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Summer Luau Recap and Review!

By Stu on September 4, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Since the arrival of our Summer party, we’ve been seeing a lot of new activity on the island and it’s great to see!


This week it’s brought some old favourites and some new decor with a heavily suggested party to appear again, we listened and we delivered what a lot of the players wanted!


Penguins could use slides all across the island, swim with their rubber ducks, and even wear some yellow goggles with it! Plenty of fun to go around and we’re happy to see it all happen!


Now we want to hear from you guys, the fans, what did you like the most about this party and what would you like to see change for the future? Let us know down in the comments below!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


49 days old
cooldog77 September 12, 2019


120 days old
P4306775 September 10, 2019

Loved it! 👌

120 days old
P4306775 September 10, 2019

I can’t wait till the next one it was so fun! you guys always work really hard on these parties so I try to appreciate as much as I can!

280 days old
Booo6447 September 8, 2019

I know that this has nothing to do with the party but I would like to see The Red Licorice come back. This is my favorite hair and I would love to see this item come back

30 days old
Lwl123 September 7, 2019

When will Summer Luau go on?

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

Sorry, if you’re trying to attend the Summer Luau you,re too late. The next party is the Fall Fair (Spring Fair for the Southern Hemisphere). That’ll be here next week.

150 days old
Cat7770 September 7, 2019

I liked everything! I think it was the second best party on CPRewritten first is the Island Party!

900 days old
Anaikn2 September 7, 2019

Loved it! Felt like the same party in 2017 and it was nice to get to see all the old decorations, again. Been playing since 2007 so to get to see all my childhood parties come back is amazing! Keep it up!

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

That party definitely like the first three years of my penguinhood in the Original Club Penguin.

333 days old
jubley1 September 7, 2019

Probably one of my favourite CPR parties so far! The music, rooms and items were definitely some of the best.

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

Speaking of musc, I wonder who composed the song in the Ski Lodge because it sounds a little forlorn to me, but still with enough cheer to keep a warm smile in your heart.

119 days old
Jonahmon11 September 7, 2019

hey stu lets grow up together in everyway

15 days old
P4849433 September 7, 2019


15 days old
P4849433 September 7, 2019


911 days old
Valery September 7, 2019

I loved this party so much and had an amazing time! I absolutely loved the items that this party had to offer, as well as the designs of all of the rooms! The dance club was probably my favorite room in the whole party! Definitely one of the best parties we’ve had this year!

15 days old
P4848923 September 7, 2019


45 days old
alexcool10 September 7, 2019

Best Party Ever

119 days old
arojm September 6, 2019

Amazing party, definitely excited for the fair as well. Love that you guys added more hats than usual!

884 days old
Claw204 September 6, 2019

I am not sure if my other post is on or not but why is Stu’s iggy full on every servver”??????????

395 days old
ProfLayton23 September 6, 2019

Hello CPR Team!

I would greatly appreciate it if someone would reply to my email I’ve sent to support so I can make sure that the errors/glitches I reported are being attending to!

Thanks Sincerely,


821 days old
Piwambi September 6, 2019

Oh, was there an octopus at Dojo?
Because I missed it ;(

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

We didn’t have an octopus in the Dojo this year, but it WAS at the ski village.

228 days old
jasonmie345 September 6, 2019

its the best

359 days old
Krongus509 September 6, 2019

it was a great party! i personally loved all the decor! also the water hos was a genius move!

16 days old
Icewolf26th September 6, 2019

this is my first time playing and I love it!

141 days old
Turbo867 September 6, 2019

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but there’s a bug, I want to buy the blue wheeler, but when I click on buy then yes, it says I don’t have enough coins (even though I do) and then when I click OK it loads forever. Is it just for me? Please help Club Penguin Team!

243 days old
TRex386 September 5, 2019

I personally liked the relaxed vibe, and the classic look to it! I really enjoyed just hanging out and chilling in almost every room.

36 days old
MaxRG September 5, 2019

i cant get into the game, its stuck on loading communications!

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

Sounds like a pretty inconvenient bug to me. Why not try emailing the CPRw team?

147 days old
darling girl September 5, 2019

This party was adorable! Such a great way to end Summer off!

689 days old
LoneWolf1256 September 5, 2019

Great Party. Seemed like a water party, but it was fun to get some nice Aquatic items. I especially like the pizza parlor decor

180 days old
Toubou123 September 5, 2019

I love it, so much! Sadly there was no lei that people wanted for. But it was fun! Aloha!

795 days old
Peaches23401 September 5, 2019

My favorite thing on cPR summer is all that you can do on club penguin when its summer

633 days old
Vendogg21 September 5, 2019

My favorite party is the Christmas party. I played the original club penguin back in 2008 and the Christmas one was my first one. I also hope that you add a feature where we can add numbers in our messages. Please do that.

102 days old
P4449227 September 5, 2019

I loved the party so much but it went by too fast! Could upcoming parties be a little longer?

114 days old
Symbol19 September 5, 2019

I got all the items from this party.

194 days old
General2728 September 5, 2019

The stuff that comes with every party/event

17 days old
Beyoncncne September 5, 2019

Lol how do I play the game on iPad

421 days old
Blueberry504 September 5, 2019

This has been one of the most nostalgic parties on CPR for me since I joined. My favorite thing was the mega whale hidden in the iceberg. My other favorite parts of the party were the huge slide at ski hill and the Splash Club with water shooting out of the dance floor! Thanks for a memorable party!

117 days old
pete1326 September 5, 2019

We penguins wishing that the fair would come. so maybe September 23-October 4 would be the fair 2019

95 days old
Val04 September 5, 2019

I enjoyed this mini party, but I am looking forward to the next parties. I really enjoy this time of the year since the best parties are held during September/December!
Hopefully, we can see something different and fresh! I am so excited about new parties and catalogs.

675 days old
LB Wingman September 5, 2019

The summer party would be another good time to have Herbert as a mascot. Herbert does like the warmth and summer and I think this party is a good time to lure him out. Considering how extremely rarely he visits, this would be another great chance for penguins to visit and bother him.


946 days old
Perapin September 5, 2019

Thank you for decorating the Pizza Parlor with an awesome design for this party!! I’d like to suggest a way to earn more Elite Gear soon.


316 days old
tutter September 5, 2019

Where was the Lei?! That’s the best part about the Club penguin Luau’s ):

183 days old
PurpleBlizza September 5, 2019

I really loved the FREE items, the new Pizza Parlor last but totally not least…. THE PLAZAS DECOR!!!! I think it was super fun and just awesome decorating great job! But one thing that I think i was really hoping for were the codes I wish there were some but overall this was a really great party!

336 days old
Zenada September 4, 2019

I really enjoyed the songs

906 days old
Jempenguin September 4, 2019

As an OG of classic who joined in Oct 2008, it was awesome to get to experience your version of the Water Party from 2007. I especially loved seeing Mega Whale, Octi and getting the yellow inflatable duck to go with my blue one! I really like how CPR keeps things new/different with each update!

884 days old
Claw204 September 4, 2019

This party was really good i will miss it but my fav thing about the party is when you thrown a snowball and its a water balloons

330 days old
AquaRuff0317 September 4, 2019

Loved this party! I love how you brought back some older elements! I am super excited to see what the future holds!

113 days old
The Shadows September 4, 2019

I liked the items especially the free ones but I couldn’t figure out what the water hose was for. I also liked the decorations.

309 days old
cutearoll400 September 4, 2019

I think this party was amazing there was so many stuff. I really liked the Beacon for this party. Hey Stu whats your favorite room?

153 days old
tacocat54893 September 4, 2019

love it if the backyard came back to igloos

63 days old
ralsei68 September 4, 2019

but this summer party is not the water party?

153 days old
tacocat54893 September 4, 2019

i think the backyard should make a come back for your igloos. if you have a lot of stuff, and a lot of puffle’s, you can have the puffle stuff outside with the puffles, if you so choose to do so. and the best room was the mega whale. i thought that was a huge success. thanks!

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

Backyards… I wonder how the team’ll make it look like it belonged in the AS2 engine? They made the igloo removal look AS2.

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 4, 2019

It’s like summer meets sporty on the island! I really liked seeing all the different decorations around the island. Just one question: when are we getting the ability to SLIDE down the slides?

153 days old
tacocat54893 September 4, 2019

also, i would like it if the backyard would come back to the igloos,. if you want to have space for your igloo stuff, but have a lot of puffles, you would put them and the stuff in the backyard, if you so choose to do so.

263 days old
May200 September 4, 2019

This party was awesome! It was really my wish for August. And when I got the new we would have a Summer Party, I was REAAAAALLY happy. I honestly don’t think mascots were even aproppiate for this event, heh. Just one thing to say, this event was a success! 😀

716 days old
Penguinwalle September 4, 2019

Personally this is my favourite party of the year! It’s just so nice to look at and the items are really Excellent (Mainly the Duck Tube). My only gripe is that i don’t think this is a luau party, it’s more of a summer party but thats only a super nitpick.

153 days old
tacocat54893 September 5, 2019

yes, i second that. but i also share how it did not feel as much as a luau, as it did as a water party. but it was still an awesome party!

342 days old
Gjft September 4, 2019

Awesome party And Cool Items!
– Gjft

729 days old
Sonic Wave September 4, 2019

Make new party with your idea ! I loved the mediaval party with the magic adventure !
I want to go at the top of the Moutain ! Have a EPF mission & party ! You have my all support for everywith you do !!! (big love for your team) 🙂

848 days old
iceicebaby12 September 4, 2019

Good update btw, liked it

848 days old
iceicebaby12 September 4, 2019

Stu is 17567 days old. Laughed a while with that

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

I’m going with the now-and-in-apparent-perpetuity extinct item transfer.

633 days old
FireSanti September 4, 2019

I can resume the entire luau with one word


905 days old
Fastn Fab September 4, 2019

This party was just awesome! So much fun and great to see some of the old rooms return like the whale. Also so amazing to see the stunt penguin stamp return. I just hope for more parties in the future this good! 🙂

301 days old
amadeus23 September 4, 2019

well I loved it and I loved the whale so much the music in the rooms is so great

903 days old
Zoey7005 September 4, 2019

Seeing the different touches from previous summer themed parties was quite enjoyable! The return of the whale, the custom spin on the homepage, etc. It all fit perfectly together and ended up being a wonderful party for all players to have fun with. Thank you for this lovely event! Amazing work.

800 days old
Hot Autumn September 4, 2019

My favorite part about this party was how classic it felt. The parties on CPR have been absolutely amazing, but I feel like it’s been a while since we threw a party from the first couple years of classic CP. All I hope to see change for the future, is that we get this party again! It was a blast.

634 days old
Cpr1234 September 4, 2019

One of my favourite parties for 2019 with out a doubt! The mega whale off the Iceberg was the best feature in my opinion, it was so good to see it again! And the Stunt Penguin stamp, now I can say I have it too! It was just an incredible party altogether. If I did a meme review, it would be 69/10!

502 days old
Tomato77777 September 4, 2019

the whale and ski village music its so amazing also the old dance club is back that makes the party more better thank you very much cprewritten team for all your hard work to make us happy

17585 days old
stu September 4, 2019

No worries. Glad you had lots of fun.

117 days old
pete1326 September 5, 2019

Do you know when the water dojo is releasing?

150 days old
DuddDogg September 4, 2019


336 days old
Zenada September 5, 2019

I also thought it was cool

803 days old
Hsmace September 4, 2019

Thanks for bringing this party with some of my favourite features of the classic Water Party being in it! I love the cute octopuses around the island (especially the Pet Shop one)!

Personally I’m loving chilling on the Big Whale with my friends right now! It’s an adorable room to relax in!

153 days old
tacocat54893 September 4, 2019

i would like it if a mascot would visit for this party next time, or at least have some codes!

17585 days old
stu September 4, 2019

Thanks for your honest feedback, a mascot would’ve been cool but I’m sure they were wanting to relax too! It can be rather busy for them, I can assure you. More codes is what we see a lot and we do want to release more, just in good spaces.

895 days old
Sparklmagyq September 10, 2019

That makes a lot of sense, stu.