you would like to help me, all you have to do is look around on the floors of the island for any purple cream soda. Thank you for your help.

40 days old
MysticalStas June 14, 2019


368 days old
0CROWNED June 14, 2019

I drank all that cream soda, I’m sorry it was just so good!

554 days old
KomodoGuy87 June 14, 2019

Me And A Few Of My EPF Colleagues Have Been Working On It, So Far Nothing 🙁

800 days old
Poppy Noppy June 14, 2019

That can mean either an evil polar bear is stealing the cream soda, or some penguin was really thirsty…

836 days old
Pandana June 14, 2019

Don’t know who stole the cream soda, but I sure hope the Captain and Mirador will soon be backto bring us some more; haven’t seen this ol’ penguin in a while.

134 days old
P3476849 June 14, 2019

It has to be Herbert no doubt about it. He’s the only one with the Brains and the streghth to break into the Parlor, carry all the soda, and know where it is.

212 days old
Randomboy481 June 14, 2019

Plot twist: The mods took the cream soda for themselves

318 days old
Tomatoes943 June 17, 2019

Two words:

Highly Unlikely

241 days old
P2714920 June 14, 2019

Well, as an detective i think Rockhopper needs it for his party or Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy to take or Club Penguin. Tell me witch one do you think it is.

842 days old
Nin10doGamer June 13, 2019

I don’t know if this had been talked about already but will anything happen to this game when flash closes in 2020?

714 days old
snini4 June 13, 2019

It must be Herbert P. Bear so he can power some sort of ray or machine to take over the island but I still don’t know how he would use the cream soda as fuel….?

160 days old
march55038 June 13, 2019

The polar bear is back at again, but perhaps he’s decided to be good and is throwing us a party with cream soda?

263 days old
Joaoandr2007 June 13, 2019

Hmmm…I think it was Herbert P. Bear and his helper Klutzy but why would they need cream soda?

263 days old
Joaoandr2007 June 13, 2019

I bet it’s herbert!

739 days old
Nanopenguin3 June 13, 2019

The real question is… why was there Cream Soda at the Pizza Parlor? I’ve never seen any cream soda at the pizza parlor before. Theres lots of Cream Soda in the Lighthouse. Why didn’t they take any out of from lighthouse?

33 days old
ShadowMidori June 13, 2019

The owner of the pizza shop secretly snuck out all the cream soda. He needs them to host a big party at his igloo. Herbert is also helping him host it.

596 days old
PrincessKaii June 13, 2019

and I oop- herbert is at it again lmao

54 days old
Lilianne333 June 13, 2019

it’s obviously Rookie

878 days old
Perapin June 13, 2019

Hi stu,

On the bright side we have made some raspberry lemonade to offer at the Pizza Parlor while the cream soda supply is missing.


125 days old
P3585279 June 13, 2019

where is the update dang nabbit

33 days old
P4456798 June 13, 2019

Who is herbert

97 days old
Bruch Bot56 June 13, 2019

i also love cream soda >:(

97 days old
Bruch Bot56 June 13, 2019

I think herbert just needs a drink he probly dosen’t have any money and he’s probly out of drinks so.

540 days old
CookieMoo June 13, 2019


565 days old
FireSanti June 13, 2019

Herbert, i know you made this

121 days old
Dada Binks June 13, 2019

I hope we get to meet Herbert and hopefully other agents

186 days old
BadRabbit44 June 13, 2019

Herbert? Where you at then?

82 days old
PoketheHoax June 13, 2019

Guys, I thought we were supposed to keep Herbert a secret from everybody until we detained him…

710 days old
Yavuztalimci June 13, 2019

I believe it could be Herbert because he always causes trouble everywhere around the island. And there is a crack on the door. Herbert might be causing some scheme that has to do with some cream soda. And I wonder how that crack got here. 🤔

381 days old
STARPOWERB June 13, 2019

Maybe the barrels are leaking

181 days old
Ninja5012 June 13, 2019

Rockhopper…..Herbert….. Missing Creme Soda… Western-Style hype. I think we might have a Western-style adventure party on our hands. Herbert is the Suspect and we, penguins, are all sheriffs seeking out Herbert and only way to solve the mystery is with help from Creme Soda Expert Rockhopper.

360 days old
Pinhead09 June 13, 2019

Herbert Might Spilt His Drink On to the Ground for it to cause the problem

211 days old
TorqueCPI June 13, 2019

hmmm thats cool i never heard about this on old cp i guess cpr staff is doing amazing like always

304 days old
Peengi June 13, 2019

Hmm I think Captain Rockhopper is hiding in the island and cream soda is his cream soda. After that, he will say: “Found cream soda!” But you placed that there!!! And why everyone think that was Herbert. Maybe he will destroy EPF again!

35 days old
pbrubs June 13, 2019

Does this mean Rockhopper is making a return? 🙂

129 days old
DjKled007 June 13, 2019

Arrrr, stealing is not good captain !!!!!

59 days old
P4244006 June 13, 2019

I think the soda was stolen to add to the coffee shop’s menu

833 days old
WaterFlame90 June 13, 2019

Hm… According to my research, this must be Herbert’s doing!

127 days old
IAmChadUwU June 13, 2019

Maybe Rookie got a little thirsty?

845 days old
ChrisCPI June 13, 2019

hahahahhaha jk’

don’t ban me and we’re cool k? k.

845 days old
ChrisCPI June 13, 2019

This is very suspicious. I have reason to suspect either Herbert stole the cream soda to make his “Cream Soda Sticky Bomb of DOOOOOOOOOM” from the short video from Og.
If not, my next guess would just be pirates 😛

100 days old
HappyTakumi June 13, 2019

I think a penguin came in the Pizza Parlor and it was SOO thirsty, the penguin decided to take all of the cream soda and drink it in his igloo so no one could find it!

767 days old
jfisher534 June 13, 2019

Are we going to get new shipments of cream soda?

119 days old
Super107 June 13, 2019

GUYS!!!!! IT HERBERT IT HERBERT IT HERBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

757 days old
Spk1 June 13, 2019

Its Gotta be Herbert and/or Herbert. Or it could be Sam the Sasquatch from the Forest. I doubt Rockhopper would do a thing like this. Or it could be someone we never heard of before

199 days old
winniella1 June 13, 2019

I think it is Rockhopper he really LOVES cream soda!!!

625 days old
PaddyV June 13, 2019

Rockhopper is famously fond of cream soda. so maybe he has something to do with this.
Wouldn’t surprise me if i pirate took something that wasn’t theirs.

143 days old
HarmonyStar June 13, 2019

Hmm i wonder if the thief is herbert trying to stop the party. Or rockhopper drank it all.

195 days old
Braidwolf June 13, 2019

Either the vegan polar bear strikes again or our pirate friend is having a soda binge or the soda contains sugary puffles that got up and moved the soda container.

368 days old
Renjamin.T.S June 13, 2019

Hmm, cream soda? There’s only one person evil enough to break a single bottle of Cream Soda, it must be Herbert!

135 days old
Sadtiro June 13, 2019

Plot from Island Adventure Party. Willing to see the Captain.

793 days old
KRIPTOX June 13, 2019

I do not know who it is 😉

107 days old
code joshy June 13, 2019

Mysteries are ALWAYS fun to solve!

833 days old
Stav June 13, 2019

OMG! I think Gary make experiments! 😛

33 days old
Avery6053 June 13, 2019

I believe it is Herbert P. Bear.

142 days old
Iggie1107 June 13, 2019

Honestly, It could just be a shortage in shipping.

290 days old
Penggee June 13, 2019

I think Rockhopper took it by accident because he ran out.

You know what? its definitely Herbert.

852 days old
SkullRider54 June 13, 2019

oooooo nuuuuuuuuuu

199 days old
winniella1 June 13, 2019

Actually, I think it was Rockhopper because he LOVES cream soda!!!

199 days old
winniella1 June 13, 2019

I betcha it was Herbert he is a sneaky one!!

193 days old
Lufis2000 June 13, 2019

i have a certain pirate in mind who’d be very upset to hear about this. or maybe he might even be involved?

265 days old
Funfunny8 June 13, 2019

someone stole rockhopper’s ship, came to CP, and stole the cream soda. he or she comes from an island where cream soda is sacred and loved. working with herbert and or klutzy, he/she is on a mission to rid the island of cream soda!! and give it all to herbert. so he can finally chill

167 days old
P3117872 June 13, 2019

hmmm… good

108 days old
LemonLife12 June 13, 2019

Herbert, the only person to have had to made that much of a mess trying to get it, would have had to be Herbert, Who else would want to steal cream soda without having it for a recipe or something and just spill it? I’m pretty sure it’s Herbert.

627 days old
MellyFish June 13, 2019

Maybe Herbert is using the cream soda as fuel for some crazy machine? Agents meet @HQ to discuss! We need to figure out why this happened!

51 days old
HyperSpace15 June 13, 2019

10/10 must be Herbert. He must have plans to take over the island again.

105 days old
Hamster Hugs June 13, 2019

I heard pirates have a penchant for cream soda… Hmm.

698 days old
DJNinja180 June 13, 2019

Lol, Herbert is back at it again, isn’t he? Woooow XP

795 days old
Clovey8181 June 13, 2019

Hmm…a curious situation indeed. Most mysteries point to Herbert, but why would he do something so strange? Do vegetarian polar bears love cream soda?

My suspicion: the Test Bots. Maybe their engines can be powered by cream soda! After all, it could fuel Jet Pack Guy’s jet.

Good luck, EPF!

523 days old
Lord Thanos June 13, 2019

A yo so I know who do it. Clearly in the header picture we see that Lady Gaga is to blame. I don’t know how she can be so shallow, though there could be a million reasons why. Pick up the telephone and call the cops- we’re gonna leave her speechless with a poker face.

47 days old
jabinnibs1 June 13, 2019

Who’s Herbert?

35 days old
FemPenguin79 June 13, 2019

A villain. He’s a polar bear

119 days old
Super107 June 13, 2019

Herbert is a mastermind buttface polar bear

726 days old
awsomebuddy June 13, 2019

herbert is a polar bear who often tries to take over the island!

119 days old
Super107 June 13, 2019

Dude, Herbert is a mastermind buttface polar bear

304 days old
Peengi June 13, 2019

The bad guy of Club Penguin and he has a crab named Klutzy. And he is suspect at large for the EPF! The full name of Herbert is Herbert P. Bear.

710 days old
Yavuztalimci June 13, 2019

Herbert is this evil polar bear who tries to take over the island along with Klutzy the crab. He does bad schemes all over the island. The EPF always try to track down Herbert and where he would strike next. (You forgot about Herbert? Some people keep forgetting some of the things from classic CP.)

565 days old
FireSanti June 13, 2019

A Polar Bear

81 days old
reesepiece1 June 13, 2019

EVIL polar bear

119 days old
Super107 June 13, 2019

peeps, ik who it is ! DRUM ROLL PLS!! ITS HERBERT OR KLUTZY!!

184 days old
P3013182 June 13, 2019

Hmmmmm…. That’s a tough one. I believe Herbert P. Bear is going to try to take over this island again and for whatever reason needs cream soda to do it!

726 days old
awsomebuddy June 13, 2019

me too! i wonder if this has to do with soda seas on aqua grabber too…

59 days old
lunacipher00 June 13, 2019

he should of gave up the fist couple thousand times

59 days old
lunacipher00 June 13, 2019

he should of gave up after the fist couple of thousand of times we stopped him

883 days old
Yzma June 13, 2019

i think you stole the cream soda so we can have an excuse for another party!

34 days old
Winterwhirl8 June 13, 2019

I agree. I think Herbert P. Bear is coming up with a mastermind plan… including cream soda. I’ll take care of this.

186 days old
stamppenguin June 13, 2019

Temple of fruit I say!

68 days old
BraveBunnie June 13, 2019

Seems as though Herbert has a new plan, I believe he’s been sneaking in again and taking the cream soda whilst everyone’s been partying! He heard the noises and thought this was the perfect time to strike! Check the lighthouse too, there could be more clues there.

We will get him this time.

56 days old
greeny8700 June 13, 2019

I think it must be Rockhopper because he loves cream soda a lot. When I met him he talked about cream soda a lot. This could also be the work of Herbert because in a PSA mission he steals coffee and hot sauce. So this might be a new custom herbert party

53 days old
JohnPykett2 June 14, 2019

I doubt its him because he wouldn’t break in just for some cream soda. it must be Herbert because he had barrels during the blackout.

124 days old
nakyo man853 June 13, 2019

Herbert’s at it again!

124 days old
nakyo man853 June 13, 2019

This can only mean one thing…

119 days old
Super107 June 13, 2019

WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!!??????? OPERATION BLACKOUT 2.0??????????????/

565 days old
FireSanti June 13, 2019

Operation:Cream soda

711 days old
chestermon05 June 14, 2019


79 days old
samwhite994 June 14, 2019

Agents move out!

124 days old
nakyo man853 June 14, 2019

Wow I thought I only thought that Herbert did it.