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Reviewed by You: Stage Plays

By Lataus on August 24, 2019

Hi Penguins,


We’ve approached another weekend, which means it’s time for Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all how you were celebrating your summer on the island. From that, we have selected two penguins. The first penguin we selected was Giggy13011, who said:


“I would spend my summer by chilling in my igloo with my penguin friends. Summer’s about relaxing, why not relax with fellow penguins and host a party. I would also hang at the cove and swim around in my new summer clothes! But nothing beats giving tours to penguins and watching the new play.”


We can definitely agree that summer is just a good time to chill and relax with your buddies on the island. We hope that you had fun! The other response comes from SamSwitch64, who said:


“I’m celebrating summer on the island by spending more time getting involved in the community: I have been earning stamps, playing games, roleplaying, and helping others. I have also decorated my igloo for the summer with a new backyard!”


Getting involved and spending time on things is an excellent thing to do in the summer. Nevertheless, so is decorating your igloo too! Sounds like a blast, for sure.


Thanks Giggy13011 and SamSwitch64! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



A classic stage play returned to the Stage just the other day, which was Underwater Adventure! We’d love to know which stage plays you enjoy. What is your favorite stage play and for what reason?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


183 days old
PurpleBlizza September 3, 2019

Okay, my favorite play was Ruby and tye Ruby it had so many cool outfits and was so fun to act in. Me, as a new penguin this was my first and favorite play!

22 days old
Narwhal577 September 1, 2019


421 days old
Blueberry504 August 31, 2019

My favorite stage play is definitely The Haunting of the Viking Opera. I love that it has a Halloween/ spooky vibe and I love that it is also funny! I love the viking boat on the set and the costumes for that stage play are also my favorite!

67 days old
xshxylax August 31, 2019

all of them!

147 days old
darling girl August 30, 2019

My favourite stage play? Without a doubt, it’s the wonderful Ruby and the Ruby. I’m a complete sucker for noir films and Ruby and the Ruby encapsulates the genre wonderfully. The set is stunning and in my opinion, is the best stage play set. The music is so wonderful as well!

150 days old
Cat7770 August 29, 2019

My favorite is Team Blue’s Rally 2 because I like the music and I liked to play around with the scoreboard! That was a fun play to do!

396 days old
Kimi123 August 29, 2019

i like pirates of the caribbean!!

396 days old
Kimi123 August 29, 2019

boom i love it!!!!

82 days old
bfbfan2011 August 28, 2019

I didnt go on the script, i just pretended bubbles broke the submarine lol

397 days old
TopHatNinja August 28, 2019

My favorite play is Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl. I love the fact that Club Penguin has superheros that actually have decent names and powers unlike other games that have cringy names and boring powers. I have acted this play out and I love the different costumes that go into the play.

231 days old
Leda2 August 28, 2019

One of my personal favourites would have to be ‘Night of the Living Sled’ It’s a CP classic and it’s enjoyable to see penguins across the island come together to bring the play to life as an adaptation from the silent films shown around the island during The Halloween Party!

141 days old
Wolfdijon August 27, 2019

I like The Quest For the Golden Puffle, because the lever you can pull causes the golden puffle to move down and a snoring yellow puffle takes its place! Than when it wakes up it looks sheepishly at you and blushes… It’s really funny!

296 days old
jademoon225 August 27, 2019

i liked a Christmas carol, just cause it made the classic more classic! but i also loved the costumes!!!!

76 days old
Icey Creams August 27, 2019

idk why i never thought my coment wasnt showing up but what can i say i love my favorie play too much

61 days old
Yohan67890 August 27, 2019

My favourite play is The Night Of The Living Sled. The laugh of the mad scientist, the sled chasing the penguins, the screams of the penguins and what I appreciate the most is the music. A music gives us an idea of the play being semi-horrorful. Turning it into a video was a great idea.

946 days old
Perapin August 27, 2019

Hi Lataus. I pick Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed because:

– It fills the entire stage
– There’s an extra hidden room
– There’s a beautiful design on the Stage’s exterior
– Nice atmosphere and sounds
– You get “shrinked” when entering. How cool is that?


895 days old
Sparklmagyq August 26, 2019

Seriously, there need to be more than eleven plays because I can’t choose just one… I like them too equally.

895 days old
Sparklmagyq August 26, 2019

Underwater Adventure’s pretty cool, but what if we had a play where there were more than two merpenguins? There could be four, five, maybe even SIX merpenguins in that play!

76 days old
Icey Creams August 26, 2019

The play i like the best is The Quest For The Golden Puffle! My two reasons for this is that it is extremely funny! Then the other reason is for the characters, they have been developed so well that this play could be in real life! Overall, it’s my favourite play and nothing can change that!

645 days old
MLGCptVirgil August 26, 2019

My favorite is Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal because I love superheroes and the awesome soundtrack!

631 days old
Lelunu August 26, 2019

My favorite stage play is Night of the Living Sled! It’s pretty funny to see a sled running around the stage! I also like the fact that it’s in black and white, it adds spooky vibes to it.

386 days old
Luvseal August 26, 2019

My favorite stage play is “Ruby and the Ruby.” I personally love mysteries and this one is just that! It’s also very interactive, which makes it unique from most other stage plays.

75 days old
Littlemrh August 25, 2019

My favorite stage play is The Hunt For The Golden Puffle just because of the Yukon outfit, but personaly I do mainly look for the outfits when a stage play comes out.

76 days old
buzzy1919 August 25, 2019

my favourite play so far is the golden puffle! Because it was adventures! it was so epic looking!

805 days old
Fizzy Pop August 25, 2019

I personally just love “Humbug Holiday” the classic “A Christmas Carol” but with a CP twist is the perfect combo! Not to Mention, the set is beautifully made, so are the costumes. I also just love the Christmas vibes it gives off and the message :D!

800 days old
Hot Autumn August 25, 2019

My favorite stage play is definitely Ruby and the Ruby. The music and black and white set specifically help make it stand out compared to other plays. I also enjoy how interactive it is with finding the ruby pin!

275 days old
Giggy13011 August 25, 2019

My favourite play is Fairy Fables, I like that one because it has multiply story characters in one! Like Prince Redhood, Grumpunzel and the Big bad Wool (which is the best). I also like this one because it has the point of view of the reader and the story characters themselves.

275 days old
Giggy13011 August 25, 2019

Thank you for picking my review! With those 5,000 coins I was able to buy a new igloo! Now i can host a better summer party!

174 days old
LittleHyzy August 25, 2019

I liked Secrets of the Bamboo Forest cuz’ the theme of actually going to search for the golden feather to complete the play is really cool!

275 days old
Giggy13011 August 25, 2019

Omg, Thank you for picking my review! This means a lot to me!

92 days old
PenGwen06 August 25, 2019

My favorite stage play would be Quest For the Golden Puffle! I loved the background and all the surprises when you played around with the switch board! The main reason I love this play is because a group of my friends took turns being the charcters and had so much fun! Boris was so fun to play!

211 days old
HarmonyStar August 25, 2019

My favorite would probably be fairy fables, since it mixes together several fairy tales into one and the costumes are just great and the set itself has so many lovely details to add to the story

409 days old
MellowMarshy August 25, 2019

I’ve always liked Humbug Holiday! The outfits are cute, and its just a nice Christmas story! Hope it comes back this year!

807 days old
Nanopenguin3 August 25, 2019

My favourites are, Quest to the golden puffle, space adventure, Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, Ruby and Ruby, Secrets of the Bamboo forest and Night of the Living Sled! They all have unique stage designs! Also I love Norman Swarm has been Transformed as well because of the secret room!

267 days old
winniella1 August 25, 2019

actually I think I forgot the name of it

76 days old
Icey Creams August 25, 2019

The Quest For The Golden Puffle is the best one in my opinion because of where it supposedly takes place, Egypt, as well as that the play is really goofy and the characters are really developed! Of course my favourite is Alaska…. Just kidding it’s Borris because he is so funny! 😀

76 days old
Icey Creams August 25, 2019

I love the quest for the golden puffle because it’s pretty goofy since the golden puffle is just chocolate! Another reason is that the main protagonist is female and that let’s girls see they can be whatever they want! So overall it’s my favourite play.

779 days old
Superivy4 August 25, 2019

I’m a giant theater fan irl and in game. I love everything about the art of theater and acting. My favorite cpr play has gotta be the Gamma girl one. I love the story line and how the costumes add the glowy thing. Its one of my fav outfits to wear in game!

37 days old
moothepotato August 25, 2019

I think all the other stage plays are amazing, but my recent favorite would have to be The Quest For The Golden Puffle! I’m mostly an action type of person and my favorite part wold have to be walking across the bridge and having it fall. It was also a fun one to see in the theater too!

905 days old
Fastn Fab August 25, 2019

Mr favourite play is Squidzoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal because there is so much action and it is really awesome to watch!

61 days old
Yohan67890 August 25, 2019

My favourite play is The Night of the Living Sled. A play which gives thrills but brings horror to some extent. I must say that a play which is made into a video actually makes us understand the plot. The laughing of the mad scientist, the screams of the penguins, etc. do bring seriousness in it.

61 days old
Yohan67890 August 25, 2019

My favourite play is The Night of the Living Sled. A play which gives thrills but gives less horror. I must say that this is the only play I have seen in a video series. Otherwise, The Hambug Holiday would also be a fit, the lines are such that the play actaully brings a lot of humour.

928 days old
Splosh Jnr August 25, 2019

Ruby and the Ruby. There are multiple reasons why, but the main one is that seven years ago I directed and performed it to my year three class. That was the first time I ever performed in a play and was what first ignited my love for drama. I’ll always remember that play as my starting point.

928 days old
Splosh Jnr August 25, 2019

Fairy Fables! I quite like that one too.

849 days old
AlphaLauren August 25, 2019

I really love ruby and the ruby! I like it because it’s really classy and you get a free pin!

432 days old
tas45 August 25, 2019

Honestly, I loved all the plays! They were all so fun to act out. I also love dressing up as the characters! It’s pretty cool how they always make new plays from time to time!

188 days old
pielover1 August 25, 2019

i really liked the penguin’s who for got time” i just like the time traveling aspect to it i like the art it was really well done and the costumes were very well done.

227 days old
P3176606 August 25, 2019

hello can you verify my username its sir deadpool thanks

158 days old
ChubbySimon August 25, 2019

My favourite stage play was Ruby and the ruby because we all went on a big adventure trying to find the secret pin

904 days old
Ohbarnacles August 24, 2019

My favorite has got to be Ruby and the Ruby. Not only are the costumes really cool both in the play and not, it also has fantastic music and the touch of the entire set being black and white really makes it super fun to see it return. Also, the added touch of finding the pin is super fun!

176 days old
LemonLife12 August 24, 2019

I love the stage play Ruby and the Ruby, It was really fun to act it out with my friends! I can’t wait until it comes back so I can play it out again! It will be awesome and fun! All my penguin buddies will have lots of fun playing it out!

411 days old
wetdog15 August 24, 2019

I like both Battle of the Ancient Shadows and Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed. For the former, I thought the screen that displayed different shadows based on your outfit was really cool, not to mention the elemental theme of the play, and the team aspect to get the Norman Swarm pin was great!

68 days old
Hugsforpugs August 24, 2019

I love all the songs you can play on the stage, they are all so much fun to here!!

38 days old
TacoBell12 August 24, 2019

what is a stage play?? plz reply back and tell me! thanks! 🙂

650 days old
Lily19530 August 24, 2019

It’s hard to pick just one because they’re all amazing in their own ways, but I’d have to go with Humbug Holiday.. I love everything about it, from the costumes to the special effects. The music brings back so many memories and the message behind it is really important. It always makes me emotional!

77 days old
artytheparty August 24, 2019

Mine has to be Fairy Fables! I like the costumes and concept of the story, and the script is funny! Overall it’s very cute :0]

337 days old
filmthepengu August 24, 2019

Ruby and the Ruby is my favourite play at the Stage. I love history, but the 1920s is one of my favourite time periods hands down. The music that goes along with the play is also one of my favourite club penguin tracks.

289 days old
GenoviaPear August 24, 2019


745 days old
Damian12801 August 24, 2019

my favourite stage play has to be My Awesome Life – The Herbert Story because it was such a unique play it was different and showed how Herbert viewed his life

821 days old
Piwambi August 24, 2019

I got three favourite ones.
First, Quest For The Gold Puffle, I feel like Indiana Jones when I’m around there. Always loved Ancient Egypt stuff.
Second, Underwater Adventure. I also love marine life 😀
And third, Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed: there’s a “secret” room when you go with friends!

289 days old
GenoviaPear August 24, 2019

my comment isn’t showing up, why?

675 days old
LB Wingman August 25, 2019

You look like a blue kangaroo and that blue rubber duck is like a baby kangaroo in your pouch

905 days old
Fastn Fab August 25, 2019

A member of staff have to approve it first

275 days old
Giggy13011 August 25, 2019

It needs to get approved before it can show up. It will usually take an hour or two before it gets approved

895 days old
Sparklmagyq August 26, 2019

Not today it didn’t for me, but yeah, you definitely need approval first.

913 days old
ChrisCPI August 25, 2019

Your comment needs to be approved by staff before it can be shown publicly. If it hasn’t shown up after more than 2 days, it was likely rejected.

289 days old
GenoviaPear August 26, 2019

never mind

108 days old
LovsyWovsy August 24, 2019

I loved this particular stage play, and that would be, “Ruby and Ruby” I was really happy that I got to experience going into the stage play again and just having good memories. The reason why Ruby and Ruby has a special place in my heart is because my CP memories came back to me. Thank you. -Lovsy

873 days old
AleCP August 24, 2019

my favourite stage play was squidzoid vs shadow guy and gamma gal.

289 days old
GenoviaPear August 24, 2019

I like the one about grumpunzel I don’t remember the name of it but it fun to act out.

47 days old
8r3nt August 26, 2019

thats one of my fav plays too!

913 days old
ChrisCPI August 26, 2019

Fairy Fables

151 days old
yaks August 24, 2019

My favourite stage play? Well, I love every single one equally, as all of them are magnificent,
but the one that stands out to me is the Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest. Going through.. well, bamboo, walking over rusty bridges, in search of the golden feather.
It is such an adventurous play, I love it!

296 days old
Scientin August 24, 2019

My favorite is the old classic, Ruby and the Ruby! I absolutely adore its black and white, LA Noire detective vibe. Not to mention you can actually go through the stage and unravel the mystery yourself, with a nice reward at the end!

29 days old
TommyMontana August 24, 2019

I cant login, help me please.

333 days old
Funfunny8 August 24, 2019

My favorite play is Norman Swarm because it reminds me of nature – which I LOVE – and the costumes are beautiful and the teamwork needed to access the hidden room is just an incredible concept.

113 days old
The Shadows August 24, 2019

My favorite stage play is the Humbug Holiday.

803 days old
Hsmace August 24, 2019

My favourite stage play has always been Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal! I grew up with superhero movies and comics so a superhero stage play in my favourite game has always made me happy to see!
Hope we see it again soon!

883 days old
lego979 August 24, 2019

My favourite stage Play is “Battle of the Ancient Shadows” because it’s very interesting for me and the Play is about who ruled the Earth in the past: the Dragons, Fishes or Monkeys and if we walked behind the Screen it would make you turn into a Silhouette of either a:Penguin,Fish,Monkey or Dragon.

187 days old
Super107 August 24, 2019

I REALLY love Ruby and the Ruby because it was the first stage play i saw when i joined club penguin. I also like this one the Underwater Adventure because the stage looks beautiful with all the Underwater themed stuff.

825 days old
yolkimus August 24, 2019

My favorite stage play would be “Night of the Living Sled: Live”! Three movies, and now a live stage production! It clearly doesn’t get better than this.

267 days old
winniella1 August 24, 2019

My favourite stage play was the blue vs red because there were a lot of details in the play

675 days old
LB Wingman August 24, 2019

This is very hard. Ruby and the Ruby is incredible since it has an interactive environment with a spectacular reward at the end. Planet Y has the coolest catalog and best special effects. But my winner goes to Night of the Living Sled- a spooky play which is very unique in many ways and super fun.

895 days old
Sparklmagyq August 26, 2019

I wonder if we’ll get a 12th play or even a 13th?

274 days old
SamSwitch64 August 24, 2019

Wow, Thanks for featuring me 🙂
My favourite stage play is Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal because of the music and set design. It is also based on superheros which is a great theme.

265 days old
Langly August 24, 2019

I like A Humbug Holiday, the costumes are well-designed and I like the fact that some even glow! The stage is amazing too, full of houses and other things! The ghost of tomorrow’s costume is by far my favourite. I like how it glows! I like this play because it’s Christmas theme is remembered by all!