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A Medieval Meet-Up

By Lataus on August 9, 2019 | 68 Comments

Hi Penguins,


We really hope you are enjoying the Medieval Party that is currently under way. This Sunday, we have another exciting meet-up planned for you to meet and hang out with us in-game!


This time round, the dress code will be medieval-themed, so come up with your best knight, dragon, princess or what other creative medieval costumes that you can create. We can’t wait to see them, and we may even be sporting our own medieval outfits too.



Meet-Up Time


Date: Sunday, 11th August 2019

Time: 12:00pm PST

Server: Beanie

Dress code: Medieval


If you’re unsure about anything else, feel free to follow the Q&A below.


“What is a meet-up?”


If you’re new or haven’t attended a Club Penguin Rewritten meetup before, you’re probably wondering what one is. Well, it’s quite simple. With meetups, you can meet, hangout and chat with various different Staff members from the Club Penguin Rewritten Team on a set schedule that is given. Additionally, you can meet different community members that you might have not met before. Before you know it, they might become your newest buddy!


“Who is on the Club Penguin Rewritten Team? How can I tell?”


Well, the answer to that is simpler than you think! In order to recognise Staff Members, you can recognise them from their special Moderator Pin on their Player Card, as shown below. If a penguin claims to be a Staff Member and doesn’t have this pin, you should report them!


Left: A penguin with a Moderator Pin, which shows they are a Staff Member.

Right: A penguin without a Moderator Pin, which shows they are a normal player



Make sure to not miss out and get the date noted, as we really can’t wait to see you there. We may even answer a few of your wanted questions.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team



57 days old
Vexed Vortex August 11, 2019

i went there but nobodies there

42 days old
Bobbini August 11, 2019

Are you going to do more events like this? I unfortunately missed it and would like to meet the staff at some point! =)

767 days old
Hot Autumn August 11, 2019

I’m hoping that I can make time to see everybody there! If not, have a wonderful meetup!

763 days old
Luckyv1218 August 11, 2019

I think i missed it. Sadness

862 days old
benny18097 August 11, 2019

is the meet up happening at the moment and if so what room?

837 days old
Panther111 August 11, 2019

Hi, I know that I wont be there for this meetup-so hopefully someone can help me out. When i make changes to my igloo (click save) it doesn’t save. Also, ive noticed that friends I add aren’t staying on my list. Lastly, there’s this weird glitch where when you wear something. something else shows up

87 days old
palito125kid August 11, 2019

really excited for it :p i’m prepared to record it aswell. it’s gonna be great! <3

353 days old
Tomatoes943 August 11, 2019


299 days old
P2576924 August 10, 2019

so exciting !!

786 days old
Naturn3 August 10, 2019

Sadly can’t make it to this one as I will be busy during this time. Luckily there will always be another some other time!

862 days old
Sparklmagyq August 10, 2019

I’m now FIVE hours ahead of CPRw time without changing time zones? I thought CPRw time was three hours behind EST?

862 days old
Sparklmagyq August 10, 2019

As much as I like being a pink dragon with pink hair, I wish we had a lighter pink because neither the pink or peach we have really work with this shade of pink the dragon costume comes in.

862 days old
Sparklmagyq August 10, 2019

One question: does dressing up as a dragon with a matching wig count as Medieval dress?

862 days old
Sparklmagyq August 10, 2019

I hope I can make it because I’m almost never available to attend these meet-ups.

73 days old
sobeano789 August 10, 2019

Its gonna be fun! =)

43 days old
buzzy1919 August 10, 2019


159 days old
supernovia August 10, 2019

Super excited! Going to be my first meetup of hopefully many, many more!!

866 days old
boo4000 August 10, 2019

im going to try and participate! sounds fun!

399 days old
tas45 August 10, 2019

Ill try to be there! That sounds fun!

309 days old
Gjft August 10, 2019

Sounds Awesome Ill be there!!!
– Gjft

75 days old
Block814 August 10, 2019

Ooh yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll try to be there 🙂

43 days old
buzzy1919 August 10, 2019

i’m so excited!! i can’t wait to meet all the staff.

747 days old
Barry Brown August 9, 2019


788 days old
Piwambi August 9, 2019

Hope I’ll make it.

747 days old
Barry Brown August 9, 2019

yeetoz. yeetoz. yeetoz. Sounds like fun.

yeetoz. Just curious, when is the new catalog coming?

yeetoz yeetoz yeetoz

107 days old
P4124562 August 9, 2019

Can’t wait!

132 days old
DancerLEAH August 9, 2019

I’ll be praisin the Lord at my church at that time lol ;D. Have fun!

15 days old
Birdseth555 August 9, 2019

I’m excited!

83 days old
EPF Control August 9, 2019


63 days old
squeezy595 August 9, 2019

cant wait

91 days old
greeny8700 August 9, 2019

We should look for people at the meetup to help defeat the Dark Lord aka Perapin

579 days old
-Joystick- August 9, 2019

Looking forward to attend it! I’m having tons of questions to ask. Can’t wait 😀

327 days old
Meeeshell August 9, 2019

Agh I’m supposed to work till 1… but I think 12:00 your time is 1:00 my time… I hope!

774 days old
shebyr August 9, 2019

This is amazing! I’m not sure if I can come or not, but if I can, I’ll definitely be there! Thank you for doing this!

33 days old
P4641784 August 9, 2019

When is the catalog coming out this is rediculous

816 days old
AlphaLauren August 9, 2019

I can’t 🙁 I’m going somewhere at 12:00 i may be on for a little. You’ll never know.

896 days old
Clubby8911 August 9, 2019

Sounds like fun! This is something that I definitely want to stream!

353 days old
Tomatoes943 August 11, 2019

Please stream tomorrow!!!! 😀

353 days old
Tomatoes943 August 11, 2019

Clubby8911: *starts a stream*
Me: *runs across room to computer and logs into Club Penguin Rewritten*

230 days old
May200 August 9, 2019

OH MY GOD! So exciting new!!! I thought there wasn’t going to be one towards the Medieval Party since it’s not the end of a month, but it’s a good new that we have a new meetup! 😀

474 days old
Tadman12 August 9, 2019

Can’t wait to see you guys there!

770 days old
Hsmace August 9, 2019

Excited to join and hang out with everyone who tags along! 😀

151 days old
brownie6413 August 9, 2019

Sounds like a good time!

871 days old
Ohbarnacles August 9, 2019

Exciting, my first meet-up back in the community! Hope to see y’all there, glad to be back. 😉

746 days old
Superivy4 August 9, 2019


113 days old
starijams August 9, 2019

I can’t wait to see you guys! 🙂

300 days old
Funfunny8 August 9, 2019

question tho… does 12:00 PST mean west coast USA time or the time on the snow forts clock?? can someone translate this to EST because i’ve missed the last few because i cant figure out the timing

154 days old
Super107 August 10, 2019

snow forts clock

230 days old
May200 August 10, 2019

It’s in Penguin Standard Time, not Pacific. That translated to your timezone is 4:00 pm. Hope you assist it and enjoy it! 😀

642 days old
LB Wingman August 9, 2019

Lets play a game-

Take a shot of cream soda every time someone asks “Wheres Gary?” during a mascot visit


All the best for the meet up 😀

878 days old
Valery August 9, 2019

Can’t wait!

44 days old
artytheparty August 9, 2019

i really wanna go but i have plans that day :0[ i’ll try my best to come!!

719 days old
Scrongus August 9, 2019

I ll try me best to get there because there preaty cool!

802 days old
Robertj15 August 9, 2019

This is gonna be do much fun! I can’t wait!

792 days old
Reddy4 August 9, 2019

That’s exciting to here! I’ll come meet you guys if I have time. Can’t rely predict the future.

154 days old
Super107 August 9, 2019


119 days old
Deidi August 9, 2019

I hope I can make it 🙂

872 days old
Fastn Fab August 9, 2019

Hopefully will be able to make it! Sounds awesome ❤😄

894 days old
Skyver August 9, 2019

Gonna be a blast, looking forward to it!

353 days old
Tomatoes943 August 11, 2019

You might’ve seen me there. I was wearing this outfit thats on my Player Card! So good to finally meet you!

3364 days old
Halopona August 9, 2019

I look forward to hanging out with you all!

35 days old
mrdoofdaff August 9, 2019

Hope Rockhoppers there!

596 days old
Heirio20 August 9, 2019

Amazing! Can’t wait to see you all again at the meetup!

909 days old
Paigey August 9, 2019

Nice, this sounds fun! I hope I can make it, I will let my friends know!