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Reviewed by You: Stadium Games

By Stu on September 7, 2019

Hi Penguins,


We’ve reached the point of the week where we upload another weekly Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all what you enjoyed about the Summer Luau. From that, we have selected two penguins. The first penguin we selected was Lily19530, who said:


“What I like the most about this party is that it reminds me of a cross between the Winter Fiesta and the Water Party (which are two of my favorites)! There’s no better way to finish off the summer than with watery fun. The decorations are amazing and there’s a lot of stuff to do with friends!”


We’re glad to hear that you had lots of fun and enjoyed the additional returning rooms from the Water Party. The party was definitely an exciting way to finish off summer, for sure. The other response comes from yolkimus, who said:


“What I enjoy about this year’s Summer Luau is how there was the unexpected addition of the Water Party’s rooms and designs, the Stadium Games, and the joyful music! Some parts I like the most is the water slide at the Ski Hill, the appearance of Octi, and snowballs becoming water balloons.”


Octi’s big return to the island was definitely a hit, or so we hope. We’re joking! We hope you had a splash throwing water balloons at your friends, too.



Thanks Lily195350 and yolkimus! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



The Summer Luau may be over, but there’s still more to enjoy on its way. In the meantime, the Stadium got a makeover with a brand new Stadium Games event last week. There’s four teams to pick from! Which team colour do you enjoy or playing as or supporting?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team



441 days old
Cat7770 September 14, 2019

hi im cat7770 and i think blue is the best yay blue!

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

I totally agree since I really like that colour! I even have blue flowers in my hair right now (the avatar, I mean).

608 days old
crystal999 September 14, 2019

I feel like the green team could use more love all I ever see is red winning though it is a popular color I don’t think red should win even though I am red

925 days old
Cpr1234 September 14, 2019

I am always a fan of blue! It’s the main colour of everything – the sky during the day, or the sea / ocean, and it’s even the colour of my bed right now! And I am even wearing PJ’s that have blue colour

673 days old
RestlessRain September 14, 2019

I feel like Team Green and Yellow could use some more love, but I personally have always loved Team Blue, and not just because it’s Team Red’s popular rival. Blue is one of my favorite colors, and it makes me think of loyalty, trust, confidence, and wisdom. I love being a part of it!

500 days old
Veida1 September 14, 2019

I enjoy supporting the blue team, I’ve played the original CP game and I was on the Sharks team, once on Team Shark forever on Team Shark! GO SHARKS!

1240 days old
JackVictorc September 13, 2019

Green because Ireland and my local football team both wear green.

1094 days old
Hsmace September 13, 2019

I’m always team yellow, it’s such a vibrant and fun colour that not a lot of people love! Reminds you of so much positivity in life like the sun etc. Great colour that’s wildly unappreciated!

485 days old
eliefr September 12, 2019

I prefer the color blue because it reminds me of peace, when I see it, I get all quiet. Who doesn’t?

420 days old
donut86398 September 12, 2019

Red! It was my favorite hockey team on old Club Penguin!

387 days old
alto bb September 11, 2019

I really enjoy playing as the yellow team! Yellow and purple are my favorite colors, so naturally I would pick yellow. Also, one of my beloved puffles is yellow, so it adds to the sentiment for me. Yellow reminds me of some of my favorite things – flowers and sunny skies. Yellow is the best!

606 days old
Yippold September 11, 2019

Team blue because I used to play “The game day” in the blue team !

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

You mean the Wii game? Closest I’ve played franchise-wise were the two DS EPF games. By the by, hurry and buy the games you want because GameStop is in danger of getting axed.

1227 days old
jaydont yt September 11, 2019

Team Red AND Blue all the way! Got my red hard hat ready to go! Best teams! The Red and Blue hard hats are pretty rare items, so we got this in the bag! Haha!

514 days old
peachpepper September 11, 2019

I’ve loved green team ever since I can remember. I use to be a green cheerleader!
Everyone else liked blue or red but I was a green girl!

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq September 10, 2019

Blue because that’s my favourite colour!

1219 days old
Splosh Jnr September 10, 2019

Team Blue all the way! Blue puffles are known to be loyal and team-players, which is just the sort of team I’d want to be on! Also, the ‘Iceberg Tipper’ is the coolest hard hat out there – and it’s the blue one! So watch out other teams, blue’s coming for you!

530 days old
snowheart12 September 10, 2019

i fell like blue team i support not because it is my favorite color but because i like it and i want to remeber this by if the teams play nice and have fun it doesn’t matter if you win or lose just have fun is what i say

411 days old
P4306775 September 10, 2019

I can’t believe some people are reaching like, one thousand days old while I’m still sitting here being one hundred! LOL

411 days old
P4306775 September 10, 2019

the stadium games are pretty fun!

411 days old
P4306775 September 10, 2019

LOL I was just looking at one of the first posts on here and you guys have really improved with the game and with community posts!

436 days old
RyBrothers September 9, 2019

I enjoy playing as team green because green is my favourite colour. I think that the stadium games are great is because we could get the Penguin Stunt Stamp!

432 days old
Nicoray September 9, 2019

Definitely Team yellow! Yellow has been a favorite color of mine for a long time and that’s why I’m repping it!

587 days old
rose 5189 September 9, 2019

i can not believe that i never saw it red!!!!!

557 days old
Moshi29 September 9, 2019

Always team green for me, its my favourite colour, always have gone for green, always will. I like showing people that green is a colour with potential!

471 days old
PurpleCake63 September 9, 2019

I’m a red fan! It’s because I support Liverpool in real life.

1195 days old
Ohbarnacles September 9, 2019

Red not only because I’m a former member of the red team during the Penguin Games, it also reminds me of the red hardhat I’ll never have ;(

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

Nine days my senior and you didn’t get to do the Club Penguin Rewritten Improvement Project? Maybe they’ll resurrect the project in a new form with a new hardhat?

486 days old
iKaizoMaster September 9, 2019

I like the stadium games, thanks for returning the stunt penguin stamp

1084 days old
Smartmelon September 9, 2019

Go Team Blue! There is no better team. Blue has always been a dominant force to be reckoned with. I have always played and supported team blue from the very beginning. Go Blue!

1219 days old
Splosh Jnr September 10, 2019

Also, don’t forget that we won the Penguin Games by a landslide in 2014!

712 days old
Blueberry504 September 9, 2019

I love playing as a member of the blue team! Blue is in my name! 🙂

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

AND MY favourite colour.

677 days old
Luvseal September 9, 2019

I enjoy both playing and supporting the Blue team! Blue is my favorite color, and it also provides it’s own fighting spirit! I hope the other teams provide plenty of intense competition, because the Blue team definitely isn’t going down easy!

340 days old
The Cremonas September 9, 2019

I loved the luau

633 days old
Gjft September 9, 2019


766 days old
Meg777 September 9, 2019

I enjoy playing and as well supporting the color Blue because this color represents the whole game. 🙂

766 days old
Meg777 September 9, 2019

It’s really unpleasing to get off the game every time I am trying to chat with people I know. Please try and fix it because many people are complaining about this.

766 days old
Meg777 September 9, 2019

This might be not a part of the subject but I want to talk about the glitch happening on this game. Whenever I log in and play I get this annoying Lost-Connection box. Whether the connection is still as good and in real life I have no problem with it I still have to experience the same issue.Fix it?

727 days old
IAmPengee September 9, 2019

I love all the team, its fun to band together and have a good old game of soccer ( or football)

312 days old
Mewtwo151 September 9, 2019

Team Red cause red is the Epic Gamer color.

338 days old
Blue Dog 109 September 9, 2019

I like Team Blue because it’s my favorite color. Blue looks good with anything and everything. Team Blue for the WIN!!!

488 days old
Niten1 September 9, 2019

I really enjoyed the stadium makeover. It normally goes unnoticed, so this is a nice change of pace. I played for the yellow and blue team, as blue is my favourite colour, and the yellow team was underappreciated.

329 days old
Beesnax September 8, 2019

now thats epic

899 days old
CookieMoo September 8, 2019

I enjoy supporting the blue team! Blue has been my favorite color for a while now. There are so many different shades of blue and so many pretty things in nature are blue, like they sky, the ocean, peacocks, and some flowers. Also, blue goes great with any color!

1196 days old
Fastn Fab September 8, 2019

Blue is my favourite as it is the colour of the ocean, one of the best puffles and my second favourite colour! (After orange) 😀

788 days old
Sweet Ari September 8, 2019

I enjoyed playing on Team Blue! Blue means you are optimistic and calm, which are good qulatities to have during games! Blue is also one of my most favorite colors. I am happy to represent blue in the Penguin Games, good luck to you all!

362 days old
MeatBallSoob September 8, 2019

The team I support is red because it’s the colour of one of my favourite football times Arsenal!

312 days old
TheSn2ckers September 8, 2019

I’ve always been in favor of the blue team. Blue is my favorite color and represents the beauty of nature with the blue of the sky and the seas, lakes and rivers that are on planet Earth.
PD: Please un-banned my previous “Sn2ckerspup” account that was banned forever unfairly :’/.

312 days old
TheSn2ckers September 8, 2019

I’ve always been in favor of the blue team. Blue is my favorite color and represents the beauty of nature with the blue of the sky and the seas, lakes and rivers that are on planet Earth.

367 days old
Icey Creams September 8, 2019

am i right on time?

1209 days old
Rey toni1 September 8, 2019

chill out girl

367 days old
Icey Creams September 8, 2019

My favourite team to support -because i don’t particularly like play sports- is yellow! Yellow is such a happy colour and it just seems like the right pick for a fun sport. Until then my friends…. Waddle On!

543 days old
ZooTycoon2 September 8, 2019

It was Cool but warm enough to enjoy the all the fun FOUR TEAMS its the best its that simple.
Waddle on
The Club Penguin Rewritten Team

315 days old
pavlosef2009 September 8, 2019


1185 days old
pmon80872 September 8, 2019

I like playing as yellow because that is my favorite color, and it keeps me very calm when I get stressed a lot, and Yellow’s global similarities are significant:

In almost every culture yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth.

347 days old
Brendapercy9 September 8, 2019

Blue because it is the colour of the sea and it is lovely

1197 days old
Jempenguin September 8, 2019

Everyone was very excited about the Obstacle course stamp, they said it was rare. I was very happy to be able to earn it during the Stadium Games!

426 days old
hwlmes September 8, 2019

Red is my favourite colour, I love everything it represents for me, somehow it brings me peace and comfort, makes me feel more myself. So I will always be here for the red team!

367 days old
buzzy1919 September 8, 2019

I’m really happy that the stadium got a make over because it used to be boring but now its COLOURFUL. If i had to choose a team i would choose red because its close to my favourite colour wich is pink. Anyway i would like thank all the club penguin staff for making club penguin better and funner.

1070 days old
Superivy4 September 8, 2019

Team Blue for the win!!!

798 days old
Tadman12 September 7, 2019

I don’t know, all the teams are pretty cool but I’m just glad you guys brought back the stunt penguin pin.

474 days old
PurpleBlizza September 7, 2019

My favorite color just has to be YELLOW! Although most penguins pick blue its just super sweet and reminds me of the fantastic luau, when i first saw the new stadium i was in complete shock I started doing the race and spending most of my time there. Thanks!

386 days old
Val04 September 7, 2019

I enjoy yellow the most, it´s such a funny yet powerful color and it gives me a lot of good vibes! It also makes me remember that competing to win is not the only reason, but to have fun and have a good time with your friends! You never know if you might make new friends while competing.

1170 days old
William41234 September 7, 2019

I liked Green because green means go! Green is a very energetic color with lots of passion and spirit! Green is also my favorite color out of the bunch, and I have always enjoyed this wild and wacky color! I speak for me and for many when I say that green is a very loved color!

1209 days old
Rey toni1 September 8, 2019

your costume looks weird is it for the fair¿

444 days old
tacocat54893 September 7, 2019

yeah yeah, all you want is too have a long and emotional comment just to get 5,000 coins.


766 days old
Meg777 September 9, 2019


649 days old
Penggee September 7, 2019

Ive always loved yellow so that is what i chose because yellow is sunshine and everybody love their sunshine for parties on club penguin and the shades of yellow are beautiful so go yellow!

966 days old
LB Wingman September 7, 2019

Purple team because purple

362 days old
MeatBallSoob September 8, 2019

The teams are yellow, green, red and blue purple isn’t a team.

966 days old
LB Wingman September 9, 2019


442 days old
PuddingGrl September 7, 2019

I love playing blue because it is nice and it feels really peaceful. I love the ocean and I loved this Summer Luau so blue is definitely my favourite team to support during the stadium games!

342 days old
PencilPete September 7, 2019

I am voting green because green is a nice light color and also because I think it can be good for anything! Nature? Green. Decor? Green. Clothes? Green! The color green is nice in my opinion.

383 days old
PenGwen06 September 7, 2019

I am team yellow!! Not only is team yellow my favorite color, but it looks very pretty on the field!! GO TEAM YELLOW!!

624 days old
Funfunny8 September 7, 2019

My favorite team is yellow because it represents happiness, something every good player should prioritize. Also, yellow is connected to a lot of my personal items – my desk, pencils, and my best friend’s favorite color.

1091 days old
Hot Autumn September 7, 2019

I personally enjoy Team Red! They are always ready to give it their all during any sporting event. The color red also means strength and perseverance, which is something I always strive for.

924 days old
FireSanti September 7, 2019

The blue team is one of the nicest teams because the color REALLY matches the stadium and because its one of my favourite colors!

649 days old
Matihood1 September 7, 2019

I’ve always enjoyed green because it’s a nice and calm color – the color of nature. And you need to remain calm and collected to win a competition and there’s no better way to achieve that than to surround yourself with a calming shade of green.

748 days old
Baes September 7, 2019

Well said! That was beautiful :'((

444 days old
tacocat54893 September 7, 2019


1186 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2019

I myself am partial to blue, especially wintry shades like Arctic Blue, but to each their own.