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Penguin of the Week #120

By Stu on August 26, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Happy Monday folks, time to hop on the Penguin of The Week train again… CHOO-CHOOOO!! (Bless you.)


This week the train stops at a very active member within the community who is always friendly to newcomers. You can find them waddling around different rooms and helping out the island by keeping it safe from rule breakers, if you ever find this penguin, and you’re perhaps not a rule breaker, make sure to give them a high five from us!





Congratulations to you, Langly, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your liking!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


21 days old
P4819877 September 1, 2019

How to play

183 days old
PurpleBlizza September 1, 2019

Wow nice job! Ive seen u around u really deserve this congrats!πŸ˜€

361 days old
Soccer1017 September 1, 2019


52 days old
Giggles6 August 31, 2019

how do i play the actual game

54 days old
rubybirdy August 31, 2019

press play now in the corner but it wont work on phones or tablets

270 days old
TruffalaTree August 31, 2019

Ay congratulations, it’s a celebration. Party all night, party all night.

358 days old
Penggee August 30, 2019

i would give you a high five but i can never find anybody! congrats!!!!!!!! very well deserved!

314 days old
gingerjoke August 30, 2019


267 days old
winniella1 August 30, 2019

happy birthday langly

53 days old
PruneFleck August 30, 2019

Congratulations and thanks for stopping rule breaking 😊

391 days old
candycorn900 August 30, 2019

Congrats Langly! Very well deserved!!

61 days old
ROBLOX Guy 8 August 30, 2019

Good job! You deserve it. Congratulations!

387 days old
Smelly76541 August 30, 2019

Congrats on potw!

24 days old
P4805561 August 29, 2019


879 days old
William41234 August 29, 2019

Congrats Langly! Im still dreaming of getting Penguin of The Week myself!

152 days old
happycamper9 August 29, 2019


347 days old
dab ur hater August 29, 2019

thats neat

35 days old
vector678 August 29, 2019

Awesome Job πŸ‘‹

140 days old
Logan3918 August 28, 2019

Congrats Langly

194 days old
eliefr August 28, 2019


151 days old
yaks August 28, 2019

congrats! =D

396 days old
Kimi123 August 29, 2019

good job Langly

396 days old
Kimi123 August 28, 2019

nice work!

322 days old
Katie101a August 28, 2019

Congrats Langly! Well deserved

342 days old
Gjft August 28, 2019


197 days old
DjKled007 August 28, 2019


47 days old
A CPR Player August 28, 2019


835 days old
Robertj15 August 28, 2019

Congrats Langly!

361 days old
Soccer1017 August 28, 2019

Congrats, you deserves it! I just saw you at the town! Good work! Congrats again!

492 days old
CyanWolf8479 August 28, 2019

Well done Langly!

692 days old
kellyman7 August 28, 2019

Congratulation Langly! You earned it!

935 days old
Ponchomarc3 August 28, 2019

Congrats Langly

491 days old
PoyoKnight August 28, 2019

Nice, I hope i get it this time, idk i think my outfit is pretty cool

275 days old
Giggy13011 August 28, 2019

Wow, great job Langly!

289 days old
GenoviaPear August 27, 2019


777 days old
Tiggyz August 27, 2019

Very big congrats! πŸ˜€

758 days old
Pink Fl0yd August 27, 2019

Nice. I wish I had been a penguin of the week, I have been playing since way back

128 days old
Awes0m3 August 27, 2019

Nice iggy, congratulations!

905 days old
GNSPHIL August 27, 2019

Congratulations Langly! Well deserved πŸ˜€

280 days old
Randomboy481 August 27, 2019

Congrats Langly! Hope to see you in game soon

449 days old
BigMrJelly August 27, 2019


905 days old
Fastn Fab August 27, 2019

Congratulations! πŸ˜€

414 days old
Enms August 27, 2019

Congrats! πŸ™‚

76 days old
Icey Creams August 27, 2019

Langly I think you deserve more then what you won! You deserve millions of hugs πŸ™‚

382 days old
pingu97803 August 27, 2019

well done langly! you are very nice! have a good cake!

861 days old
Perolina3 August 27, 2019

Congratulations, Langly!!!You sure have been active and kind to others.Well deserved!!

47 days old
8r3nt August 27, 2019

CONGRATS LANGLY!!!! very well deservedd!!!!!

622 days old
EpicEndGamer August 27, 2019

Set the fireworks for Langly, congrats!! πŸ˜‰

825 days old
Spk1 August 27, 2019

Don’t you mean a high flipper?

76 days old
buzzy1919 August 27, 2019

CONGRATS! LANGLY! Have fun with your coins and viking helmet! I hope to see you in game!

106 days old
sobeano789 August 27, 2019

congrats madam langly! ” insert lots of lovely clapping here.”

26 days old
ZiadStuff August 27, 2019

How do I join a server

270 days old
TruffalaTree August 31, 2019

Are you using a phone to play or a computer?

183 days old
PurpleBlizza September 1, 2019

Login and then once youve done that then click a server! Hope this helped!

265 days old
Langly August 27, 2019

Thank you guys so much, it’s an honour to be POTW finally! My aim was not to complete this just yet, but to get published first. I can now say the tables have turned and I’ve completed this first! Shoutout to Kidguin, Rocky and many others for being so supportive during this ride! Love you guys <3

906 days old
Narnia August 27, 2019

Congrats!!! ;D

139 days old
Kidguin596 August 27, 2019

Congrats Langly!! Well deserved

925 days old
Troyella August 27, 2019


161 days old
cp famous August 27, 2019

Congratulations!!! ((((((:

807 days old
Nanopenguin3 August 27, 2019

Congrats!!! Well deserved!!! Keep up the good work on saving the island!! πŸ™‚

421 days old
Blueberry504 August 27, 2019

Congrats!! Your igloo is so cool!

946 days old
Perapin August 27, 2019

Congrats! Well deserved!

906 days old
Jempenguin August 27, 2019

Congrats! It’s always exciting seeing who the new POTW is!

211 days old
HarmonyStar August 27, 2019

Congrats langly! I like your igloo

884 days old
Terrafin August 27, 2019

Congrats on potw Langly πŸ˜€

330 days old
AquaRuff0317 August 27, 2019

Congrats! Thanks for being a great community member!

147 days old
Shadow345797 August 27, 2019


140 days old
Logan3918 August 27, 2019

Congrats Langly!

904 days old
Ohbarnacles August 26, 2019

Congrats Langly! Well deserved =)

153 days old
tacocat54893 August 26, 2019

hey stu, if you are reading this, i think that the backyard for your puffles would be a better upgrade. if you have a lot of puffles, but want to have space in your igloo, put the stuff outside

884 days old
Claw204 August 26, 2019

Congrats on potw langly when is the newspaper coming out?

512 days old
iboypenguin August 26, 2019

Well done!

944 days old
Trevchris007 August 26, 2019

Congratulations, Langly. Enjoy your gifts and the upcoming Summer Luau. Maybe I’ll bump into you.


631 days old
Lelunu August 26, 2019

Congrats! πŸ˜€

633 days old
FireSanti August 26, 2019

Good job Langly!

263 days old
May200 August 26, 2019

Congrats on POTW!!! I see you’re pretty active and also nice.
Heh it’s pretty funny when you flex on me by just being 2 days older than me but yea haha.
Anyways, congrats on POTW! A well deserved one. πŸ™‚

176 days old
LemonLife12 August 26, 2019

Congrats, Langly!

873 days old
AleCP August 26, 2019

CONGRATS LANGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

915 days old
Atahan2007 August 26, 2019

Congrats on Potw

942 days old
Paigey August 26, 2019

Oh my days! I am so happy for Langly! She may have not been in the community for too long but she’s seriously amazing!

CONGRATS ❀️ You really deserve it! Flex that Viking helmet!

233 days old
Zangadu August 26, 2019

Congrats langly!

195 days old
Tawnbou August 26, 2019

congrats langly, im so happy for u!

860 days old
Crouchie Lad August 26, 2019

Congrats Langly! Very much deserved, you’ve done every well to get it!!

342 days old
Trighy3 August 26, 2019

Congrats my queen, well deserved! ILY

267 days old
winniella1 August 26, 2019


4941 days old
Sadie August 26, 2019


386 days old
Tomatoes943 August 26, 2019

I’ve never heard of you but, CONGRATS QUEEN!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

779 days old
Superivy4 August 26, 2019


900 days old
belinha8615 August 26, 2019


274 days old
SamSwitch64 August 26, 2019

Well done πŸ˜€

803 days old
Hsmace August 26, 2019

Congrats Langly on POTW! Always see you around and glad you have been rewarded for your kindness!! Wear the helmet proudly! <3

800 days old
Hot Autumn August 26, 2019

Congratulations to you Langly!

906 days old
Static August 26, 2019

Congrats Langly! πŸ™‚

56 days old
Kettlev August 26, 2019

Well done Langly! well deserved!

172 days old
F u r r e t August 26, 2019