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Reviewed by You: Rockhopper Ahoy!

By Lataus on June 15, 2019

Hi Penguins,


The island is getting ready for all kinds of adventure, but for now we’ve got a new adventure-filled Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all what you enjoyed dressing up as a cowpenguin for the Western Party. From that, we’ve selected out two penguins. The first penguin we selected was Exredo, who said:


“Dressing up as a cowpenguin can be as exciting as it gets—it’s unpredictably fun! There are lots of items your can match with cowpenguin clothes. It’s something simple that makes me happy!”


We’re glad to hear that you had fun dressing as a cowpenguin, there’s so many combos you can come up with. Imagination is endless! The other response comes from the penguin FireSanti, who said:


“The best part of dressing up as a cowboy is that you can make an awesome cowpenguin gang with the community and the other thing is that you can roleplay with other penguins saying that you are a cowboy that came to CPR Island to find new friends!”


It’s always fun to try something new with your friends, and a new western event might just be the opportunity to hang out with them. Roleplaying is always fun, no matter the occasion too!


Thanks Exredo and FireSanti! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



The Island Adventure Party will soon be approaching the island this coming week, and our favorite captain will be making his return. But most of all, we’re excited about the new treasure he’ll bring along with him! What new goodies and secrets do you hope he will bring with him to the island?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


848 days old
Marc197 June 25, 2019

Because I missed practically the entire 2012 fruit party on the original Club Penguin, I waited for it to return for the rest of the site’s lifespan. Now that it is happening here on CPR, my waiting had finally paid off. Thank you CPR team!

929 days old
Spylazer 999 June 22, 2019

Alot of Golllllllllllddddddddddddd. Freeeeeeee gold or gold that you can earn.

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 22, 2019

There’s a few glitches at the party, like one of the items being unavailable or the timer not counting down.

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 22, 2019

The Island Adventure’s now on, but there’s something off with the timer… it seems frozen in place!

168 days old
Wolfdijon June 22, 2019

I wasn’t around for the first Rockhopper’s Quest, so it was really awesome getting introduced to it. I think it would be cool if we find out that like, Herbert stole the cream soda or something

955 days old
Splosh Jnr June 22, 2019

I hope he brings anything that can tell a good story. I don’t mind whether it’s a plastic flamingo or tribal facepaint, as long as it tells a good story! I really hope that we can deduce from what he’s selling where he’s been on his travels and see if he’s revisited any islands!

512 days old
lizzyd42 June 21, 2019

food i hope he brings food

123 days old
BOBELLO78453 June 21, 2019

I hope he brings more secrets to the island and we can try to figure them out!

177 days old
Cat7770 June 21, 2019

I hope Captain Rockhopper would bring fun and peace to Club Penguin!

178 days old
Clarinet1230 June 21, 2019

Captain Rockhopper should make it easier to get coins and he should make the puffles less expensive!

792 days old
mr pgno June 21, 2019

I love collecting items and cant wait to see what rare items he will bring! As i’ve also read in the newspaper, the new party willl possibly the best choice for summer. Can’t wait!

164 days old
popics June 21, 2019

I would love to see items from Rockhopper’s explorations of the seas! It is always fun seeing what he brings to the island as it tells his story about where he has visited. I hope he brings some amazing pirate items – and his iconic puffle Yarr of course!

134 days old
clubpworld12 June 21, 2019

i wish he will bring a secret that we can find the cat and dog puffle ourself and maybe bring us a new mascot and i got a penguin for the potw he is kind and he is poor but he is very helpful he helps the island and me this is my decision his name is goldrichman his name will say rich but he is poor

221 days old
Po da doggo June 21, 2019

I really hope Rockhopper will bring with him a way to explore new islands, maybe even the return of Rockhopper Island! This could bring new items and games and a main quest to do…something. Of course, I also hope he can find a solution to the cream soda mystery.

125 days old
Astrid Lowe June 20, 2019

I hope to hunt for some treasure and hear the tales of Rockhopper’s new adventures! Maybe he can help us solve the cream soda mystery as well. I have fond memories of the Migrator and the gifts she brought from the days of the original game. Rockhopper and Yarr are close to my heart πŸ™‚

631 days old
hockeylia June 20, 2019

I hope he brings the treasure hunting game along with his cheerful self! Hanging our with Rockhopper is always fun, no matter what he brings! Yaarrr Mateyys!

899 days old
P267886 June 20, 2019

I hope he brings a bunch of stories from his adventures! Best treasure there is.

160 days old
demekona June 20, 2019

i think herbert stole the cream soda for new field ops and rockhopper will help us

129 days old
Winterwhirl8 June 20, 2019

I hope he brings exotic fruit and a new type of puffle! Cause I love to hang out with my buddies and have a puffle play date while we sip coconuts. I LOVE COCONUTS!!!

147 days old
Swimmer8980 June 20, 2019

I hope that Rockhopper will bring treasure maps leading to buried treasure. It could be fun having to get the map, then having to find the landmarks that would be featured on the maps. But I think I speak for a lot of penguins when I say that I would enjoy getting the treasure the most.

164 days old
PinkBus7 June 20, 2019

I’ve never met Rockhopper before or been on the Migrator so I am really excited to see the Captain and his ship! I’ve heard loads about it and am really looking forward to the games. I love mysteries so I hope he brings some clues about the missing cream soda!

294 days old
winniella1 June 19, 2019

I think Rockhopper will like bring some treats for Yarr because he always calls us Buddys!!!

726 days old
WinslowKat1 June 19, 2019

I hope he brings cat and dog puffles! and maybe more elite puffles??

185 days old
cowpie1055 June 19, 2019

hee hee

359 days old
FlightFluffy June 19, 2019

I think that Rockhopper will bring miniature toy ships for all of us. Those ships will have a secret button which when pressed will turn into a giant migrator igloo!

198 days old
FLIPPERN June 19, 2019

Maybe lot of pirate stuff

932 days old
Fish Brains June 19, 2019

Hoping to get the black puffle bandana and sailor hat from my favorite CP party back in 2007. Or the blue admiral hat!

Maybe I’ll have to ring my mum if I meet Rockhopper again at 22 yrs old like I did when I was 7. Or maybe I’ll do a ‘prt scrn’ and put it up in my new flat like I used to.

183 days old
wolvsRcool June 18, 2019

yay it comes out in two days, luckily im free that day woo hoo :)))

740 days old
Lolla Pop June 18, 2019

I love when Rockhopper comes to the island! He always has exciting items to buy- so I need to remember to save up my coins :p I’m also really excited about the games he’ll inevitably bring with him, because I’m always spending my coins left and right and they’re really easy… and fun!

123 days old
SepticSam72 June 18, 2019

I hope that Rockhopper brings peace to the CPR community. And also some kindness for our hearts, because I hate seeing arguments go on.

131 days old
cain07 June 18, 2019

i really hope he brings alot of new pirate accessories

216 days old
19summer19 June 18, 2019

Rockhopper is Bomb (:

153 days old
Suhaylah10 June 18, 2019

niceee ,rockhoper

143 days old
colorful8222 June 17, 2019

I’m excited for the games and any new games he may bring and also the cream soda! I think the most exciting thing is trying to meet Rockhopper and Yarr!

174 days old
darling girl June 17, 2019

I hope Rockhopper brings items and gifts from his vast explorations of the seven seas. I always enjoy seeing what he brings as it often tells his story about where he has visited and seen. Hopefully he brings some fantastic pirate items both new and old – and his pet puffle, Yarr of course!

225 days old
Cuddley pup June 17, 2019

Rockhoppers a really cool guy. It would be pretty cool if he brought CPR some pirate items, like maybe an eye patch, or maybe a pirate outfit. I would LOVE to dress up as a pirate for a day or two- that would be pretty cool!

214 days old
Super107 June 17, 2019

I Really want Rockhopper to bring the map to Rockhopper island

214 days old
Super107 June 17, 2019

I hope he brings gold, rubies, old swords held by legendary pirate penguins, some new pirate clothes, and most of all… A NEW SUPPLY OF CREAM SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

360 days old
PenPink June 17, 2019

I am looking forward! I love you Rockhopper! <3

258 days old
Brynn1809 June 17, 2019

I really hope that Rockhopper brings a new kind of puffle. I would also hope that he would bring all new items, like a telescope or a pirate ship costume. Lastly, I think a map leading penguins back to Rockhopper Island to find the cream soda would be REALLY cool.

199 days old
queenmeras June 17, 2019

I can’t wait for Rockhopper to arrive and with him the small catalogue of unique pirate items! He always brings some interesting furniture items and I’m personally hoping the pink flamingo makes a return!

413 days old
Tomatoes943 June 17, 2019

Save me a spot when he comes! I’d love to meat him!

932 days old
Micky June 17, 2019

Yarrrrr, Ahoy! I hope Rockhopper will bring Yarr along with him along with lots of cream soda now that the island’s supply is missing.

279 days old
P3013182 June 17, 2019

Oh boy! I’m so exited! I can’t wait!

154 days old
SuperMDaniel June 16, 2019

More pirate accessories and costumes!!!

973 days old
Perapin June 16, 2019


I hope he has new stories to tell!


836 days old
ninjato June 16, 2019

cream soda of course

307 days old
Little Lolli June 16, 2019

I hope he brings some cream soda with him! I think Rockhopper will also bring a map or two and maybe even some Pirate clothes and Pirate igloo stuff!! I can’t wait to see him!!!

139 days old
Afmnsc June 16, 2019

I hope he brings the eyepatch or some cool pirate items so we can dress as pirates and sail with him and Yarr!

126 days old
0CreamPuff0 June 16, 2019

Some Pirate Items πŸ™‚

398 days old
Jerlocks June 16, 2019

I hope he brings an eyepatch!

963 days old
Jared June 19, 2019

Read my mind! I want the eyepatch as well πŸ™‚

174 days old
Shadow345797 June 16, 2019

Rockhopper is the BEST!
but I have a question
what’s the name of his Puffle?
keep up the good work ^_^

307 days old
Little Lolli June 16, 2019

His puffles name is Yarr!!!

726 days old
Hallo264 June 17, 2019

His puffle’s name is Yarr, as said in Rockhopper’s journal, which is found in the Book Room.

214 days old
Super107 June 17, 2019

the puffle name is arr

146 days old
HyperSpace15 June 17, 2019

Yarr is the name!

174 days old
darling girl June 17, 2019

The puffles name is “Yarr”!

164 days old
PinkBus7 June 20, 2019

He has a red puffle called Yarr

385 days old
Peanut Llama June 20, 2019

his name is Yarr

144 days old
pete1326 June 16, 2019

Is rockhopper coming to the island πŸ˜€

463 days old
Renjamin.T.S June 16, 2019

Hopefully some cream soda!

381 days old
P2463168 June 16, 2019


656 days old
Heirio20 June 16, 2019

Ahoy! I wish thou rockhopper bring thee rare items from August 2012 on yarr original cp.

154 days old
Sykou June 16, 2019

I think he could bring a map to a different island that the penguins don’t know about. Who knows, it could be a puffle island!

862 days old
jfisher534 June 16, 2019

Eyepatches would be really cool and let me feel like a real pirate.

349 days old
P2640038 June 16, 2019

I’m hoping he brings some cool secret items that allow for you to get badges such as hidden rooms.

125 days old
Keenoe June 16, 2019

I just want cool stuff

129 days old
LukeMcNuke June 16, 2019

I think he’ll bring the world’s largest banana and it will be dragging in the wake of his ship and he’ll need our help to turn the whole thing into smoothies before he can leave.

164 days old
PinkBus7 June 20, 2019

That sounds so cool!

290 days old
Braidwolf June 16, 2019

I hope Rockhopper brings us back a secret map that leads us to Rockhopper Island! Maybe that’s where all cream soda went and Rockhopper was having a soda drinking fest!

702 days old
LB Wingman June 16, 2019

I hope he brings Herberts polar bear family so Herbert will find his family again and be happy and stop being angry and frustrated. Then we can all be happy and penguins and polar bears and klutzy the crab will have a big celebration and Herbert gets a fireplace and a wooly coat so he can be warm.

147 days old
keub148 June 16, 2019

hi i like cpr its a very good cpps

933 days old
Static June 16, 2019

I’m hoping he brings the gray bandana so I can complete my collection!

307 days old
Randomboy481 June 16, 2019

Since the Item of the month is the Black Admiral’s Coat, I’m really hoping for a Black Admiral Hat! It would be really cool walking around with new admiral clothing in my favorite color, black, would be amazing! Hope that item is available when Rockhopper comes!

204 days old
wowie zowie June 15, 2019

Can’t wait!

219 days old
nakyo man853 June 15, 2019

I typed this comment on an iPad.

288 days old
Lufis2000 June 15, 2019

i hope rockhopper brings another parrot friend to sit on my shoulder, or really anything that’ll help me look as seafaring as him, like a cool bandana! and maybe a new background, too! hope i can soon get the chance to meet him again

188 days old
Lefthandsam June 15, 2019

I hope he brings pirate themed igloo designs and igloo furniture, as well as a cool new background as a gift for meeting him. Another thing that I am excited about is collecting stamps for my stamp book!

153 days old
Suhaylah10 June 15, 2019

I hope he has the secret room in his ship so evryone that have rockhopper key.

153 days old
Suhaylah10 June 15, 2019

I hope that I meet him and brings cool stuff ,everyone will have fun.

270 days old
TRex386 June 15, 2019

I’m hoping for the Squid Lid again, as well as some new pirate gear! I always like to mix and match my outfit with new and old clothing items, to make something new out of it. It’s always fun to interact with the new items!

238 days old
HarmonyStar June 15, 2019

Im hoping for some new pirate clothing items. Like a eye patch or a parrot or even a pirate coat. Arrrr

204 days old
KamodySS June 15, 2019

Truth be told, I have never saw any of the partys be four the start of this year and so far they’er awsome. Keep up the good work!

737 days old
mrpikachu June 15, 2019

i wanna meet the pirate

606 days old
SheldonMLG June 15, 2019

I think it would be nice for rockhopper to bring very old items that barley anybody on cprewritten has. Wouldnt that be nice???

162 days old
plantlover88 June 15, 2019

I’m very excited to see what is it store for when Rockhopper decides to come to Club Penguin Island!! Hopefully he will bring games for all of us to play and have friends with and maybe new backgrounds or mystery items!! Maybe he will have a special catalog for us for the remainder of his stay!!

301 days old
SamSwitch64 June 15, 2019

I Hope That He Brings some call Pirate themed clothing and furniture. I also hope he can help us find out what happened to the cream soda, and provide us with a fun Island Adventure Party πŸ™‚

731 days old
JamieSoulm8 June 15, 2019

Rockhopper’s Rare Items are always so fun to see! I hope he brings back something to put on my igloo walls, because I love showing off my collection!

172 days old
peri wink June 15, 2019

I hope Rockhopper will bring back the treasure hunting game! That way we can hunt for treasure with all our friends on the island. I hope he also brings along lots of cream soda since the stock on the island went missing!!

900 days old
AleCP June 15, 2019

i hope he brings pirated themed items or fruit items or furniture because these would be cool to collect

202 days old
MRFluffyKing June 15, 2019

I hope He brings some pirate outfits so for the Halloween party i can dress up as a pirate! I also hope he brings his pet puffle Rock along with him who knows he might be on the sailing closer to the island!

164 days old
PinkBus7 June 20, 2019

I thought his puffle was called Yarr? Or does he have another one?

182 days old
Bree9998 June 15, 2019

I hope he brings so cool new pins to look for!!

202 days old
MRFluffyKing June 15, 2019

i hope for some cool pirate items and a new background!

358 days old
Joaoandr2007 June 15, 2019

I hope he brings some pirate items.Its so much fun dressing up like a pirate!

665 days old
TacoBellKing June 15, 2019

I hope Captain Rockhopper brings something new to the island and have a whole event around that. Also, I hope he brings some new species of puffle. The grey puffles were really cool, another new puffle would be amazing! But, I guess we just have to wait and see.

793 days old
Dragonite428 June 15, 2019

I really hope he brings the sea monster background

659 days old
DigginDino June 15, 2019

I’m really excited to see what exclusive items he brings, and dressing up as pirates and having a good time is always fun!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 15, 2019

Maybe we could get to explore via the Migrator to different islands or even get some NEW islands to explore, maybe even a new permanent room to represent Rockhopper and Yarr! We DID get a new area for Sensei and HIS puffle!

895 days old
zach90888 June 15, 2019


373 days old
MadCookieHD June 15, 2019

Free coins for the whole community. I want a star wars party as well

165 days old
gamerbro312 June 15, 2019

I want some pirate clothes from the migrator

701 days old
TheTPlush June 15, 2019

i hope he brings back some cream soda because why not

250 days old
peachpepper June 15, 2019

Well, i know he’ll certainly bring his ship with him! He’ll bring fun games like treasure hunt. Hopefully he’ll bring us clues about the mysterious cream soda incident. I hope i get to meet him!

824 days old
Green Goo II June 15, 2019

I hope he brings the golden viking helmet back to the catalogue and gives us hats for our puffles

219 days old
nakyo man853 June 15, 2019

I hope Rockhopper brings some cool pirate items!

160 days old
snookiej June 15, 2019

I hope he brings lets of goodies to dress up in and look cool with my friends. Gotta flex on dem boys

160 days old
snookiej June 15, 2019

i hope he brings lets of goodies to dress up in and look coll with my friends. Gotta flex on dem boys

131 days old
thokky June 15, 2019

I hope he brings lots of pirate themed clothes so we can all dress up and have a good time! We could form our own pirate crew! I also hope that he brings more cream soda πŸ™‚

139 days old
Auvboy June 15, 2019

I think he’ll bring help for finding the missing cream soda, plus some new items. Also, Treasure Hunt is going to be awesome!

412 days old
Tsiy2 June 15, 2019

I hope Rockhopper brings back the eyepatch and the green parrot item. These would be great to use on our island adventure!

149 days old
TookieMan June 15, 2019

I hope Rockhopper brings some fun new decorations for igloos! I also hope to meet Rockhopper so I can tell all of my friends how awesome he is! πŸ™‚

281 days old
stamppenguin June 15, 2019

Adventure is out there!

147 days old
SterlingDude June 15, 2019

I wonder what server he will be on ALSO….. I WANT A PIRATE THEMED PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

214 days old
Super107 June 18, 2019


357 days old
pinkuisabela June 15, 2019

I hope he brings limited items because those will be cool to collect and also games that we can play exclusively on his ship with our penguin friends! It would be so cool to be aboard his ship and meet him!

159 days old
wolf01 June 15, 2019

I’m hoping for some pirate themed clothes

146 days old
HyperSpace15 June 15, 2019

His goodies and meeting him, if I have the chance to! I would say hi to him, and ask him about the missing cream soda for clues!

193 days old
Billy Bulb June 15, 2019

Unfortunately I already know what Rockhopper will bring on the island.. I can just tell you that those are wonderful! (:

412 days old
lavenderflop June 15, 2019

I hope Rockhopper brings new mysteries. He can work with the community to discover the culprit of “The Great Cream Soda Caper”! (My theory is a rival pirate crew. So excited!) πŸ˜€

136 days old
rasperrypi June 15, 2019

maybe he will bring a portal or door similar to the box dimension box that takes you too rockhopper island

660 days old
FireSanti June 15, 2019

I think he will bring up a big treasure that will share with us that has awesome items like the pirate cap or a Migrator suit!

Also, thanks guys

896 days old
TimelessStar June 15, 2019

I hope Rockhopper brings some cream soda… this shortage has really got it in for me. Other than that, I’m really excited for the return of Treasure Hunt!

444 days old
peptrt June 15, 2019

I think Rockhopper will be bringing a lot of pirate merch for your penguin and maybe even your igloo, I can’t wait to see what he is bringing.

360 days old
Funfunny8 June 15, 2019

I hope he’ll bring the missing cream soda πŸ˜‰

855 days old
oaktree36 June 15, 2019

i’m so excited for the adventure party! i love being able to do puzzles and hang out with my friends on the tropical island.

976 days old
JackVictorc June 15, 2019

I hope he brings some pirate themed igloo items as I like collecting them also I hope he reveals clues as to what Rockhopper Island is like.

934 days old
robpoop123 June 15, 2019


665 days old
Hman2232 June 15, 2019

I think Rockhopper will be pushing his new line of Pirate Merch! I can hear him now, “Get yer pirate gear! Pirate gear fer sale, Yaaargh!”

174 days old
ibonakaabird June 15, 2019

I hope that he brings limited items because that would be cool and some coins so we dress up

196 days old
Bambedee June 15, 2019

Great to meet you again captain !!!!

224 days old
DjKled007 June 15, 2019

Arrr captain is coming !!!!

385 days old
Peanut Llama June 15, 2019

I hope he’ll bring some nice pirate accessories for us to wear, and I hope he’ll bring back the lovely Treasure Hunt minigame! I think what I’m most excited for, however, is meeting him in person on the island! I can’t wait!

332 days old
CaveCo June 15, 2019

I just wanna fight the good fight!

214 days old
Super107 June 17, 2019

agreed, I’m about to join fight the good fight

830 days old
Hsmace June 15, 2019

I hope he brings us some new exciting furniture items to spice up our igloos with even more island adventure items!

933 days old
Hey Penguin3 June 15, 2019

I hope he brings back the gold watches!

412 days old
lavenderflop June 15, 2019

Just a question, I’m less than a year old and I don’t know what these “gold watches” are, but they sound cool and I want one!

307 days old
Randomboy481 June 16, 2019

They’re talking about a secret item that was in the January catalog called the Gold Wristwatch. It was for sale for 175 coins and will likely return.