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Reviewed by You: Medieval Memories

By Stu on August 10, 2019

Hi Penguins,


We’re here to deliver you another Reviewed by You, straight from the blog. Last week, we asked you if you were fighting against the Dragon Queen, or just enjoying yourself at the Medieval Party. From that, we’ve selected out two penguins. The first penguin we selected was Nadia2, who said:


“I’ll be battling the queen! I mainly look forward to the medieval parties because of the awesome quests and with this year’s special magic quest, I just had to! She was a tough one to take down, I’m not gonna lie but with my friends’, brave knights and other friendly penguins’ help, I was able to!”


The Dragon Queen is definitely a difficult opponent, but don’t let that stop you. It’s definitely a good idea to get your friends to help with the battle, too! The other response comes from the penguin Ruby Cuty, who said:


“Great job with the party! Regarding the question, I can’t resist the urge to fight the devious dragon, and it’s finally the time to use the skills I’ve developed from cart surfer and the strength from mining to slay the dragon. Catch me holding a dragon on my fishing pole!”


That’s definitely an interesting strategy for fighting against the Dragon Queen, but a creative one, nonetheless. We’re sure all your skills will be handy!


Thanks Nadia2 and Ruby Cuty! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



We hope so much that you are enjoying the Medieval Party, especially with how much effort and love was poured into the party by the team. That’s why we would like to how you are finding it. What are your favorite memories about the Medieval Party this year?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


342 days old
DorukTR August 23, 2019

i get everything on mediaval party

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 22, 2019

The artwork was super amazing and we even got a throwback designer for the medieval party this year… we should invite other throwback artists into the mix in addition to Screenhog!

332 days old
Cozbi August 20, 2019

I liked the new designs for all the buildings. I enjoyed the quests too, but I never was able to defeat the dragon queen.

386 days old
sushimon August 16, 2019

My favourite would definitely be the quests, especially the one where we had to defeat the three dragons. My friends and I had a really great time doing the quests. I also love the fact that there were free items, and my personal favourite would be the pile of gold since it was unlimited.

489 days old
DarkWhite24 August 15, 2019

My favorite memories was the entire party I just enjoyed the new looks of the rooms everyone dressing up as knights,Princess and dragons it mad me feel like Halloween came early but my favorite memory of all is when we help some of the new comers to Club Penguin throughout the quests!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 15, 2019

My favourite memories… I really loved battling the Dragon Queen and seeing her small, defeated form (tee-hee-hee!) I also like all the new custom items and the entire fair.

783 days old
Starfruitber August 14, 2019

My favorite memory from the Medieval Party is helping out others because I’ve already attended a Medieval Party last year (awesome party too BTW!) so I knew a little more. I enjoyed helping out people who needed help defeating the dragon queen, telling them where the new pins and items were, etc.

387 days old
squeezy595 August 14, 2019

what is the blue dragon about in the picture could this possibly mean that my faforite coustume (the blue dragon) is coming back

366 days old
Littlemrh August 14, 2019

My favorite memory from the medieval party is actually just playing Club Penguin again in general.

347 days old
gloriaiscool August 13, 2019

I’ve really loved all the unique free items, as well as the magic quest! It was both challenging and fun- it was great to complete again! All the rooms are so intricately decorated too! Amazing party CPR πŸ™‚

505 days old
Luminocity August 13, 2019

The party was well worth the wait! My favourite memory of the party is role-playing with my friends! There’s nothing quite like creating an interesting story that takes place on the island and seeing where is leads you.

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 12, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Where Medieval’s the game
And the classics have fame
If you didn’t yet hear
It’s the most wonderful time
Oh the most wonderful time
Yes the most wonderful time
Of the year!

440 days old
BlossomGirl9 August 12, 2019

I loved the medieval party I felt like it was real the detail and the effort it took the dresses everything. was perfectly great defeating the dragon queen was tough but I made new friends and this will be a party to remember and I also loved that other penguins were there to help me and to help too

556 days old
Langly August 12, 2019

Probably when Gary came online! It was a huge surprise to me to finally be able to meet him, even though I only saw him onceit was still amazing to meet him and get his background! I’m sure many other penguins were surprised as well! πŸ™‚

415 days old
greeny8700 August 12, 2019

I think this year’s party is really good. So much hype went up to this party and was worth the wait. Even ScreenHog made the boss battle. I also love the Dragon Queen music. The lighthouse is really cool with all the magic.

513 days old
Rosy 77 August 12, 2019

I totally agree with everyone’s opinions! Personally, my favorite thing was how the team put in many minor events and clues before the big plan was revealed! It was so surprising when the dragon appeared, but I beat her twice! Totally one of my favorite things about this party! I liked everything!!!

383 days old
PenGwen06 August 12, 2019

I will always remeber working together with friends to fight the Dragon Queen!! I made new friends and had a blast!!

723 days old
tas45 August 12, 2019

One of my favorite memories for the Medieval Party would probably have to be first, the Ski Lodge. Ski Lodge was a whole castle! Which I think is pretty amazing! I also love doing the quests and fighting the Dragon Queen! Thank you CPR for making this party possible! πŸ™‚

475 days old
brownie6413 August 12, 2019

This whole party has been enjoyable and I know it will be memorable! The Dragon Queen battle was amazing; the battle was a challenge and was very rewarding. I really like the background she gave us after defeating her the second time. I also really love the music in the battle. Great party CPR team!

334 days old
IronMoon August 12, 2019

My favorite thing is that they fight the dragons and that you can get new stuff for free penguin and enjoy it

1177 days old
jervistetch August 12, 2019

First of all, big props to the club penguin rewritten team for putting together such a beautiful looking party. My favorite part about this party was the opportunity to meet Gary. Gary is definitely one of my favorite mascots. Ive liked him every since I worked beside him in the PSA missions.

436 days old
Veebles August 12, 2019

i think it is the hydron dragons on one of the levels anyway

1219 days old
Splosh Jnr August 12, 2019

The entire party is amazing but there are two main things that I enjoyed more than anything else: the lighthouse decorations (the wizards of the round table WILL rise again!) and battling the dragon queen for no purpose other than to see Screenhog’s statue in the treasure room! This party is epic!

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 12, 2019

And guess what! The Enchanted Wizard’s Cap is available! Just click on the hat and you’ll waddle to it.

530 days old
snowheart12 August 12, 2019

everything was so awesome i loved fighting the dragon queen and doing the quest the items were so cool and with the party delay i wasn’t mad it made me more excited for the party since i know you guys worked on it so hard to get it ready and every room that was in the party is so cool

625 days old
P2568348 August 12, 2019

I love the way the medieval rooms look. Every room is so thoroughly and creatively decorated. Every time i enter a room, I can find a new detail that I didn’t notice before. I also love the free items this time. The armor looks great and the gold pile has so much igloo potential >:3

712 days old
Blueberry504 August 12, 2019

This party has been incredible! I think my favorite thing about the party is the music for the new dragon queen battle. The dragon queen was challenging, but super fun to beat! I loved all the free items for us penguin to waddle around and find, including the new set of really cool armor!

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 12, 2019

No kidding! The updates give a whole new meaning to the song The Second Time Around! Not like the first time, but talking about the second time!

532 days old
Richteray101 August 12, 2019

This party is the best one I’ve been to! Quests were great, dragon queen actually provides a challenge, and this is overall the best way to start off August. I can’t wait for an avengers party! Anyways, I love all the new costumes and clothing to buy, I think I’ll just buy… lets see… everything!

788 days old
Sweet Ari August 12, 2019

This party is amazing. I can’t even say how much that I enjoyed it. The answer to the question, I liked everything. I enjoyed battling the evil Dragon Queen while going on quests with my friends and finding creatures like a Hydra! No beans about it, this medieval party is an AMAZING memory itself!

1042 days old
oretomb606 August 11, 2019

Omg! this party is so fun!

364 days old
BerrySweets August 11, 2019

Definitely my favorite memory will have to be the Dragon Queen! She was actually pretty difficult to battle, but it made it so exciting and make me want to win even more! I also love the replay involved with battling her as well as all the quests if you wish to do them again. Great job on the party!

514 days old
peachpepper August 11, 2019

My favorite memories were probably roleplaying with other wizard penguins in the lighthouse or hanging out with friends in front of the Dragon Queen’s castle.
Battling the Dragon Queen was super fun and challenging.
This Medieval party was super fun!
Thanks for the memories πŸ™‚

1068 days old
DomiDsLP August 11, 2019

It surely was a nice and perhaps even the best party of the year! There’s so much to do in this party beginning with exploring the island to find free items or a pin, then going underground to master the four Ye Knight’s Quests and then being rewarded with great treasure. It’s a very special party!

431 days old
hotpengui5 August 11, 2019

The medieval party was definitely worth the wait! I loved everything about the party, but my top favourite parts were meeting Gary the Gadget Guy, and doing the quests! Overall, I had an incredible time battling dragons, battling the dragon queen, and solving puzzles. Thank you for a great party!

892 days old
1212splash August 11, 2019

Upon entering the MedievalParty I immediately had to explore this transformed island from the ye arena to the observatory and the transformed pool, which now contains all the quest to fight dragons to become a Knight!! Also, the medieval catalog that was available in town added to my medieval look!

494 days old
tiffyl20 August 11, 2019

I was so happy that I was able to battle the dragon queen a second time with the new update! It’s challenging but so fun!

444 days old
choco creme August 11, 2019

This medieval party was amazing for a lot of things, but what I will remember the most was the artwork. Walking through the party rooms felt like a magical fantasy land. Everything was perfect down to the smallest detail, and it was a nice surprise logging in and seeing the art for the first time.

1064 days old
wookiesboss August 11, 2019

This party has been SO AMAZING that I can’t even choose my favorite! I liked the beautiful design changes for the rooms, and the hydra was SO.MUCH.FUN. the outfits you collected in the quests were nice, and I can’t wait to successfully beat the dragon queen! (any tips on the dragon queen fight?)

1196 days old
Fastn Fab August 11, 2019

Defeating the dragon queen was a great memory and achievement but for me the most important memories are ones I made with friends and my fellow penguins. This party has been so fun to spend with my amazing friends! πŸ˜€

652 days old
Soccer1017 August 11, 2019

My favorite memory is finishing the quests, and battling the dragon queen. After perseverance, I eventually got it! I enjoy this Medieval Party, and the staff should be proud of themselves!

903 days old
-Joystick- August 11, 2019

Amazing party! The bossfight was intense and we all needed to be united in order to fight the Dragon Queen. But the most important part was the enormous banquet we had after defeating her! Pork, vegetables, rice, grapes, apples, chickens, drinks…. All for knights to get full after a fight! πŸ˜€

474 days old
Penga Jub August 11, 2019

Here Ye! Here Ye! What an absolute dream! I absolutely loved how whimsical the Beach and Lighthouse looked, and the music was incredible! So many funky new items to wear, so little time…

1112 days old
Piwambi August 11, 2019

My favourite memories are not only based by this year, but for every Medieval Party I experienced.
This one is particulary good, I always love the first maze and its final room. It’s so beautiful!
I also like to waddle with some friends and play as we are wizards, it’s incredible to do it.

391 days old
iris568 August 11, 2019

I specifically enjoyed this Medieval party because of the quests.This was my first Medieval party and it was also a great party experience.I especially loved the decorations. Thank you for your hard work to make this a wonderful experience.Sincerely Iris

333 days old
SaBrAiNa August 11, 2019

How do I play this game lol

1063 days old
Aleks424 August 11, 2019

I liked the stella fight thats about it tho

432 days old
Turbo867 August 11, 2019

The medieval party has definitely been one of my favourites! I’m glad it’s getting extended an extra day or two. My favourite memory was the quests. It was fun and exciting to solve the puzzles and fight the dragon queen! I also loved the redesign of the entire island, great job on it!

1071 days old
Barry Brown August 11, 2019

Man, this is the first midieval party i went to on CPR, how did I not attended the others?
I actually really liked all the things you could do in the quests and challenges. I also found the decorated rooms to be pretty neato and interesting. And it being that, i really liked the things you could do

1202 days old
Valery August 11, 2019

congrats you two!

467 days old
LemonLife12 August 11, 2019

Well, It was worth waiting all the time for the party, I really liked battling the dragon queen, it was really fun, The quests were hard but fun, The design was really cool and the details on the dragon queen were amazing, I really have no complaints at all.

412 days old
BobertBBBBBB August 11, 2019

The party has been amazing! I loved battling the dragon queen with other knights and princesses. I think the costumes are great and on top of all of that, Gary himself was at the party too! In my opinion, that’s the best part!

475 days old
brownie6413 August 11, 2019

One of my favorite memories of this party has to be fighting the Dragon Queen, the challenge definitely made this fight memorable. Another one of my favorite memories has to be when I met Gary. The feeling you have when meeting a mascot is awesome, and going through the quest with him was was epic!

1117 days old
Emma Gal August 10, 2019

Wow! This party has certainly been amazing! I’ve made so many memories! I’ve run around with a bunch of knights trying to get the stamp, decorated my igloo for the contest, and explored all the decorated rooms! Fighting the dragon queen with my buddies has probably been the best memory I have made.

1177 days old
jervistetch August 10, 2019

This event has been amazing! Big props to the creative team behind it. In particular i love how detailed all of the settings look. My favorite redone location was the lighthouse, which was beautifully transformed into a wizard’s laboratory with interesting nick nacks and potions.

1195 days old
Ohbarnacles August 10, 2019

As odd as it is, I enjoyed the hype leading up to the party the most. Not that the party isn’t fun, but everyone so excited for it gathering in the town and hanging out was really fun! And it was made even better when the party dropped so late into the night for me. I was so excited! Good job, team!

386 days old
Darwyi August 10, 2019

I love how much effort was put into the medieval party this year. Even though it was delayed, THE MUSIC AND THE ROOMS WERE AWESOME!!!

367 days old
buzzy1919 August 10, 2019

the magic quest is hard but now that i have finished the three quests i help penguins with the hydra.

1140 days old
AlphaLauren August 10, 2019

I don’t even know what to say.

The Party was the best!!! You made a new boss to fight! The quests were very nice! The rooms were decorated very nice! The Medieval Party is one of my faves! I guess the more time the more good. Keep up the good work!! πŸ™‚

1094 days old
Hsmace August 10, 2019

My favourite memory is dressing up with knights with friends but also playing all the quests and defeating the Dragon Queen!

500 days old
Veida1 August 10, 2019

My favorite memory has to be fighting the Dragon Queen, I mean, LOOK HOW TINY SHE IS ONCE YOU FINISHED FIGHTING HER! I also really love how the queen turned out, she may look all cute, but never make that dragon mad cause I kind of had a hard time dodging her attacks. This was a great party!

1070 days old
Superivy4 August 10, 2019

My favorite memory from this years midevil party is probably my outfit. On netflix right now I’m binge watching merlin, so my costume just reminds me of it. Lol

557 days old
Moshi29 August 10, 2019

This year’s medieval party was amazingly put together, i loved every detail, the rooms were amazing, my favourite part was the quests. I look forward to the next one!

456 days old
DancerLEAH August 10, 2019

This is my favorite theme of all times! There are so many new and exciting things to explore. This event also encourages me to be creative with my igloo and penguin. DRAGONS are now my new favorite animals haha. If you and you’re fellow penguins are up for a challenges, this is the event for you!!!

730 days old
HiRandompeep August 10, 2019

How do i start? Well the quest was hard but really fun! The dragon queen was really a cool quest but also somewhat hard and I loved the room changes, the costumes and more! basically the whole party was awesome! I cant choose what I loved best!

452 days old
cp famous August 10, 2019

My favorite thing about the Medieval Party this year is seeing my friends try new things – my friend Perapin ventured out of the pizza parlor and roleplayed with us in a public igloo and it was so fun! I love being a wizard and joining igloo parties!

899 days old
CookieMoo August 10, 2019

I liked the earthquakes and how everyone worked together to keep each other safe! I love that there were different knight costumes that you got as prizes during the quests. The dragon queen and her animations were great.

534 days old
TRex386 August 10, 2019

My favorite memory from the party is battling the queen dragon! Since this is brand new to me, it was extra exciting. All of the rooms and costumes etc. were really cool, and I really liked the general feeling of the party. Overall, I can’t wait for the next one! This one was great!

476 days old
BigApollo August 10, 2019

I really enjoyed everything… but if I had to choose it would be the brand new MAGIC QUEST!!!!!!! The battle was actually challenging which I don’t get a lot of in club penguin, so it was so fun!!!!!!

1193 days old
Tr Ch1 August 10, 2019

The party is awesome! The Medieval Parties of the original CP were my favorite ones, and having this one with so much new content was such a great experience. Loved all the effort put by the team to this party. It was really fun and the quests and battles were incredible. THANK YOU!

628 days old
filmthepengu August 10, 2019

My favourite memory by far from this party was that I got to make new friends! I’m usually someone who keeps to myself, but it’s really nice to have a few people on the island I can hang out with. I feel like the music playing around the island is a great touch. The song at the beach is my favourite

422 days old
NinJa2oo August 10, 2019

The island looks awesome it was so exciting to see the transformation, I was peeved at first about the delay but it was so magical that I forgot all about it. they took this one to the next level!

488 days old
P3543273 August 10, 2019

I don’t want to know that, but why did you guys just snitch on my name that was Blockinho

1198 days old
Jj5332 August 10, 2019

great job with the new dragon queen thing! I just have a question for the old quests is there someway to reset them? From 2017 when i beat them they are all still beat with all doors open and the maze arrows lighting up to show me where to go.

1124 days old
TinyDella August 10, 2019

I have loved this party and completing the quests by getting the knights armor piece by piece with my sisters has definitely been really fun and it brought us together.

1194 days old
Zoey7005 August 10, 2019

Always lovely to hear the community’s responses! Both great answers, thank you for sharing Nadia and Ruby Cuty. Enjoy your 5,000 coins!

366 days old
draketimbos August 10, 2019

The quests and puzzles we had to solve were great, sometimes they were challenging but there was always more penguins in the room for us to complete them as a team, the dragon queen was a very hard oponent but a worthy one, the changes to the island were incredible and I loved the medieval party

633 days old
Gjft August 10, 2019

Everyone on the team did a great job with the party!!!
– Gjft

336 days old
Halldier August 10, 2019

Honestly, this party was amazing. I really enjoyed all of the puzzles and “quests”, but the one that really stuck out to me was the hydra. I love that there were all different ways to beat each head. It was extremely creative on your part, and secretly left me stuck for a bit of time. It was great.

338 days old
A CPR Player August 10, 2019

my favorite memories are going into the 3 quest, and getting the prizes.

1197 days old
BetaYay August 10, 2019

I loved the memories of walking out of my igloo and seeing the decoration of the town! It’s so bright and colorful! Oh! I also enjoyed fighting the Queen! She was a tough nut to crack, but I defeated her with all my might and teamwork!

966 days old
LB Wingman August 10, 2019

The dragon queen fight was the best part of this party for one main reason- it shows that you guys can go above and beyond and create amazing custom content. This game is not just a mere reflection of the original club penguin, no- this game is living, thriving and fresh. And that is beautiful. <3

460 days old
Quenquin517 August 10, 2019

its very cool! fighting dragons, eating pizza with friends, working together, its great!

1110 days old
Naturn3 August 10, 2019

Medieval Parties are my favorite parties! From this one, I loved all the items that we could collect or purchase. My favorite part is the fact that there is a new quest which is the dragon queen battle. The armor from the other quests are also really cool!

1063 days old
Explorer4017 August 10, 2019

I definitely loved the new magic quest where we could defeat the Dragon Queen! It was actually kind of challenging! The decorations of all the rooms were spectacular and really brought the medieval vibe to life! But my favorite part of the party would have to be talking to Gary about his inventions!

397 days old
sobeano789 August 10, 2019

Well I liked fighting the dragon queen and i liked the battle music too! I also enjoyed going on quests with gary too! And I like the horse neck item by the way. Well thanks for making this wonderful party! It is lit!

502 days old
Mustache171 August 10, 2019

I had so much fun I’ve been on this app for a bit and this is by far my favorite party I love the challenges of the quests and love puzzle solving. all the pins are so cool and this party will definitely be remembered

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 10, 2019

I really liked battling the Dragon Queen, which was pretty challenging, but worth it. Also, you could see Screenhog throughout this entire stage.

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 12, 2019

Update: those that defeated the Dragon Queen the first time can now battle her again for TWO prizes! If this is your first week, you’ll have to battle the Dragon Queen until you win to get the prizes.

1043 days old
Scrongus August 10, 2019

What I remember is the satifaction I got from beating the Dragon Queen! It was challaging but thats what made it fun. This party is awsome and i apprecaite all the time put into it! πŸ™‚

402 days old
legendlink August 10, 2019

My favorite memories from this Medieval party are the quests some of them were tricky and required you to think and others were really fun like the Magic quest and Quest III

1204 days old
ChrisCPI August 10, 2019

There’s so many things that are memorable from this! But the one that is most memorable has got to be the fight with the Dragon Queen. It’s tough, epic, and the prize is an epic pin! Really well done, it makes me want it to return in future medieval parties!

402 days old
legendlink August 10, 2019

My favorite memories of this years Medieval party was the quests some of the quests were tricky and required you to really think and other ones were just really fun like the magic quest and the third quest.

925 days old
Bishoy August 10, 2019

My favorite memory in this Medieval party is fighting the evil dragons for glory and joining the Light Forces against Perapin the dark lord, it was a chilling time with you guys!
-Psssst. i found real green water it’s hidden in my secret place, perapin will never get it don’t worry-

399 days old
LovsyWovsy August 10, 2019

I think that my favorite memories are just spending times with my friends, laughing, defeating the hydras so many times and still believing in one another. But the most cherished memory for me would probably be the fact that the team released another fantastic party for the awesome community.

499 days old
Soozydoozy August 10, 2019

Oh my goodness! This is by far the best party so far, that I’ve been to! I loved the Music Jam party though. As well as the Surprise Island one. But this party is amazing. I’m not sure if I would be fighting the dragon queen, or just hanging out. I think I’d be doing both. Thank you for this party!

507 days old
Deadsparta August 10, 2019

My favourite part is hard to say, but it would probably be roleplaying with perapin, lataus, marcpixel, vinetra, and many others!

1116 days old
Reddy4 August 10, 2019

To be honest, I had a lot of fun! It was so nice to be a part of and the Dragon Queen was quite the challenge! I sure am glad there were some other penguins there to help! The wait for this party was 100% worth it.

376 days old
Griffster August 10, 2019

I think we all have been having fun! There are extra costumes for the actors among us and out of the way surprises…did we all see the little shed next to the light house? What I saw that was so cool was citizens helping each other out to find things during the party. True citizenship in CPR!

415 days old
greeny8700 August 10, 2019

Well the dragon Queen boss fight was so cool and the music even better! (thanks ScreenHog) So cool to see all the new stuff added and the old stuff still there. Plus I really like the three ye knight and princesses quests! I love how we are beating the dark lord at the same. It adds even more hype!

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 12, 2019

Dark Lord? You mean the Dragon Queen?

925 days old
Bishoy August 10, 2019

My favorite memory in this medieval party is fighting dragons for glory! and of course joining the Light Forces against Perapin the lord of the dark, and preventing him from taking the Master Crown and from recovering another Dragon Queen from a different timeline. Obviously i loved the RPG time!

483 days old
nakyo man853 August 10, 2019

HOW DO I EVEN BEGIN? Well the quest were amazing, especially the new magic one, the new dragon color for the dragon costume set was cool too and the rooms that got changed were quite extraordinary. I’m not even mad the party got delayed.

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 10, 2019

The delay worked out well for me because the party started just in time for my holiday to end.

519 days old
Kiki123werty August 11, 2019

Can’t wait Until The Dragon Costume Comes Out! Btw May I Ask u A Question? What Will happen to Club Penguin Rewriten
In 2020 When The Flash Player is Removed I would really like to keep Playing This Fantastic Game!!!

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq August 12, 2019

I hope we’ll have this game as of next year because I really like playing it! Also, if you mean the enchanted dragon costume and you didn’t buy it, sorry, you missed out.

519 days old
Kiki123werty August 11, 2019

Thank you