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Reviewed by You: Captains and Pirates

By Lataus on June 22, 2019

Hi Penguins,


We hope you are enjoying your adventures on the island, and to coincide with that, here’s Reviewed by You. Last week, we asked you all what goodies and secrets you thought Rockhopper would bring with him when he returned to the island. From that, we’ve selected out two penguins. The first penguin we selected was peri wink, who said:


“I hope Rockhopper will bring back the treasure hunting game! That way we can hunt for treasure with all our friends on the island. I hope he also brings along lots of cream soda since the stock on the island went missing!!”


Treasure Hunt is always a fun game to play whenever Rockhopper visits the island. It seems though unfortunately, that Rockhopper’s cream soda got stolen too, but with the help of brave treasure hunters, we’ll definitely find it again! The other response comes from pinkuisabela, who said:


“I hope he brings limited items because those will be cool to collect and also games that we can play exclusively on his ship with our penguin friends! It would be so cool to be aboard his ship and meet him!”


Every item that Rockhopper brings with him from his adventures is definitely unique; something that cannot be found anywhere else. Make sure to get some of his special items whilst you can. Exploring the Migrator is always a fun thing to do when he docks on the island, too!


Thanks peri wink and pinkuisabela! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



The Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit has finally hit the island and has now turned it into a fruity, tropical paradise. Beyond that though, we’ve got a cream soda hunt competition going on with Team Pirate and Team Captain trying to recover the missing cream soda barrels! Which team, Team Pirate or Team Captain would you say is better and why?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


372 days old
KoalaBob July 4, 2019

I believe that Team Pirates are better since the pirates had better communication between one another compared to the captains. The pirates were smart to scatter out around the map. Which was great because that allowed us to win. Logically speaking, pirates are born to explore, so we know our way.

225 days old
Cuddley pup July 1, 2019

Team Pirate is better in my opinion. First of all, I think Team Pirate is better because I’m on it. Second, I think Team Pirate is better because pirates probably in real life are free, and can go wherever they want, whereas captains have to follow strict.

112 days old
P4542167 June 29, 2019

Captains should win because they are the leaders, the best of the best

959 days old
pew pew June 29, 2019

i cant read

168 days old
Turbo867 June 29, 2019

Team Captains all the way! Most penguins chose Pirates because they know they have more penguins, but we captains will fight till the end, even if we’re outnumbered! We lead penguins and the crew. Anyways, good job everyone for collecting so many barrels!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 28, 2019

To all penguins yet to join the party, yet have an activated account, please help out Team Captain because we REALLY want to make our goal and Team Pirate already has their penultimate goal while we’re only ANTEpenultimate.

660 days old
Weeem June 30, 2019

agreed! teams should be supportive of each other, especially because the unlocked items are available for everyone.

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 2, 2019

I see your response and raise you an update: Team Pirate has all prerequisites met, but Team Captain is now on the PENultimate goal. I try to gather all the barrels I can even after getting all the prizes because I want us to at least get all our goals.

174 days old
darling girl June 27, 2019

Neither! Each are just as good as one another – at least in team spirit. But if we’re talking analytics then us Captains have to admit defeat to Team Pirate, they are clearly the better team ;(

357 days old
yu ready June 27, 2019

Team pirate for the win! Those scallywag captains can’t stand a chance against our skills, yarrr! Plus, me mateys are enjoying our own pineapple tables. They make a surprisingly sturdy table, har har!

235 days old
Soozydoozy June 27, 2019

Team Pirates! I’ve always considered Rockhopper my friend. So I love pirates! Plus how cool is it that you get to wear a parrot on your shoulder!

832 days old
Fizzy Pop June 27, 2019

I personally believe that team Captain is better, well why you may ask? Captains are leaders and well educated explorers, we know just what to do in any situation possible. We are also respected by many for our hard work and determination, these are very valuable qualities in my eyes.

124 days old
EnchantedEye June 26, 2019

Team pirate! Captains would be nothing without a crew and what better a crew brave enough to join the pirate life? Plus, not all pirates are the generic skull-on-black-flag sea outlaws. Some pirates in history show great wit and mastery of strategy.

809 days old
CherrySakura June 25, 2019

Team Pirate, ahoy! We’ll claim the cream soda before those landlubbing Captains can get out of their cabins!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 1, 2019

Sadly for the Captains, the numbers aren’t lying either.

168 days old
ibrahimw June 25, 2019

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team
Until then… Waddle on!

362 days old
EmmaRedPanda June 25, 2019

I think Captains are the best because Rockhopper himself is a captain and it would be amazing to be on the same team as him!! Especially with his puffle, Yarr! Also because despite starting the game with less points and being behind throughout, we never give up!!!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 28, 2019

I couldn’t agree more! Although I can’t join too often because, visitors, I try to join whenever possible to help collect the cream soda barrels.

169 days old
Webs102638 June 25, 2019

I think Team Captains is better because we’re leaders. We can show our fellow penguins the way to go, and we always help out any penguin in need!

322 days old
Sp2nnyB02 June 25, 2019

Although I may be on team pirate, I think Team Captain is better! They know how to start the group discussion, lead the crew on trips, overall having good leadership qualities. They also know how to keep their composure!

3746 days old
Seth4564 June 25, 2019

This party sucks

665 days old
TacoBellKing June 27, 2019

Woah thats a little mean, but you’re entitled to your own opinion…

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 1, 2019

I agree; so one doesn’t like a party, so what? Not everyone will like the same things.

168 days old
ibrahimw June 24, 2019

would u like all to come with me on club penguin federation theres more people here!
and u will meet them here!

168 days old
ibrahimw June 24, 2019

hi new leader called captains?

538 days old
GEORGE0035 June 24, 2019


168 days old
ibrahimw June 24, 2019

hi would u join our game

463 days old
0CROWNED June 24, 2019

Team captain might be losing at collecting barrels but I think captains are better because they are leaders.

168 days old
ibrahimw June 24, 2019

ocrowed we are not losing because of u losingb thegamers!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 28, 2019

Takes more strength to join the losing team than the winning.

124 days old
Tragic Echos June 24, 2019

Let the Captains get some Cream Soda, everyone wants all the items after all

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 1, 2019

I know, right?? Today while I was on I collected over a hundred new barrels to help out the Captains because we’re losing and losing hard! I even saw a Pirate just sitting there letting me have the barrels so they could see the fourth goal for the Captains.

365 days old
Sammie050301 June 24, 2019

I would say team captain because the underdogs are always making comebacks! Watch out pirates, team captain is going to win, and you won’t see it coming!

291 days old
reecelife01 June 24, 2019

argh the fruit of cream soda gone missing I am a pirate and find cream soda’s for rockhopper and wear fruit to be a fruit pirate LOL

177 days old
Cat7770 June 24, 2019

Team Pirate because even though i’m on the other team, pirates would win because we are outnumbered! Whoever wins GG to them! Arrgh!

178 days old
Clarinet1230 June 24, 2019

Team Pirate because they are winning 😥

692 days old
Sampai64 June 24, 2019

Team pirate because yar har fiddle de dee.

204 days old
QWERTY UIN June 24, 2019

I would say Team Pirate Because they Searched too many cream sodas so they have more points. Unlike Team Captains, They are lazy And they did not get enough creams Sodas , they probably got a million points by stealing.

171 days old
chornideme June 24, 2019

I am team pirate but i like captains because they are relaxing and when theres free time they drink tea and i like tea

959 days old
pew pew June 29, 2019

i hate tea

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 2, 2019

We all have our opinions.

120 days old
QuekTheDuck June 24, 2019

I stand team pirate and I put that on my penguin, but maybe its because we gave more players on our team.

236 days old
Veida1 June 24, 2019

Yarr! Team Pirates forever! The reason why I chose to be a pirate is because pirates will always get the precious treasure! Captain Rockhopper, if your reading this, us pirates will win with you! Let’s get that missing cream soda barrels! Yarr! -Pirate Veida1

383 days old
Iodide June 24, 2019

Us pirates obviously be the better team! ARGGGG! We don’t take orders from any higher-ups, and we be loyal to the rest of our treasure hunting crew! A pirate’s life for me!

928 days old
WaterFlame90 June 24, 2019

I would obviously pick Team Pirate and it’s not because it has the most points, but they have awesome adventures and mostly brave.
(I’m on the tea boat!) I wouldn’t do cream soda because I wouldn’t drink too much #TeamPirate.

189 days old
Star74682 June 24, 2019

I love the new Update. I’m really enjoying it 🙂 You can definitely see the hard work and dedication put into it! Keep up the good job guys!! Much Love!!

322 days old
Sp2nnyB02 June 24, 2019

I’d say Team Pirate is better! You get to run around with no responsibility of leading a crew. We are pretty reckless as a group, plundering and taking advantage of items and groups alike. It’s also tough work being a pirate, doing work at the ship.

124 days old
alyssa1299 June 24, 2019

Captains are the best!! They keep things in order so nothing goes crazy. Or else things would be total caose! Support team captain please!!

119 days old
PenGwen06 June 23, 2019

I might be new, but Captins are clearly the better team! Captains work much harder since they have lass people! And Rockhopper is a Captain! So I am team Captain all the way! Go team Captain!

121 days old
WittleKirbs June 23, 2019

Team Captain. Sure, being a pirate is cool, but being a Captain is amazing. You lead the pirates to all the treasure in the world. Captains are penguins to look up to. Just look at Rockhopper. He’s a captain and a celebrity island-wide with many penguins looking up to him.

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 28, 2019

If the Captain’s supposed to be in charge, the the mutiny is growing stronger with this contest…

725 days old
BananaMoose June 23, 2019

After interviewing several fellow captains I have come to this conclusion as to why captains are the best: We are determined to our duties and will do whatever it takes to rid the seas of the troublemaking pirates. Our fashion is good and so is our intentions. The captains will rise to the top!

118 days old
Ella2267 June 23, 2019

Pirates are better. Captains boss around their crew. Pirates just do their job and do it well.

118 days old
P4511442 June 23, 2019

boom chicken boom

138 days old
BenniB00 June 23, 2019

Between the two sides, I honestly think both are equal, both would have their strengths and weaknesses, the important part is to have fun, I myself am on the pirate team, but both are just as good!

955 days old
Splosh Jnr June 23, 2019

Captains are FAR better than Pirates! We follow the rules and go by the law – and wear shoes! No matter how many pirates there are, Captains are prepared to fight back (and not just because of our love of cream soda!) Plus, may we remind you that we have THREE cannons on our ship?

143 days old
colorful8222 June 23, 2019

even if pirates are winning right now captains are the best because we are on Rockhoppers side!

307 days old
Little Lolli June 23, 2019

Well I’m a Pirate and I say Team Pirate is better because Pirates get to hunt for lost treasure and sail the Seven Seas when ever they want!! Pirates are definitely way better then Captains. Captains have to do what ever their commanding officer wants and they only go to sea when they hunt Pirates!

144 days old
Spottysuper8 June 23, 2019

Everyone needs to join team captain, the pirates have the lead by far.

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 1, 2019

For the love of Club Penguin Rewritten, I’m not relenting and neither had Team Captain better! We almost have four goals fulfilled!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 2, 2019

Correction: We now HAVE four goals fulfilled!

930 days old
Felipek11 June 23, 2019


726 days old
WinslowKat1 June 23, 2019

Team captain clearly is the better team. i mean we have ships! we can sail anywhere we want! well almost anywhere. but you know what i mean! sure team pirate has more. but popularity isnt everything!

231 days old
Shookspeared June 23, 2019

YAY! So happy my team (Pirates) is winning! But I have no idea how to find the cream soda! I want to help my team, but can’t. How to you earn points for the Captain vs. Pirates game???

154 days old
SuperMDaniel June 23, 2019

Team Pirate is always better, because pirates are way more exciting and enjoyable than captains! So ahoy landlubbers, I’m a pirate for life!

136 days old
pengu12ogo June 23, 2019

clearly the pirates are better Arrrr! we mateys will win!

154 days old
Ditto432 June 23, 2019

I would say both teams are good at the same time, this is because both teams are trying their very best by collecting cream sodas. I been also seeing the pirate team letting the captain, team collect the hidden barrels. Which is a good team work between the different teams!

538 days old
Prof Breen June 23, 2019

Arrr! It be Team Pirate as we Rockhopper is pirate . Wait a minute is Rockhopper a captain orrr a pirate? I be confused.

661 days old
Cpr1234 June 23, 2019


922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 2, 2019

You already surpassed that.

146 days old
LUKEGAINS June 23, 2019

Rip team captain, clearly team pirate be the better team, yer better be on this landlubbers, it be an all out war!

178 days old
CaptnJack June 23, 2019

My name is Captn Jack Sparrow and I’m a pirate at heart!!! The name has caused a few penguins confusion but if ya know me I’m a pirate all the way!! Plus we outnumber the Captains by quite a bit it seems! Go PIRATES!!!

214 days old
Super107 June 24, 2019

YO HO YO HO A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 24, 2019

Which explains your GROWING lead against us Captains.

920 days old
Meep Morp June 23, 2019

Us Captains will retrieve the cream soda from the pirates with the help of Rockhopper!

124 days old
alyssa1299 June 24, 2019

yay!! i couldnt agree more!!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 24, 2019

Yes! Anyone that hasn’t yet joined, help out Team Captain! We’re over a million barrels behind the Pirates and we can’t defeat them without you!

702 days old
LB Wingman June 23, 2019

Is Captain Rockhopper a pirate or a captain or a pirate captain?

124 days old
alyssa1299 June 24, 2019

im not quite sure LB Wingman? i thought he was a captain bc of CAPTAIN Rockhopper but then i read he was a pirate!! i just dont know

685 days old
euro20179 June 24, 2019

He’s a captain pirate not a pirate captain

302 days old
DanTDMFan127 June 23, 2019

I would say team captian because its the same as rockhopper and you can sail to the seas with your mateys!

279 days old
P3013182 June 23, 2019

Both teams are the bomb!

463 days old
Renjamin.T.S June 23, 2019

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again the Captains have tea on their ship, so I feel we all know who the real winners are

955 days old
Splosh Jnr June 23, 2019

Oh. My. Goodness. We have the proper advantage after all!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 24, 2019

I couldn’t agree more! We Captains may still be losing, but work together and we can do this!

142 days old
jabinnibs1 June 23, 2019

I like what Frost9628 said: “I would say team Captain is better. Captain’s always lead people and help their community and encourage people to do good things. They always protect not destroy. GO TEAM CAPTAIN!”

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 28, 2019

Don’t give up yet, Team Captain!

156 days old
Adooods June 23, 2019

I believe team captain is better. The reason why I support it is that captain are leaders and they make sure everybody does the right thing. They are huge inspirations and the ship would not sail without them, of course! Team Captain for the win!!!

151 days old
Chug5 June 23, 2019

great i am pirate will beat captains yeah!

358 days old
Joaoandr2007 June 23, 2019

Team Captain is better!We help our matey’s and have some cool outfits,we might have less points but we have Captain Rockhopper on our side or is he a pirate…Either way it dosn’t matter who wins we just need to have fun!

161 days old
Ginny246 June 23, 2019

I would say pirates are better because they don’t really care what the captains think.They keep to themselves and do the right things.

124 days old
alyssa1299 June 24, 2019

no they raid peoples ships for money they do not do the right things

320 days old
Miner1237 June 23, 2019

good job!

834 days old
Nanopenguin3 June 23, 2019

Arrr! Team Pirate is the way to go maties! We are really good at hunting for treasure so finding the cream soda will be a walk on the plank! We are also brave and smart and we will never give up! Did I also note that pirates can be handsome?

978 days old
MrNoah June 23, 2019

Pirates do all the work, while Captains sit back and relax.

124 days old
alyssa1299 June 24, 2019

thats not true mrnoah the captains lead their team and fight for them

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 1, 2019

I’ve just three words of advice for Team Captain:

146 days old
Skribbla June 23, 2019

Why has rockhopper still not visited yet? his migrator is here but he has not been online…

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 23, 2019

Team Captain bar none! I know we’re far behind, but if we work together, we’ll succeed!

444 days old
peptrt June 23, 2019

Us pirates be the most loyal mateys you’ve ever seen! We be packed with adventure and bravery! #TeamPirate!

210 days old
PurpleBlizza June 23, 2019

This is my favorite game! Go team Pirate ARRR

203 days old
LemonLife12 June 23, 2019

Arr! Team Pirate be the best! Rockhopper and other friendly Pirates be aboard, We be sailing the seas and having a great time, You don’t need to be a Captain to be a Pirate, We say “Arr, Matey!” To say, Hello, Friend! We dress like Pirates should, I say, Arr! Team Pirate for the win!

210 days old
PurpleBlizza June 23, 2019

i say TEAM PIRATE ARRRR cause I lovee pirates of the carribean i spelld that wrong sry anyway TEAM PIRATE!

212 days old
BashfulWolf June 23, 2019

Aye, Team Pirates be better. Who loves our prized treasure, our Cream Soda, more than we pirates do? Thar’s no better pirate around than good ol’ Rockhopper himself, thar be no penguin in this world that dislike him!

215 days old
PaulaDeen411 June 23, 2019

I believe that Team Pirate is better! Pirates have a sense of community and think about their team. Meanwhile, Captains tend to be selfish and steer the ship towards a better outcome for themselves. Pirates come in greater numbers and know how to get the job done! We learned from the best.

143 days old
s h a r k June 23, 2019

Aside from the question above, I’m so happy to see treasure hunt, It would be awesome to have that game all year round but as snow-boxes/snow castles instead as this is my favourite game. Like if you vote for Treasure Hunt to stay forever <3

222 days old
Sappyeel June 23, 2019

I believe that team Pirate is better. I think this because pirates know how to ride the sea, hunt for treasure and so much more! Hunting for treasure is a good quality to have when you are on the hunt for things! I hope team Captain and team Pirate both have fun, though :).

124 days old
alyssa1299 June 23, 2019

how do we find the cream soda again?

322 days old
Sp2nnyB02 June 24, 2019

When cream soda barrels appear, you can click on them to collect them and rack up points for your team. They are scattered around the island, disappearing quickly. Hope this helps matey!

120 days old
QuekTheDuck June 24, 2019

It will randomly appear on the map, maybe if you are lucky, you would find one!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 24, 2019

Look for the barrels of Cream Soda when the timer says Find the Cream Soda. From there you have ten minutes. The barrels will respawn, but it’ll be about a minute. Team Pirate (currently winning) glows orange while Team Captain (the underdogs) will glow blue. You’ll also get prizes for collection.

143 days old
s h a r k June 23, 2019

I am in awe of the changes, The better team goes to Team Pirate because we do all the hard work and we see results, this is why captains need us.

136 days old
sassyreader June 23, 2019

Team Pirate is the best because pirates are known for being sneaky and smart!

244 days old
Bmoney4545 June 23, 2019

When is Rockhopper coming?

129 days old
P4449227 June 23, 2019

Team pirate is a lot of fun! You can go on adventures with your friends and work together to find buried treasure! ARGH!

135 days old
Squiggle Bro June 23, 2019

As a pirate and pizza boy, I like to comment about the bug issue with cream sodas either not appearing around the set timer, and the timer itself not seeming to change. Either way it’s been a cool island party, gonna head out now and fix the pizza business.

215 days old
Smooshie Pug June 23, 2019

Pirates. Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free; you are a pirate! YARR HARR FIDDLE DEE DEE

131 days old
fluffy0503 June 22, 2019

Pirates will win cause were the ones that read the map, tell the captain whats going on, and were nice. We find the treasure, we share it. Not like the movie ones. And if we find what captain wants and are like “Man, this so cool..” we give it to the captain anyways.

471 days old
popp124568 June 22, 2019

Ummm is it even a contest, PIRATES ARE BETTER. Not only do we have rockhopper but we have . all the fun traveling around. ARRRRR

265 days old
Frost9628 June 22, 2019

I would say team Captain is better. Captain’s always lead people and help their community and encourage people to do good things. They always protect not destroy. GO TEAM CAPTAIN!

124 days old
alyssa1299 June 23, 2019

I am team captain too!!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq June 24, 2019

Same here! Why else don my Captain gear?

245 days old
Frog 247 June 22, 2019

i think team pirate is the best because rockhopper is the coolest penguin! plus i think team pirate will be able to find the cream soda as they are the best thinkers!! however i wish luck to every team!!

270 days old
TRex386 June 22, 2019

Captains are by far the best! There may not be as many of us, but we work together in our competition well. We are going to be the ones who win the competition!

959 days old
pew pew June 29, 2019

u r literally an apple

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 1, 2019

Looks more like a pineapple to me from the time of this post.

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 2, 2019

Nope, now you’re an orange.

344 days old
crystal999 June 22, 2019

im really upset because i love the party but the timer is broken and so is the point system also the creme soda is nowhere to be found and the fire dojo is badly glitching out i have a pic of it so please attend to the matters before no one wins and were all mad

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 2, 2019

Thankfully the timer works now so we can all collect barrels. Message to Team Captain:
Push it to the Limit!
This contest won’t be here too long
Now’s our chance to get real strong
Into the finish!
Welcome to the Limit!
Four goals down just one to go
This is for the status go
Yes, we can do this!

922 days old
Sparklmagyq July 2, 2019

Anyone get the reference from the previous comment? It works here, especially for the Captains.

219 days old
nakyo man853 June 22, 2019

Ahoy penguins! Ye see that team pirate is best because we find de loot. What do captains do? That’s what I thought.

818 days old
leavy34 June 22, 2019

been looking forward to seeing rockhopper and arr again since the beta cp!

137 days old
inmy June 22, 2019

Arrr!!! We, pirates, have been workin since the Stone Age! Ya think we will fall for the captains’ tricks again, we aren’t greedy bums like the captains, we share and build our economy. WE ARE THE PRIDEFUL PIRATES! YA FEEL ME?!

180 days old
tacocat54893 June 22, 2019

but you are wrong ItsBucko. because his name is CAPTAIN Rockhopper. so captains will win no doubt about it!

144 days old
pete1326 June 22, 2019

Island adventure is starting to geting really awesome can you do card jitsu party 2019

124 days old
icyhot111 June 22, 2019

I think both teams are awesome because they get to find the legend, Rockhopper’s, cream soda! I chose Team Captain, to try and work with Rockhopper on his ship, but I would recommend to others to be Pirates because they are currently in the lead. To check the score, go to the Dock with your friends!

120 days old
Pompom27 June 22, 2019

I’d say that Team Pirate is better! Captains may be great leaders, but pirates get the tough work done!

243 days old
huncho quin June 22, 2019

team captain all the way!

196 days old
Sir B0bby June 22, 2019

let go pirate in lead 😀

214 days old
Super107 June 22, 2019

Ahoy! Team pirate will win for sure! We steal, we kidnap and more! We never get caught (except for Blackbeard) and we have Rockhopper on our side!

830 days old
Hsmace June 22, 2019

Team pirates all the way! Who wouldn’t want to be on the same team as the great Rockhopper?

121 days old
pjplays June 22, 2019

pirates are better, because they are brave enough to get the cream soda barrels in the first place.

456 days old
Lui777 June 22, 2019

Team Pirate will win! Because we have Rockhopper on our side. And we share everything (even cream soda) with our fellow pirates sidekicks. I think we can win. I’m on Team Pirate, even thought I am not using they clothes.

Have a arrrr Festival of Fruit,

302 days old
Giggy13011 June 22, 2019

Arrr! Team Pirates all the way! Because we sail the seas findin grrr-eat treasure. We have Rochhopper our side. And not like the ones in movies, we’re nice, We don’t take all the treasure we share with our fellow pirates. We arrrrr-e to underrated and we need more penguins on our side.

132 days old
ItsBucko June 22, 2019

Pirates will win because we have good ‘ol Rockhopper on our side. Captains don’t stand a chance. Get ready landlubbers!

124 days old
alyssa1299 June 23, 2019

rockhopper is a captain

249 days old
isola111 June 22, 2019

SOO… I am writing on behalf of a lot of penguins in the CPR community.
We love the party so far! Decorations and songs are awesome! However – on a majority of penguins’ servers, the timer at the docks is frozen at “10:10”, and there have been no successful point collections from found barrels:(

414 days old
Pingu315 June 22, 2019

This is very true. A lot of people are having trouble.

769 days old
Bakhm June 22, 2019

isola makes a good point, and thanks for sharing this with the Rewritten community and staff members! without speaking for them, I’m sure they will look into this situation. These comments make the Club Penguin experience even better! thanks!

431 days old
Shoni5914 June 22, 2019

Pirates are better. Pirates have all the fun of pillaging and having Orlando Bloom as part of a revenge plot.

769 days old
Bakhm June 22, 2019

although the name “Captain Rockhopper” can be confusing, considering he has both ‘captain’ and pirate characteristics within his name, I believe it is safe to say that Rockhopper himself is a complete and true pirate, through and through. With that being said, the Pirates are by far the better team!

731 days old
Dizzle925 June 22, 2019

OMGGG what a bodacious blog post!!! and that banner too omgmgmgmgmg 34802943201/10 what a fantastic aesthetic!!!!! the person who made that must be like the best. like woah what an icon i stan this mans

198 days old
AgentDanvers June 22, 2019

Ahoy, matey!! Pirates are way cooler than Captains. We be full o’ adventure, thrills, danger, ‘n exploration! Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! Fun fact about us: Pirates with eye patches have two working eyes. The purpose of the eyepatch was to help one eye adjust to seeing in the dark! Arr

658 days old
Next112 June 22, 2019

Team Pirates for the win! I consider Rockhopper to be an Pirate, so I wouldn’t want to be against him. I chose Team Pirates because of, well, you know. Pirates of the Caribbean.

398 days old
Jerlocks June 22, 2019

Team Mermaids!!! They’re the best.

763 days old
figgy232 June 23, 2019

Mermaids are the best!

238 days old
HarmonyStar June 22, 2019

ARRRR Pirates be better. Pirates have the coolest outfits, plus we are winning the competition. Pirates for life!

900 days old
AleCP June 22, 2019

team pirate is better

281 days old
stamppenguin June 22, 2019


3580 days old
Towerofyikk June 22, 2019

team pirate is better because we have the brave and charismatic, one and only, captain rockhopper on our side 😤😤😤😤😤😤

wait…. captain rockhopper? whose side is he on…???

940 days old
ChrisCPI June 22, 2019

Arr! Team Pirate be better! We be winnin’ the competition! HAR HAR! AND CAP’N TEAM BE LEFT IN THE DUST! HAR HAR!

Translation: Team Pirate is better, because we are currently in the lead in the cream soda competition! Team Captain has no chance against us!